InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Special Edition: Part I ( Chapter 68 )

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Three years later…
Inuyasha raced down the hall. He knew he shouldn't have left. Now…Kagome was…was…he couldn't bear to think about it. He had been in the Northeast on business when one of his servants interrupted his meeting. Inuyasha had given the servant his “this better be important” look as the servant scampered nervously over to him to tell him the news. Inuyasha hadn't even been polite enough to excuse himself. He dropped what he was doing and left, jumping on a helicopter Satoru had sent for him.
He had boarded the aircraft without so much as a word. The pilot knew what he needed to do. He needed to get Lord Inuyasha back to his wife immediately.
`My wife,' Inuyasha thought as he reminisced over the past few years as he rode in the helicopter back towards the West.
Inuyasha and Kagome were married within a year after his inauguration. It had been a beautiful wedding. They had decided to get married in the white rose garden, a place Kagome and Inuyasha had felt held significance in their relationship. The weather held up beautifully and the white roses were in full bloom. Pale yellow sashes and ribbon decorated the entire place. The gardener had brought in various small flowers of different colors to add a little more color to the scenery. Three white steps led up to a small white stage where Inuyasha waited patiently with his best man, Miroku, and his groomsmen Myouga, Satoru, and Kouga. It hadn't been long after the inauguration before Kouga met a wolf girl named Ayame that seemed to stray his attention away from Kagome indefinitely. Inuyasha would have never allowed Kouga to be a groomsman had he still harbored feelings for Kagome. Inuyasha didn't want to have to kill the Lord of the South. That would mean finding a replacement, and he didn't feel like doing that. They had also made Souta, Kagome's little brother, a junior groomsman. All of them wore your typical black and white tuxedo with the exception of Inuyasha whose coat had been white. The priest, the wise man of the West, stood center stage under a white arch adorned with yellow ribbon and white roses. The priest stood at the head of a red carpet that extended down the aisle where Kagome would soon walk. Kagome had made Sango her maid of honor and Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi had been her bridesmaids. Kagome looked absolutely stunning in a strapless white gown with her veil covering her face until Inuyasha had the pleasure of lifting it. She held onto a very elaborate white rose bouquet. The bridesmaids wore a pale yellow dress with a white sash around their waist and held small, white rose bouquets. Mayu, Myouga's daughter, had been Kagome's flower girl, and Shippo was the ring bearer. Shippo had actually done quite well. He had paid close attention to every detail and jumped on Inuyasha's shoulder to hand him the ring right when he needed it. Inuyasha smiled as he realized that with the exception of Kagome and himself, Shippo was probably the most excited about the engagement.
Inuyasha continued to think back as he realized how he nearly lost his breath at the sight of Kagome's beautiful figure walking down the red carpet towards him. He hadn't known what to say. He couldn't say or do anything except stare at her. He remembered how they had lost themselves in each other during the ceremony. Kagome had even pointed out how Souta seemed to flirt with Myouga's daughter. Inuyasha smiled as he thought about how Souta had so desperately tried to get the little girl's attention.
The reception had been great as they danced and carried on with their friends, but it was nothing compared to the honeymoon. Inuyasha was getting aroused just thinking about it. Inuyasha had whisked Kagome away as soon as he could from the reception. Sango, Miroku, Myouga, and Kouga had decided to move into their own respective castles shortly after the inauguration. However, Sango and Miroku had agreed to look after the castle until Kagome and Inuyasha returned from their honeymoon. It was more important that someone look after the Western castle rather than theirs. The Eastern castle contained very little secrets, but the Western castle held everything.
Kagome and Inuyasha waved good-bye to everyone as the limo arrived to take them to the airport where Inuyasha had arranged for them to have their own personal jet to their honeymoon destination, which was still a secret to Kagome. He remembered how she had anticipated it. He knew he wouldn't disappoint her with this. Kagome had been talking about visiting this place since he had first met her and he had finally made the arrangements to make her wish come true.
“Okay,” Inuyasha said with a grin. “Now you can't look out the window any more. It will give it away.”
Kagome stuck out her bottom lip as she folded her arms in a pouting position.
“Oh, no, that trick's not going to work on me,” Inuyasha said with a smile. “I've had this planned for way too long to let your spoiled brattiness ruin it.”
“Spoiled what?” Kagome said with a sinister smile. Inuyasha gulped. “Sit!”
Inuyasha growled. He didn't understand why she couldn't…just for just two weeks…restrain herself from doing that.
“What the hell was that for?!” Inuyasha barked as he jumped to his feet.
“Calm down,” Kagome said with a laugh. “I was only joking, but at least it will teach you to poke fun at me!”
“Can't you lay off of that for just two weeks?” Inuyasha asked.
“Two weeks?” Kagome said excitedly. “It that how long we are going to be gone?”
Inuyasha slapped his hand against his face. He hadn't meant to tell her how long they were staying, but at least he hadn't revealed the location.
“Yes,” Inuyasha said, folding his arms. “We're staying for two weeks.”
“Oh, yay!” Kagome squealed as she leapt onto him in his seat, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him quickly on the lips.
Inuyasha gulped as he glanced down at their position. Kagome was in his lap, straddling him. Her chest was right in his face. He glanced over her shoulder up to the pilot who merely smiled. He got the idea and pressed a button, causing a sound proof wall to close off Kagome and Inuyasha from the pilot.
Inuyasha smirked as he turned his attention back to Kagome. He pulled her head down to his, taking her lips into a deep and passionate kiss. He reached his hands under her skirt to feel her butt when he realized she must have on a thong. When he felt a little further he realized that she didn't have on anything! He broke himself from the kiss.
“Kagome!” he said almost in a scolding manner.
“What?” she said sheepishly looking away with a small grin.
“Do you not have any underwear on?” Inuyasha asked her.
“Um…hehe…surprise?” she said.
Inuyasha smiled, but was still baffled at how the normally innocent girl on his lap was being rather seductive.
“What's wrong with it?” Kagome said kissing his lips. “You ARE my husband. I can't give you little sexual surprises?”
Inuyasha just stared at her. He didn't know what to say. So, he said the only thing that came to his mind.
“Any time you want, babe,” Inuyasha said as he caressed her butt again. “I knew I loved you for some reason.”
Kagome and Inuyasha laughed as they kissed each other yet again. The kiss grew deep and passionate as they soon began going through the motions of sex with their clothes on. Kagome moaned slightly as Inuyasha caressed her bottom. Kagome ran her fingers through his hair and over his chest until both of them were nearly attacking one another with their sexual desires. Inuyasha reached up and began undoing Kagome's top as Kagome reached down to untie his pants. She soon reached her goal and wrapped her hand gently around his staff. Inuyasha moaned in response. He wanted her. He wanted to take her on the plane, but…
“We're here!” the pilot announced over the loudspeaker.
Inuyasha and Kagome snapped back to reality and growled in annoyance. It was really a mood spoiler. They both had to admit they wanted their first time to be special rather than an act of passion on the seat of an airplane. Inuyasha sighed and reached into his pocket. Kagome leaned over to look out the window, but before she could see anything, Inuyasha wrapped a blindfold around her eyes.
“Hey!” Kagome said, tugging at the blindfold.
“Shut-up woman! It's part of the surprise!” he said as he lifted her into his arms, and walked off the plane, holding her bridal style. He nodded for the servants to unload their luggage.
Inuyasha bounded off and soon arrived at his destination. He had known of Kagome's wish to be here. She had spoken of it often, and he even surprised himself when he remembered where she had always wanted to go. He set her down, but kept his arm around her.
“Can I take it off now?” Kagome asked.
“Sure, but let me,” Inuyasha said untying the blindfold.
He was nervous as he removed the blindfold. He hoped she would like it. Inuyahsa completely removed the cloth then walked to her side and looked at her. She still had her eyes closed. She was afraid to look.
“Kagome,” Inuyasha said softly. “You can open your eyes now.”
Kagome took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She gasped and threw her hands to her mouth as she stared at the scene before her. Blue-green water so clear you could see to the bottom led up to a small, but beautiful beachside. Towering over the water was an extravagant bungalow. Palm trees and exotic animals were everywhere, and the very air she breathed seemed refreshing. Tropical fish splashed in the water. Tears filled her eyes.
“Inu…Inuyasha,” Kagome mused. “Oh…oh honey…are we…are we…”
“Welcome to Tahiti, Kagome,” Inuyasha said as he pulled her in for a kiss. She was so stunned she could hardly kiss him back.
“And…is that…is that…” she said looking over to the bungalow.
“That would be ours,” Inuyasha said with a smile.
Kagome released herself from Inuyasha and just stared in disbelief. Inuyasha didn't really know what to say. She wouldn't say anything. He looked at her to make sure she liked the place, but her face held nothing but shock.
“Are…are you okay?” Inuyasha asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.
“OH INUYASHA!!!” Kagome screamed jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around him. “THANK YOU SO MUCH! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! IT'S SO AMAZING!!! OH THIS IS ALL I'VE DREAMED IT WOULD BE!”
“I'm glad you like it,” he said slightly laughing at her reaction as he placed her to feet. She soon turned into a little girl with bright eyes scanning the entire area, trying to take in everything at once.
“Oh there is so much I want to do!” she squealed.
Inuyasha smiled and walked over to her. He placed a loving kiss on her lips and gave her a look that said, `I love you.' She ran her fingers through his hair. She kissed his cheek and then traveled down to his neck. Inuyasha moaned in response.
“In the mean time, however,” Kagome said with a little smirk. “Why don't I pay you back for all of this?”
She gave him a seductive smile as she pulled him towards the hut. Inuyasha gulped, then scooped her up in his arms bridal-style, and walked into the hut. He didn't waste any time. He took her straight to the bedroom and laid her down gently. He sat next to her on the bed and stroked her face. He loved her so much. It felt so good to be with her. He leaned over and kissed her softly.
“I love you, Kagome,” Inuyasha said.
“I love you too, Inuyasha,” Kagome replied as she kissed him on his lips and trailed kisses down his neck. “Make love to me.”
Inuyasha's heart leapt as he replied, “Gladly.”
The two of them began slowly taking off one another's clothes until they were soon making passionate love to one another. It had been long overdo and neither one of them held back as they took each other's virginity. Moans of desire echoed throughout the hut until they had both climaxed and were cradling each other in their arms. They kissed each other again and again as they expressed their love for one another.
[End Flashback]
That hadn't been a very productive day, Inuyasha remembered. They had made love the entire day and on into the night. Inuyasha was becoming aroused just thinking about it. They had returned to the castle to find everything in order and continued to see Sango, Miroku, Myouga, and Kouga on a regular basis. Sango and Miroku were married shortly after. They had had a small wedding with mostly close friends and relatives. Sango had recently found out she was expecting a child and Miroku immediately dropped his perversions and went into father mode.
He had thought of all of that on the helicopter ride over there, but now he raced down the hall to find his wife. He knew he shouldn't have gone on his business trip. He just knew something was going to happen like this. He raced down the hall of his castle towards the doctor's room. Miroku met him at the door and stopped him.
“Okay, now just calm down, and let me explain what happened,” Miroku said.
“No!” Inuyasha shouted, pushing past Miroku. “You can't explain this!”
Inuyasha looked around and found Kagome's mother, grandfather, and Souta sitting nervously in the waiting room chairs. They had been visiting and just so happened to be there when it happened. He then made eye contact with Sango who sat next to Myouga. Sango stood.
“You can't see her right now, Inuyasha,” Sango coaxed, trying to calm down the irate hanyou.
Kagome suddenly screamed in agony. Inuyasha's expression became hysterically worried as he jumped towards the door. Sango, Miroku, and Myouga leapt in front of him, blocking his path.
“No, Inuyasha!” Sango said. “You can't go in there right now! The doctor is working on her! You can't just barge in!”
“I'll be damned if I can't! THAT'S MY WIFE IN THERE!” Inuyasha yelled with all of his might as tears came to his eyes and he struggled in their grasp.
He had smelled her blood when he had gotten off of the helicopter. Now, it was so powerful, it nearly made him feel faint. He sat/fell down on one of the chairs. His body was limp, and his mind was a mess. Sango knelt beside him and stroked his back. Inuyasha buried his hands in his face as he heard her scream again. His face contorted in emotional pain at the sound of his wife's screams.
“How could this have happened?” Inuyasha said out loud. “I was only gone for a day!”
Sango and Miroku glanced at one another. They really didn't know what to tell him. Sango continued to try to soothe the hanyou when everyone eventually realized that Kagome had stopped screaming. It was settling to Sango and Miroku, but unnerving to the hanyou. Something wasn't right. Something was terribly wrong. He could feel it. Suddenly, he heard a different sound. Before the others could stop him he raced down the hall and stared in the window. The sound he had heard was the sound of a baby crying. There cradled in the nurse's arms was his baby boy. Inuyasha smiled to the point of laughing through his tears. He was so excited to see his baby boy was okay. The nurse looked up and saw Inuyasha. She gasped. This turned the attention of the others towards him.
“Get him out of here!” the doctor ordered. The nurse who had just finished cleaning the baby rushed outside with the baby in arms hoping to distract Inuyasha with the sight of his son.
“What's going on?” Inuyasha demanded as he tried to look over her shoulder to see what was going on.
He heard a loud, constant beep as his eyes soon found Kagome. She lay there motionless and covered in blood.
“Kagome!!!” Inuyasha shouted as two nurses pushed him back towards the waiting room.
“Congratulations, Inuyasha,” one nurse said as she handed him his baby once in the waiting room. “You have a beautiful baby boy.”
Inuyasha looked down at his son who immediately began to calm in his arms. Inuyasha smiled as tears of joy rushed down his cheeks. He was so tiny. Inuyasha extended his finger and the little tike couldn't even get his fingers to wrap around it. Inuyasha laughed as he examined his son's features. He already had a head full of silver hair, not quite as light as Inuyasha's. Inuyasha looked at his son's head and saw two little ears beginning to emerge. He couldn't tell what color eyes the young boy would have just yet, but that would happen soon. He hoped his son had his mother's beautiful eyes…his mother! Inuyasha whipped his head up just as the nurses were leaving.
“Stop!” Inuyasha ordered in a commanding tone. “I order you to tell me what has happened to my wife!”
One of the nurses shook nervously and scampered away leaving the other to deal with it. The nurse looked nervously up at Inuyasha. She knew she had to tell him.
“I…I don't know, my Lord,” she replied.
“What do you mean you don't know?” Inuyasha asked angrily.
“I mean…we are trying, my Lord,” the nurse said.
“Explain yourself clearly before I have your job!!!” Inuyasha ordered getting in her face.
“Lady Kagome went into labor early! We couldn't get the bleeding under control! She's…she's lost too much blood! We don't know if she is going to make it! We're trying really hard to save her, my Lord, but she won't respond! We thought we were going to lose the baby, but Lady Kagome used her powers to save her son as she was giving birth to him! I overheard the doctor say that it took too much out of her and that it didn't leave her enough strength for her to heal herself even as an ordinary human!” the nurse blurted out, terrified of her lord. “Please forgive me, my Lord! That's all I know!”
The nurse bowed and ran back down the hall to the delivery room. Inuyasha just stood there and didn't say a thing. Kagome's mother held onto her grandfather as she began to sob into his shoulder. Sango, Miroku, and Myouga exchanged glances before Miroku approached him.
“Inuyasha, are you…” Miroku said, but before he could finish his statement, Inuyasha's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he began falling backwards. Sango leapt to catch the baby as Miroku caught Inuyasha before he hit the ground.
“Inuyasha!” Sango shouted holding the baby in her arms. The baby began to cry uncontrollably.
Miroku pulled Inuyasha over and sat him in one of the chairs. He began slapping Inuyasha trying to get him to come to his senses. In all of the time he knew Inuyasha, he had never seen him faint. Myouga returned shortly with a small pale of water. Miroku took a handful and threw on Inuyasha's face.
“Inuyasha!” Miroku shouted, slapping his friend on the face in an effort to wake him. “Inuyasha wake up!”
Inuyasha's eyes soon fluttered open. He scanned the room briefly before remembering everything. His eyes stared straight ahead and didn't move. He was in shock. He couldn't believe that he may be losing Kagome and there was nothing he could do about it. He buried his face in his hands. He couldn't believe this was happening. He looked up and saw Sango desperately trying to calm Inuyasha's son. He stood and walked over to the boy and gently took him from Sango's arms. He stared at his son lovingly. The boy calmed in Inuyasha's arms and nuzzled into his chest. Finally, the young boy opened his eyes and looked up at Inuyasha. His eyes were a brilliant bronze, a similar color to Inuyasha's only darker and having a slightly brown tint. The child looked up at his father for the first time. He stared in awe and wonder.
The moment between Inuyasha and his son was soon interrupted by a cough at the doorway. Everyone looked up to find the doctor standing there. Inuyasha handed the baby back to Sango. The boy immediately began to whimper a little until Kirara jumped on Sango's shoulder pawed gently at the boy. The boy didn't laugh or make any noise whatsoever. He just stared at the animal in amazement. Inuyasha looked towards the doctor.
“What's going on?” Inuyasha asked.
“Well, Lord Inuyasha,” the doctor said somewhat sadly. “I've done all I know how to do. She lost too much blood, and she seemed to have used all of her healing power to save her son. We would have lost the baby too had it not been for her.”
“What do you mean too?” Inuyasha asked as he face became ghostly pale.
“I mean…” he began as everyone focused their attention on the doctor. “Kagome's survival lies within her own strength right now, but since she used all of her priestess powers saving the boy…it doesn't look good. When you came in earlier, we had lost all of her vital signs. We managed to bring back a faint heartbeat, but now she lies in a coma-like stage.”
Inuyasha felt faint again. Was he really going to lose Kagome? This was something he had never had to deal with before. Inuyasha had saved Kagome hundreds of times from the claws of demons and spells of priestesses, but…this was a situation he had no idea how to handle. For the first time ever…there was absolutely nothing he could have done to prevent it, and nothing he could do now to save her. Tears filled his eyes. He had to see for himself.
“I want to see her,” Inuyasha said.
“Fine,” the doctor replied. “You may see her now.”
Inuyasha walked over to Sango and looked at his son. Sango looked at him wondering why Inuyasha was wanting to take his son in Kagome's recovery room.
“I want our son to know who his mother is…just in case…” Inuyasha said quite painfully as if reading Sango's mind. “Hanyous remember everything from the time they are born until present.”
Sango nodded and handed Inuyasha his son. Inuyasha cradled the boy in his arms and followed the doctor back to Kagome.
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