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Okay, her mind said. After we've gotten together, I'll take them off. That simple. Despite her mind's calm voice, she felt a blush cover her cheeks. Thank the Gods everybody else was scared of her now. They wouldn't be able to see it in the dim light, and even if they could, they were not going to come down here and face her wrath.

As she feel asleep, she felt herself smile, regardless of the night's discoveries. She had her pup back, and Inuyasha as well. They were alive, and in time, they'd both be healed and happy to see her and be with her, even if a certain male hanyou didn't want to admit it. . .

Okay, so I started having withdrawal for my own story. Big whoop. I'm just prolonging my healing by typing this up so soon. And. . .

Twenty Five

"Damn it, stay still!"

A low growl from behind clenched teeth was the response.

"Yeah, yeah. 'Stupid wench.' I know."

It was morning now. Inuyasha had been mostly cleaned up, Shippou had latched himself onto Kagome's leg, and Kagome herself had been recognized by her entire pack. She even had a nice white star on her forehead for it. Still no stripes, but then, she wouldn't get those until she "found a life mate," as Murlo put it. She still didn't trust him.

A few of her pack had demonstrated their amazing abilities by being able to - if one concentrated enough - heal a human being. Not completely, and to go into better detail, they really just speed up how fast a human could heal until the worst part of the wound was over. Sango could walk now, but still with a nice limp. Miroku . . . He just kept staring at his hand and flexing his fingers. Kirara was alright now. Since her leg was nearly totally healed, it'd take maybe another day and she wouldn't have a limp at all. But Kaede was right; she had missing fur on her head where it scarred. Just to the right of the little black diamond - right being looking at it, rather than looking at it from Kirara's view.

And just now Kagome was trying to wipe off the dried blood on Inuyasha's face. She got the unnecessary blood off the rest of him a while ago - she planned on getting the scabs off his eyes last due to her own blush at having to clean him up - and he kept flinching away from her and trying to shove her back. You'd think that, with Kagome's human anger fueled even more by her demon form and Inuyasha still hurt, he'd know not to get her angry now. But, obviously not. He still kept annoying her. Although, he never said anything. He just growled from the back of his throat. And "humphed" from time to time.

He was lying on his back, on the "Mistress' bed," as it was named. Technically, it wasn't a bed. Just a bunch of hay and feathers and so on with thick skin wrapped around it in a corner of the "Mistress' bed chamber" which also had a wardrobe, full-length mirror, and desk with - strangely enough - a map with several markings on it. Like she was marking down positions of the other side in a war. She was never going to get the hang of this. The bed itself was around seven feet wide and twelve feet long, big enough to fit Kagome's demon form - considering she even had one.

She actually felt sorry for Kouga and his three warriors. Everywhere they went they got evil glares, and on top of that, Kouga's been spreading those annoying "She's my woman" rumors again. Followed by Murlo's "He's delusional" ones. He thought up that one himself. Amazing. Here the sarcasm.

Finally, after a few hours of soaking and picking at the blood, Kagome got his left eyelid cleared of blood. She saw him flutter him eyelashes and continually wince when he opened that eye, and then he just closed it again. Oh, well. Like she was expecting him to say how beautiful she looked? Or anything at all? Shoving that off she just started on his right eye, letting it get soaked with the wet rag she'd been using. But she was getting pissed that he didn't even swear, not once. So she did the logical thing. She yelled at him.

"Okay, that's it! I've had enough the 'silent treatment,' boy! You start talking, and I mean now! I didn't come all the way here just to help you and get not a sound in response!"

She saw the way Inuyasha visibly stiffened, and looked to be considering his options. He swallowed, and the first thing she thought was, Here we go. He's going to scream at me for "hurting his ears" again. But he didn't. Instead, he opened his mouth, wide, so Kagome could see inside of it. She gasped and - not really meaning to - flung herself back a good three feet. She growled once and spun around, stalking out of the room and hunting down Murlo - who was right where she left him. In the "War room" as she called it.

"Are you insane?!" she snapped, and everyone in the room jumped. Murlo turned to her, but didn't say anything at first.

"What?" he said, obviously confused.

"You cut out his tongue?!" she snapped.

A glimmer of recognition touched Murlo's eyes, but he continued with the I-have-no-idea-what-you're-talking-about approach. "Who's tongue? I did what?"

"You!! You cut out Inuyasha's tongue, didn't you?!" she screamed and stalked over to him to slap him across the face, ignoring all the other demons in the huge hut as they flinched.

Murlo stumbled back and she saw his eyes narrow before he put on a look of fear. "I told you! We didn't know who he was at the time! We just knew he killed Lockhart, and besides, he just kept swearing death to us at the top of his lungs the entire time he was here! That is, until we removed his tongue. . ." he added, much quieter.

"You son of a bitch!!" Kagome snapped, realizing a little too late that with dog demons it wasn't too much of a swear. "Fucking bastard!" she said, trying again. "You'd better pray I let you even look at me after this!!" She didn't wait around for an answer, but spun on her heal and went back to Inuyasha. Her room/house/hut was right next to the War room/hut/whatever, minus the ten feet in between. The dungeon was beneath the War Room, but Kagome's hut/house/thing had three levels to it. Her bedroom was at the very top. Funny thing was, her hut thing was the only one made of stone. All three floors were covered in skins and such, making something like a carpet, and the walls were painted on rather than hanging portraits. Funny things like remembrance of the toughest battles they went through and how they came to rule this place and raise a pack and so on. She ignored them all as she went back to Inuyasha.

He was still lying there, slowly rubbing the rag over his eye, like Kagome had done. And his left eye was open, and he looked over the entire room. When his eye [DL: God, that sounds funny. Like he's a cyclops or something.] landed on her, he seemed to sigh and relax into the bed-thing and then his eye closed. Kagome smiled weakly, glad he was even okay, and went over to him to sit on the bed.

"You're going to have to show me who did that to you, when I manage to get that damn blood off your eye." Kagome leaned forward and replaced his hand with hers on the rag, gently rubbing before she got it wet again. "Have anything to say to that?" she half-laughed, knowing she'd pay later for it.

He just growled again.

~*~ Three days later ~*~

Hallelujah! They were all right! Shippou never really got any bruises or so on at all, so he didn't need rest or anything of the sort. Inuyasha was rather slowly healing, proving that he'd lost a lot of blood to have not been able to heal a bunch of bruises and several cuts, no matter how deep, in three days and counting. He was mostly all right, and believe it or not Sesshomaru sniffed out Kagome to ask how she found Inuyasha and so on the day before.

Of course, Inuyasha just growled, swore at him, unsheathed Tetsusaiga, and fell over because he couldn't quite hold it up yet. Kagome just shook her head, put the sword back, told Sesshomaru he could just go, and got several death-threats from Inuyasha when she tried to help him back into her so-called "castle" that she and he had both been using.

After all, the bed was pretty damn big. A dozen Kagomes could curl up in that thing! Plus Shippou rarely let go off her leg, so a little more of the bed was taken up. Inuyasha never complained about having to sleep on her bed while he got up to par for traveling, but he never said he wanted to sleep there, either.

Then again, when it came to Inuyasha, that's the best you could ever get out of him. And tomorrow, Kagome was going to take Inuyasha back to her time, feed him all the ramen he wanted, and be a big push-over until he got better. Then it was back to the standard yelling, sitting, and painful physical contact. Simple, yes?

She knew Shippou was going to freak and probably have to be removed with a crowbar by a few of her subjects; Inuyasha even at his full strength would have a hard time detaching Shippou from her leg or waist or neck or wherever he was going to latch on. She knew nobody else was going to repel her idea of leaving so sharply, but since Inuyasha's kidnapping, she'd been the best fighter they had, regardless of how long she'd been physically fighting, rather than using arrows and continually getting kidnapped. Wow. She had a really good career before, didn't she?

"Okay," she sighed aloud, looking at herself in the mirror to get ready for the big news. Luckily she told Inuyasha the day before, and one mention of "All the ramen you can eat" won that argument over. After all, wasn't it her fault he got taken anyway? "No!" she snapped, shaking her head. "I've got to focus. Focus. Gods, I've been saying that a lot lately. No, come on, Kagome. It's not like you're going to come back and everybody will be dead," she tried to assure herself. But then, how often did that work?

Taking a deep breath, she went down the narrow stairs to where her friends were gathered, and Inuyasha just glaring in the corner, most likely thinking up revenge. He wrote down that it wouldn't take long for his tongue to regrow; tongues did that. After all, it was just muscle. Right? No matter how many times she told herself that, she had a feeling Inuyasha was just lying to keep her thinking that everything would go back to the way it was before. And now, more than ever, she wanted to ignore her demon instincts and heal him herself. But the more she thought about it, the more her demon side protested. It was becoming a never-ending battle within herself.

"You guys," she said, catching their attention. Shippou hopped up onto her shoulder and curled up, halfway under her chin. Okay, now how to say this? "I have to go home," she said, quickly, and after a breath, went on. "And I'm taking Inuyasha with me."

Everyone glanced over at Inuyasha, and Kouga glared, but Ashira, Maso and Nurino just looked confused. Of course, I mean, they thought her home was here. If not before then now.

"You guys are going to stay here, and my pack will make sure you're safe and taken care of," she said, and Shippou sat up straight.

"No!" he said, wrapping his tiny arms around her neck as far as they would go. "I don't want you to go! Mommy, stay!"

Kagome sent a pleading look at Ashira, who nodded and went over to Shippou to start prying him off. Shippou kept struggling and, after Ashira got him off, he changed form into that pink balloon and a few others, even trying his foxfire on Ashira a couple of times.

But Kagome and Inuyasha were already moving. If Inuyasha felt up to it, they'd run; if not, they'd walk. It was simple enough. Kagome turned back to wave at everyone as she walked away, sending Shippou a few thoughts thanks to her recently developed telepathic abilities. This pack of hers was starting to become really, really cool.

She glanced back and saw Shippou still struggling, and Kouga and his pack were starting to walk back to their cave. Ashira handed the tiny kitsune over to Lenao, one of her blue wolf subjects. He looked a little confused on why he had to hold Shippou down, but walked away. Kagome smiled again and turned away, seeing Miroku and Sango turning away as well.

She glanced over at Inuyasha and saw him quickly look away, as though he was looking at something he didn't want Kagome to know he was looking at. She looked away as well, down at her feet. Over the past few days she learned that when speaking to Inuyasha, it was best to ask questions that had a "yes" or "no" answer to them. It was hard to put certain questions into things like that, but lucky for her, her mind seemed to work faster and more efficiently than before, when she was human. "Do you think we can run?" she asked, more or less quietly.

For a moment he just walked, not doing anything. Then, slowly, he shook his head. Figures. After all, he still had nasty gashes on his entire body, and that would greatly increase the pain he would have to go through in order to run all the way to the well.

She looked again at her boots, noticing how the silver/grey parts were shining in the light. . . . She shook her head. Gods, what's with you and loosing concentration lately? What's wrong with you? she scolded herself. Get caught up in something? Like the way Inuyasha might look without his clothes on? She muttered out something; she herself didn't know what it was. She just didn't want to think anymore. "What do you want to do when we get to my house?" she asked, and swore at herself. "I mean, go straight for the ramen? Do you want to just sit and eat all day?" She glanced over at him, almost shyly, and saw him looking right back.

He kind of swallowed, then nodded. But his eyes didn't let go of hers. At this point she was wishing he still had his tongue, because some good curses from him would wreck this silence perfectly. But she noticed something else. They weren't moving anymore.

They were standing, now facing one another, not moving, and Kagome was starting to have trouble breathing. His eyes were so much different now - they weren't cold and hard, but soft, and held something else she couldn't quite comprehend when it came to him. He was appreciative of her. Most likely for finding him when she did, and bringing him home to pamper him all day. But his eyes just now reminded her of the time before she knew of him and Kikyo, under the tree. The time when he almost - almost - kissed her, and then she knocked him back and got screamed at.

She swallowed and broke their eye contact, looking at anything but him. She felt his hand under her chin a second later, turning her face towards his again. She tried not to look at him, or his eyes, but couldn't resist their golden glow. And then, slowly, he embraced her, and a bright blush struck her cheeks. She couldn't do anything else except hold him back, and try to keep him there long enough to get her cheeks under control.

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