InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 58: The Person in the Darkness is Revealed ( Chapter 59 )

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Chapter 58
Inuyasha awoke with a start. He had accidentally fallen asleep sitting upright next to Kagome last night. He looked out the window. It was still early morning. He hadn't been asleep for long. He yawned and stretched his arms over his head. He glanced down at Kagome's sleeping figure. He decided he needed to get the castle prepared so he stood up and walked towards the bedroom door. He reached for the doorknob when he suddenly stopped himself. He turned around to look at Kagome. She would be left by herself if he walked out. He sighed as he remembered what had happened to her the last time he did that. He hated using the intercom, but it was better than leaving Kagome by herself. He pressed the button and waited for someone on the other end to answer. He turned the volume down so that it wouldn't wake her up. He figured Satoru was probably already downstairs preparing breakfast.
“Yes, sire,” Satoru's voice said on the other end.
“Satoru,” Inuyasha said. “Tell everyone to prepare themselves for battle. From here on out, everyone needs to be within arm's reach of a weapon.”
“Yes, sire,” Satoru said. “I will inform everyone at once.”
Inuyasha released the button and walked back over to the balcony double doors. He stared out the window and began losing himself in his own thoughts. He didn't know exactly who was out there, but he knew that he would soon find out. He could feel the evil coming closer. He sighed and glanced at Kagome's sleeping figure before looking out the window again. He knew he had to protect her. Even so, he had a strange feeling that he wouldn't survive this next battle. `That's okay,' he thought. `As long as Kagome's alive.' He wasn't afraid of death. If it meant protecting Kagome he would go through anything.
“Good morning,” Kagome said suddenly.
Inuyasha whirled around to find Kagome lying on her side, her head still on the pillow. She still had sleepy eyes and smiled weakly at him. He didn't smile.
“Good morning,” he said flatly as he turned back around.
Kagome was slightly disturbed by his somewhat cold manner and tone of voice. Something was definitely bothering him. She knew it had to be the possibility of another battle, very well the worse they had ever seen. She yawned, stood up, and walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Inuyasha waited for her to get out, and without saying a word, walked with her out of the doors of the Royal Chambers. He decided to lock it this time to make sure no one could get in.
Later that day, Inuyasha was still on edge. He stood on the back balcony and watched Kagome pick flowers in the distant garden. He knew she needed her space. He had been her shadow all day. Kagome had finally said something to him. It was then that he realized how overprotective he was being. He sighed and leaned on the balcony's railing, resting his chin on his hand. He stared at Kagome as she moved from flower bush to flower bush. He noticed how she would sniff each of them before deciding whether to choose or not. He remembered how he had told her the garden was hers. Every day since he had made such a declaration, she chose a different bouquet of flowers to accent the dining room table. He smiled to himself. She was growing up faster than he had realized. She had grown so much in the time he had known her. She had moved from a happy-go-lucky, naïve schoolgirl to a clever, strong-minded yet friendly young woman with the progressing skills of a great warrior. She had become quite skilled with her bow and arrow, and had even become little miss susie homemaker since they had arrived at the castle. He sighed. He stared at the way her pale yellow sundress flowed around her thighs as she moved from flower to flower. Her hair blew softly in the wind. She was beautiful.
“Hey stranger!” someone said from behind Inuyasha, nearly making him jump out of his skin.
“Miroku! Don't sneak up on people like that! That's a good way to end up dead!” he barked.
“Oh sorry,” Miroku said as he joined Inuyasha at the balcony's edge. He noticed Kagome in the gardens and smiled. “Still playing watchdog I see.”
Inuyasha growled and gave Miroku a menacing glare for making such a reference, but he said nothing. He couldn't deny he was concerned for Kagome's safety.
“Someone's out there, Miroku,” Inuyasha said staring at Kagome in the garden. “I can't let her out of my sight. They will be after her. I just know it! I can't afford to take the chance I did with Sakura! If only I hadn't been so blind!”
“It's not your fault Sakura turned out to be a snake!” Miroku replied. “I would have probably reacted the same way. But you can't beat yourself up about it. Kagome's a strong woman. She can handle herself.”
“I guess you're right,” he said with sigh. “I've always felt responsible for her safety though. I haven't really figured out why, but it's just always the way things have been between us. I would die if anything happened to her and I was preoccupied with something else.”
“You know you can't keep her under your eye forever,” Miroku said. “You'll have to let her go one day.”
Miroku glanced at Inuyasha out of the corner of his eye. He could tell his words had stung Inuyasha. Inuyasha sighed again.
“You know,” Inuyasha said. “This battle that could ensue at any given minute could be my death. I have a weird feeling that I may not make it out of this one. Please protect Kagome for me should I die before the battle is completely over.”
“I will guard her with my life,” Miroku said with a nod. “But you should already know that I will protect Kagome and Sango with everything I have.”
“I do,” Inuyasha said. “But there's a little more to it this time. Should I die, I have entrusted Kagome with everything I own. She will rule as Lady until she finds a better replacement. We had a long conversation about this last night. She agreed to do it.”
“Really?” Miroku said in shock as he looked down at Kagome.
“Kagome has grown so much. She has matured from a happy-go-lucky, naïve schoolgirl to a bright, strong-minded yet cordial young lady with the progressive skills of a great warrior. She has become quite skilled with the bow and arrow and quite the homemaker since she arrived at the castle.” He laughed. “Did you know that she is responsible for the bouquets on the dining room table?”
“No, I didn't,” Miroku said even though he did. He sighed, but then stood up straight and became more stern.
“She has all of the qualities of a great Lady of the Lands: beauty, grace, diplomacy, kindness, compassion, strong mind, humble attitude, intelligence, and even powers that could help protect my father's people. Should I die, she will be the perfect Lady,” Inuyasha said as he stared at Kagome.
Miroku cleared his throat and followed Inuyasha's gaze. He couldn't resist the opportunity.
“That she will be,” Miroku said. “She will be a perfect Lady of the Lands with or without your death.”
Inuyasha glanced at Miroku. Miroku stared straight ahead and said nothing. Inuyasha, however, had caught Miroku's insinuation. `With or without my death?' Inuyasha thought as he stared down into the gardens to find…Kagome was gone! Inuyasha leapt from the balcony onto the ground and raced into the gardens calling her name.
“Inuyasha, wait!” Miroku called after him.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha called out. He sniffed the air and followed her scent. “Kagome!”
He raced towards her. He had a lock on her scent and he wasn't going to lose it. He ran towards her scent. He followed her scent inside the castle. He ran around the corner to find Kagome putting together a bouquet of flowers for the dining room table in the Dining Hall. Miroku stood at the entrance while Sango chatted away with Kagome at the table.
“If you would have waited long enough I would have told you that I saw her come inside the castle,” Miroku said.
“Speak up sooner next time!” Inuyasha said as he rushed over to Kagome.
“Ow! Hey!” Miroku said as he held the new knot on his head.
Inuyasha walked over to Kagome and stood until she recognized his presence.
“Oh, hi, Inuyasha!” Kagome said cheerfully.
He gave her a scolding glare and growled as he sat down a couple of seats down from her. Kagome looked at Sango who just shrugged her shoulders. Kagome blinked a few times at Inuyasha.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
“Feh!” he said and turned away.
Kagome just shook her head and continued to create her bouquet of flowers as Inuyasha grumbled to himself. Kagome soon finished her conversation with Sango and announced that she was going to go upstairs to change into something a little more comfortable. When Kagome exited the room, Sango stared at Inuyasha as he continued to grumble to himself. She looked up at Miroku and he made a motion with his eyes towards Kagome, letting her know that Inuyasha was pissed that Kagome had left his sight. Sango rolled her eyes. She didn't say anything for a little while, but when Inuyasha wouldn't stop his incessant grumbling, she couldn't stand it any more.
“And just what is your problem?” she asked.
“Feh!” he replied, folding his arms into his haori and turning away.
“You can't be around Kagome all of the time you know,” Sango said.
Inuyasha's ears perked up. He was surprised that Sango knew exactly what was going on. He grumbled to himself again as Sango just rolled her eyes.
“Who says that's what I was doing anyway?!” he retorted. “I'm not with her now.”
“Thank God,” she said. “She's changing clothes! You want to be with her when she does that too?”
“Feh!” he replied as he blushed. “Like I would want to see what she's got any way!”
“Sit, boy!” Kagome yelled.
Inuyasha face planted into the ground. He looked up to find Kagome towering over him in her school uniform, her arms folded.
“Hmph!” she said, and she turned around to walk out the front door.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha yelled, lifting himself up. “What the hell, woman? Wait! Come back here! I said come back here, Kagome! Kagome, I'm talking to you!”
He heard the front door slam and he just brushed himself off and marched towards the front door. Miroku stood in front of him.
“What gives, Miroku?” Inuyasha said.
“Why don't you let her cool off for a minute?” Sango said.
“She's out there by herself! Stupid woman, marching off like that!” he said angrily.
“Fine,” Sango said. “I'll go check on her.”
“That's a great idea, Sango,” Miroku said.
Miroku watched as Sango walked passed him and out the front door.
“So you taking the women's side now Miroku?” Inuyasha retorted.
“No,” he replied. “Just preventing myself from ending up face down in the dirt like you!”
Inuyasha growled and swung, but Miroku ducked quickly and avoided his punch. Miroku laughed.
“You're chicken shit, Miroku!” Inuyasha yelled as he swung again.
Meanwhile, Sango walked outside. She breathed in the fresh air and looked around. Where was Kagome? She couldn't have gotten far. She walked around for a little while calling her name, but to no avail. She couldn't find her anywhere in the front lawn. Frightened, Sango ran back into the house. She had been gone for a good fifteen minutes. The guys probably figured she had just been talking to her.
“I can't find Kagome!” Sango yelled as she ran into the Dining Hall where Miroku and Inuyasha stood.
“WHAT???” they both said in unison.
“Miroku, take the training grounds. I'll take the garden. Sango, tell Satoru to inform the servants to be on the lookout for her,” Inuyasha said as he darted out the door.
Sango immediately found Satoru in the kitchen and inform him that Lady Kagome was missing. Satoru made an announcement over the intercom, and the castle immediately began an all out search for Kagome. Within a half hour, Inuyasha had search the gardens and Miroku had searched the training grounds. They all met back in the Dining Hall empty handed.
“What about her scent, Inuyasha?” Miroku said. “Can you not find her scent?”
“That's what has me worried,” Inuyasha said. “Her scent is faint, but it's everywhere…almost as if she is invisibly hovering above us…wait a minute.”
His eyes grew wide as realization hit him. He growled with rage and fury. He ran as fast as he could towards the front door. Sango and Miroku were right on his heels. Kirara and Shippo joined them as they passed.
“Sound the alarm!” Inuyasha shouted to Satoru as he passed him.
Inuyasha burst through the front doors and looked up into the sky. Miroku and Sango soon arrived right behind him.
“Inuyasha, will you please explain…” Miroku began, but was cut off when he saw what was in the sky.
A swirling dark gray cloud spiraled overhead. The entire sky grew dark as yellow lightening flickered everywhere. Violent wind blew their incessantly, and Inuyasha just stared into the sky growling with a vicious rage. Sango gasped.
“What's going on?” Shippo said somewhat timidly.
“There's only one person who would have been able to break through the castle's barrier and steal Kagome away,” Inuyasha said, growling viciously. He drew his sword. “Everyone prepare yourselves for battle.”
Miroku readied himself and Sango, already in her exterminator uniform, gripped her boomerang. Kirara transformed and growled. Inuyasha walked to the edge of the yard and yelled into the sky.
“Show yourself, Sesshoumaru!” Inuyasha shouted. “Let's end this once and for all!”
The commotion had caused a few the braver and more curious townspeople to come out of the town a little to watch what was going on. Inuyasha glanced to his left. `The people,' Inuyasha thought.
“Stay back!” he warned them. “It's dangerous!”
They glared at him though. He was taken aback. Why were they given him such faces? Then he heard them talking.
“I told you that half breed would bring nothing but trouble,” one man said.
“What about my children?” a woman cried frantically. “What will they do?”
“We should have known better than to trust that half breed!” a man said.
“Yeah, we were fine until he got here!” another said.
“Yeah!” the crowd chimed in.
Inuyasha growled and turned his head back to the sky. Sango and Miroku exchanged glances. They had heard the villagers shouts as well. They knew that couldn't have been encouraging to Inuyasha. Inuyasha, however, had decided to ignore it.
`Father,' Inuyasha thought as he brought his sword in front of him. `Give me the strength to do what it right!'
The wind continued to flap his hair until soon the show was over and three figures appeared in the sky. An evil laughter was heard in the sky as the three figures slowly showed their true appearance. Inuyasha growled when he recognized them. Sesshoumaru stood in the middle dressed fully in his armor and white kimono. To the left was Jaken, his small, green servant. To the right was none other than…
“Sakura!” Inuyasha growled. “I see there were far more secrets than we had ever imagined!”
She laughed heartily.
“What's wrong?” she said. “Did I hurt your feelings?”
Inuyasha growled.
“Sesshoumaru,” Miroku shouted. “How did you survive Kagome's purification?”
“Oh,” Sesshoumaru said with a smirk. “I suppose I could give you a dying request. Even I didn't think I would survive her purification techniques. However, my father's sword, tensaiga, shielded me with a protective barrier, protecting Jaken and I and casting us into a forest somewhere. It turns out, we landed in the forest next to Sakura's temple. After nursing us back to health, I learned of her hatred of you, Inuyasha, and decided to use it to my advantage. I was the one who constructed that fake document and sent her to you. That wretched woman, Kagome, had nearly killed me. I wanted to make you both suffer as much as Sakura did. Had our plan worked out, I would have destroyed Kagome when she was on her way back to the East.”
“So that explains the seal on the scroll,” Miroku said to Inuyasha. “Only someone of your family would have known how to seal it properly.”
Inuyasha growled angrily. He was thankful now that he hadn't chosen Sakura. Kagome would have been killed and he would have been miserable for the rest of his life. He silently thanked his father for leading him in the right direction.
“Where is Kagome?!” Inuyasha demanded. “What have you done with her?!”
“Oh her?” Sesshoumaru said. He motioned his hands in front of him and her motionless figure slowly appeared in front him. Her body was limp and she was floating on her back in the air in front of Sesshoumaru. The townspeople gasped at the sight.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha shouted. “You bastard! What have you done to her!”
“Nothing…yet,” Sesshoumaru said. “She is merely unconscious right now…but I can make it a lot worse if you don't comply.”
Inuyasha growled angrily at Sesshoumaru's attempt to blackmail him. Inuyasha could never allow Kagome to be hurt. He looked at Kagome's figure. He sighed.
“Tell me what you want,” Inuyasha said hanging his head.
Sesshoumaru laughed heartily.
“That's a good boy,” he said. “Now first things first. Tell me how to remove the shikon no tama from her.”
“What?” Inuyasha queried.
“You heard me!” Sesshoumaru shouted.
Inuyasha looked back at Miroku who just shrugged his shoulders.
“I really have no idea what you are talking about,” Inuyasha replied. “I would assume that you would just take it off of her.”
“Don't be a smart ass with me, Inuyasha! DO NOT make me lose my temper!” he warned.
“Sesshoumaru, I am serious,” he said. “I have no idea.”
“Fine then,” Sesshoumaru said, waving a hand over Kagome's body sending electricity pulsating through her. Her body convulsed and she screamed in agony.
“Sesshoumaru!” Miroku shouted. Sesshoumaru stopped and looked down at the monk. “Perhaps I could be of assistance. I am a monk, possessing some of the same powers as Kagome. If you would demonstrate what is going wrong with the removal of the shikon no tama, I will gladly assist you with its removal.”
Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha then back at Miroku. Inuyasha stared into the sky impatiently. Sesshoumaru reached for the shikon no tama and was immediately repulsed by a blue light that shot out at him. Miroku had to stifle a laugh. Inuyasha looked at Miroku.
“Kagome has apparently put a barrier on the jewel,” Miroku said.
Inuyasha smirked. `Good girl, Kagome,' Inuyasha thought as he continued to smirk.
“How do I remove the barrier?” Sesshoumaru asked.
“Remove Kagome's barrier?” Miroku said with a laugh. “No one can do that. She is the most powerful priestess alive. Not even someone as strong as you could break through that kind of barrier.”
Inuyasha wanted to laugh. Instead, he glared at Sesshoumaru with a smirk on his face. Sesshoumaru quickly lost his patient and grew angry. Kagome blinked her eyes open and moaned slightly. She was awake.
“Kagome!!!” Inuyasha shouted.
She looked down and immediately screamed. Sesshoumaru reached out and grabbed her by the throat.
“I…nu…ya…sha,” Kagome choked out as Sesshoumaru cut off her air supply.
“KAGOME!” Inuyasha shouted. He knew he had to think of something quick. He looked back towards Miroku and realized that Sango and Kirara were missing.
“Hiraikotsu!” Sango shouted as her boomerang flew towards Sesshoumaru.
Sesshoumaru looked up just in time to get out of the way of her attack. However, it had separated him from Kagome. Without Sesshoumaru's trance on her, she plummeted to the ground.
“KAGOME!” Inuyasha shouted as he ran to catch her.
He dove for her, catching her in mid-air, and skidding to a halt on his butt. Inuyasha had a tight grip on her. He shook her a little.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha said patting her cheek. “Kagome! Wake up! Please wake up! KAGOME!”
Sesshoumaru smirked from the sky. He knew Kagome was barely alive. Inuyasha growled and stood up. He walked over to Miroku and laid Kagome down next to him. Miroku squatted next to Kagome.
“Look after her,” Inuyasha said. “Make sure she is okay.”
Miroku nodded and immediately began searching his robe for various supplies as Sango and Kirara landed on the ground next to them. Inuyasha turned around to face Sesshoumaru. His eyes flamed red and growled furiously.
“That's it, Sesshoumaru!” Inuyasha shouted to him, pointing his sword at him. “You and me! Right here…right now! A final showdown! Winner takes all!”
“Hmm,” Sesshoumaru said. “Never knew you were a gambling man, Inuyasha! But I accept your challenge!”
The two brothers faced each other, both growling incessantly, and exuberating a pure hatred for the other. The wind blew their silver locks in the wind. This would truly be the Final Showdown.
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