InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Story Telling ( Chapter 40 )

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"I think it's time to look at those fabrics," she told Hime, loving the power she had over Inuyasha and forever grateful to Hime for creating the kimono for her. She was smiling as she entered the huge room again and looked over everything. She could feel Inuyasha's lust for her, and knew that later tonight she'd have fun teasing him.


Sango, lying comfortably in a warm hut, woke to the sound of soft breathing to her right. Purring was near the top of her head, a soothing vibration. She knew who was next to her, but she still needed to be sure, so she let her head roll right to see.

There he was, looking just as content as she, Miroku. Both of them were just about pinned down by heavy blankets, but it felt good. Incense were burning around them, and a fire was at their feet. It felt very nice indeed.

"Are you awake?" she said, just a breath, really. He probably was; one glance at the door told it was well past noon.

She saw him smile, eyes still closed, before he turned his head to see her. "Good morning."

"How long have you been up?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," he replied with a laugh, and she found herself laughing with him.

After a while their laughter died down, but the wonderful, almost floating feeling remained. Slowly, dreading any pain it might cause, Sango sat up, and found nothing ached. She looked down at herself as Miroku sat up as well. The bandages remained, but none of the bruises were visible.

Drawing her brows together, she ran her hands along her body, feeling for the most sensitive spots, only to find there was none. Shaking with excitement, she pulled on some bandages covering her chest before feeling a hot gaze on her. Instantly she froze, remembering that Miroku was next to her still.

"Hentai," she muttered, even though this time it was her own fault. Instead, she unwrapped a smaller bandage on her arm and ran her fingers along her skin, amazed at the feel. Her skin wasn't ever this soft!

Before she could go on with her train of thought, light struck her eyes as someone walked in. She shielded her eyes until the 'door' was replaced, and looked up to see Kagome smiling at them. But that wasn't what held Sango speechless even longer. It was the kimono Kagome was wearing.

It was a gorgeous, silky black, with trim of green. And the black had patterns on it, just visible, in a dark blue. And more amazing, the black shone in a golden color just the shade of Inuyasha's eyes. A green obi, made of the same material, held it shut at her waist, and beneath it were two more layers, both white.

"Good evening," Kagome said to them, snapping Sango out of her stupor.

"Where did you. . ." she began, but couldn't finish the sentence.

Kagome understood and explained about Hime, the spider demon, and her unique abilities in fabrics and patterns. She told them about the kimonos Hime made for her, describing the first kimono with a definite sparkle in her eyes.

"So this Hime," Miroku was saying, "made you that kimono, not because you would like it, but because it's enchanted?"

"Yes," Kagome said. After choosing some colors Hime had told her about the special attributes given to the kimono with the dogs on the back. It gave her fertility, so if she ever wanted a child all she would have to do to be sure she would get pregnant is wear it for a day. Inuyasha, actually, seemed more excited than her about that. She said as much to her friends.

"Amazing," Sango said, speaking the word she'd been thinking for some time. "But," she went on, in a new thought, "how are we healed already? I thought that -"

"There are some left in my pack, Sango," Kagome explained. "And most of them owe you two their lives. They were more than happy to help you heal." She gestured the bundle behind Sango, still sleeping. "Even Kirara."

Sango's eyes were filling. She'd never before been helped by demons of their own free will. And twice, but the first time they were healed was because the Blue Pack caused it, and felt obligated to make amends for that fact. This time, it wasn't because they had to, but because they were thankful and wanted to.

"Sango," Kagome said, her voice a warning, "don't cry. If you do then I will, and then we won't stop. . ." The sentence drifted off, Kagome herself looking close to tears just by the look on Sango's face.

Despite the stinging in her eyes and her cloudy vision, Sango was smiling. She lifted a hand to her mouth as she gave a sob, which Kagome immediately mimicked. And then Sango was crying, but still smiling. "We made it!" she said, and glanced over at Miroku.

His face held aspiring joy, as hers did, but definitely in a more manly way. His smile could be defined as the same, and he reached over to wrap an arm around her shoulders. Across from her, Kagome was crying also. The sound must've drawn Inuyasha, because suddenly he was there, and looking confused. Nonetheless he knelt down and held Kagome, who leaned into him gratefully.

It took a while, but the girls calmed down, unbelievably happy that they were all together again, and alive, and never better, it would seem. And then Sango was getting dressed, Miroku in another room doing the same. Kagome and she talked as she dressed, and Kagome changed into her old outfit. It was in one piece again, Hime having duplicated her destroyed one, and enchanting it so it was stronger, lighter, and mended as Inuyasha's did.

Once dressed Sango handed over the jewel, which was still around Kirara's neck. Once Kagome's pieces were added, it had five slender holes left, two of which were reserved for Koga's shards.

The moment everyone was outside they sat in a circle, including the four adult survivors in her pack. The eight pups, six girls and two boys, were off playing with Shippo, who had taught them Tag, Hide-and-go-Seek, Freeze Tag, and a few other games - including Rock, Paper, Scissors, the one game completely out of Miroku's ability.

Kagome sat with Inuyasha on her left, followed by Gar and the rest of her Pack, with Sango then Miroku on her right. Kaede was there, standing off to the side and listening as they all told their stories. Both Sango and Miroku left out details, not wanting to remember such things, but it was enough to make Kagome look as though she were going to hunt down Naraku at any second. Kagome and Inuyasha in turn told them about Hime, and about Kagome's fight with Naraku.

"I really made him mad," Kagome was saying. "The look alone he gave me was enough to make me want to turn tail and run." A tinge of fear touched her eyes and she leaned into Inuyasha. "He's probably not going to wait much longer. He really hates me now, if he didn't before."

"I won't let him touch you," Inuyasha said in return. She smiled up at him before a leader-like look stole over her features.

"If he's going to attack us, then we have to be prepared," she said now, standing. Gar stood as well, motioning for the other three - Sana, Kure and Yoshi - to stand as well.

Kure was the only adult female left, and probably the most beautiful in her pack. From the beginning Kagome saw interest for her in Gar's eyes, but he held off because at the moment Dar was courting her. Dar's death, much as it hurt Gar, seemed to hurt Kure even more, even though she was a great warrior and wouldn't show it. Ever since she and Gar were comforting each other, but it never went further.

Sana was a very young man, being only fourteen though looking at least twenty. Yoshi was the eldest in the pack, the one who always watched over the Masters and kept records of what they did. The night before he told a few of those stories, more for entertainment rather than history, now that there wasn't much of a pack left to teach.

Kagome waved them back down and spoke to Sango. "I need to talk to you," she said, helping up Sango and walking towards the edge of the forest and the awaiting hot spring purely out of habit.

"What is it?" Sango asked as they walked, but Kagome didn't speak again until there were sitting at the edge of the water.

"Naraku might bring Kohaku," she said, and that was all it took to make Sango quiet again. After a moment Kagome looked up, Sango staring into the ripples her toes were making. "Sango, do you understand this? If he brings Kohaku, you might have to fight him."

"I can't do that," Sango whispered. "Not while he's being controlled."

"He's not being controlled," Kagome disagreed.

Sango looked up sharply. "But he's been -"

"Following orders," Kagome interrupted. "Naraku has been telling him what to do, and he's been obeying. It's not like he's a puppet, Sango; he just doesn't know any better. If you knock him out, he won't get up again until he's awoken."

"But -" Sango broke off the sentence nearly before it began, her thoughts jumbling together. She was going to make a quip about Kagura, but Kagura had helped them. If only to make things difficult for Naraku, she helped them. But that still left the question of what Kagura was going to do, and Kanna was still under Naraku's command. "What about Kagura, and Kanna? What are they going to do?"

"I don't know," Kagome answered honestly. "I think I have an idea of what to do about Kanna, but as for Kagura. . .I don't know."

"Do you think," Sango began, thinking it out. "Do you think Kagura would help us, if we could get her heart from Naraku?"

"Maybe," Kagome said. "If we could think up a plan and tell her about it. . .But how would we tell her?"

Sango thought about it. It seemed impossible to think up a plan and tell Kagura about it, when Kagura herself would probably never be let out of Naraku's sight again. And writing wouldn't work, because if Naraku was as fast as Kagome said, even Sesshomaru would get noticed if he slipped Kagura the note.

The idea that struck her next was perfect, and her head snapped up as she realized it. "Kagome!"


"Your heritage!"

"What of it?" Kagome sat up straighter and looked Sango in the eye. "What are you getting at?"

Fearful that they might be watched, Sango avoided the direct answer. She gestured wildly and went on. "Your pack, it has abilities none other has, right?"

"Yes," Kagome was saying, slowly, not understanding.

"Well, can't you use one to. . .tell. . .someone something secret, without anybody knowing?"

Kagome's eyes widened as she got it, and she nodded. "Yes, I could!" she said with mounting excitement. She understood as well why Sango didn't get directly to the point, and watched her words. "But we need a plan first."

Sango nodded and they began talking, trying to think up the best way to trick Naraku and inform Kagura at the same time. It would take some practice, but it was still early and they had at least a few hours before sundown. But still, there was no guarantee of when Naraku would attack, if at all.

After all, last time it was Kagome who attacked, enraging Naraku into retaliating. The two girls talked in a code, using made-up words at times with knowing looks. At the end of an hour they had a perfect plan, one that would work no matter what - as long as they could get the boys to cooperate.

~*~ The Boys [DL: =^.^=] ~*~

Inuyasha was watching the pups, taking up the role of their father whether he knew it or not. As Kagome's mate, that made him the indirect Master of their pack, and that came with responsibilities. Right now Shippo was 'It', running around and trying almost vainly to catch one of the other kids. Even the youngest pup, Hyone, was outrunning him, and she was just over three. However, Shippo did have tricks, and managed to catch Viki, the oldest girl, while a leaf ran after Dashi.

Miroku was watching them as well, but with interest. Watching demon children play games was really something, especially when they darted around faster than your eyes could follow. He knew all their names, ages and genders, and yet only Hyone fell behind from time to time. They, in order, were Dashi, Viki, Nare, Miso, Kyono, Kei, Reina and Hyone. Dashi, Miso and Kei were the boys. Dashi reigned as the eldest for being twelve, four years above Viki. Nare and Miso were twins at seven, Kyone was five, and Kei and Reina were both four, with Hyone barely three, having had her birthday only a week ago.

Being the last remaining soldier, Gar was standing off to the side, stiffly watching the edge of the forest for dangers and scanning the pups from time to time for a head count. Kure was nearby, appearing indifferent about their current situation, but underneath she was still soaking up what comfort Gar could provide.

All of them seemed to be at ease, but the overhanging danger of a fight was on all their minds. Every now and again one of them would get a narrowed, brooding expression, the type that belonged on no one's face. There was tension in the air, but so distinguished that only the most finely tuned senses could catch it. The humans nearby went about their business; animals in the forest were eating and hunting; the clouds floated long without a care.

In just a few hours it would be sundown.

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