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She tried screaming for help, but water invaded her mouth and lungs in that time. Oh, Gods, don't let me die! I can't die! I just started out my life! No!!

Amazingly, the thought entered her head that this was her dream playing out. This was how Inuyasha was going to find her, dead, and was going to go mad from it, and probably blame the world. He might even try to destroy it.

Omi God! She thinks she's being drowned! Now it's time to see if her assumption is true or not. Onto:

Chapter Eighteen

Inuyasha heard her splashing while he was interrogating Rare. Without a second thought he was looking for her, going faster by the instant. When he found her she was underwater, and her tail was doing most of the splashing. She looked like she was stuck, as though the water was frozen over or something invisible was holding her down. Moving fast, he lunged forward and grasped her shoulders, pulling her up. Her protests accelerated, and bubbles escaped her mouth. Panicking, he jerked her above water and directly into his arms. She coughed continuously and he instinctively started patting her back and telling her to not gasp so much.

He heard her try to obey, try to control her breathing. She was clinging to him with her arms, her claws in his fire rat haori and with so much pressure they were about to break. She was still gasping, still shaking.

For a moment Inuyasha was a bit worried, thinking that maybe Rare had followed him and could see Kagome naked, but he wasn't there. Thank the Gods. Now wait just a minute . . . He's her father. Why should I care if he sees her naked? Because, another part of his mind said, you don't want anyone else to see her like this. She's yours, remember?

Inuyasha mentally growled and warned that voice to shut up - or he would end up having a mental fistfight with his own mind. Just like how he was talking to himself just now. Before he could mentally reprimand himself for that idiotic conclusion, he felt Kagome start to move.

She still coughed from time to time, and she hadn't stopped shaking yet, but she was drawing back to look at him. Before she was far enough back for anything to be seen, he reached over to the toy-i-let and grabbed her towel, draping it over her shoulders and holding it shut with one hand. "Are you alright?" he said, softly.

"I don't know," she said back, but her voice was hoarse and sounded unnatural on her. She cleared her throat. "What happened?"

"I was going to ask you that same thing." Carefully, he pulled a few strands of her hair from her face and to behind her . . . He was going to think "ears", but those had moved.

"I don't remember much," she said, quietly. Concentrating, she looked down at her lap, her hands unconsciously clenching on his shoulders. After a few moments of dead silence, Kagome leaned forward into his chest. "I fell asleep," she sighed. "I must've slipped under."

Without realizing he was doing it, Inuyasha wrapped his arms securely around her and dropped his head to rest his cheek on her hair. "But you're alright now," he said, hardly knowing he spoke aloud. "You're okay." Another thing he didn't notice was his own relieved smile.

~*~ Later that day ~*~

"Inuyasha!! SIT!!"



"That no longer has any affect on me," she snapped, "dumbass!"




"Takes one to know one!!"

"CUT IT OUT!!!!"

Both hanyou quit their verbal thrashings for the moment, heads snapping to Kagome's door to see Rare extremely angered by their shouting.

"You both need to calm yourselves or - "

"Your wonderful planned future for us isn't going to be played out?" Kagome finished sarcastically. Okay, so she loved her father, but he was gone her entire life. She didn't yet know how to react to things he did or said, plus she in the middle of a big battle with Inuyasha. Now was not a good time to get her mad.

"No," Rare said, his hands clenched and his left eye twitched, "or your mother is going to wake up with a splitting headache."

"Wouldn't be the first time," Kagome said, but agreed to taking the fight elsewhere. She and Inuyasha decided on the Feudal Era and argued all the way there. Even after they got through time they were still fighting. In fact, it escaladed into actual fist fighting by the time they got out of the well. During the fight, Kagome really tried to do some damage, using her two newest techniques - "Burning Arrow", self explanatory, and "Celestial Slash", the two slashes she created when she killed the worm. Formally known as "Finishing Blow" and looking like this ><. Heh.

Both of them surprised Inuyasha, but posed no threat. He almost too easily cut through both of them, literally. He used the Tetsusaiga.

Both of them ended up panting, still angry, half dead, and occasionally managing to spit out another insult. The fire in them will never burn out, or even flicker. Gods pity the person they both get mad at. That's the one person who will probably commit suicide before winning the argument. Considering Inuyasha lets him or her live that long.

Kagome got up first. She struggled to stand and somehow managed to stumble over to a tree and used it to help her walk to another tree and so on. It took Inuyasha another minute or so to do the like, using Tetsusaiga as a cane so he didn't have to lean on the gaping hole in his left leg. One of Kagome's arrows managed to catch him. Feh. Like he needed her help anyway.

But he knew this was not true. Every now and again, when he couldn't quite win a fight, for whatever reason, Kagome would always do something to either weaken their opponent or strengthen him. And saying she never needed his help would be a lie as well. Kagome nearly always needed his help. In fact, on several occasions, they ended up feeding off each other's strengths when they were at their worst and that made them able to win, or at least stay alive.

Thinking back, he thought of how this whole thing started. He thought that after her bath episode she would realize that he really did like her, or possibly more, even if his pride wouldn't let him say it or let his eyes show it. But she didn't. She made it clear, very clear, that she still had the notion that not only did he not like her much, and only thought of her as a shard detector, but had indeed lived up to his promise as just another rival fort he jewel. By now no amount of saying he was just angry and had said that just because would make her believe him. Even apologizing wouldn't work at this point. And not only had he kissed her as an apology, but she had kissed him, and let him be present at her mother's confession. What was with women, anyway? Was this some weird part of her being in heat? In all the times before, he had kept her angry with him, so she would keep a distance, but now she was masking her smell - he made a mental note to thank her for that when she calmed down - and he didn't have to keep snapping at her constantly.

"Stupid female with her stupid emotions. . ." He mumbled the like as he half limped, half fell each step towards where Kagome had gone. He could just follow her scent. Mmm . . . He liked her scent. Very pleasant and calming, and resembling the smell of the wildest, most exotic flowers he had ever encountered. Damnit! Why does she have to smell so good? Hrr! Stupid female. I can't believe her! I save her from killing herself and three seconds later she's yelling again! She could've at least given me some form of a thank you, like saying it or kissing me or -

Okay, now he was sure. Absolutely. He'd gone mad. First he wonders about her change, then he tries to mate with her, then he leaves, then he kisses her, then she leaves, then he begins thinking about how lovers get back at each other, then gets an eyeful of her nakedness in the bathtub, and now he's practically wishing she kiss him again! Gods, kill me now. . .

Almost as to grant his wish, several demons appeared in every direction and without wasting a second began attacking. In his current state, with his injured leg and lack of energy, he was easy prey for so many. Fifty or possibly more were on him in seconds, half of them wolves, the other half wolf demons, people - no, men - with tails. He knew this pack. He knew their leader. And he knew the leader was going to pay. If not by him, Kagome could take care of it herself.

Yes, Kagome could do it, was the last thing he thought that day.

~*~ Kagome ~*~

"Stupid male with his stupid attitude. . ." she grumbled as she walked. "Yah!" she cried, surprised, when she nearly tripped over a rock. She stumbled to regain her footing, but in vain. She fell and hit the ground, a little too hard. Her head, she noticed, hit a rock, and she felt her own blood begin to cover it. She would have gotten up, but her limbs were aching for rest the moment she left Inuyasha and the well behind, and now she felt the world spin fast, going around several times each minute. And each minute that passed her arms and legs were getting heavier, and soon her eyes closed.

However much longer into the day it was, she didn't know, but when she woke up, it was night. A sliver of a moon was high and around her was nothing but plain fields for miles. The stars shined more brighter now that she could ever remember. The first thing she thought was, I wonder if Inuyasha sees them, too?

She heard something, but her body was waking up slowly, and she couldn't turn her head to see in that direction. Her eyes blurred, making the stars double in size, and she shut them, waiting for some smell to hit her nose. Strange, but after less than a week, her body had already become accustomed to her new features, and her nose had a way of discerning where she was and who was near all the time. The first thing she recognized was the smell of flowers, all around. The second was. . . Someone familiar. . .

"Kouga," she murmured. Honestly she was shocked her voice was even that loud.


"Where am I?"

"A special place I found years ago while out for a run. It's always peaceful here."

"What about Inuyasha?"

"He. . ." The voice paused. "I sincerely hope you don't care too much for him, Kagome."

"What do you mean?" she asked, pitch of worry touching her voice.

". . . My wolves found him after I found you. He's dead."

If Kagome had the strength at that point, she would've gasped, maybe even started to cry. "It's not true," she denied. "It can't be. . ."

"I. . . We all are sorry for your loss. My pack is currently looking for a place to bury him. Where do you think would be appropriate?"

"No. . ." She forced her energy to return to her, turning her head away from his voice, her ears flattening to lessen the sounds. She didn't want to hear. . . It wasn't true. . . Not Inuyasha, not yet, she wasn't ready to lose him. . .

She heard Kouga move, heard his footsteps as he came closer. He sat next to her and pulled her to sit up, pulling her into his arms. "I'm sorry, Kagome," he said, but by now she was crying, and he couldn't be sure she heard him.

In all truth, he really did feel for her. Killing Inuyasha had never been a part of his plan. He could easily use this to help him get Kagome as his woman for real, but that didn't make it any less disturbing. Inuyasha died. He really died.

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