InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 52: Betrothal ( Chapter 53 )

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A/N: Before you read this, I want all of you to be aware that Sakura's appearance plays a big role in the end of this story. Speaking of which, yes, the story will be ending soon. I am going to say this story will be a maximum of 10 more chapters, then that's it!


Chapter 52


Inuyasha growled and clenched his fists. He couldn't believe she, of all people, had the nerve to be standing on his grounds. Well, technically, they weren't his grounds yet, but they were for the time being.


"Inuyasha," Sakura said. "You don't seem to happy to see me."


"Why should I be?!" he snapped. "You betrayed me!"


"What on earth are you talking about?" she asked innocently.


"I was there that day!" he shouted, taking a threatening step towards her.




"Priestess!" a little hanyou voice called. "Priestess where are you?"


Inuyasha walked around a corner to find his priestess surrounded by other priests and priestesses. He jumped back behind the building and peeped around the corner to see what was going on.


"You need to get rid of that hanyou!" one priest called out. "Sesshomaru's personal priest is on his way to find out where he is! If he finds the hanyou here, he will kill us all!"


"But he didn't do anything! He's just a boy!" Sakura argued.


"Now Sakura! Get rid of him now! It's either the boy or us!" another said. Sakura hung her head.


"He has caused nothing, but trouble since he arrived!" a priestess argued. Sakura sighed.


"Very well," Sakura said. "I will dispose of the boy before sundown."




[A/N: You can refer back to Chapter 21 to understand more]


"I had to fight for my life after that! I trusted you…you…you bitch!" Inuyasha shouted. The young priestess took a step back as if the words had literally been thrown at her like daggers. Inuyasha glared at her.


"Wait! You don't understand!" she protested.


"I understand perfectly! You said you would dispose of me! Now, get out of here before I dispose of you!" he shouted.


Kagome looked back and forth between Sakura and Inuyasha. He was so angry. `I don't understand,' she thought. `Yeah, she said she was going to get rid of him, but normally, Inuyasha would just brush it off as something he was used to or fight his opponent. He didn't usually get this angry. He is fuming! Why is he so angry with her? What's different about this situation?' Inuyasha took a step forward as if threatening Sakura. Kagome noticed and ran to his side.


"Wait!" Kagome said grabbing his arm. "At least hear her out!"


Inuyasha glared at Kagome, but huffed and folded his arms in haori. He stared at Sakura as if giving her, her opportunity to explain.


"They told me to dispose of you, Inuyasha," she said. "But I wasn't going to. I was your age, and the only friend you ever had. That's why they came to me. They wanted me to at least give you the opportunity to flee before Masuyo arrived, but I hadn't even planned on that. I was going to tell you to flee for the time being and when Masuyo had left, I was going to come look for you again and you could continue to stay at the shrine. However, when I tried to find you, you had already fled. I have felt so guilty since then. I really was going to try to help you, but you left before I could even say good-bye."


"Sakura," Inuyasha mused, relaxing his body into a more trusting disposition.


`So that's why this situation is different,' Kagome thought. `They were friends, and a misunderstanding led Inuyasha to believe Sakura had betrayed him. No wonder he was so angry.'


"Sakura," Inuyasha began, placing a hand behind his head. "I…I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I left like that, but I thought…"


"It's not you who should be sorry," Sakura said, interrupting him. "I am sorry any of that had to happen in the first place. It's so good to finally see you again and know that you are alive and well." Inuyasha smiled and nodded.


"Yeah, I made it alright," Inuyasha said. "How about you?"


"I can't complain," she said with a smile. "I've been helping out here at the castle since Lord Sesshoumaru died. I have been training hard as well. My powers are growing day by day."


"Good," Miroku said stepping in. "We might could use you in the battle."


"Battle?" she questioned.


"We think someone is out there plotting a battle, though we don't really know who it is," Inuyasha said. "It could be a number of people."


"Oh," she replied.


"By the way," Kagome said, stepping in. "I'm Kagome, and this is Sango and Miroku. I see you have met Inuyasha."


"Yeah," Sakura said, looking at Inuyasha in a flirting manner. "We go way back!"


"Ehehe," Kagome said nervously. "Riiiight."


Kagome's body stiffened. She didn't like the way Sakura had said that. She also wasn't too happy about the way she was flirting with Inuyasha. Sango nudged Miroku, but he had already picked up on it.


"I was actually coming out here to let all of you know that lunch is ready," she said with a smile.


"Awwww! I just got here and I wanted to practice my archery," Kagome complained.


"We'll come back after lunch," Miroku said. "It's still early. You have plenty of time to practice." Kagome sighed but nodded.


"Very well," Sakura said. "I will go let everyone know that you all are on your way."


And with that, she turned and left. Everyone's eyes stared a hold into Inuyasha's head. He jumped and didn't like the way his friends were looking at him. Miroku was the first to speak.


"How do you know her again?" Miroku asked suspiciously. Inuyasha sighed.


"She was a young priestess at the one of the shrines I stayed at while I was escaping from Sesshoumaru. She was too young and naïve to recognize me as a hanyou," Inuyasha said, thinking back. "She became the first friend I ever had, and was the first person to treat me as an equal. You know the rest."


Sango was looking at Kagome. She could sense the jealousy rising within her friend. She didn't really understand why Kagome was jealous. Inuyasha and Sakura were just friends, right? Kagome noticed Sango staring at her out of the corner of her eye and turned to glare at her friend. Sango laughed nervously and looked away. Kagome looked back at Inuyasha who was staring off into outer space as if he was taking a trip down memory lane. `There's something not quite right about that girl,' Kagome thought.


"Well," Miroku said, slapping Inuyasha on the back and out of his trance. "Let's go have lunch!"


The two marched ahead of the girls. Sango was going to follow after them, but noticed that Kagome stayed frozen to her spot.


"Is something wrong?" Sango asked.


"There's something not quite right about Sakura," Kagome said. Sango grinned.


"Are you sure you are not just jealous, Kagome?" Sango asked. Kagome flamed and shot daggers at Sango. "Or maybe not!"


"Of course not!" Kagome retorted. "I have no reason to be! She can have the jerk for all I care!"


"Well, I didn't really sense her to have an impure aura," Sango said. Kagome relaxed.


`Maybe I am overreacting,' Kagome thought. She sighed.


"Maybe, I'm just hungry," Kagome said as she and Sango began walking to the dining hall.


Everyone soon arrived at the dining hall. Kagome was shocked to see that Sakura had conveniently taken her seat next to Inuyasha. Kagome fumed. Sango looked over and saw Sakura sitting in Kagome's seat. `It's almost as if this girl has no idea what is between Inuyasha,' Sango thought. `Either that or she's just doing it to piss Kagome off.' Sango grabbed Kagome's hand and led her to a seat next to her. Kagome sighed and decided not to think anything of it. Everyone ate in silence. Not much was said except for casual conversation. Inuyasha looked across the table at Kagome and noticed her disposition. She fiddled with her food and sighed often. `I wonder what's wrong with her,' he thought.


`I sense something about this girl,' Kagome thought. `But I can't put my finger on it. I don't know what it is, but…something's not right.' Kagome looked across the table at Sakura eating happily next to Inuyasha and tried to hold her anger inside. `Okay, so I am jealous. She flirts with him way too much! Wait a minute! Why do I care? She can have him, right? RIGHT! But the way he held me last night…I can't get that out of my head. I admit that I am jealous, but I can't help but think there is something fishy going on here.'


"Excuse me," Sakura finally said, and stood up. She walked over to Myouga, whispered something to him, and then the two of them left the room.


"Well, what do you think that was all about?" Sango said as she watched the two exit the room.


"I have no idea," Miroku replied.


Inuyasha continued to stare at Kagome, determined to find out what was wrong with her. Everyone soon finished eating. As everyone stood up, Inuyasha made a b-line for Kagome before anyone could take her away.


"Kagome," Inuyasha said, gently placing a hand on her shoulder. Kagome looked up at him. "Are you okay?"


"Sure," Kagome said suddenly turning her face into a death glare. "Just fine!"


"Lord Inuyasha," Myouga interrupted suddenly.


"What is it, Myouga?" Inuyasha asked rather rudely.


"Your presence is requested in the Formal Meeting Room, sire," Myouga said.


"What on earth for?" Inuyasha retorted.


"Trust me, sire," Myouga said. "You really need to come see this."


Inuyasha's ears perked up inquisitively as he stared at Myouga skeptically. He released Kagome and soon walked out of the room and past Myouga. Myouga peeked around the corner until Inuyasha was out of hearing distance. He then turned back to the others.


"If my presence is needed in any way," Myouga said. "The Formal Meeting Room is on the third floor."


Myouga grinned mischieviously and turned around to go and catch up with Inuyasha. Sango smiled and waited a couple of minutes before grabbing Miroku and Kagome and heading exiting the dining hall.


"Sango! What are you doing?" Kagome asked, struggling in her grasp.


"That was our cue," Sango said, releasing her friend. "So, let's go!"


"Cue?" Kagome questioned.


"She means," Miroku said releasing himself from Sango. "Myouga intentionally told us where the Formal Meeting Room was so we would go and listen in on what was going on."


"In other words, eavesdrop," Kagome said folding her arms. "You two go ahead. I have no desire to find out what she wants with Inuyasha."


"Come on, Kagome," Sango said. "You are coming. We need your powers too. We need to sense if everything is okay. We have no idea what we may be running into."


"I agree," Miroku said. "Myouga definitely wanted us there for some reason."


Kagome sighed and then nodded. She followed Sango and Miroku to the third floor. They walked onto the third floor and glanced down the hall just in time to see the double doors to the Formal Meeting Room close. The three of them tiptoed down to the double doors. Sango and Kagome pressed their ears to the door while Miroku peeked through the keyhole.


"So," Inuyasha said taking a seat across from Sakura. "What's this all about?"


Sakura smiled and lifted what appeared to be an old scroll. It had the official Takashi family seal on it. Inuyasha's eyes grew wide. She pushed the scroll across the table. Inuyasha stared at the scroll then looked up at Sakura.


"How did you get this?" Inuyasha asked. "This is an official documentary scroll of the Takashi family. What is it doing in your possession?"


"Your father gave it to me," Sakura replied. Kagome, Sango, and Miroku had to stifle a gasp outside the door.


"My father?" Inuyasha said, incredibly shocked. "And just why would my father give you this?"


"Technically," Sakura began. "Your father didn't give it to me. Your father gave it to my parents. My parents were the owners of the shrine you stayed at as a child. Your father somehow knew this day would come so he entrusted my parents with this."


"And why would he do that? Why not Myouga or someone else?" Inuyasha asked.


"Your father was a very wise man. He knew the prophecy like the back of his hand. He knew that Myouga would more than likely have to stay here. Sesshoumaru could have easily found out about the document and destroyed it before ever reading it," Sakura stated. "My family is a very prominent family and we worked very closely with your father and his allies to make sure everything remained at peace between demons and humans. Besides, when you read the document, you will understand why your father entrusted it to my family."


Inuyasha stared at her skeptically, then began unrolling the scroll. He glanced at Sakura one more time then looked at the scroll and began reading.


"Blah, blah, blah…blah, blah, blah…given the circumstances of an absence or seizure of power in the Western Lands, I, Lord Takashi, Kizoku, official Lord of the Western Lands, upon the death of my wife and the death of myself, hereby do decree an official betrothal between my son, Takashi, Inuyasha, and the daughter of Nakamoto, Hiei shrine, direct descendants of Lady Kikyo, defender of all mankind, and shall henceforth, rule the West, accepting all duties and responsibilities…WHAT???" Inuyasha yelled, slamming his hands on the table and standing up. "You have to be out of your mind! I am not going to marry someone just because someone tells me too! I don't care if it is my father!"


"Will you please calm down and allow me to explain further?" Sakura said gently. Inuyasha sat back down in his seat. "I am the direct descendant of Lady Kikyo, therefore, her blood runs through my veins. Your mother was also a very powerful priestess, and I am assuming that is why your father chose to betroth me to you. I am not proposing to you. I simply asked for you to look at the scroll your father left. You can choose to ignore the scroll entirely. That's your decision. But you must at least consider it. This is your father's handwriting…and his signature. I am merely following orders from my former Lord, may he rest in peace. You on the other, are practically in power right now. By killing Sesshoumaru you took on his responsibilities. Therefore, like it or not, you are the Lord of the Western Lands until you declare otherwise."


"I understand all of that," Inuyasha said waving his hand. "But as I have told my friends, I have yet to decide whether or not I am going to choose to stay as Lord of the Western Lands, much less who is going to be Lady!"


"Very well," Sakura said, pushing away from the table and standing up. "When I found out about the betrothal, I came here and helped restore the castle, awaiting your return. I haven't forgotten the good times we had as children, Inuyasha." Inuyasha blushed and looked away.


"A lot has changed since then, Sakura," Inuyasha said calmly. "And we were just kids."


"I realize that," she said. She walked around the table and placed a gentle hand on Inuyasha's shoulder. "I am in no rush. I am merely doing as I am told. It was your father's wish, so I obeyed and brought the scroll to you. It's just something to consider."


"Yeah," Inuyasha retorted. "Like I don't have enough to think about already."


"I know, dear, you are stressed," Sakura said, moving her hands to his shoulders and massaging his back. Inuyasha began to melt. After a couple of seconds, however, he snapped out of it and stood.


"It's probably best that you go now," Inuyasha said suddenly. "I have a lot to think about."


Sakura nodded, bowed, and exited the room.


"Did you know about this, Myouga?" Inuyasha asked, flopping back down in his chair.


"No, sire," Myouga said solemnly. "Unfortunately I did not."


Kagome, Sango, and Miroku heard Sakura coming towards the double doors and hurriedly scrambled into the adjacent room, leaving the door cracked. Sakura came out, shut the double doors behind her, and began walking away with a sinister smirk on her face. The three of them watched her until she was out of sight.


"You're right, Kagome," Sango said. "Something's not right about her. Did you guys see that smirk? Kagome?"


Sango turned around to see her friend on the other side of the room with her back facing them. Miroku looked at Kagome and then looked at Sango and shook his head.


"Kagome," Sango said gently, as she reached out to her friend.


"Just don't say anything, Sango," Kagome said solemnly.


"Kagome?" Sango said.


"Lady Kagome, I really don't think Inuyasha would go through with such a request," Miroku said. "You know he hates being told what to do, much less being forced into spending the rest of his life with someone."


"How do you know?!" Kagome exclaimed. "Did you talk to him? Do you know what's going on inside of his head? NO! None of us do! Inuyasha is also very obedient of his father. He would probably kill himself if his father told him to. Under normal circumstances, I would say you were right, Miroku. But this time is different. Inuyasha has been ordered by his own father, in an official document, to marry Sakura. Besides, she is the descendent of Kikyo. I am just a reincarnation. Kikyo's blood flows through her veins."


"Kagome, I really think that you are looking at this the wrong way," Sango said.


"Just stop it!" Kagome yelled, whirling around revealing her tear-filled eyes. "I don't want to talk about this anymore!"


And with that, she darted in between Miroku and Sango and burst out the door.


"Kagome!" Sango and Miroku called out, quickly following her.


Kagome darted out of the door only to make a direct impact with something hard. She hit it hard and fell to the floor. Sango and Miroku arrived just in time to see what she hit and gasped. Kagome looked up, being sure to keep her eyes hidden, to see Inuyasha towering over her, with Myouga peeping over his shoulder. She gasped.


"Kagome!" Inuyasha said bending down and helping her to her feet.


Kagome stared at the ground. She then slowly looked up to meet Inuyasha's eyes. Inuyasha gasped and almost took a step back when he saw her eyes. They were filled with anger, pain, sadness, dread. He had never seen a more sorrowful looking set of eyes. Then it hit him. She knew. She knew everything that had been said. She had no reason to be on the third floor so she to have heard everything.


"Kagome, I…" Inuyasha began with a solemn face. He wanted to tell her that he had no choice but to be with Sakura. He wanted to tell her that he couldn't be with her. He wanted to tell her that he had to obey his father, but he couldn't tell her any of it. He couldn't say it…not to her. His heart froze in his chest. He felt as if his heart has suddenly quit beating inside his chest as he stared into her pain-stricken eyes.


Kagome stared at him. She didn't know what he was trying to tell her. She didn't want to know either. She didn't think she would be able to take it. She held her hands to her chest and took a couple of slow steps backwards, before darting down the hall and down the stairs. This time, Inuyasha let her go. He didn't go after her.


"Kagome!" Sango called as she chased after her friend. Miroku watched Sango disappear, then walked over to Inuyasha and placed a hand on his shoulder.


"We need to talk," Miroku said.


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