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All of them seemed to be at ease, but the overhanging danger of a fight was on all their minds. Every now and again one of them would get a narrowed, brooding expression, the type that belonged on no one's face. There was tension in the air, but so distinguished that only the most finely tuned senses could catch it. The humans nearby went about their business; animals in the forest were eating and hunting; the clouds floated long without a care.

In just a few hours it would be sundown.

Forty One

Trying not to make a sound, Kagome snuck back into their hut - over their time here, one had been made as a surprise and thank you for the six of them - hoping not to wake her sleeping companions. She was wearing another of her kimonos, one made especially for defense, just in case anything happened outside while she was thinking. This one was full-out black, and double layered.

Moving slowly she sat back down next to Inuyasha, who - as always - was propped up against the wall. She had barely sat down when he grabbed her, pulling her onto the floor between his legs, arms wrapped around her securely. "You need to stop leaving me," he mumbled against her neck.

She gave a laugh, almost humorless. "I never intend to," she whispered back. And I'm sorry for it.

You ought to be, he returned. I'm not very fond of waking up to find you missing.

Smiling now, she leaned back, relaxing herself against him. Whenever he was near, she felt infinitely safer. Even in that immortal battle with Naraku she was wishing Inuyasha was there. She knew, as he did, that unless Kagome was there to hamper Naraku, he'd never last. He'd put up a good battle, all right, but they all knew that speed inevitably won, no matter who was strongest.

So, really, the need to have Inuyasha there was completely wrong - more than likely Naraku would simply brush him out of the way and distract Kagome to win, perhaps even have one of his incarnations there to trap whoever he was fighting. . .But she really shouldn't be thinking about that now.

"You shouldn't be thinking about anything," Inuyasha said in return. "You should be asleep."

"I know," she sighed, letting her head fall back. She felt him looking at her; her lips, her neck, the rise and fall of her breasts are she breathed. "If you're getting turned on," she said, "you should stop looking."

He smothered a laugh, "Look or feel; it doesn't matter." He kissed her neck. "It all makes me want you."

"Now's not the time," she whispered, looking away. She just didn't feel like indulging in their bodies again; she was much too tense.

"That's why," he said, having finally gotten the hang of sharing thoughts. "You need to relax."

And you don't know any other way, she thought back.

He shook his head and stood up. "Come on," he whispered, pulling her up by her hand.

"Inuyasha," she protested, resisting. "We really shouldn't. Now's not the -"

"I want to show you something," he interrupted her. "Now."

By the way he was looking at her, with his eyes determined and entire face pleading, she gave in, unable to say no. Whatever it was he wanted to show her, it must be something that couldn't be put off. So she let him lead her outside, into the clearing that was so familiar by now. He looked up, at the moon.

She glanced up, hardly noticing it was the night of the full moon. Had it already been two weeks since their human night?

"What do you feel?" he asked, still holding her hand. Just as she was about to answer with 'Nothing', he tightened his grip.

That's when she felt it - power. Demon power. But it was coming through Inuyasha, and Inuyasha didn't have full demon power. Did he? It was like. . .like Sesshomaru's, only a bit wilder.

"What. . ?" She couldn't finish the sentence, and she didn't have to. She glanced up at Inuyasha from their joined hands to see that his face was tilted up still, only now his eyes were closed. A breeze blew by, giving the area an eerie feel. What was going on?

As she watched, something amazing happened - something she never expected. It was like watching Inuyasha turn human, but not quite. His hair remained white. But his ears slid down his head as usual, pointing slightly at the tips. Two violet streaks curved along his cheeks, and a red crescent blazed on his forehead.

Her jaw dropped. What was this, and how come Inuyasha never told her about it?

"Stop asking so many questions," Inuyasha told her. "I'll explain this the easiest way."

"What -" Her words cut off in a squeak as her pulled her forward, into his arms. He kissed her, his mouth firm and smooth against hers. She could have melted under the intensity she was feeling, but her mind was working, playing a movie, it would seem.

Only it wasn't through her eyes. It was a conversation she was viewing and hearing, and she could see Myouga talking on her shoulder - no, not her shoulder. She doesn't wear red. But Inuyasha does. And it was his voice she felt, coming from her own lips. Myouga was telling her - him - something important about his heritage, but he wasn't listening, brushing the flea off and walking away.

When did this happen? Her - his - head was looking at the sky as Myouga instructed moments before, and the sun was nearly set. As the stars began coming out, one at a time, she glimpsed the moon, full and shining and big - bigger than she'd ever seen it before. Bigger than it should be. But the moon wasn't ever that big, and since when could she see the craters so well?

And then Myouga was talking again, having returned to her - his - shoulder. Something about the new moon's effects on him and in response, the full moon's; his twentieth birthday. His blood. His father's last gift to him, to make up for so many years of prejudice.

He told her - him - about how to unlock his blood, but instead of losing control and becoming a wild killing beast, he would be able to keep his soul and his mind. He could control everything he did. And he was becoming a demon, if only for the night. And only if he wanted to - he could easily control his demon blood in him now, conjuring it up whenever he wanted and physically becoming a demon on the full moon night.

Like he was now.

Slowly, her vision blurring, Kagome opened her eyes, not even realizing she had closed them. Not only that, but when did she sit down? She was facing Inuyasha, her legs folded beneath her. Inuyasha sat before her, elbows on knees, feet on ground and his chin on his interlocked fingers. He was smiling.

"Did I surprise you?" he asked, and she wanted to laugh at his light tone while simultaneously kicking him for mocking her.

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that," she admitted. "Did you just show me your memories?"

"In essence. I cut out some parts."

"Since when do you say 'essence'?" she asked, raising a brow at him.

"Since three months ago." He was smirking at her, his eyes laughing.

Her jaw dropped again. "You can't laugh at me!"

"And why not? You got better vocabulary when you became hanyou; at the very least I should get to tease you when the same happens to me." He was still laughing at her, those yellow eyes brighter and glittering.

She lunged at him, using every bit of speed she had. But he was up already, acting like the arrogant hanyou he was - though at the moment he was demon. She launched herself into a full-blown attack, trying to slash his smirking lips into a painful frown. But he eluded her with every step; it seemed as though Sesshomaru's speed was his father's, and now Inuyasha's as well.

Even distracted as she was, she couldn't help but wish that Sesshomaru were here now, to see how Inuyasha had shaped up, and to see Sesshomaru run back to one of his castles. If Inuyasha kept up his calm demeanor, instead of spitting out curses and rushing headlong into things, then he could very well beat anybody.

Another thought struck her, and she stopped, her eyes widening as she realized another truth. Naraku couldn't win.

She grinned at Inuyasha, and promptly launched herself into his arms. No wonder he seemed so calm about her slipping away in the night - and no wonder he wasn't so worried about them being found out here, alone and. . .possibly sweaty. She laughed.

He hugged her to him, apparently no longer afraid of her anger - if he ever was.

"You know," he said, pushing her back and looking into her eyes, "you're taking on some of my bad habits."

Her grin remained in place. "I noticed." She winked at him. "And you're taking on some of mine."

"Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm evolving," he said, winking back. She hit him, then cheered at the accomplishment. But it didn't last long.

She was on her back in a second, and Inuyasha didn't waste a second in kissing her. She kissed him back eagerly, glad to let herself relax in his grip and let him prove to her that there was nothing to worry about. But there were questions she needed him to answer, so she pushed him back slightly.


"Yes?" he said, moving his kisses along her neck.

"How come you didn't find me earlier yesterday?"

"I can't tap into my power during the day."

"I've never seen you use it before," she pointed out, trying not to be affected by his kisses.

"I didn't want to tell anybody," he replied, kissing along her collarbone now. Obviously, he wasn't concentrating on their talk.

"And why. . .Oh that feels good," she said without realizing it. She heard him chuckle, though. "Why is your crescent red?"

Instead of replying right away, he sank his teeth into her neck, renewing the bite and causing her to yelp in surprise. "Because I'm mated," he told her, his voice devilish. He lifted his head to stare directly into her eyes. "But lately I've begun to forget that detail. Is there a cure for my amnesia?"

The way he said that made her want to blush, laugh, and pounce on him in one. Instead she opted for wrapping her arms around his neck and smile, teasingly, at him. "I can think of something that might help."

He chuckled again and replaced his mouth on hers. Oh, tonight was going to be a good night.

~*~ Kagura ~*~

She was on her back now, never allowing herself to pass out. Naraku was expecting that. She knew he was; after all, she was him. He expected so much of her that it was becoming more and more fun to deny him. He expected her to pass out, to plead and beg, to obey him. Perhaps it was disrespectful, disobeying the person who created her, but she never was the type to obey. As long as he believed himself as her superior, she'd never listen to him.

He never seemed to understand that. The more controlling he got, the more she'd rebel. She felt odd, out of place in these times, like she belonged somewhere else. She didn't want to fight Inuyasha and his friends, or Koga and she didn't want to kill his pack. Granted, it was fun, although every time she faced them down on her own she ended up barely making it out alive.

Naraku was nice enough when it came to treating his incarnates' wounds, and providing her and her sister with new clothes when they needed it, but that didn't mean anything. It was a show, so the servants believed that he was worthy of being the so-called Prince Hitomi. That man was dead, and had been for quite some time. Nearly a year, now.

She laughed now, out of pure spite. She only did it because she knew that it would anger Naraku. After a full night of being beaten by the human-turned-hanyou that created her, any other woman would have bent to his will. Again, that's what Naraku was expecting, so naturally she remained steely, refusing to give in. In the end, he might kill her, but by then she would've proven her point and accomplished her goal.

Her goal, of course, being to make keeping her more trouble than she's worth. So far it seemed he knew of this, and that is why he kept trying to beat some sense into her. He was as stubborn as she was on this point.

And she was loving every second of it.

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