InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 59: The Final Showdown ( Chapter 60 )

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Oh and just a little note. I really like Sesshoumaru in the series, and I hated to have to use him as the villain in this story, but his character and background with Inuyasha was so perfect for the idea I had in my head for this story. You gotta love Fluffy though. He's great! So just so you know, I am not an avid Sesshoumaru hater or something. It's just my whole story is about demons vs. humans and he fit the part so perfectly with his hatred of humans. In like all of my other stories, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha make amends so this is the first story I've actually used him as the villain. So read on and I still love Sesshoumaru, despite how evil I made him in my story! HAHA! Hail the powers of the almighty authoress!
Chapter 59
Inuyasha stared into the sky at what he hated to call his half-brother. The feelings seemed mutual as Sesshoumaru glared at Inuyasha from above. He withdrew Toukijin from its scabbard as he, Jaken, and Sakura drifted down to the ground. The two brothers growled furiously at each other as Jaken and Sakura stepped to the side.
“Are you that sure you want to hasten your death?” Sesshoumaru said sarcastically.
“We'll see who is left standing at the end of the fight!” Inuyasha retorted. “Now quit with your stupid smart ass comments and fight me!”
Inuyasha lunged at Sesshoumaru. Tetsusaiga clashed with Toukijin time and time again. The two of them fought as Miroku desperately tried to get Kagome to wake up. He gave her some herbal medication and the medicine that helps priestesses gain their strength back. Sango leaned over her friend. She glanced up at Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru every now and then to see how the battle was going.
“Should we just leave Inuyasha out there fighting on his own like that?” Sango asked.
“He wouldn't have it any other way,” Miroku replied. “You know that. He would much rather us stay here and care for Kagome.”
“Well, well, looks like the little priestess is hurt,” Sakura said, as Sango and Miroku suddenly realized she was towering over them. Sakura drew her hands back and threw a sparking, pink orb of energy directly at Kagome. Miroku lifted Kagome into his arms and jumped out of the way just in time. Even so, Sango had completely blocked the attack with her boomerang. Sango glared at Sakura over her boomerang. Sakura frowned then turned towards Kagome again. Sango didn't waste any time. She swung her boomerang at Sakura before Sakura had a chance to gather her strength into an orb again. Sakura jumped out of the way and a battle thus ensued between the priestess and the exterminator.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha yelled, drawing his attention away from his battle.
“Pay attention!” Sesshoumaru said slashing Inuyasha's left arm and sending him rolling on the ground.
Inuyasha forced himself to get up as Sesshoumaru neared him. He braced himself. He had to get Kagome out of his mind for the time being and trust that Miroku would take care of her. Inuyasha glanced at Miroku. Miroku caught his eye and nodded his head as if to let him know he would look after Kagome. Inuyasha glared back at Sesshoumaru, waiting for his attack. It soon came. Sesshoumaru merely applied pressure to his sword and tiny darts of light shot at Inuyasha. Inuyasha was prepared for this move. He twirled his sword around rapidly, reflecting all of the darts back at Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru managed to dodge a few of them, but he had been badly cut by a few others. Inuyasha, however, was unharmed by his attack. Sesshoumaru looked up at Inuyasha, holding his left arm. He growled as his eyes turned a blood red. He attacked Inuyasha again, but this time with a force he wasn't used to. Though Inuyasha remained standing, Sesshoumaru was easily pushing Inuyasha back, leaving small trenches where Inuyasha's feet had trailed. Inuyasha pressed back and finally managed to hold his ground. Sesshoumaru soon lifted his sword to attack. Inuyasha dodged it and did and back flip away from him. He glanced at Kagome. Miroku was still working on her. Sango and Sakura were fighting their own battle. `I've got to end this,' he thought. Sesshoumaru charged. Inuyasha took the opportunity.
“KAZE NO KIZU!” Inuyasha yelled swinging his sword towards Sesshoumaru and sending three bolts of light soaring his way, leaving huge trenches in their wake. Sesshoumaru's eyes grew wide as the light engulfed him.
Everyone stopped what they were doing to see if it really was the end of Sesshoumaru. The light soon died down, and to say Inuyasha was shocked was an understatement. There Sesshoumaru stood…without a scratch on him. Sango gasped.
“The Kaze no Kizu had no effect?” Miroku asked out loud.
“Ha!” Sesshoumaru laughed. “If I can survive a blast from that priestess, don't you think that I would have developed some sort of barrier to protect me from that beginner's trick?”
Inuyasha glanced at Miroku as Sesshoumaru continued to laugh. Inuyasha glared at Sesshoumaru. Suddenly, however, Sesshoumaru looked stern as he lunged towards Inuyasha attacking him with everything he had. He swung his sword left and right. Inuyasha managed to block most of the attacks Sesshoumaru sent his way, which angered Sesshoumaru that much more. Sesshoumaru did a back flip away from Inuyasha. He brought his sword over his head and twirled around in a circle, flinging his attack towards Inuyasha. Inuyasha jumped trying to dodge it, but part of the attack managed to hit him, sending him plunging to the ground. Inuyasha lifted himself up slowly.
“To think that an unworthy hanyou such as yourself could even dream of defeating me,” Sesshoumaru taunted as he walked towards Inuyasha slowly. Inuyasha looked up with a glare and a smirk, causing Sesshoumaru to stop in his tracks.
“BAKURYUUHA!!!” he shouted with all of his might sending the twirling tornado blasts towards Sesshoumaru.
“WHAT?” Sesshoumaru shouted as the blasts broke through his barrier, flinging him several yards back.
Inuyasha smirked and placed his sword on his shoulder, thinking Sesshoumaru had finally been defeated. His eyes grew wide with shock however when he saw Sesshoumaru pull himself to his feet.
“The Bakuryuuha didn't work!” Shippo said jumping on Miroku's shoulder.
“Yeah,” Miroku said. “It looks like it's powerful enough to break through Sesshoumaru's barrier and severely injure him, but not powerful enough to kill him. I have no idea what Inuyasha's going to do now.”
The two brothers continued to duke it out. Inuyasha would injure Sesshoumaru and then Sesshoumaru would turn around and injure Inuyasha. The battle continued like that for a quite a while.
Meanwhile, Sakura and Sango continued their own battle. Sango busily tried to protect Kagome. Sakura would always aim her attacks at Kagome, and Sango somehow always managed to block them. Sakura wasn't getting past Sango to Kagome, and it started to anger Sakura. She finally focused all of her attacks on Sango. She figured if she could get rid of Sango first, Kagome would be easier access. Sango swung her boomerang at Sakura. Sakura managed to dodge the attack, jumping on the boomerang and nailing Sango with one of her attacks. Sango flew back to the ground with a thud, her boomerang lying beside her.
“Sango!” Miroku shouted.
Sakura made her way over to Kagome. Sango had injured her a couple of times so she walked with a slight limp. She towered over Kagome and Miroku. Miroku stood and blocked Kagome. Sakura attacked, but Miroku easily twirled his staff and sent her attack back towards her. Sakura flew to the ground a few yards away. Miroku then turned around to continue keeping an eye on Kagome. Sakura stood and took the opportunity to send an attack their way.
“Hiraikotsu!” Sango yelled as her boomerang blocked the attack.
Sango was injured, but caught her boomerang on its return. She glared at Sakura, daring her to try another attack. Poor Shippo just stared at everyone feeling helpless. He looked down and noticed Kagome was starting to stir. He then had an idea and scurried off, back into the castle. Miroku had no idea where the little fox was running off to, but at the moment it gave him one less thing to look after.
Suddenly, a huge blast was heard. Everyone looked up to find Inuyasha lying in pile of rubble. He was a bloody mess, and he wasn't moving. Sesshoumaru, too, was getting weaker, but still stood his ground. He had given a strong attack that had hit Inuyasha dead on.
“Inuyasha!” Sango screamed. Sakura smirked. She decided not to take advantage of Sango's back being turned to her for the time being. It was much more pleasurably to watch her suffer.
Sesshoumaru walked towards Inuyasha. Inuyasha began to stir slightly. Sesshoumaru noticed the eyes of the townspeople on him and Inuyasha. He turned in their direction.
“Is this who you call your leader?” Sesshoumaru retorted. “Is this the person you are willing to rely on to protect you? A half-demon?”
The villagers began talking amongst themselves. It was apparent that a few them wanted to take Sesshoumaru's side, wondering how a hanyou could ever be a good leader. Others still weren't sure, not because they trusted Inuyasha's leadership, but because they knew what things were like under Sesshoumaru and didn't want to go back to that.
Sesshoumaru turned back towards Inuyasha. He lifted his sword, ready to end his half-brother's life. Sango readied her boomerang, but someone beat her to it. Suddenly a bright arrow whizzed towards Sesshoumaru, breaking through his armor and leaving him with a kimono as his only protection.
“Thanks for my bow and arrows, Shippo,” Kagome said to the little fox. “That was quick thinking!”
“No problem, Kagome,” Shippo said with a slight blush. He had brought Myouga back with him too. Myouga and Shippo ran over to join Sango and Miroku.
“Sesshoumaru!” Kagome shouted as she stood there, fully revived and conscious. “You take one step towards him and I can assure you it will be your last!”
Kagome readied another arrow on her bow. Within a split second, Sesshoumaru was soaring towards her.
“Kagome!” Inuyasha shouted jumping to his feet.
Kagome released her arrow, but Sesshoumaru quickly dodged and reached her before she could ready another one.
“Sesshoumaru! You're fight's with me!” Inuyasha shouted as he swung his sword in between the two causing Sesshoumaru to back away from Kagome.
“Whoever said my fight was with you?!” Sesshoumaru said with a smirk. “I came here for the girl!”
“What?!” Kagome and Inuyasha said.
“You may have defeated me, but Kagome almost killed me with her stupid purification methods,” he said. “The majority of my fleet was completely wiped off the face of the planet and others were turned human. A cannot stand humans…especially ones who turn my demons into humans. That was despicable! I loath Kagome! She will die by my hands before the night is over!”
“Over my dead body!” Inuyasha shouted back.
“Suit yourself!” Sesshoumaru said as he attacked Inuyasha. Their swords clashed time and time again. Kagome held a worried expression on her face. She knew he was way too injured to fight. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Sakura sneaking away. Kagome fired an arrow. It soared and hit the tree a mere centimeter from Sakura's head. Sakura whirled around to Kagome.
“You're not going any where!” Kagome said.
Sakura smirked and shot an orb of energy her way. Kagome dodged it and fight ensued between the two priestesses. Meanwhile, Sango ran over to Miroku.
“Inuyasha will never defeat Sesshoumaru in that kind of condition,” Sango said. “We can't just stand by here and watch it happen.”
“And the Bakuryuuha doesn't seem to be working either,” Miroku said. “There's no way Inuyasha can come out of this one.”
“What's the matter sweety!” Sakura taunted. “Are you upset because I messed with your man?”
“I warned you to stay away,” Kagome said firing another arrow at her.
“I wouldn't have missed your demise,” she said attacking Kagome again.
Suddenly everyone heard Sesshoumaru cry out as Inuyasha yet again attacked him with the Bakuryuuha.
“Sesshoumaru!” Sakura shouted.
Enraged, Sakura shot one of her purification arrows at Inuyasha.
“Inuyasha, look out!” Kagome shouted.
He jumped out of the way just in time, but the arrow still managed to graze his arm. Inuyasha cried out, and Kagome gasped. Even a graze such as that could kill him if not treated. Kagome whirled around to face Sakura. She had had enough. Kagome's entire body began to glow a brilliant blue as she faced Sakura. Sakura held a frightened expression on her face. Kagome formed her hands into a ball and threw everything she had at Sakura. There was no Sakura could dodge it. Sakura lifted her hands in an effort to block the attack, but her effort was in vain. The ball of energy hit Sakura dead on with an immense force, sending her flying back, leaving a long trench behind her. Sakura was somehow still moving somewhat.
“Mer…cy,” she managed to get out.
“I showed mercy on you last time,” Kagome said as she walked towards her. “And look what happened. You manipulated my best friend in attempt to make him miserable for the rest of his life, you tried to kill me, you tried to kill Sango, you tried to kill Miroku, and you nearly just killed Inuyasha! MERCY IS OVER!”
Kagome pulled back an arrow and fired it at Sakura. The arrow plunged into Sakura's heart. A bright light sprang from her body. Sango, Miroku, Kagome, Kirara, Myouga, and Shippo shielded their eyes from view. Soon the light died down and Kagome's friends ran over to her. There was nothing left of Sakura.
“Pity,” Kagome said, staring at the spot Sakura once lay. “I sent strictly a purification arrow at her. Had there been any pure will inside her, she would have survived. It's a shame to see her heart had been so easily tainted with hatred and malice.”
Kagome looked up to see the townspeople cheering. They loved Kagome. Everyone loved Kagome. Everyone except a certain demon. Sesshoumaru stood up and faced the crowd. Inuyasha held his arm where Sakura had grazed him. He wasn't holding up too well. His vision was starting to blur. The crowd still debated their opinion of the hanyou and demon however.
“No!” a little boy suddenly exclaimed, pushing his way to the front of the crowd. “Lord Inuyasha is the coolest! He gave me back my ball, and saved me from the bullies!”
Kagome recognized the little boy. It was the little boy from when they first entered the town. Inuyasha had helped out the little boy. Kagome looked at Inuyasha. He said nothing and his face held not emotion except surprise. He recognized the little boy from the market. The little boy's friends joined him at the front of the crowd.
“Go Lord Inuyasha!” they shouted.
Kagome looked over at Inuyasha. She could tell that he now had reinforced strength. She smiled. Her smile soon faded, however, when she noticed Sesshoumaru's disposition. He had had enough. First, they praised Kagome, and now Inuyasha. He wouldn't rule such people. To him, they were no better than Inuyasha…a filthy hanyou. He was tired of hearing them talk back and forth. He lifted his sword in the air and sent an attack flying towards the townspeople. The townspeople were struck with terror as they watched the attack soar towards them.
“The townspeople!” Kagome shouted. “Oh my God, NOOOOO!”
“Get down!” Inuyasha shouted to the townspeople as he raced towards them. He stood in front of them and swung his sword out, sending his Bakuryuuha towards the attack. The Bakuryuuha completely dissolved Sesshoumaru's attack, but it had taken a lot of energy out of Inuyasha. He fell to his knees, bracing himself on his sword. Gasps quickly spread through the crowd. All of them were in complete shock.
“Leave…them…alone!” Inuyasha panted. “Keep them out of this!”
“You speak of Father's people as if they were your own!” Sesshoumaru said with an evil laugh.
“They are!” Inuyasha said. Everyone looked at Inuyasha. He was panting heavily, but he had a determined looked on his face. “They are my people now!!!”
“Says who?” Sesshoumaru scowled.
“Says…me…” Inuyasha stood up. “The Lord of the Western Lands, Inuyasha Takashi!!!!”
Kagome nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard that. Suddenly, something unexpected happened. Inuyasha's body was lifted into the air. He began to glow a brilliant yellow as light suddenly shot out from his body. A purple, crescent moon formed in the middle of his forehead. Three purple streaks lined either side of his face. His fangs grew slightly, and his once red, tattered fire rat robe became a flawless, golden color. His bloody, matted hair was now perfectly groomed and glistened and sparkled as it blew in the wind. Soon, his transformation was complete, and he was returned to the ground.
“What's happening to him?” Kagome said.
“A transformation, my Lady,” Myouga replied excitedly. “This only happens to a few Lords and Ladies. Only those with pure hearts and pure intentions will experience the transformation when they finally declare they are Lord or Lady. Inuyasha has finally made a decision. He sincerely wants to be the Lord of the Western Lands and has finally declared so. He would have never experienced the transformation had he not truly wanted the position, and wanted it for the right reasons. Not only is Inuyasha now officially the Lord of the Western Lands, but he is one of very few that experience the transformation, those of pure heart, pure intention, and pure will. As long as I can remember, the only other ruler to achieve such unconditional devotion to his people was his father.”
Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kagome stared at Inuyasha in shock. They couldn't believe their eyes. Inuyasha opened his eyes. They were a crystal clear golden color trimmed in a deep red. He stared straight at Sesshoumaru who had watched the entire thing. Sesshoumaru was apparently angry that Inuyasha had achieved such status and had the nerve to challenge him. He growled and charged Inuyasha. Inuyasha this time, however, was the one to keep his calm demeanor. He merely moved out of Sesshoumaru's way without even flinching. He didn't smile nor smirk. He had an emotionless, yet regal and confident look on his face. Sesshoumaru was the one to lose his cool. He attacked Inuyasha flimsily, only to get smacked in the back by an attack from Inuyasha. Everyone seemed to be impressed by Inuyasha's tactics.
“Bakuryuuha!” Inuyasha shouted sending the attack yet again towards Sesshoumaru. The attack nailed Sesshoumaru right on, sending him flying back against a huge boulder. However, the attack still didn't kill him. Gasps spread through the townspeople. Kagome and the others rushed over to Inuyasha.
Inuyasha thought for a moment. Mental images began raining through his mind. The way each of their attacks had their own effect on Sesshoumaru: Kagome's arrows, Sango's boomerang, Miroku's staff.
“That's it!” he said looking up to find Sesshoumaru pulling himself to his feet. His friends looked at him in confusion. “When I attack, I want all of you to attack too.”
“Are you sure?” Sango asked.
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“I can't do it without you guys! Besides…” Inuyasha said. “We've always done better as team, right?!”
His friends exchanged glances then revealed looks of determination. They looked at Inuyasha and nodded.
“Then, let's do it!” Inuyasha said. He faced Sesshoumaru who had just gotten to his feet. Sango took Miroku's staff and laid it flat on the boomerang.
“Ready?” he shouted.
“Yeah!” they all replied.
“Bakuryuuha!” he shouted sending his attack flying towards Sesshoumaru.
“GO!” Kagome shouted releasing her arrow.
“Hiraikotsu!” Sango shouted sending the combination of Miroku's staff and her boomerang flying towards Sesshoumaru.
Kagome's arrow, Sango's boomerang, Miroku's staff, and Inuyasha's Bakuryuuha soon became one brilliant attack. Sesshoumaru's eyes grew wide as the attack him. The tensaiga would be unable to protect him from this attack. The attack consumed him, and in one final attempt to kill the wretched woman who had caused him so much turmoil, he sent all of his strength and power and all of Toukijin's strength and power soaring towards her.
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Kagome tried to move, but she wouldn't make it in time. Then suddenly, from out of no where Inuyasha leapt in front of her. It was as if everything had slowed down into slow motion. He tried to lift up tetsusaiga in time to block the attack, but the attack knocked tetsusaiga from his hand. She screamed out his name, but it was too late. Inuyasha had covered her entire body with his own as the attack hit them. Their friends heard their painful cries until finally the attack was over. Sesshoumaru was gone, and their friends lay motionless on the ground. Jaken had apparently disappeared somewhere too, but they didn't care about that right now.
“Kagome! Inuyasha!” they shouted as they ran towards them.
Kagome was injured, but not nearly as bad as Inuyasha. She rolled him off of her as she sprang to her knees to investigate him. Inuyasha's features had returned to their old ones. His fire rat robe was red again, and there were no markings on his face. He lay there motionless. Tears began to well in Kagome's eyes as her friends arrived, but stopped short of the scene.
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“Inuyasha,” Kagome said, shaking him. “Please wake up! Please! I can't protect this jewel by myself! Everyone will be after it now! Please! Please wake up!”
Inuyasha's eyes flickered open. They were a dull gold, and it was almost as if his pupils had blended into the dull gold color. He reached over and took her hand. Kagome gasped when she realized that his hand, as well as the rest of his body, was soaked in blood. She tried to control her crying. His breathing was shallow and his words were barely audible.
“Ka..gome,” he said as he breathed unevenly.
“Shhh! Don't talk,” Kagome said through her tears. “Just rest.”
“I…don't…have much…time,” he said.
“Don't talk like that!” Kagome shouted. “You have plenty of time!”
He smiled.
“You…always were…naïve,” he said with a smile.
Kagome laughed slightly through her tears.
“Do…you…remember…what you promised me?” he asked.
“Yes,” Kagome said. “But there will be no need in that! You are going to be fine!”
“Tell the others…thank you…for me…will ya'?” Inuyasha said. “I couldn't…have done…any of this…without them.”
“Okay,” Kagome said with nod as the tears continued to come like waterfalls.
“And Kagome…” Inuyasha said, taking a deep breath.
“Yes?” she replied. He lifted his hand to touch her cheek.
“I'll always…watch over…you,” he said.
“Don't talk like that!” she cried out. “We just need to get you to a doctor and everything will be okay. Here.” She placed her hand on his chest. “Let me heal you.” He smiled and moved her hand away.
“It's…too late…for me,” Inuyasha said, his breathing getting weaker. “I will…miss you…more…than…anyone…else. I'm sorry…for…the times…I was…mean… to you. I was…just…too…afraid…to admit…that…Kagome…I…lo…lo…”
His hand collapsed to the ground, and his eyes rolled into the back of his hand. Kagome gasped and sat there in shock. Miroku bent down and checked for vital signs.
“He's…he's dead,” Miroku said as tears filled his eyes.
“What???!!!” Kagome cried out. “NOOOO! This cannot be! He can't be dead! NO!”
Kagome flung herself onto his body and began crying hysterically. Sango tried desperately to control her friend, but she began crying too. She couldn't bear to watch the scene play out in front of her so she turned away. She gasped, however, at the sight she turned towards. Kagome and the others looked up. The townspeople, every one of them, were kneeling with their heads bowed.
“Hail Lord Inuyasha,” the village elder said. “May he rest in peace.”
Kagome's eyes quivered as she stared at the sight before her. They had accepted him. Inuyasha was finally accepted by his people, and by people in general. They no longer looked at him as a hanyou. They looked at him as their leader. Kagome looked back down at Inuyasha's lifeless body.
“Inuyasha!” Kagome said flinging herself onto him and crying hysterically. “Why did you have to die?! This is all of my fault!!! Why did you have to risk your life for me? Why didn't I think to erect a barrier or something? Why couldn't I have died instead? How could you be so cruel as to leave me here like this now!! What am I going to do now?!!!”
She sobbed frantically into his chest. She was covering herself in his blood, but she didn't even notice it nor did she care. She would give anything to have him back with her.
“We need to get her away from here,” Sango said to Miroku. “This isn't good for her.”
“Agreed,” he said with a nod.
He and Sango walked over and tried desperately to pry Kagome off of Inuyasha. The act only broke their hearts even more. She refused to leave his side. She clung onto him as if he were her source of life. They finally managed to pull her away, but she cried hysterically the entire time as they walked her away. Many of the villagers looking on cried just at the sight of Kagome's distraught figure leaving him there to be taken away. Shippo was crying too as he, Kirara, and Myouga approached Inuyasha. Myouga knelt next to him with tears in his eyes.
“I never deserved to out live both of my Lords,” Myouga said as tears filled his eyes. Inuyasha had been like a son to him. He had looked after Inuyasha after Lord Kizoku's death, caring for him as if he was his own. Myouga sniffed and wiped his eyes. “Just as I promised your father I would look after you, I will keep my promise to look after Kagome for you my Lord. I know how much she means to you.” Myouga stood. “Shippo, be a good lad and go get Satoru and the other servants for me. We need to prepare Master Inuyasha for his burial ceremony.”
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