InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Special Edition: Part II ( Chapter 69 )

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It seemed like the longest walk in history, traveling down those white halls. When he finally came to Kagome's room, his son uttered a small whimper. Inuyasha looked down to see his son poke out his bottom lip.
“I know how you feel,” Inuyasha said. “I'm scared too.”
Finally, Inuyasha walked into the room. The scent of blood was intoxicating to his sensitive nose. He looked over to find a nurse monitoring Kagome's heart rate and other vital signs. There was a slow faint beeping sound that Inuyasha presumed to be Kagome's heart rate. An oxygen mask covered her mouth and nose, and an IV was in her arm. Inuyasha looked to the left to see the doctor preparing another syringe to give Kagome.
“What's that?” Inuyasha asked Dr. Masaki.
“Oh, this?” the doctor replied. “As I have said, I have done all I know how to do. This syringe contains medicine specially made for those with holy powers. It boosts their ability to heal themselves. That's the only thing preventing Kagome from living right now. She doesn't even have the healing ability of a normal human. It's way below par. If only she had the tiniest bit of healing power left within her, with rest, her body would soon begin to duplicate the healing ability until she finally had her normal healing powers again. If I had healing powers or knew of someone with healing powers…I could save her.”
“Is that all?” Inuyasha asked. “What about Miroku?”
“Miroku's healing ability isn't strong enough,” the doctor replied as he thumped the syringe and walked over to Kagome. “I need someone with at least half the healing ability as Kagome or it won't work. Miroku's powers are quite strong when used to destroy evil auras, demonic powers, and barriers, but his ability to heal is rather weak compared to Kagome's. Besides, the operation would require that I take a sample of the host blood and inject it into Kagome's bloodstream. Miroku and Kagome don't have the same blood type even if Miroku did have phenominal healing powers. Her body would reject it, and it would kill her.”
“Well, why don't I go find someone?” Inuyasha said. “There has to be someone around here with healing powers that has Kagome's blood type.”
“That's the problem, Inuyasha,” the doctor said as he injected the liquid into Kagome. “Unfortunately…Kagome won't make it through the night. We need someone now or she will die. I'm sorry, my Lord, but I don't want to sugarcoat what I know to be the truth.”
Inuyasha nodded, but didn't say anything. He was hopeful that something or someone would save Kagome, but there was still nothing he could do. Kagome was dying…right in front of him, and he was helpless to do anything about it. He finally allowed a single tear to flow down his cheek. He stared at her. She bore the same look from long ago…only this time it was far worse. At least they stood a chance back then…but now…
Inuyasha felt his son struggle in his arms. He looked down to find his son staring at his mother as if he wanted to be near her. Inuyasha looked from his son to Kagome. He had wanted his son to know his mother. That was the entire point of Inuyasha coming in there in the first place.
“Do you want to say good-bye?” Inuyasha asked his son as he walked over to Kagome. “This is your mother. She gave you life, and in the end, it cost her…her own life.”
Inuyasha had a hard time getting that last statement out. The boy still struggled as much as a newborn infant could. It didn't really surprise Inuyasha how strong the baby was and how quickly he was progressing. The boy had demon blood and they open their eyes, laughed, walked, and talked way before human babies. Inuyasha fought back tears as he laid his son on Kagome's chest, being careful with his head. He wouldn't fully develop his motor skills for a little while. Inuyasha placed his hand on the boy's back and realized that his hand nearly covered his son's entire back. How could he and Kagome have created something so perfect? The boy sniffled a little and Inuyasha leaned over to find that the infant was slightly crying. Did he know what was going on? Did he understand that his mother was dying? How could he? He was only an infant. He hadn't been in this world for a full day yet. How on earth could this young child possibly understand what was going on? Inuyasha scolded himself for wishful thinking, and forced himself to be a little more realistic with his wishes.
`Dear God,' Inuyasha said silently in his head as he watched the infant cling to his mother. `Why do things like this have to constantly happen? I still have hope that you can do this. Otherwise, I would be a complete mess right now. Please don't let her die. I'll do anything. Mother, Father, please lend your assistance. I've grown up a lot since the last time I spoke to you like this. I've learned to admit things and recognize when I'm wrong. Now…I recognize the fact that for the first time…I can't save her. Please…I beg of you…show me who can.'
Inuyasha's eyes flew open when he heard the beeping sound. He looked over to the monitor to find the beeping sound increasing in speed and volume. The nurse jumped up as the doctor whirled around, running over to the monitors.
“I…I…don't know what's happening Doctor,” the nurse said. “Her heart rate just suddenly started to stabilize itself.”
“She must want to live badly,” the doctor replied looking at the other monitors so to check for other vitals signs. “Her blood pressure is rising and her vital signs are returning.”
“Could it have been the shot you gave her?” the nurse asked.
“No. I've been giving her the same thing for a period of time now and it hasn't worked before. What's different?” the doctor said, looking over to Kagome, and suddenly realizing what was happening. “THE BABY!”
The doctor ran over to Kagome and swiftly lifted the child from his mother. The child immediately began crying hysterically. The doctor's eyes were wide with amazement. He had never seen something like this happen before.
“Do you have to be so rough with my son?” Inuyasha asked jerking the child away from the doctor and trying to calm him. “Besides, what the hell has gotten into you?”
“The baby!” the doctor said. “It's the baby!”
“What are you talking about?” Inuyasha asked roughly.
“The boy…he must have inherited some of his mother's ability to heal,” the doctor said in utter shock, then turned to Inuyasha. “The child was healing his mother.”
“What???!!” Inuyasha blurted out. “But he's just a baby!”
“When Kagome healed your son with her powers, he was still in her womb and hadn't been fully born yet,” the doctor explained. “He obviously had to have been born with a little of Kagome's healing ability, but when she healed him, it is quite possible that she could have transferred those healing abilities to her son. It could be temporary or permanent. We will only find out as the child grows. But apparently, the boy must have realized the situation at hand and without realizing it, subconsciously tried to heal his own mother. I've never seen anything like this before in my life!”
“But if he was healing her then why the hell did you take him off of her?” Inuyasha demanded.
“Please understand, my Lord, that your child is merely an infant. Had he stayed there, he would have killed himself long before Kagome would have been revived. You would have then lost your son and your wife,” the doctor explained as he ran over to the drawers and scampered around until he found another syringe.
“But what does this mean for Kagome? Will she be okay?” Inuyasha asked desperately.
“If left alone your wife will, in fact, die,” the doctor said. “Your son made her a little better, but with all of the blood she has lost, she will soon stoop back into sub-par levels and die shortly after.”
Inuyasha's eyes filled with tears again. He had lost her. He had lost Kagome. He walked over to Kagome, with his son still in his arms. The baby had quieted down and was now emitting a soft whimper. Inuyasha looked at his son. He couldn't imagine that Kagome would never be able to see him. Inuyasha leaned over and kissed Kagome softly on her lips. He rubbed her sweaty hair away from her face, and stared at her lovingly.
“Inuyasha,” the doctor said as Inuyasha turned around to face him. “The baby please.”
“What?” Inuyasha said confused.
“I need to get the baby's blood type. If the child inherited his mother's blood type then there's a chance we can save Kagome,” the doctor explained.
“You mean…” Inuyasha said with hopeful eyes.
“Your son, whether permanent or temporary, presently holds the abilities to heal. If the boy holds at least half of his mother's healing powers, he could be his own mother's savior,” the doctor said with a smile.
“And if not?” Inuyasha said. The doctor's face fell.
“Then, I'm sorry, my Lord…Kagome will die,” he replied.
“WHAT???!!!” everyone cried in unison after hearing Inuyasha tell them everything that had just happened.
Kagome's mother fainted in Kagome's grandfather's lap. He immediately began fanning her as a couple of nurses ran over to help her.
“Where's your son?” Miroku asked.
“I had to leave him with the nurse and doctor so they could draw his blood,” Inuyasha said. “We'll soon find out whose blood type he has. I just hope it's Kagome's.”
With that, Inuyasha turned and walked away. He walked towards the entrance to the doctor's office and walked outside, not even paying attention to Kagome's mother's condition. Miroku and Sango exchanged glances.
“Where do you think he is going?” Sango asked.
“He probably just wants to be left alone,” Miroku said. “This is the first time Inuyasha's hands have been completely tied. He probably feels pretty helpless right now. There's only a fifty/fifty chance Kagome will live. To Inuyasha, those odds are terrible.”
“Yeah,” Sango said still staring at the door. “I hope he is okay. He didn't look so good. Do you think he is beating himself up about not being here sooner?”
“Knowing him, he probably is,” Miroku replied. “Let's just leave him alone for a while. That's probably what is best for him right now.”
The two of them walked over to Kagome's mother to check on her condition.
Inuyasha walked alone outside. Normally he wouldn't have left the room, but Kagome's condition wouldn't be decided for another thirty minutes or so. Even if his son had Kagome's blood type, the doctor had informed him there was still a chance that she would not survive if their son did not possess at least half of the powers the priestess did. Inuyasha sighed. He had thus decided to take a walk to clear his head. His senses would alert him if something happened. He walked casually down the outside corridor of the castle. Glancing to his right he noticed he was approaching the rose garden. He stopped for a moment. Something beckoned him. For some reason, he felt he needed to travel to that spot. Following his instincts, he walked into the garden. The scent of blooming roses loomed in the air. It was spring and the new flowers had just blossomed bringing with it the familiar scents of long ago. Something pressed Inuyasha to journey further until he finally arrived at the fountain surrounded by white roses. Inuyasha sighed and sat down on the stone bench nearby. He thought of his mother, his father, and of…Kagome. How would Kagome be as a mother?
`She would be a great mother,' Inuyasha answered himself. `But me? I'm scared to death. Mom…Dad…I don't know what I am doing. I can't raise this son on my own. Hell, I wouldn't be the person I am today without Kagome. How am I supposed to raise a son without her? I…I just can't do this without her. Please…I need her to live…for our son if for nothing else. Forget me…think of our son.'
Suddenly, the water in the fountain stopped running and the winds seemed to calm. Inuyasha felt on edge. There was a presence nearby. He growled and grabbed the hilt of his sword as his eyes scanned the area.
“Put down your sword, Inuyasha,” a husky, male voice called out to him.
“You should know we won't hurt you,” a soft female voice said.
Inuyasha thought he recognized the voices. He could have sworn he had heard those voices somewhere before. Suddenly two figures began forming next to the fountain and it suddenly hit him.
“Mother! Father!” Inuyasha exclaimed, jumping to his feet.
There before him, stood his mother and father in a ghostly fashion. They both were adorned with white robes as they floated about a foot off of the ground. His father's silver hair, normally pulled back into a low ponytail, was now free of all restrictions, hanging loosely around his shoulders. His mother's long, raven hair was down as well, wrapping softly around her shoulders. Their skin was pale, but they both held comforting smiles.
“Inuyasha, you have become quite a man,” his father said. “You are now a husband and father and finally realize what it's like to put others before yourself. I am very proud of you son. You were always destined to rule Japan.”
“Why is Kagome dying?” Inuyasha asked. “I thought childbirth was a natural part of life. Why does it have to take hers?”
“Kagome, too, has become quite the young woman,” his mother replied. “When faced with a decision to save herself or her child, she saved her child as any mother would have. Had I been faced with that decision with you my son, I would have gladly given my life for yours.”
“But it's not fair!” Inuyasha cried out, taking a step closer. “I don't want to lose her! I can't do this by myself! I need her to help me bring our son into the world! I can't do this alone!”
“You should know by now that you are never alone,” his mother replied. “Should Kagome die, I can assure you she would always watch over you and her little Inu. And yes, should it come to that, you can rear this child by yourself, my son. You have grown up so much.”
“Every man is afraid of being a father,” his father explained. “These are not unusual feelings to harbor. I was terrified when you were born. But rest easy, my son. These things will come more naturally than you think.” Inuyasha glanced back towards the hospital room where Kagome lay.
“Please…tell me…is there anything that I can do to save her?” he asked.
“Trust in yourself, trust in Kagome, and trust in your love. That is the only way to save her,” his mother replied.
“Why must you always speak in riddles?” Inuyasha asked somewhat annoyed.
“If we all knew what lie in the future then how would we live in the present?” his father asked. “You have done well for yourself my son. Know that your mother and I are proud of you.”
“Thanks,” Inuyasha said. “But none of my accomplishments mean anything if Kagome doesn't live.”
“Just have faith, my son,” his mother said softly as both figures slowly began to disappear.
“Mother! Father! Wait!” he shouted running towards them.
“We love you my son…and we will always be watching over you,” his father said as they both finally disappeared just as Inuyasha reached them.
“Mother…Father…” he said softly allowing his head to drop.
His ears soon perked up. He sensed something. It was Kagome. Something pulled him towards her. Was she okay? He turned around and raced back towards the doctor's office.
Kagome's mother had finally come to. She leaned against Kagome's grandfather. Sango held onto Miroku. Everyone was so worried. The doctor finally emerged, cleaning off his hands.
“Well, I have good news,” the doctor said. “The child has the blood type of his mother.”
“So that means Kagome can be healed?” Sango asked anxiously.
“Not necessarily,” the doctor replied solemnly. “The child must possess at least half of Kagome's healing powers or Kagome…will not make it.”
Just then, Inuyasha burst through the door. He looked around the room then marched towards the doctor.
“Where's Kagome? What's wrong with her? What's going on? Why aren't you with her?” he barked endlessly.
“I came to inform your friends that your son inherited his mother's blood type,” the doctor said calmly.
Inuyasha's ears perked up. That was great news. His face immediately fell when he remembered what the doctor had said about his son needing half of Kagome's healing powers. He was just a child. It had taken Kagome years to unveil her true healing powers. He sighed and flopped down in a nearby chair. He buried his face in his hands, relieved that his son had Kagome's blood type, but stressed about his son's ability to heal Kagome.
“So what happens now?” Miroku asked.
“We combined Lord Inuyasha's son's blood with a mixture of medicines specially designed for priestesses who have overexerted themselves, thus losing their powers. The nurse is preparing the syringe. As soon as she is done, I will inject the concoction into Kagome's bloodstream,” the doctor explained. “After that, all we can do is wait.”
“I want to see her,” Inuyasha suddenly said.
“What?” the doctor asked.
“Before you administer the syringe,” he said, “I want to see her. I want to see her while she still has some life in her.”
Sango and Miroku were taken aback. It was not like Inuyasha to think so pessimistically. The two exchanged glances. They had no idea why Inuyasha could sound like he was giving up.
“You may stand outside the glass window if you like while I administer the needle, Lord Inuyasha,” the doctor said softly. “You can watch everything taking place. After I administer the needle, you may come inside to be with Lady Kagome if you like, sire.”
“Fine,” Inuyasha said standing up. “But I want to see her before as well.”
“Very well,” the doctor said with a nod. “The nurse should be done preparing the syringe so you may follow me.”
“May we come as well?” Sango and Miroku asked.
The doctor looked at Inuyasha for an answer. Inuyasha looked back and nodded. He glanced over at Kagome's mother. He wouldn't have minded if she too had come along, but she was still pretty much out of it so he didn't bother. He turned around and began following the doctor. The three of them followed the doctor all the way to operating room. They arrived to find Kagome and three nurses on the other side of a pane of glass.
“It looks like the nurses are ready,” the doctor said. “For sanitary reasons, I would prefer if only one of you see Kagome prior to the administration of the needle.”
“Then I want Miroku to see her instead of me,” Inuyasha said, shocking everyone, including Miroku.
“Me? Why me?” Miroku asked. Inuyasha turned around and put a hand on Miroku's shoulder.
“Do you remember when we first battled Sesshoumaru? When we almost lost Kagome?” Inuyasha asked. Miroku nodded. “Well, I am asking you again, friend. Please…help save my wife.”
“But it didn't really work the first time,” Miroku replied. “And the doctor has already said that my powers aren't strong enough.”
“Well, the combination of your powers and the baby's ability to heal could definitely be a plus for Kagome,” the doctor said. “She needs all of the help she can get. It definitely wouldn't hurt matters.”
“You helped save her that time,” Inuyasha said. “I came to her afterwards…which…is how it is going to have to be now. I know you can do this. Please…save my wife.”
Miroku was shocked. He was used to Inuyasha getting out of his normal character when it came to Kagome, but not this much out of character. He didn't know what to do. Miroku looked to the doctor then over at Sango who had began to tear up a little. Miroku sighed.
“Very well, Inuyasha,” Miroku said. “As you wish.”
Inuyasha's eyes lit up as he wrapped Miroku in a tight hug. He then released him, patted Miroku on the back, and allowed the doctor to lead Miroku into the operating room, closing the door behind them. Sango walked over to Inuyasha and took his arm. She gave him a comforting smile.
“Don't worry, Inuyasha,” Sango said with tears in her eyes. “Everything is going to be okay.”
As Inuyasha looked down at Sango, tears began to well in his eyes as well. Sango, noticing this, grasped his arm a little tighter. Inuyasha finally had to let everything out. His wife…the woman he had fought and nearly died for, was dying right before his eyes…and he was helpless to do anything about it. He wrapped Sango in a tight hug, hoping to gain some comfort in her embrace. Sango gently stroked Inuyasha's back, hoping it would help console him. The operation would start soon, but Inuyasha was unsure of whether he could watch or not. It was only an injection…that was it. What was the big deal? Perhaps it was the fact that if Kagome didn't make it, he would lose the one thing that had kept him going all of those years. Her smiling face when he hopped on her window seal at night, the loving arms that had unselfishly reached out for him and healed his wounds, both emotionally and physically, time and time again, and the way he had so helplessly fallen in love with her…would all be gone. The only thing left behind would be their son, that wonderful creation he and Kagome had so lovingly made months ago. He released Sango and turned away from the window. If he were to lose Kagome right now…he didn't want to watch it happen.
Meanwhile, the doctor was preparing the needle for injection as Miroku readied himself next to her bed. He stared at her for a moment. Her face that was normally so full of life, was now dull and pale. It pained him to see his friend like this. He had known Kagome longer than Inuyasha. She was like a sister to him…and a great Lady of the Western Lands. There wasn't a person in all of Japan that could afford to lose her. He knew what he had to do. He glanced at his wife staring at him through the window. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she stared at him. She knew what was about to happen too. Miroku would become very ill and lose all trace of power for a while, but he would survive and eventually regain his powers. Miroku had grown much more powerful since he had become Lord of the Eastern Lands. He had practiced his powers daily and had even had Kaede come stay at the eastern castle to train him. He knew what he was about to do could send him into a month long illness, but the entire land of Japan could not afford to lose Kagome. He had learned various new spells from Kaede that would enable him to heal Kagome much more easily than the first time. However, the first time, he had had Kaede's help and it still almost wasn't enough. He took a deep breath as he looked across Kagome's body to see the doctor staring at him from the other side with the needle in hand.
“Ready?” the doctor asked as the readied the syringe over Kagome's arm. Miroku nodded.
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