InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Special Edition: Part III ( Chapter 70 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Miroku took a deep breath and readied himself. He took one last glance at his wife through the glass window and then slowly began chanting a low chant that slowly, but steadily grew in volume. The doctor injected Kagome with the syringe and waited for Miroku's cue.
Inuyasha had his hand placed on the glass window as he stared inside. Once Miroku began chanting, he noticed Sango's breath catch in her throat as she turned away and began sobbing into her hands. Inuyasha looked back inside at Miroku and then back at Sango. Something was going on. At first, he thought Sango was just upset about Kagome, but he soon figured out that Sango had to have been crying for Miroku too. He walked over to Sango and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Sango?” he asked softly. “Sango? Are…are you okay? What's wrong?”
“Nothing,” she replied quickly, startling Inuyasha.
“It doesn't look like nothing,” Inuyasha said a little more sternly.
“Miroku,” Sango said under her breath so softly that had Inuyasha not had extra sensitive hearing, he wouldn't have heard her.
“What?” Inuyasha said whirling Sango around so she faced him. “Sango? What's going on?”
Something then caught Inuyasha's attention back towards the glass. A blue, gaseous aura was emanating around Miroku, Kagome, and the doctor. Inuyasha ran to the glass. He yelled out to them, but the glass was sound proof so the doctor could receive no disturbances or distractions during operations. Inuyasha ran back over to Sango and grabbed her.
“Sango!” Inuyasha said grabbing her shoulders. “Tell me what is going on! What is he doing?! What is happening to Miroku?!”
“Er…um…” she murmured unsure of what to say.
“NOW, Sango!” Inuyasha ordered.
“Miroku,” she said through sobs. “Miroku is doing a transferring spell. He…he is giving…Kagome…some of his powers…so…so she can…help heal herself…and…and he using what's left…to heal her from the outside.”
“What?” Inuyasha said as his face fell. “I'm not sure what all of that means, but will Miroku survive?”
“I…I don't know,” she stammered.
“DAMNIT!!!” Inuyasha shouted, releasing Sango. “I didn't ask the stupid monk to give up his life! I have to stop him!”
Inuyasha drew his sword. The door was locked and the glass was sound proof. There was no way to get their attention except like this.
“What are you doing?!” Sango asked frantically. “ARE YOU CRAZY?”
She lunged at Inuyasha, grabbing his arms, trying to stop him. He flung her aside without much effort. Some nurses and nurse practitioners were walking down the hall when they saw the commotion. They immediately ran to Inuyasha and tried to stop him.
“What are you thinking, my Lord?” one nurse asked as she stood in front of him, blocking his attack. The other nurses followed in suit.
“Step aside,” Inuyasha ordered. They didn't budge. “Step aside! That's an order!”
“I'm sorry, my Lord,” a male nurse practitioner said. “But this is an order we cannot follow.”
Inuyasha placed his sword back in its scabbard and walked towards the nurse practitioner who dared oppose him. He glared at him. Sango stood up, but didn't know what to say or do. She glanced at the glass behind them. Miroku was straining and beads of sweat trickled down the side of his face. Sango removed her boomerang.
“I gave you an order,” Inuyasha said getting in his face.
“Hiraikotsu!” Sango yelled as her boomerang separated the two men, crashing into the back of the long hallway and then returning to her. She jumped up, grabbed her boomerang, and landed gracefully on the slick floor. She placed the boomerang in front of her and stood defensively in front of the nurse practitioner.
“It's not easy for me to watch my husband possibly giving up his life,” Sango said somewhat angrily. “But I trust him. I trust his ability to survive this. I also trust in Kagome's ability to heal herself. You know as well as I do that there is nothing that you or I can do right now. I trust in Miroku and Kagome…you need to too!”
Suddenly familiar words flashed through his mind…
…Trust in Kagome…
Inuyasha shook his head. He didn't want to listen to it. There had to be something he could do. He walked towards the glass window and peered inside. The same nurse practitioner walked over to him.
“I know what you are thinking,” he said. “You are thinking that there has to be something that you can do. It's not easy just to sit back and rely on others to make sure she is going to be okay. I understand that, but if you walk in that operating room right now…Kagome stands a chance of dying. You would interrupt what they are doing in there and it could be fatal to Kagome. Judging from Miroku's expression…it looks as if he wouldn't be able to start the process over again if he were interrupted.”
Inuyasha continued to stare at Kagome and Miroku as the doctor readied a second syringe for Kagome. Inuyasha sighed. He knew what he had to do. He turned from the window and looked towards the other side of the hallway, leaving his back facing the operating room.
“Very well,” Inuyasha said. “You have my word that I will not interrupt.”
The nurses and nurse practitioners all breathed a sigh of relief and turned to watch the operating room. Sango walked over to Inuyasha and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.
“I'm sorry Inuyasha,” Sango said. “This is not easy for me either. We both stand a chance of losing our spouse and best friend at the same time.”
Inuyasha looked at Sango and gave her a weak smile. He nodded as she wrapped an arm around him to hug him briefly.
“Don't worry,” Sango said with a weak smile. “I'm sure everything will be alright.”
And with that, she turned to join the nurses and nurse practitioners. Inuyasha placed his head against the wall. This was killing him. He wanted to help some way, but he knew he had to stay away. He needed to trust in their ability to make it through this without his help for once. He sighed and turned to look at Sango. He could sense her tension and sadness as she stared into the operation room. He glanced past her at Miroku as the doctor plunged another syringe into Kagome's arm. They were doing everything they knew how to do in order to save her. He walked a little closer. Something wasn't right. Her heart rate should be at least getting a little better than it had been, but nothing had changed. Miroku was giving it everything he had. He was visibly straining and the tension could be seen in his muscles. His face, once red from straining, was now beginning to turn pink. Kagome still lay motionless on the bed as the doctor scurried around the room. The doctor plunged another syringe into her arm. `How many of those is he going to give her?' Inuyasha wondered. He looked at the bottle the doctor had been filling the syringes with. `What?' Inuyasha thought. `There's hardly any left…and Kagome isn't moving! She should be better by now! What the hell?' Inuyasha began to pace back and forth as he stared into the operating room. Something wasn't right. How did they expect him to just sit there and do nothing?
Meanwhile, in the operating room, the doctor was beginning to get worried. Kagome's condition wasn't stabilizing, and Miroku looked like he couldn't hold out much longer. He sighed as he looked at the last bit of liquid in the vile. This would be the final syringe. After this, there was nothing else that he could do for her. It would all be left up to Miroku and Kagome at that point. The doctor filled the syringe and walked over to Kagome. `My prayers are with you,' the doctor thought as he plunged the last syringe into her arm. He glanced outside the window at a very worried and ill-looking hanyou. He sighed and said a quick prayer before walking towards the door.
Inuyasha and the others backed away when they saw the doctor walking their way. He had news, and they all wanted to hear. When the doctor shut the door behind him, he was quickly bombarded by questions from Inuyasha.
“What's going on? Is she okay? Why aren't you in there with her? How's Miroku? Why aren't her vital signs stabilizing?” he demanded before the doctor could calm him down.
“My Lord, my Lord! Please allow me to speak,” he said. “I have done everything I know to do. Miroku is doing the best he can right now. After that, it will all depend on Kagome.”
“But don't you know that my husband would sooner die than allow her to die?” Sango said through her tears. “Is there no hope? Am I going to lose my best friend and my spouse at once?”
Inuyasha's ears drooped. He hated to hear women cry especially those that were as close to him as Sango was. He sighed. Sango was right. Miroku would die before allowing Kagome to die. He would use up all of his energy long before Kagome's vital signs had returned to normal.
“Stop him,” Inuyasha said. Everyone gasped.
“My Lord?” the doctor asked.
“Stop Miroku from doing this,” Inuyasha said. “You and I both know that Miroku will push himself to the limit long before Kagome's vital signs have returned to normal…so stop him.”
Sango and the doctor exchanged glances. They didn't know what to do. Should they stop him? Inuyasha looked so pitiful with his ears drooped over and his bangs shielding his eyes. One of the nurses happened to glance back into the operating to look at Miroku when…
“Oh dear!!!” she shouted as everyone's eyes turned to see the blue light emanating from Miroku's body stop.
“Miroku!” Inuyasha shouted as he flung open the door just as Miroku began falling limp to the floor.
“Miroku!!!” Sango screamed, tears streaming down her face as she ran to her husband.
Inuyasha caught Miroku's body just before his head hit the floor. Sango dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around her husband's limp body. The doctor squatted next to her and checked his vital signs.
“He's alive,” he said. “But barely. Nurses!” The nurses scurried into the room. “Take this man. Don't let him die!”
“What do you mean don't let him die?” Sango asked as she grabbed the doctor by the collar of his shirt.
“Calm down, Lady Sango,” the doctor said. “These nurses will take just as good care of him as I would. They know what they are doing. You may follow them, my Lady.”
Sango released him and nodded as she ran out of the room. The doctor looked at Inuyasha. Inuyasha looked at Kagome. He ran over to her.
“Kagome?” he said grabbing her hand. “KAGOME!”
Her hand was like ice. Her vital signs weren't returning. What was going on? The doctor sighed and walked over to him.
“I'm sorry, my Lord,” he said. “But we have done everything we know how.”
“No,” Inuyasha said dropping to his knees beside her. “No. This cannot be. Kagome will live. She is a stronger person than this. She has to! She will!!!”
“My Lord,” the doctor said. “Kagome's survival relies on her own ability now. There is nothing else we can do to save her now. She has to want to live. I will leave you alone with her if you like.”
“I want my son,” Inuyasha said not looking up at the doctor.
“Excuse me?” the doctor said, surprised by his sudden request.
“I said I want my son,” Inuyasha repeated. The doctor nodded and bowed.
“Very well, my Lord,” he said. “I will go and get him.”
Inuyasha watched the doctor leave the room then turned to look at Kagome. He ran his fingers through her hair. He couldn't believe this was happening. This was like some horrible nightmare unfolding right before his very eyes. `How could this have happened?' he thought. `I was supposed to go first. It was always supposed to be me going first…me dying to protect you. You were supposed to be the one mourning over my death…not me mourning over yours. This can't be happening. Wake up Kagome. Please… WAKE UP!'
Just then, the doctor returned with the baby in his arms.
“Here you are, my lord,” the doctor said handing Inuyasha his son.
Inuyasha took the baby in his arms. The child was surprisingly calm as he stared up at his father, almost as if he was taking in his countenance so he could remember who he was. The doctor bowed and left the room. Inuyasha looked up at Kagome. He reached out and took her hand as he held his son in his other hand. The baby followed his father's gaze as he stared absent-mindedly at his mother.
“This is your mother,” Inuyasha said. “I don't know if she is going to make it or not, but…”
Inuyasha began to get a little choked up. He had wanted his son to remember his mother. He had wanted him to know how beautiful and perfect she was…but he was too young to understand. He probably would never even remember this…but still he had to try. Kagome's survival now relied on her own strength. Inuyasha sighed and held his baby tight. Inuyasha looked down to see the baby start sniffling a little bit…as if he was sad. Did such a young child really understand what was happening? He thought back to earlier when they found out that his son could possibly save his mother.
“You understand what's going on here, don't you?” Inuyasha asked.
The baby just stared up at his father. Suddenly, Inuyasha felt something going through him. It was almost as if a stream of energy was being sucked right out of him. He looked down to see that he and the baby were engulfed in a blue aura that led straight to Kagome's hand. `What's going on?' he thought. He looked down at his son who gurgled and wiggled in his arms with a smile on his face. `Could it be?' Inuyasha thought. `But how? What's happening here?'
Unbeknownst to Inuyasha the doctor was returning from checking up on Miroku. As he rounded the corner, he looked into the operating room to find the current situation well under way. The doctor at first stood there in shock then rushed to the operating room. He tried to open the door, but to no avail. He was locked. He banged on the window and door with his fists, trying to get Inuyasha's attention.
“My Lord!” he screamed. “My Lord! The baby!!! It's the baby! You'll kill him if you don't stop!”
Sango and a few nurses soon arrived after hearing the commotion from down the hall. Sango looked at the doctor and then gasped as she saw what was taking place in the operating room.
“What's going on?” she asked.
“The baby!” the doctor shouted. “He'll kill him. The baby's powers are being transferred through Inuyasha's body! I don't know if Lord Inuyasha has figured this out yet! If he continues, he will kill the baby!”
“WHAT???” Sango shouted as she raised hiraikotsu. “Is that thing breakable?”
“Yes!” the doctor said.
“Hold it, Sango!” someone shouted, causing Sango to hang on to her boomerang spinning around in a circle. They looked up to find…
“Miroku!!!” everyone shouted as Miroku hobbled into view propping himself up with a crutch.
“You should be lying down, Lord Miroku,” a nurse said.
“Leave me be!” Miroku demanded waving her off. “Doc, no offense…*deep breath*…but let me handle this. Inuyasha's mother was a powerful miko herself, right?”
“Yes,” the doctor replied.
“What if Inuyasha, in a time of desperation and with the help of his son, has somehow managed to tap into that power?” Miroku asked.
Meanwhile, Inuyasha was oblivious to the commotion going on just outside the door. He continued to stare at his son. Suddenly, the slow beeping noises began picking up their pace. He glanced over to see Kagome's vital signs slowly returning. At first, he was excited. Then, realization hit him and he jerked his hand away from Kagome. He looked down at his son to make sure he was okay. The baby was fine. Inuyasha hadn't had his hand on Kagome's long enough for it to make a difference. Inuyasha glanced at Kagome…then to his son. Should he do it? Should he try it?
…trust in yourself…
`Trust in myself?' Inuyasha thought. `What can I do? I know I can't do this. I don't want to lose either one of them. What should I do?'
…trust in your love…
`Our love?' Inuyasha thought. `What does that have to do with anything? This isn't making any sense!'
Inuyasha had no idea what to do. He began analyzing those thoughts…those words that kept repeating in his mind. He looked up as he realized Kagome's vital signs were starting to deteriorate. This was no time for hesitation!
`I'll just have to trust that…wait…that's it!!!' he thought. `What if this gut feeling is…and the baby is…it's worth a shot! Mother…Father…please lend me your strength!'
And with that, Inuyasha focused all of his energy on Kagome and grabbed her hand as the blue aura slowly began engulfing them once again. Everyone outside the room looked on in anticipation as they watched the scene play out before them. Everyone prayed with all of their might…praying that Lord Inuyasha would be successful in his attempt. But what about the baby? Would Lord Inuyasha be sacrificing the baby? Would he be sacrificing himself? There really wasn't anything that anyone could do about it now. They all just had to watch and wait.
Inuyasha began feeling an immense amount of energy running through his body. Beads of sweat began accumulating on his forehead and around his temples. Still, he concentrated with all of his might on reviving Kagome. He looked down at the child. He was starting to look a little different. He was growing pale and his eyes were starting to open and close more slowly. He couldn't last much longer.
“Just hang in there son!” Inuyasha said out loud. “Just a little longer!”
The boy's eyes opened a little wider, but soon drifted back shut. Inuyasha couldn't stand to see his on flesh and blood like this. He had no choice. Though Kagome's vital signs had improved, they hadn't returned to normal…but he had no choice. He had to let go.
“I'm sorry, Kagome,” Inuyasha said out loud as a single tear fell down his cheek. He gathered up as much strength as he could must and channeled towards Kagome, giving it one last thrust of effort.
“I love you!” he shouted, and released her.
He immediately began checking his son to make sure he was okay. He needed the doctor. He couldn't tell a thing. He looked up to see everyone glued to the window outside. He rushed over to the door and let them in. The doctor was the first in and grabbed the baby taking him over to the side to examine him.
“How's the baby? How's Kagome?” Sango asked.
“I…I don't…know,” he replied, hanging his head. The doctor looked up.
“The baby's vital signs are weak,” he said and then walked over to Kagome. “And so are Kagome's. Inuyasha what were you thinking?! How could you have been so reckless?! Do you realize what you could have done?!”
“What?” Inuyasha asked in shock.
“You could have killed them both, you…you…you idiot!” the doctor snapped.
The entire room fell silent, awaiting Inuyasha's response. Normally, Inuyasha would have proceeded to pummel the doctor at the very minimum, but those words kept ringing in his head making it hard to focus on anything else. `I could have killed them…both?' he thought. Inuyasha began to feel nauseous. He thought he would throw up or pass out or even run himself through with his own sword. `I killed them both,' he thought. With one great burst of speed, Inuyasha fled the room.
“Inuyasha!” Sango and Miroku shouted, but Inuyasha ignored their calls.
He raced outside as fast and as far as he could. He had killed them. He had killed the two most precious things in his life. Why couldn't he have left well enough alone? Why did he have to insist that he help out?
Meanwhile, back in the operating room the doctor desperately went to work trying to revive Kagome and the baby. Everyone else in the room was silent. No one dared say a word after a scene like that. The nurses scurried around helping out the doctor as best as they could while Miroku and Sango just stared at Kagome. Sango walked past a few nurses to get to Kagome's side. She reached out and held onto Kagome's hand.
`Kagome,' Sango thought. `We need you here. If you can hear my thoughts, if you know what I am saying, please…please…come back. Inuyasha is absolutely distraught. He can't survive without you. Please…please…open your eyes. Respond…anything!'
Suddenly, Sango felt her squeeze her hand quickly. Sango blinked a couple of times to see if it had just been her imagination. She looked at the monitors and gasped. Everyone had been in such a frenzy trying to revive the baby and scurrying around the room that no one had even so much as glanced at the monitors.
“Doctor!” a nurse shouted causing Sango to look her way. “The baby! I think…I think he may be coming to!”
Sango gasped and looked at Kagome. `Come on, Kagome,' Sango thought. `Do it again! Squeeze my hand again!'
Kagome squeezed Sango's hand almost immediately. Sango startled everyone as she cried out in sheer joy and brought her hands to her face. Miroku walked over to her.
“What is it?” he asked.
“Kagome…she…she…” Sango stuttered.
“Is returning to normal,” a nurse finished examining the monitors.
“Well, I'll be damned,” the doctor said stepping over to the monitors and examining them.
“What is it?” Miroku asked anxiously.
“Kagome will be out of it for a while,” the doctor said taking his glasses off to clean them, “and she may feel like she's been run over by a truck once she comes to but she will…in fact…come to.”
“You mean…you mean she'll live,” Miroku asked.
“Yeah,” the doctor replied as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.
“And the baby?” Sango asked.
“Just fine,” the nurse practitioner said walking over. “He'll need to sleep for a while, but he's good as new.”
“Oh Miroku!” Sango shouted jumping into his arms.
They both laughed joyfully as the entire room bursts in joyous shouts and praises. Then they realized that the person responsible for all of this wasn't even here…Inuyasha.
“Someone has to go find Inuyasha,” Miroku said. “There's no telling what that idiot may do now that he thinks he killed Kagome and his only son!”
“I'm on it!” Sango said. “Kirara! Uh…has anyone seen Kirara?”
“I thought she was just here,” Miroku said.
“Has anyone seen Shippo?” a female attendant said bursting into the room. “I can't find him any where!”
“I thought Lord Inuyasha told you to watch him so he didn't have to see any of this,” the doctor said.
“He did,” she replied. “He only went missing just a few minutes ago. I turned my back for just a second and he was gone.”
Miroku and Sango exchanged suspicious glances.
“Good girl, Kirara,” the little fox demon said, patting the demon cat as he rode on her back in the air. “Now, let's go find that idiotic hanyou before he does something stupid.”
Inuyasha had raced to the edge of the kingdom. He now stood on a cliff overlooking the kingdom. He could barely make out the castle in the distance. Beneath him was a river full of jagged rocks. One wrong move and he would plummet to his death. He stared beneath him. Should he? He had killed the most important things in his life. There was nothing else left to live for. He had his kingdom, but under these circumstances there was no way that he could rule justly. He took a step towards the edge of the cliff. Suddenly, he heard something cracking. He soon realized that the floor beneath him was giving way and began falling. He reached up just in time to grab hold of the cliff's edge. He looked down beneath him. Should he let go? Or was this something stupid and irrational that needed more thought?
“Inuyasha!” he heard someone shout. He looked up to find Shippo and Kirara flying towards him.
“Shippo!” Inuyasha said, surprised.
Kirara and Shippo flew up and landed on the cliff. Shippo jumped off of Kirara and ran over to Inuyasha. He reached down to try to help him back onto the cliff. He pulled with all of his might, but it was of no use. Shippo couldn't do it by himself.
“Come on, Inuyasha,” Shippo said. “You've got to help me out a little bit!”
Inuyasha's countenance fell.
“Why should I Shippo?” Inuyasha asked. Shippo quit tugging and blinked a couple of times at him. “I killed the two most precious things in my life. What was I thinking? I don't deserve to be ruler. I can't even keep my own wife and son alive. How am I supposed to protect an entire country? Hell…I don't even deserve to live.”
“Are you insane???” Shippo said. “Don't talk like that! Have you lost your mind? You didn't kill Kagome and your son…”
“Yes, I did!” Inuyasha snapped. “It's all my fault! I killed them!”
“No you didn't Inuyasha,” he said. “Would you just listen to me and…”
“Yes, I did!” Inuyasha said balling his free hand into an angry fist. “I'll never see either of them again and it's all my fault!”
“Inuyasha listen to me!” Shippo shouted.
“No!” Inuyasha shouted. “There is nothing you can say to change my mind about all of this.”
“Will you at least let me help you back onto the cliff?” Shippo asked.
“Why should I?” Inuyasha shouted. “I told you already that I deserve to die!”
“Oh, would you listen to yourself?!” Shippo said. “Would you honestly want Kagome to see you like this?! Would you want Kagome to be acting like this if she were in your shoes?! Don't say shit like that you idiot! Believe it or not there are more people that care about you than just Kagome! Miroku, Sango, Myouga, me…you'd be leaving us behind too. Do you think we could really deal with losing two of you? That's pretty selfish, don't you think?”
Inuyasha didn't say anything. He thought about what Shippo was saying. He made a valid point, but should he listen to the kitsune?
“Besides, you didn't kill Kagome and your son,” Shippo said. Inuyasha growled.
“I already told you…” Inuyasha said but stopped when he heard a crack. The cliff was beginning to break again.
“Inuyasha, you have to get up now! The cliff is going to collapse! You'll never survive the fall!” Shippo shouted.
The cliff cracked again causing Inuyasha to slip a little more. Inuyasha gulped and glanced down as he watched various debris fall into the river below. He looked up at Shippo. His eyes pleaded with Inuyasha. Inuyasha realized that Kagome wouldn't have wanted it to be this way. He reached up with his other hand and tried to pull himself up. When Shippo saw he was making the effort, he did his best to help him. Suddenly a loud crack was heard and Shippo realized that his extra weight must have helped speed up the process. Kirara bounded towards them as fast as she could to help.
“Inuyasha, you have to survive!” Shippo shouted. “Kagome…and your son…”
The cliff collapsed right before Kirara had had a chance to reach them. The two of them plummeted towards the river. Shippo transformed into a giant pink balloon and watched in horror as Inuyasha disappeared into the mist below with Kirara hot on his heels. Shippo watched below to see if he could see either of them.
“Inuyasha! Kirara!” he called out as he floated lower.
Soon, he saw a shadow emerge from the mist. It was Kirara…and she had Inuyasha on her back. Shippo shouted with glee and floated towards them. He transformed into his normal state and plopped on Kirara's back. Kirara then swiftly headed back towards the castle.
“Thanks, Shippo,” Inuyasha said. “Kagome wouldn't have wanted it that way.”
“But Inuyasha,” Shippo said.
“No buts,” Inuyasha said, hushing him. “I really don't want to talk right now.”
“But Inuyasha you didn't kill them,” Shippo said.
“I know you are just trying to make me feel better Shippo,” Inuyasha said. “Maybe in due time I will see it your way too. Now please just do me a favor and don't say anything else.”
“But Kagome and your son are alive!” Shippo shouted.
`Poor kid,' Inuyasha thought. `He's gone into denial. He's been with the attendant this whole time and probably has no idea what's going on.'
“Yeah, Shippo in a way they will always be alive in hearts,” Inuyasha said with a sigh. “Now, please…I need silence.”
Kirara growled at Shippo.
“I know Kirara, but he won't…” he tried to say.
“I said be quiet!” Inuyasha snapped.
Shippo's eyes grew wide with fear and he proceeded to keep quiet. `Idiot,' he thought. `I'm just trying to tell him that Kagome's alive.'
Meanwhile, Sango and Miroku had went out looking for Inuyasha but returned shortly when they realized they wouldn't cover much ground without Kirara. They decided they would wait for Kirara to return from wherever she had gone and then go out looking for him. The two of them sat in the waiting room. Kagome had come to. She was okay. She hadn't spoken yet, but she would live. The baby was doing even better than Kagome. He was sleeping peacefully in the neighboring room.
“You don't Inuyasha…” Sango said trailing off.
“I don't know,” Miroku said. “I guess we'll soon find out.”
Suddenly the door opened slowly and in walked a solemn Inuyasha with a frustrated kitsune and neko trailing behind. Miroku and Sango jumped to their feet.
“Inuyasha!” they shouted, happy to see that hadn't lost him either.
Sango ran over and hugged him. He gave her a weak hug back. Sango released him and looked at his face. Why was he so sad? Did he not know that Kagome was alive? Miroku then saw Shippo and Kirara.
“So that's where you two ran off to,” Miroku said. “Good work Shippo.”
Inuyasha sighed and walked past Sango. Sango nudged Miroku and he noticed that the hanyou still seemed really depressed.
“Hey, Shippo,” Miroku said. “Didn't you tell him?”
“I tried to, but he wouldn't listen to me,” Shippo said.
“Tell me what?” Inuyasha asked. Sango and Miroku exchanged glances. Inuyasha really didn't know.
Sango walked over to Inuyasha and said, “You didn't kill Kagome and your son.”
Shippo sweatdropped. He knew Inuyasha wasn't going to get it. Inuyasha sighed.
“I really wish everyone would quit telling me that!” Inuyasha said. “Yes I did! It's my fault they're both dead!”
Shippo rolled his eyes and sat down. This could take a while. Sango looked to Miroku for help. Miroku walked over to Inuyasha placed a hand on his shoulder.
“No, Inuyasha,” Miroku said. “What Sango means is…Kagome and your son…are alive and well. They revived shortly after you left.”
“What?” Inuyasha said, finally acting as if he was understanding what they were trying to tell him.
“It's true,” Sango said. “Kagome's not awake and speaking and the baby is fast asleep, but both of them will make it. They both are mostly just sleeping now from exhaustion.”
“WHAT!” Inuyasha shouted excitedly, his ears perking straight up.
“Actually,” someone said from around the corner. They all looked up to find the doctor walking into the room. “The baby is the only one asleep now. Kagome should wake up any second. She was mumbling a minute ago and woke up for a second before going incoherent again.”
Inuyasha raced down the hallway and was in the operating room before the doctor could say anything else. Inuyasha stared at her motionless figure in the doorway, then walked slowly over to where she lay. He reached out and held her hand. It was warm now. The cold, clammy hands had left her. She was warm and embracing again. He smiled to himself as tears welled up in his eyes. He leaned over and kissed her on her cheek as a single teardrop landed on her cheek. Kagome's eyes squinted as she rolled her head over to look up at the person who had kissed her cheek. Her vision was blurry, but slowly came into focus as she began to recognize Inuyasha.
“Hey,” Inuyasha said, softly touching her cheek. She smiled weakly and took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly.
“Hello, my lord,” she said weakly with a smile that was even weaker.
Inuyasha, however, didn't care how weak it was. He burst into tears and grabbed hold of her. He sobbed into her neck, so happy she was alive. Kagome smiled and weakly lifted a hand to his head to console her sobbing husband.
“I thought I had lost you,” he said, straightening himself up and sitting up to look at her.
“I thought…you had…too,” she said weakly. “But…I'm fine now.”
“Yes, you are,” he said stroking her cheek. “I love you so much. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost you and the baby.”
“I love you too,” she said.
He leaned down and softly kissed her lips. Kagome was too weak to kiss back much but she did the best she could.
“Lady Kagome,” the doctor interrupted. Inuyasha and Kagome looked up. “There's someone that wants to meet you.”
The doctor moved out of the way to reveal a nurse holding their newborn baby in her arms walking carefully towards them. Kagome felt her strength return a little when she saw her baby. She gasped and began slightly crying as the nurse finally approached the bed.
“Here is your son, my Lady,” the nurse said laying the baby gently in Kagome's arms.
“Oh,” Kagome said through tears of joy as she looked at her beautiful baby boy. She stroked his head gently and stared at him lovingly. Inuyasha smiled and sat down on the bed next to her. He reached out and stroked his son's head. The boy soon stretched in Kagome's arms and opened his eyes to reveal the biggest most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.
“Oh, Inuyasha,” Kagome mused. “He looks just like you.” Inuyasha smiled.
“Nah,” Inuyasha said. “He's too beautiful to look just like me. He must take after his mother.” Kagome smiled and pulled Inuyasha down for a brief kiss.
“He is beautiful, isn't he?” Kagome said staring at her son.
“He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen,” Inuyasha replied staring at his son. “He is so smart. He saved you, you know.”
“What?” Kagome asked, surprised.
“Yeah,” Inuyasha said, nodding his head. “Without our son…you…probably wouldn't be here right now.”
Tears came into Kagome's eyes as she stared down at the wondrous creature in her arms. The doctor had overheard their conversation, and, clearing his throat, decided it might be best that he step in and say what really happened.
“Actually, my Lord,” he said. “That's only partially true.”
Kagome and Inuyasha looked up at him.
“What do you mean?” Inuyasha asked.
“You see, my Lord,” the doctor said. “I don't know what happened…but somehow…you must have transferred some of your power over to Kagome as well when you were holding her hand trying to revive her. The baby alone wouldn't have been enough…and he would have died long before Kagome's vital signs even somewhat began returning to normal again.”
Inuyasha sat there in shock, but Kagome looked up at him lovingly. He had saved her life once again. It hadn't been the first time, and she was sure that it wouldn't be the last. Inuyasha looked down at Kagome and smiled at her.
“That being said, my Lord,” the doctor said. “I do owe you an apology. Forgive me for not having faith in you. I will know better next time.”
“Forget about it,” Inuyasha said staring at his son. “You wanted them to live just as much as I did. You helped save them too you know. Without you, we wouldn't have known where to start. You, me, Miroku, the baby…we all played a part in saving Kagome. Even Sango did when she prevented me from bursting in on you and Miroku saving Kagome. No, Dr. Masaki. You owe me nothing. It is I who owe you a thank you.”
Dr. Masaki and the rest of the nurses stood there in shock. They didn't know what to say to that. Inuyasha had grown so much, especially after he and Kagome had gotten married. He became more caring, giving, open, and appreciative, and as soon as Kagome got pregnant, those emotions had nearly doubled. Kagome looked down at her son.
“What a smart little boy you are,” she said tickling his belly a little bit. “That's what we should call you…Akio…little bright child. What do you think, Inuyasha?” Inuyasha smiled.
“I think it's perfect,” he said looking down at his son. “Akio Takashi, my first born son. He may turn out to be quite the handful.”
“Let's hope so,” Kagome said with a laugh.
“Akio, huh?”
Kagome and Inuyasha looked up to see Sango and Miroku enter the room with bright smiles on their faces. They walked over to Kagome's bed and stared down at the little baby.
“Congratulations, you two,” Sango said with a smile. “Kagome, I am so glad you and the baby are okay.”
“Yeah, me too,” Kagome said.
“Well done, Inuyasha,” Miroku said slapping him on the back. “Didn't know you had it in you old boy, but it looks like you're finally a papa!”
“Yeah,” he said. “Let's just hope I don't screw this up.”
A couple of months later…Akio's first word…
“Inuyasha if you don't stop it!!!” Kagome warned as she watched Inuyasha chase Shippo around the room.
“He started it!” Inuyasha whined.
“Did not!” Shippo said as ran in circles away from Inuyasha.
Kagome sighed as she continued to change Akio's diaper.
“Come back here you little runt!” Inuyasha yelled as he swatted at Shippo again and again. Kagome's anger was steadily rising.
“Kagome!!!” Shippo squealed as Inuyasha finally grabbed his tail and lifted him off the ground.
Shippo writhed in Inuyasha's grasp as Inuyasha smirked at him. Kagome just finished Akio's diaper, picked him up, whirled around, and stared at the pile of debris on the floor. They had broken nearly everything in the room with their ravings! Kagome's face turned red with anger as little Akio's ears laid flat on his head in fear of his mother.
“INUYASHA!!!” Kagome yelled angrily.
Inuyasha shrunk a little as he cowered a little at his wife. He and Shippo became visibly afraid as she approached both of them.
“I can't even change Akio's diaper without the two of wrecking the entire kingdom!” Kagome yelled angrily.
“Now wait a minute, Kagome,” he pleaded. “Let's not be too rash!”
Kagome had promised Inuyasha a while back that she would only use the s-word when necessary from now on…but Inuyasha wasn't too sure that Kagome didn't see this as a necessary time. Kagome glared at the two of them.
“INUYASHA SIT BOY!!!” Kagome commanded.
Inuyasha and Shippo face-planted into the ground. Kagome stamped her foot triumphantly as Inuyasha moaned into the floor. Akio blinked a couple of times at the scene before him then burst into fits of giggles. Kagome looked down at her baby with a smile. Inuyasha looked up and slowly came to his feet. He walked over to them and looked down at his son. He had never heard his son laugh like that before.
“I think he likes it,” Inuyasha said.
“Oh? You don't say? Let's see…sit boy!” Kagome said with a smirk.
Inuyasha face-planted into the floor again and growled into the floor. This caused the child burst into even more fits of laughter. Kagome smiled.
“Hey! I think you're right,” Kagome said with a laugh. Inuyasha sprang to his feet and marched towards Kagome.
“You didn't have to do it again, you know?!” Inuyasha barked.
“I know, but it was for the baby,” Kagome said blinking her eyes pitifully. Inuyasha grumbled and folded his arms.
“Eeeee!” Akio squealed as he continued to giggle and even clap his hands a little. “Ssshhh….shhshsshsh….”
“I think he's trying to say something,” Inuyasha said leaning over his son. “What is Akio?”
Shippo jumped on Kagome's shoulder as he too was interested in what the child was trying to say. They all thought they heard someone and looked up to see that Sango and Miroku had entered the room.
“Hey guys! Wha-…” Sango began.
“Shhhh!” Kagome said. “Akio might be about to say his first word.”
Miroku and Sango rushed over quickly stopping only to pull the video camera out of the closet. Sango readied the video camera, focusing on the gurgling baby hanyou. Everyone eagerly awaited the baby's response as he tried to focus on what he was trying to say, contorting his face in an effort to gain control.
“Sshshhss…shsishshshii….” Aiko gurgled.
“Come on,” Kagome said, coaxing her son. “That's it.”
Aiko glanced around the room at everyone, then mustered up all of the strength he could to shout…
Everyone gasped as they looked to the ground to find Inuyasha spread eagle on the floor. Inuyasha growled into the floor as everyone else stood there in disbelief. How could Aiko have the ability to subdue Inuyasha? Aiko giggled heartily as he stared at his father on the ground. Kagome looked down at Inuyasha.
“Um…Inuyasha?” Kagome said, almost as if she were in trouble. Inuyasha propped his head up with one hand and tapped his fingers on the ground as he glared at Kagome for teaching that to their son. He was in disbelief actually. He couldn't believe that their son could subdue him as well as his wife. He sighed. He could see that this could easily be a problem. Yet…he still found time to take joy in the fact that his son had said his first word…even if it was the only word out there capable of sending him plummeting face first into the ground. Miroku laughed and looked down at Inuyasha.
“Looks like the kid inherited ALL of Kagome's abilities,” Miroku said with a laugh.
“And I got it all on tape!” Sango said excitedly.
Everyone had been holding it in, but now they just couldn't resist. Everyone, including Inuyasha, burst into fits of laughter. So the next few years may be a little rough for Inuyasha, but…at least they would all be together.