InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 51: Understanding Misunderstandings ( Chapter 52 )

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Chapter 51


Sango and Kagome stood in the foyer with wallpaper and various supplies, staring at the newly restored wall. The servants had really gotten to work on repairing the wall. Kagome figured they must have felt guilty for covering it up, even though they had been ordered to do so. The wall had been fully restored. Now all that was left was wallpapering it. Kagome sighed and walked towards the wall. Inuyasha and Miroku had left a little earlier to head to the training area. Sango and Kagome agreed to help restore the foyer and then they would go check up on Inuyasha and Miroku at the training grounds.


"So," Sango said suddenly, breaking through Kagome's thoughts. "How was your night last night?"


Kagome blushed and looked at Sango who was visibly forcing back a grin. Kagome knew something had to be up.


"Fine," Kagome said rather hesitantly. "The bed was really comfortable. I slept like a baby."


"Uh huh," Sango said as she hid a grin. Kagome looked at her friend skeptically as she began applying the wallpaper.


"Sango…is something the matter?" Kagome asked.


"The matter?" Sango said. "No! Nope! Not a thing!"


Kagome raised an eyebrow at Sango as if to say `I don't buy it.' Sango sighed and dropped the wallpaper on the floor. She walked over to Kagome and suddenly gripped her shoulders in a panic.


"Kagome, how could you? You could have at least waited for him to confess his love!" Sango blurted out.


"What?!" Kagome said, taken aback.


"I mean he's cute and all, but couldn't you have resisted a little bit? I mean I am happy for you and everything. I just think this complicates things," Sango said as she continued to mindlessly babble.


"What in the world are you talking about?" Kagome asked, trying to break into Sango's babbling spree.


"…I mean you and Inuyasha are a cute couple, but you didn't have to go that far," Sango continued.


"WHAT?!!" Kagome yelled as a heavy blush crossed her features. "Sango!"


"…but you guys would make the most adorable little babies, and I could play with their cute little puppy ears, and…" Sango said as she proceeded to think out loud and pace back and forth.


"Sango?" Kagome said again.


"Oh why am I so upset? This is a good thing! Inuyasha might even take over as Lord too with you by his side," Sango thought out loud.


"SANGO!" Kagome finally yelled.


"Agh! What?! You didn't have to yell! I'm right here!" Sango said. Kagome sweatdropped.


"Will you please at least give me a little explanation as to what on earth you are babbling about?" Kagome said.


"Huh?" Sango said, confused. "You mean you don't know? Listen, Miroku and I went to you guys' room this morning to tell you the results of your tests. Let's put it this way. We opened the door."


Kagome blushed furiously. She had opened the door?


"What do you mean you opened the door?!" Kagome yelled. "That's an invasion of privacy!"


"Sorry," Sango said. "I thought something might have happened to you two since you guys weren't answering so I opened the door to make sure ya'll were okay. I didn't mean to spy!"


Kagome sighed and folded her arms.


"So," she said. "What did you guys see that has made you have a conniption?"


"Huh?" Sango said as her eyes grew wide and she blushed. "Well…we kind of saw you guys naked."


"WHAT?" Kagome shrieked. "There's no way! I WAS NEVER NAKED WITH INUYASHA!"


Kagome and Sango blushed furiously and froze as they looked up to see servants stopped dead in their tracks staring at Kagome. Kagome's entire face turned beat red. The servants quickly shook their heads and continued with what they were doing as soon as they realized they had been staring.


"Here," Kagome said as she tried to gain her composure. "Let me tell you what happened and maybe we can find out where the two stories fit."


Kagome proceeded to tell Sango everything that had happened since Sango and Miroku had left that night. When Kagome finished her story, Sango burst into laughter.


"You mean that was it?" Sango said laughing. "Wow! It's a good thing you explained that to me! I would have continued to think that you had had sex with Inuyasha last night!"


"Sango! Give me a little credit!" Kagome said.


"Okay, okay," Sango said. "I should have known that you hadn't done anything, but you have to realize that I was with the pervert!"


"Speaking of the pervert, what about you?" Kagome said with an evil grin. "What happened between you guys last night." Sango blushed furiously. "Aha! Something did happen, didn't it?"


[Flashback last night with Sango and Miroku]


Sango and Miroku walked down the hall to the rooms they had been assigned. They weren't very far from the Royal Chambers when they found the room Miroku was going to stay in that night. He opened the door without saying and word and looked inside. It was incredible. It wasn't quite as extravagant as the Royal Chambers, but was still quite beautiful with its night blues. He looked at Sango. She smiled.


"Goodnight, Miroku," Sango said.


She stared at him for a second then leaned up on her toes and kissed him softly on his cheek. He blushed, and before she could walk away, he reached out and grabbed her hand. She blushed and looked at him. She didn't understand why she continued to be so shy with him. I mean, he was her boyfriend, right?


"Will you join me for a little while before retiring to your own room?" Miroku asked Sango.


Sango blushed furiously. She didn't know what to say. Was he being perverted? He seemed sweet and sincere at the moment, but were his intentions just as pure? Before she could say anything, he answered her question.


"I can assure you there are no strings attached," Miroku said. "I thought you might like to know what Inuyasha had to say."


That got her. She had been dying to know what Inuyasha was saying since he had walked out on the balcony with him. She nodded her head and followed Miroku into the room, shutting the door behind her. She followed him over to the sofa across the room.


`At least he didn't head straight for the bed,' Sango thought as she sat next to him on the sofa and waited for him speak.


"Inuyasha admitted to me that he was scared tonight," Miroku said. Sango's eyes grew wide.


"No way!" Sango said. "Inuyasha never admits stuff like that!"


"Well, he did," Miroku said. "I can see that he has changed a lot throughout our travels. I just think he is really confused right now. He sincerely wants to do what is best for his father's people, but…surprisingly…he admitted that he didn't want to lose us either."


"Okay, now, you have to be making this up!" Sango said.


"No, I swear! It's true!" Miroku protested. "Besides, I think he was thinking about Kagome more than anyone when he said that. Kagome was the first person to accept him. I know it would kill him if he ever had to say good-bye to her. I think he knows in his heart that he would be the best ruler for his father's people. However, his heart's not in it. His heart is with us. I can honestly say that I never saw Inuyasha happier than when we all were traveling together over here. If he chooses to take over the kingdom, he can forget times like that."


"You're right," Sango said. "Inuyasha loves his freedom. Now he is suddenly thrown into having the responsibilities of the entire West. That's got to be hard on him. It was a long journey over here, and the odds of Inuyasha being able to see us often is slim to none. Poor Inuyasha…Poor Kagome. I hate to see this happen."


"Me too," Miroku said wrapping a comforting arm around Sango's shoulders. "But we have to allow him to make this decision on his own. I know Inuyasha, and I know he is going to try to figure out some way to see us and have an appropriate ruler."


"You're probably right," Sango said resting her head on Miroku's shoulder.


Miroku smiled and kissed the top of her head. Sango blushed. Miroku was actually being sweet…and not groping her. She could handle times like this. He was respecting her as a woman and not treating her like a piece of meat.


"What's going to happen to us?" Sango said suddenly.


"Huh?" Miroku said, a little startled by her odd question. "What do you mean?"


"Well…are we out of the job?" Sango asked. "And if Inuyasha chooses to rule, what will we do? Will we leave our friend to rule the Western Lands alone…or will we stand by his side?"


Miroku looked down at Sango. She lifted her head to look at him. Their faces were mere inches apart.


"I guess that is a decision we will have to make once Inuyasha makes his," Miroku said. "I can't imagine leaving Inuyasha alone. I don't think I would ever be able to do that, but I also don't think it is anything we need to be worrying about right now. I think we just need to be there for Inuyasha and Kagome. They both need us right now. I sincerely believe they are in love with each other. This has got to be hard on Kagome."


"It is," Sango said. "It's always hard when you feel you are going to lose someone you love like she loves Inuyasha."


Sango blushed slightly as she continued to stare up at him. Miroku smiled. He rested a soft hand on her cheek. He slowly began closing the gaps between their lips. Sango's mind suddenly began to panic for some reason. She was in a bedroom…alone…with Miroku. What was she thinking? Suddenly their lips touched and everything she had been thinking disappeared in an instant as she melted into the kiss. Miroku wrapped his arms tightly around Sango as she melted into his embrace. The kiss lingered for a minute before Miroku's tongue licked her lips, begging for entrance. Sango gasped and Miroku took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into her mouth. Sango hadn't thought she could melt anymore, but she did. This time she started to get warm and tingly all over as she kissed him back. This was a different kind of kiss than the ones they had had before. He was telling her he loved her without words. His tongue hadn't lashed out at her. It gently caressed her tongue lovingly and tenderly. His hand was on the back of her head rubbing it gently as he held onto her. A tear slowly began to form in the corner of her right eye. She felt her heart filling up until she was certain it was just going to explode at any second. What was this feeling? She hadn't felt it until now. Miroku suddenly reached down and pulled her legs onto his lap. He ended the kiss, stared deeply into her eyes, and gave her a quick, gentle kiss before picking her up bridal style. Sango grabbed onto Miroku's neck quickly out of sheer reaction, but then stared nervously at where he was facing.


"What are you doing?" Sango asked as she looked up at him.


"Shh," Miroku said as he walked over to the bed and gently slid her beneath the covers. "I'm just making you more comfortable."


Sango wasn't too sure of Miroku's definition of comfortable. She eyed him warily, but decided to relax. Miroku walked around to the other side of the bed and took off his shirt. Sango gulped when she saw his muscular physique in front of her like that. She didn't like the feeling she was getting…this hormonal urge to kiss every square inch of his body, ceasing only when he had climaxed. Sango immediately shook those thoughts from her head and looked up to find Miroku lying in bed next to her. Sango's eyes grew wide.


"And just what is all of this about?" Sango demanded.


"Sango," Miroku said in a somewhat aggravated tone. "Can't you for once just trust me?"


For some reason, Sango flinched when he said that. Memories of how she had treated him flashed before her eyes. Sure he had groped her, but he had stopped. She had yet to give him a chance since then. Her mind and heart still held on to the loving kiss she had experienced seconds before. She relaxed and smiled. What she did next surprised Miroku. She nestled down into the covers and scooted closer to him, laying her head on his chest. Miroku's heart was going to beat out of his chest. Sango had never made a move on him before and now, here he was lying in bed with her.


"I'm sorry," Sango said. "I'm sorry I get so tense around you in situations like this. I'm just nervous…that's all."


Miroku wrapped his arm around her.


"Sango," Miroku said placing a kiss on her forehead. "You know I am not going to do anything you don't want me to."


She glared at him through narrowed eyes as if to remind him of all the times he had groped her.


"Well, okay. So I groped you a few times," he said shrugging his shoulders. "I already told you that my hands are cursed!" Sango rolled her eyes. "Look Sango, seriously. I would never disrespect you. I may be a pervert, but I'm not some psychotic nymphomaniac that's going to attack you in your sleep."


Sango lay there for a minute. She knew he had a point. She sighed. She knew Miroku wasn't like that. Why did she continue to be so nervous around him? She wrapped her arms tightly around him. She had made up her mind.


"Goodnight, Miroku," Sango said.


"Huh?" Miroku said out of shock. "You're actually planning on staying here with me tonight?"


Sango nodded and smiled. Miroku was relieved…though he was definitely going to have to control himself that night.


[End Flashback]


"Wow!" Kagome said. "And he didn't make a move on you for the rest of the night?"


"Nope," Sango said. "We fell asleep. It was really great. I'm glad it happened that way. I think I might actually be able to trust the little pervert now." Kagome laughed.


"Okay, well let's hurry up and finish this so we can meet up with the guys," Kagome said.


Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Miroku were on their way to the training grounds. Miroku had already relayed what had transpired between him and Sango the night before.


"Wow, Miroku!" Inuyasha said with a laugh. "You must really care about Sango. I've never known you to be able to control those hands for more than a few minutes…much less all night long." Miroku smiled.


"I can control them sometimes," he said with a laugh. "So, what about you and Kagome? What happened between you two last night?"


"Nothing," Inuyasha said blushing as the two of them reached the training grounds. It was in the shape of a large rectangle, and a rectangular like building surrounded them. The training grounds were, as everything else in the castle, huge. Various obstacle courses and objects were scattered throughout the area to assist in the training. Inuyasha walked over to a door and unlocked it, retrieving a few weapons and laying them to the side. He then turned and met Miroku in the center of the training grounds.


"Ha! Nothing?" Miroku said, getting himself into a fighting stance. "Yeah right!"


"Shut-up, monk!" Inuyasha retorted drawing his sword. "You have more important things to worry about!"


Inuyasha lunged at Miroku. Inuyasha's sword and Miroku's staff clashed loudly as they seemed to be fairly even for the time being as they swung at each other. They continued to fight each other for a while when Miroku decided he might want to get a rise out of Inuyasha again. Miroku grinned evilly.


"Ah, Kagome's soft skin under the morning light was something radiant indeed," Miroku said dreamily.


He smiled at Inuyasha. Miroku had received the reaction he had wanted. Inuyasha was blushing furiously and then began growling. He swung harder at Miroku, this time out of anger.


"When did you see her like that?" Inuyasha demanded.


"Well," Miroku said, blocking another attack. "Let's just say that Sango and I made a little trip to the Royal Chambers this morning, and I must say Inuyasha that I am very proud of you. I didn't know you had it in you."


Inuyasha turned three shades of red. He couldn't believe it. They had seen them. His embarrassment suddenly turned to anger. He knew they would have had to unlock the door to look in and spy on them. He lunged at Miroku.


"So that's why the door was unlocked this morning!" Inuyasha said swinging his sword viciously. "You had no right to be in there!" Miroku laughed.


"Aw, come on, Inuyasha," Miroku said, laughing heartily. "You should feel…need I say…relieved!"


"Relieved?" Inuyasha said curiously, stopping his attacks to stare at Miroku laughing. "What are you talking about?"


"Do I really have to spell it out for you?" Miroku asked.


"Obviously, you do," Inuyasha said resting tetsusaiga on his shoulder. Miroku laughed.


"Oh…well…when we cracked open the door…we saw you guys…um…without your clothes on," Miroku said. "Just exactly what had you two been doing?"


Inuyasha jumped back and dropped tetsusaiga. His face had turned crimson red and he flamed with anger. He lunged towards Miroku and grabbed Miroku's robe under his chin, lifting him off the ground threateningly.


"What in the world are you talking about?" Inuyasha demanded. "Kagome and I were never without our clothes!!!"


"That's what it looked like to Sango and I!" Miroku said, struggling in Inuyasha's grasp. "I saw you with your shirt off and Kagome's bare shoulder!"


Inuyasha dropped Miroku on the ground when the realization hit him. Miroku sprawled on the ground with a thud. Inuyasha smiled slightly.


"You idiot!" Inuyasha scowled. "I sleep with my shirt off and Kagome's strap must have fallen off making her look like she was naked, but both of us were completely clothed."


"Huh?" Miroku said sitting up, scratching his head.


"So, don't get your hopes up, pervert!" Inuyasha said turning to retrieve tetsusaiga.


"Ah, and such a wonderful opportunity…gone to waste," Miroku said shaking his head.


"Maybe to you," Inuyasha said, picking up tetsusaiga and sheathing it. "But unlike you, I actually have a little respect for women."


"Hey!" Miroku said jumping to his feet. "I've been respectful lately!"


"Only because you know you will lose Sango forever if you don't straighten up, I will kill you, and Kagome will let me," Inuyasha said folding his arms. "You're mind or desire haven't changed though."


"Hmm…good point," Miroku said scratching his chin. He sighed. "How about no weapons this time?"


Inuyasha nodded his head and tossed his sword aside. Miroku followed by tossing his staff on top of tetsusaiga. The two of them then squared off and began practicing their martial arts on each other. Miroku was extremely good and could hold his own for quite some time, but Inuyasha could last longer and soon had the upper hand. Inuyasha kicked Miroku's feet out from underneath him then towered over him with his claws pointed to his throat.


"Well, that's not exactly fair," Miroku said with a laugh. "I don't have claws to point at your throat."


"No," Inuyasha said helping Miroku to his feet. "But Sesshoumaru does."


Miroku nodded his head. Inuyasha was right. Sesshoumaru could be out there somewhere. They all needed to be prepared.


"Speaking of which, we all need to be prepared," Miroku said. "The girls need to train too. When did they say they would be coming out here?"


"Hmph!" Inuyasha said folding his arms. "Myouga and the other servants will probably kick them out soon. Refurbish? Redecorate? More like reterrorize!"






Inuyasha slammed face down into the ground. He growled furiously and then looked up to Kagome. Sango and Kagome towered over him with their hands on their hips.


"What the hell was that for?" Inuyasha shouted, even though he knew the answer.


"We've been working our asses off!" Sango said pointing her finger at him.


"And this is the thanks we get?" Kagome demanded.


Inuyasha rolled his eyes and looked the other way. He propped his head up with his hand. Suddenly the sound of a single person clapping slowly and somewhat sarcastically interrupted his thoughts. Everyone looked up to see a girl dressed in red priestess pants and a white long sleeved shirt leaning against the side of the building. She wore her black hair tied back in a white ribbon. Her skin was pale and her eyes were a dark brown. She quit clapping and stood up straight.


[A/N: If you haven't figured it out yet, this girl looks just like Kikyo, but she's not Kikyo]


"I never thought I would see the day that you would allow yourself to be controlled by anyone…much less a human girl…Inuyasha," the girl said with a smile.


Kagome and Sango exchanged glances and then looked at Inuyasha. He stood up and began growling furiously, clenching his fists menacingly.


"Sakura!" Inuyasha said. "We meet again!"


A/N: Gomen! Gomen! Gomen! Don't worry! She has a point for being there and no this is not Kikyo before you ask! All of that will be explained in the next chapter! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will answer them in the next chapter! Thanks for reading and remember to review!