InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 50: GOOD MORNING! ( Chapter 51 )

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A/N: Just a quick reminder that none of these characters have really experienced love before. You will see in the next few chapters that a lot of them will become confused and not really understand what's going on. Sango's character especially has difficulty because she was raised to be a fighter, not a lover. She has fought her whole life and has never really taken an interest in guys. Now that Miroku is in the picture, she is going to be having a little bit of an emotional struggle figuring out what all of this is. Inuyasha, as we all know, has an extremely difficult time as well though his is a little more out of pride than anything else. Back to the show!


Chapter 50


The next morning proved interesting. Rays of sunlight penetrated through the curtains of the royal bedroom, and shone down upon a peacefully sleeping priestess and hanyou. Neither of them had left each other's arms the entire night. Though they would often switch positions, they never let go of one another. Now, Inuyasha lay flat on his back with his left arm wrapped around Kagome. Her head lay on his chest and her left leg was flung softly over his right leg. Both of them slept peacefully as the sun graced their features.



"It's great that Kagome's ankle is just a bad sprain, huh?" Sango said to Miroku and they walked down the hall towards the Royal Chambers.


"Yeah," Miroku said. "Kagome's tests coming back negative is really great news. She needs to get well as soon as possible because we still don't know what's out there."


"True," Sango said. "She'll be happy to know the results of her test."


Sango reflected back on the night she had just had with Miroku. She had had a similar night as the priestess and hanyou…only better, causing her to blush. Miroku smirked to himself as he noticed the exterminator's disposition. They soon neared the Royal Chambers. Sango walked up to the door and knocked lightly at first, but with no answer. She knocked a little harder, then looked at Miroku skeptically.


"They're not answering," Sango said. "Do you think they are okay?"


"Let me try," Miroku said as he walked over and knocked harder on the door. Sango was about to yell their names when Miroku hushed her. "Shhh! Inuyasha and Kagome have had a rougher trip than we have. We should probably just let them sleep."


"But what if something happened to them last night?" Sango said. "One of the servants said they heard something outside last night."


"Sango, I am positive…" Miroku began, but was cut off when Sango pushed him out of the way.


"I'll just crack open the door to make sure they are okay," Sango said. "If they're okay and still asleep, we'll leave them alone."


Miroku shrugged his shoulders as Sango gently turned the handle to the bedroom. It was locked. Miroku smiled and retrieved something from his pocket.


"Snitched these off of Myouga earlier this morning," Miroku said with an evil grin as he held up a pair of keys.


"Miroku!" Sango scolded. "That's stealing!"


"No," he said. "It's borrowing."


Sango snatched the keys from his hand and found the one to the Royal Chambers. She slipped in the key and quietly unlocked the door. She eased the door open and almost panicked when she didn't see Inuyasha asleep on the floor next to the bed. Then, she realized that Inuyasha was actually in the bed with Kagome! Sango gasped as she looked at the couple. Kagome's shirt had slipped off of her visible shoulder and Inuyasha's bare chest was perfectly visible. Though both of them were clothed beneath the covers, from the exterminator's vantagepoint, it looked as if the hanyou and priestess were both completely naked! Sango gasped again, shut the door, and turned around so that her back was pressed against the door.


"Kagome! You didn't!" Sango said out of shock.


"Huh?" Miroku said, completely confused by Sango's actions. "Didn't what? Let me see."


Miroku pushed passed Sango and eased the door open to peek in on the hanyou and priestess. Miroku's eyes grew wide and an evil grin crossed his features.


"Whoa!" Miroku said with a laugh. "Well done, Inuyasha! I didn't know you had it in you, you sly dog!"


"Miroku!" Sango said slapping him on the back of the head, causing the door to shut a little more loudly than they had anticipated. They both stood there, neither of them moving a muscle so they could hear what was going on inside the bedroom. Miroku pressed his ear to the door and heard the covers moving. He knew Inuyasha must have woken up.


"Let's get out of here," Miroku said, grabbing Sango by the hand and taking off down the hall.


Inuyasha blinked his eyes open slowly as he allowed his eyes to focus in the morning light. He could have sworn he heard a noise. He looked towards the door and saw nothing out of the ordinary. He shrugged his shoulders and allowed himself to get comfortable again. It was then he realized the position he was in with Kagome. He almost jumped up, thinking she was going to "sit" him into oblivion if she woke up to him holding her like that when her words flashed through his head…


"Don't let go of me tonight."


Inuyasha relaxed and looked at the beauty lying next to him. The pink, silk strap of her pajamas hung lazily off of her left shoulder, seducing him, luring him to touch her. He reached out with his right hand and gently touched her soft skin. His hand traveled to her face. She was so peaceful…so beautiful. Inuyasha immediately stopped when he realized the way he was thinking. `Why am I allowing myself to do this?' Inuyasha thought. `This was a bad idea. I can't believe I held her all night long…but…she's just my friend, right? What is this feeling? Why am I feeling like this? She is so beautiful. She would never want to be with me…well…I mean…it's not like I want to be with her anyway, right? Oh, damn it! I am confusing myself! I need to stop this. It's just…wow…I mean…I feel great. I don't really want to let go, but why?'


About that time, Kagome began to stir. Inuyasha immediately froze. Even though she had asked him to hold her, he was still nervous about how she may feel when she woke up. He wanted to make sure that the medicine hadn't had a funny effect on her. Kagome's eyes fluttered open. She smiled and stretched her legs, but didn't let go of him. Then, her eyes grew wide and she looked up to Inuyasha. She sat up and gasped.


"Kagome," Inuyasha said sitting up. "You asked me to…I mean…I didn't mean to…I mean…shit!"


Kagome's face soon turned from confused and shocked to happy as last night flooded her memory. She smiled at him and he just looked at her in confusion. She scooted closer to him, causing him to blush slightly and stiffen, unsure of what she was about to do.


"It's okay," Kagome said, pushing him back down into a laying position. Inuyasha gulped. He had no idea why Kagome would want him lying back down, but he did as he was told. He stared up at her with a heavy blush. Kagome smiled and then gently returned to the position they had woken up to. Inuyasha smiled slightly and gave Kagome's shoulders a gentle squeeze with his left arm.


"So did you sleep well?" Kagome asked him.


"Probably the best I have slept in a while. How about you?" Inuyasha replied.


"Oh yeah," Kagome said. "I am having a hard time actually waking up." Inuyasha smiled.


"How's your ankle?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome looked down at her ankle and began wiggling it this way and that.


"It seems to be just fine," Kagome said, surprised. "I mean it still hurts a little, but I think I can walk on it now."


"Really?" Inuyasha said, sitting up. He jumped out of bed and reached for her. "Come on. Let's see if you can walk."


Kagome yawned and stretched then scooted to the edge of the bed. Inuyasha put his arm around her to help her catch her balance and so that she could put most of her weight on him if she needed to. Kagome slowly stood up and flinched slightly in pain.


"You okay?" Inuyasha asked. "Don't push it."


"I'm fine," Kagome said. "I think I am still just a little stiff because it's morning."


Inuyasha nodded and helped her take her first step…then another…then another…then another…then he let go of her. She focused really hard on walking and slowly began to walk, having less of a limp the more she walked. Inuyasha beamed. He was so happy that he hadn't hurt her seriously. She was walking, and he couldn't be happier to know that she was okay. Something then caught his eye. Her pajamas dipped rather low in the back and he saw a long red slash on her back.


"Kagome," Inuyasha said. "What happened to your back?"


She turned around to look at him.


"What are you talking about?" she asked.


"That long red slash on your back," he said he walked over to her, but as he grew closer, he noticed other small scrapes and cuts on her. "What happened?"


"Oh," Kagome said rubbing her left arm nervously. "Um…well…it's nothing…really." Inuyasha folded his arms and gave her a stern look. "Well, actually…it happened…when…when the wall collapsed on me. But I am okay! Seriously! I really am okay!"


Inuyasha's face turned completely white. He had done that to her? Why hadn't he noticed the scratches before? He wrapped his arms around her tightly.


"Inuyasha?" Kagome said, startled a little.


"I am so sorry, Kagome," Inuyasha said holding onto her with all of his might. "You know I would never hurt you."


"I know," she said with a smile, gently pushing Inuyasha away from her. "That's why I said it was no big deal, okay? I know you would never hurt me intentionally. It was an accident. It's okay." Inuyasha nodded. "Now, can you just forget about it. You said you were sorry a million times over and everything is forgiven and forgotten, okay? Now you forget about it." Inuyasha nodded and took a deep breath.


"Okay," Inuyasha said. "So how about breakfast?"


Kagome nodded and walked/hobbled over to her yellow backpack and pulled out a fresh pair of clothes. Since she figured they would be doing a little workout after breakfast and probably helping out around the castle, she pulled out comfortable clothes. She walked into the bathroom and began changing clothes. Inuyasha, meanwhile, decided to just throw his white shirt and haori back on until Myouga could locate some more clothes for him. Kagome soon emerged from the bathroom with a pair of black spandex pants that clung to her all the way to about her mid-calf. She wore a pair of white, silver, and pink tennis shoes, a pink tank top, and her hair in two braids with a white bandana on her head. Inuyasha eyed her up and down. Even though she was really casual, he thought she looked hot. When Kagome bent over to return her clothes to her backpack, Inuyasha had to control himself as he stared at her butt. In those pants, he could see every curve on her body and it was killing him. Kagome turned around and smiled.


"Ready?" Kagome asked cheerily.


"Huh? Uh…yeah," Inuyasha said shaking his head and blushing slightly.


Kagome gave Inuyasha a confused look, but then shrugged her shoulders and walked to the bedroom door. She opened the door and walked out, but Inuyasha stopped at the door and stared at it. `Didn't I lock the door last night?' Inuyasha thought. He growled slightly, causing Kagome to stop in her tracks in the hall and look back at him. Inuyasha walked next to her, but said nothing. The two walked down the hall, down the stairs, into the foyer, and then through a great room into the dining area.


When they arrived, they noticed Miroku, Sango, and Shippo had already seated themselves at the table as what looked like a grand buffet was prepared. Kagome looked over and realized what had appeared to be shutters, was actually a window into the actual kitchen. She could see the servants preparing breakfast. Inuyasha glanced into the kitchen and saw Satoru and a few others scurrying around making breakfast. Satoru soon looked up through the kitchen window.


"Ah! Good morning, Lord Inuyasha, Lady Kagome," Satoru said. "I trust you slept well."


"Yes," Kagome said gleefully. "We slept just fine, thank you."


Inuyasha's ears swiveled to the right when he heard Sango and Miroku stifling a laugh. He glared at them and the two soon realized that they were being stared at. They immediately began to act as if they were completely interested in their water glasses. He looked at them skeptically. Something was definitely up. Miroku looked up and realized that Inuyasha was definitely wondering what was going on and why they were laughing. Kagome soon caught on too. She looked at Sango who just smiled dumbly.


"Good morning, guys!" Sango said a little too happily. "You look cute, Kagome!"


"Thanks!" Kagome said cheerfully. Sango then noticed Kagome was walking.


"Kagome! You're walking!" Sango exclaimed.


"Oh, yeah," Kagome said glancing down at her foot. "Seems like I must've just sprained it. It still hurts a little, but it's fine now for the most part."


"That's great!" Sango said with a smile. "It seems like you're other tests came back negative too."


"Really?" Kagome said.


"Yep," Sango said. "Dr. Masaki dropped off the results this morning. We were going to tell you about them earlier, but…" Sango trailed off and realized she had said too much.


"But you guys seemed busy," Miroku said with a little laugh. Sango elbowed him hard in his ribs.


"Busy?" Kagome asked, confused.


"Busy sleeping!" Sango said quickly. "So we decided we wait until we saw you guys for breakfast!"


Kagome fell for it, but Inuyasha was still a little skeptical. Miroku looked up at Inuyasha. Inuyasha gave him a look that said, `You have some explaining to do after breakfast.' Satoru soon appeared.


"Well, well," he saw motioning everyone to sit. "Everyone sit down. Breakfast is about to be served."


Everyone returned to the seats they had been in the day before for dinner. Satoru and some servants soon reappeared, bringing out various silver trays as they had at dinner the day before. The tray covers were removed and Shippo began drooling. Pancakes, sausage (round and link), bacon, french toast, eggs cooked every style including different style omelets, ham, breakfast potatoes, dry toast with different flavors of jelly, mini steaks, fruit, muffins, danishes, donuts, waffles, croissants, biscuits, the list went on and on, were scattered throughout the table. Kagome's jaw dropped. She actually would have been satisfied with just a bowl of cereal. He didn't have to go to all of that trouble. Kagome looked at Miroku and Sango who also sat there in shock. They looked at her and shook their heads in disbelief.


"Satoru," Kagome said. "Wow! I have never seen such a breakfast. You really didn't have to prepare all of this food!"


"Ah, but my lady," he said bowing slightly. "It was my honor. We are still celebrating Lord Inuyasha's return."


"Thank you, Satoru," Inuyasha said, nodding his head in a very kingly manner. "But today I insist that you stop what you are doing and join us."


Kagome smiled. Satoru glanced around the room as the servants stopped bringing condiments and beverages to and from the table to look at Satoru then to Inuyasha. Satoru looked at them motioning for them to continue what they were doing.


"As you desire, sire," Satoru said. "But please allow us to bring all of the condiments and beverages to the table before we join you."


Inuyasha nodded and Satoru clapped his hands twice. The servants brought out pots/thermoses of coffee, pitchers of water and different kinds of juice, milk, syrup, butter, jelly, salt and pepper, ketchup, and many other things. They soon felt satisfied with everything they had brought and it was a good thing because nothing else would have been able to fit on the table. Everyone then dug in. Satoru looked at the clock on the wall.


"The others should be arriving soon," Satoru said to the other servants.


"Others?" Inuyasha asked.


"Oh," Satoru said. "After Sesshoumaru left, some priests and priestesses from neighboring cities agreed to come help clean up the mess he left. Most everything you have seen is brand new…the wallpaper, a few of the chairs and pieces of furniture, the flooring. Sesshoumaru completely redecorated when he moved in. He didn't want to be reminded of you or your parents. It was pretty thrashed in the battle, but after it was over and we found out you were coming, we tried to make everything look the way it did when you left. The only thing we didn't mess with was the foyer and you now know why." Inuyasha nodded. He was truly touched that they had gone to all of this trouble on his behalf.


"So they're going to be coming back to continue helping with the restoration of the castle?" Kagome asked. Satoru nodded. "How nice of them! We'll help out too!"


"Oh no, ma'am," Satoru said. "I could never ask you to help out."


"Well, you didn't ask me, now did you?" Kagome said with a wink.


"I'll help out, too," Sango said.


"Kagome, you really shouldn't be helping out with anything," Inuyasha said. "You're still injured."


"Oh lay off, Inuyasha," Kagome said causing Inuyasha to growl at her. "I'm fine. I'll be careful. I'm not going to do anything too strenuous on my ankle."


Inuyasha folded his arms and frowned, looking in the other direction. Miroku smiled at the hanyou's disposition.


"What about you, Inuyasha?" Miroku asked. "What do you intend to do today?"


"Huh?" Inuyasha said looking up at Miroku. "I guess I had just planned to go to the training grounds today. I'd like to see what kind of shape it's in and what weapons are still left. Besides, there's no telling when an uninvited guest may show up. We need to be ready."


"That sounds like a good idea," Miroku said with a nod. "I think I'll join you in that."


"Wow," Sango mused. "Training grounds? Hmm…hiraikotsu could definitely use some work. I banged her up pretty badly on the way over here, fighting demons and all. In fact, she hasn't been buffed or polished or repaired since before the fight with Sesshoumaru. Maybe Kagome and I will join you guys a little later on."


"Sure," Kagome said with a nod. "I need to practice shooting my arrows. I'm still not the best marksman in the world."


"Then, it's settled," Miroku said. "Sango, you and Kagome can help restore the castle for a while and meet Inuyasha and I out at the training area later this afternoon. Inuyasha and I will go to the training grounds."


Inuyasha nodded and stood.


"Alright," he said. "Let's get going."


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