InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 48: Knock Knock...Who's There? ( Chapter 49 )

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Chapter 48

Kagome and Inuyasha melted into their embrace when there was a sudden knock on the door.


Inuyasha glanced at Kagome and then the door. He released himself from their embrace and walked over to the door as Kagome settled herself on the bed.

"That was quick!" Inuyasha said when he reached the door. He flung the door open to reveal Sango and Miroku holding a tray with a teakettle, four teacups and saucers, sugar, milk, a pitcher of ice water, four glasses, spoons, napkins, and an ice pack.

"We were on our way anyway so we told Satoru and the others that we would just take the tray to you," Sango said.

"More like we convinced them to let us do it," Miroku said. "I've never seen people so adamant about delivering tea."

"Well, come in," Inuyasha said with a smile as he turned to Kagome. "Kagome, we have guests."

"Miroku! Sango!" Kagome exclaimed when she saw them.

"Hello Lady Kagome," Miroku said as he set the tray down on the nightstand next to Kagome. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine," Kagome said. "I think everyone is overreacting. It's just a sprained ankle!"

"The doc said she needed to stay off it until in the morning when he can get the test results," Inuyasha interrupted. "And ice it!"

"Oh," Sango said walking towards the tray. "Which reminds me."

She picked up what looked like a miniature, red velvet pillow, and walked towards the end of the bed. She stood next to Kagome's foot and placed it on her foot. Kagome flinched immediately. She wasn't expecting it to be cold. It had looked just like an ordinary pillow.

"Wow," Kagome said. "I thought it was a pillow! That's a pretty extravagant ice pack!"

"It's like a miniature water bed covered completely in red velvet," Inuyasha said. "The velvet is there so the cold won't sting your skin while the nearly frozen water inside the pack nurses you back to health."

Everyone stared at Inuyasha and blinked a couple of times, amazed that Inuyasha knew the technicalities of an ice pack. He returned their stares and immediately became defensive.

"What???" Inuyasha barked. "I got injured a lot as a little kid and I got bored!"

"Ooooohhhhh!" they all said in unison. Inuyasha glared at them through slitted eyes as if to say he didn't appreciate them thinking he was ignorant to the technicalities of things.

"Speaking of a little kid," Kagome said looking around the room. "Where's Shippo…and Kirara?"

"Oh," Sango said with a smile. "They seemed to be having so much fun downstairs helping out the attendants. Satoru was even showing Shippo a little bit of elementary cooking!"

"That sounds like Satoru," Inuyasha said with a smile. Everyone looked at him.

"You and Satoru seem to know each other better than a mere servant/master relationship," Miroku said. Inuyasha folded his arms into his haori and looked away.

"Yeah," Inuyasha said. "We were friends when I was younger. I first met him when Father assigned him to assist me during my training. He would throw me various weapons when I would face my opponents…kind of like a caddy for a martial artist. He then became interested in cooking and was soon the apprentice of our head chef. We easily became friends and hung out when we had the time. I don't know…he just seemed different from everyone else in the castle."

"That's because I stood up to your stubborn ass!" a voice said from the door. Everyone looked up to see Satoru standing in the doorway.

"Satoru," Inuyasha said, surprised to see his friend standing there.

"Allow me to explain this," Satoru said with a smile. "Lord Inuyasha was as stubborn as they come and had a temper to match. Everyone in the castle feared Lord Inuyasha…mostly because he was part demon. I, however, was too young and dumb to realize what danger I could be getting myself into so I treated Lord Inuyasha like I would anyone else."

"And you two became friends? Cool!" Kagome said happily. Satoru nodded.

"So, Satoru?" Inuyasha smirked as he stepped forward and flexed his claws. "How've you been?"

"Not too shabby," Satoru smirked, crouching slightly as if readying himself for an attack…which soon came.

Kagome, Sango, and Miroku gasped when they saw Inuyasha slash at Satoru. Satoru dodged the attack, but another soon came. He dodged the next few attacks Inuyasha brought towards him then landed on his feet a few feet away from Inuyasha, panting heavily. Inuyasha, too, panted heavily as he ended up in a crouched stance with his right arm across his body, just finishing a swing at Satoru. Inuyasha smirked and stood up.

"Not bad, Satoru," Inuyasha said smiling and placing his hands on his hips. "I'm impressed you still remember my moves."

"How could I forget?" Satoru said with a smirk. "After you forced me to be your opponent, it was either learn your moves or die! Besides, you get repetitive and I don't have a scratch on me…Lord Inuyasha!"

Satoru had said that last sentence a little too arrogantly for Inuyasha. Inuyasha frowned slightly then smiled smugly. He quickly reached down and gave the rug Satoru was standing on a good tug. Satoru stumbled a bit, but jumped in the air before he completely lost his balance. He looked down to smirk at where Inuyasha once stood. Inuyasha, however, had already flipped in the air and kicked Satoru in the back just as Satoru realized Inuyasha was gone. Satoru plummeted towards the floor. Inuyasha jumped to the ground quickly and caught Satoru by the back of his shirt just before his head crashed into the hard floor. Satoru closed his eyes and waited for his skull to crush into the floor, but opened his eyes when he didn't feel the impact. He was mere inches from the floor. Inuyasha bent down so that he was on eye level with Satoru.

"Don't get cocky," Inuyasha said with an admonishing smile. "I'm not the runt I was years ago."

"Of course not, sire," Satoru said quickly.

Inuyasha lifted Satoru to his feet as Satoru pulled out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off of his face. They smiled at each other and patted each other on the back. Satoru turned towards Kagome and the others.

"My original intentions of coming up here was to make sure that you were doing well, my lady," Satoru said bowing to Kagome.

"Uh…I'm fine," Kagome said as she blushed at the way he was treating her. "Everything is great. You've been most hospitable."

Satoru bowed again and began to exit the room when Inuyasha stopped him.

"Hey, wait!" he said in a way that let everyone know that Inuyasha really didn't want Satoru to leave. It was soon becoming apparent to the group that Inuyasha truly considered Satoru a dear friend. It seemed the only reason Satoru addressed Inuyasha as his Lord was because, not only was Inuyasha his boss, but he was also royalty, and, out of respect, he was verifying that by clarifying each of their status. However, it was clear they had been close friends.

"Why don't you stay and drink a cup of tea yourself?" Inuyasha asked. Satoru smiled.

"Thank you for the offer, but there is still a lot of cleaning to do downstairs and I need to go help the others so they don't destroy my kitchen," Satoru said with a laugh. "Perhaps I will drop by later on."

"Alright, but call on us if you need anything," Inuyasha said. Satoru acted shocked at first because of Inuyasha suggesting that Satoru call on him for help downstairs, but he then smiled and shrugged it off as Inuyasha being Inuyasha.

"You too, my lord," Satoru said with a nod and closed the door behind him.

Inuyasha stretched as Sango stood and walked over towards the tray. Kagome smiled at Inuyasha. She was surprised, but proud that Inuyasha had asked Satoru to stay for a cup of tea. `It's a little out of character for him…but then again…he has been acting strange lately,' Kagome thought.

"Who wants tea?" Sango asked as she began pouring the tea into the little teacups.

"I would love some," Kagome said gleefully. Miroku nodded.

"I wouldn't mind some tea myself," Miroku said.

"What about you, Inuyasha?" Sango asked.

"Huh?" Inuyasha asked as if he Sango had made him snap back to reality. "Oh, maybe later. I think I am going to go out onto the balcony for some fresh air."

Inuyasha walked over to the double doors to the balcony and flung them open. A light breeze filtered through the room causing the weightless curtains to blow gently. Inuyasha took a deep breath, then looked out over the balcony. Miroku took his tea from Sango and began walking towards Inuyasha.

"Do you mind if I join you? I could use a bit of fresh air myself," Miroku said taking a sip of his tea. Inuyasha looked over his shoulder at Miroku then back outside.

"Suit yourself," Inuyasha said.

"Mmm, Inuyasha, do you mind leaving the doors open? That breeze feels great," Kagome mused. Sango nodded.

"I agree," Sango said. "It seems like such a beautiful night."

"Alright," Inuyasha said, pushing aside the airy curtain to walk outside. "Miroku and I aren't far if you need us for anything."

The girls nodded and the boys disappeared behind the chiffon curtain. Sango and Kagome strained their eyes, watching until the guys were practically out of sight. It was dark outside and the balcony was extremely long. Kagome smiled then turned to Sango. Sango returned the smile. She knew that Inuyasha's perceptive set of ears could potentially still hear their conversation, but she knew that he would soon be too distracted by his own conversation with Miroku to pay any attention to them.

"So, Kagome?" Sango began, taking a sip of her tea. "How's it going?"

"Huh?" Kagome asked, giving her friend a confused look. "Fine, I guess."

"How's Inuyasha handling everything," Sango asked looking out towards the balcony.

"He's doing a lot better than I thought he would," Kagome said as she followed Sango's gaze. "I think he let it all out downstairs. I think everything finally came tumbling down on him. He hasn't really said anything to me about his parent's bloodstains on the walls, but I know he has to be dying inside. I can't imagine how I would feel if I found something like that." Sango nodded.

"How's he handling hurting you?" Sango asked.

"To be honest with you, I don't think I have ever seen Inuyasha show more remorse for something since I have known him," Kagome said. "He kept apologizing over and over again, and forced Dr. Masaki to do a head to toe checkup!" Sango stifled a giggle.

"No he did not!" Sango said in disbelief.

"Yeah, he did!" Kagome said with a little laugh. Sango laughed a little then gathered her composure.

"Yeah," Sango said. "Inuyasha has always been really protective of you. I was afraid of what he was going to do when he hurt you…even if it was accidentally. You know how Inuyasha is. Has he mentioned what he plans to do about the castle?" Kagome sighed.

"He seems really confused right now," Kagome said looking at her hands in a somewhat depressed manner.

"Kagome?" Sango said in a concerned tone.

"Sango…there is no doubt in my mind that Inuyasha belongs here as Lord of the Western Lands," Kagome said, then lifted her eyes to meet Sango's stunned look. "He belongs here…with his people. No one knows how to govern the Western Lands better than Inuyasha."

"Well, how does he feel about that?" Sango asked.

"It's like I said before," Kagome said. "He just seems like he doesn't really know what to do…but I have never seen him act the way he did just before you two arrived. He acted so dignified…like a true leader. He told me he wanted to do what was best for his father's people, and that he wasn't trusting this position to just anyone. That's why I think Inuyasha should stay here and take over the position himself. He understands what kind of responsibility this is more than anyone else."

"Okay, but that's a good thing," Sango said. "So why do I feel like you're upset about this for some reason?"

"Because," Kagome said with a sigh. "I know I will never see him again."

"What???" Sango said in shock. "Why on earth would you never see him again."

"Because, Sango," Kagome said. "Think about it. Inuyasha would become Lord of the Western Lands. He would become busy protecting his people and having meetings with the Lords and Ladies of other lands and traveling here and there and training and so forth and so on. I, however, have school. I would have to go back east. Inuyasha and I may keep in touch at first, but he would soon have no choice but to lose touch with me because he would become so busy. I don't think his father would have even had much time with him had he not made the time."

"Then Inuyasha will make the time!" Sango said suddenly. "Inuyasha's not like that! You know that! He wouldn't just become all aristocratic and forget about us!"

"I'm not saying he would become aristocratic or that he would even do it on purpose," Kagome said. "I just think that within time he would become to absorbed in his duties as Lord of the Western Lands and have no choice but to forget about us. We have responsibilities back home to attend to as well…and the odds of our schedules coinciding with his are slim to none. It will be like losing a part of me. I am used to having Inuyasha jump in my bedroom window everyday. That will never happen again."

"Hmm," Sango said as she thought out loud. "I think I understand where you are coming from now. No, stuff like that won't happen, and you are right when you say he will become busy…hmm…why don't you just stay here then?"

"What???" Kagome exclaimed. "Transfer to the West? And live where? And what would my family have to say about that? I'm too young to live on my own."

"So stay here in the castle," Sango said with a mischievous grin. "You're still leaving out the possibility that Inuyasha would ask you stay here with him anyway."

"Are you crazy?!" Kagome said in disbelief. "Inuyasha would never ask me anything like that!"

`Well, that didn't work,' Sango thought. `Maybe I should try a different approach.'

"No, no," Sango said waving her hand in front of her face. "I merely meant that should you decide to come over here, I'm sure Inuyasha would ask you to stay here rather than try to support yourself in your own place."

"Oh," Kagome said. "I guess I didn't think of it that way. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea either seeing as how there is probably someone around here who could teach me how to use my powers to their fullest extent. Plus, I could be close to Inuyasha and not have to worry about never seeing him again."

Sango smiled to herself

"You really care about Inuyasha don't you?" Sango suddenly blurted out. Kagome blushed.

"Of course I care about him," Kagome said nervously. "He's my best friend. Why wouldn't I care about him?"

"Kagome, come on," Sango said placing her hands on her friend's shoulders. "We've known each other since we were little. You can tell me." Kagome allowed her head and shoulders to slump.

"I really don't know what I feel, Sango," Kagome said sadly. "I'm truly afraid to feel anything. I don't know what's going to happen with him…I don't know how he feels for me…I've been trying to keep our relationship on a friendship basis because I…I just…I just…don't know! I just don't know anything! I don't know how to feel or think! This is just all so overwhelming!"

"Shh!" Sango said taking her friend into her arms. "It's okay. Just relax. Everything will work itself out. I'm sorry I pushed the issue."

"No," Kagome said. "I've avoided the subject for too long now. I'm glad you brought it up." Sango's face held surprise and curiosity as she pushed Kagome away from her so she could look directly in her eyes.

"I just don't know how he would feel about me," Kagome said. "Now things are so complicated. I've always held the utmost respect for the Lords and Ladies of the Lands and now here I am…in the Lord of the Western Lands castle…trying to decide if I am more than a friend with my best friend…the potential new Lord of the Western Lands. It's funny how things work themselves out. If you would have told me that this is what I would be doing tonight five years ago, I would have called you a liar. When it all comes down to it, everything really will work itself out. I just want Inuyasha to be happy, and if Inuyasha and I are meant to be together, then it will happen. I think I am just going to allow things to take their course. Whatever happens…will happen for a reason. Right now it is more important that I am there for Inuyasha. He has a tough decision to make and I need to be ready to listen and support him no matter what."

Sango nodded. She knew she couldn't argue with Kagome after that. Sango could tell Kagome had feelings for Inuyasha though she wasn't sure how deep those feelings ran, nor if Kagome would ever have the guts to admit it to herself…much less everyone else. Inuyasha on the other hand was going to be much more difficult than Kagome. He was extremely stubborn and very closed about his emotions. `Perhaps Miroku can talk some sense into him,' Sango thought. `He's pretty convincing when he wants to be.'

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