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"Because I'm mated," he told her, his voice devilish. He lifted his head to stare directly into her eyes. "But lately I've begun to forget that detail. Is there a cure for my amnesia?"

The way he said that made her want to blush, laugh, and pounce on him in one. Instead she opted for wrapping her arms around his neck and smile, teasingly, at him. "I can think of something that might help."

He chuckled again and replaced his mouth on hers. Oh, tonight was going to be a good night.

I came up with something. Whenever I add sarcasm, it'll be like 'this'. With the apostrophes. I didn't think of it until now. I think I've been doing it for some time now, though.

Forty Two

Not for the first time, she felt herself in a rush of heat and need, and again, Inuyasha seemed to have more control than she did. Even though it really hadn't been that long since they've been together, if felt longer, like the last time she laid naked in his arms was a year ago. It was an annoying feeling.

She kissed him with all the passion she could summon, which was ever growing. She sighed when their mouths opened and gasped when she felt his hand on her breast. Inside her womb a familiar warmth was stirring, as though waking up her body. Her heart was thumping strongly in her chest, and her legs ached, reminding her.

She was panting by the time he drew back, raining scorching kisses along her neck and shoulder. She moaned, arching her back, begging wordlessly for his touch. His hand was kneading at her breast, which was exactly what she wanted. Still, it felt more like he was teasing her. But then, he knew better than to do that.

Inuyasha paused to look down at her. Right now her kimono was open but not off, and somehow that made her all the more desirable. Really, the only part of her left covered was her arms and shoulders, but she seemed so much sexier like that. He might just leave it on.

He chuckled at the look she gave him, her eyes burning. Why'd you stop?! those eyes said. He smirked when her eyes narrowed at him, glaring. He leaned down until his nose was brushing her cheek, and inhaled. Eyes closed, her scent was stronger, more arousing. He liked it. He liked it a lot.

She was growing impatient. You didn't have to be mated with a telepath to know that. She made a sound that was half a growl, half a purr when he resumed his renewed interest in her body, his hands going straight for her sides and rubbing up and down, nails dragging slightly over her skin. She sucked in a deep breath, back arching, and her mouth fell open as her throat locked. Goosebumps rose along her body, and her nipples hardened again.

Such a simple touch, and she was straight past moaning and into throat-clenching. His smirk grew and he kissed her, fully aware of the power he possessed over her. If this wasn't love, then he was glad to be ignorant.

Her head lifted, mouth opening in earnest. He let his tongue sweep along inside her mouth, tasting everywhere he could reach. His left hand left her body to take off his haori, switching hands to finish the process. Her taste was distracting him, though; soon he wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to focus on looking at her, let alone getting undressed.

She was moaning now, a sign that he didn't like - she was regaining some control over herself, and that meant she could turn the tables on him. With one last move he threw his haoris into a pile, the white one almost waving at him as the sleeve drifted down on the red. He redoubled his efforts, becoming forceful, hungrily touching her everywhere he could and breaking their kiss to run his mouth along her neck.

He heard her gasp, and then she was holding her breath, although he could hear her thoughts focused on breathing - and mentally moaning. Not for the first time, his ego doubled in size at the thought of what he was doing to her. He needed no other proof that she was his, now and forever, always. As long as he could keep doing these things to her, she would never even think of leaving him.

She was arching her back again, and the feel of her breasts against his chest brought back sweet memories and rushed his blood through his veins. Her buds were tightened impossibly, both from his ministrations and the night chill. His hand sought out her heat and stroked her intimately, causing her body to writhe under his and forcing her to breath.

He swallowed down a gasp and clenched his teeth as the feel of her nipples against his; it was a new feeling, something he didn't remember feeling before, or something that he just didn't notice. Either way, it made him pant, his need for her growing to the point where he was shaking. But not yet; he wasn't done yet.

He kissed her throat once, twice, then continued down, his left arm looping around her waist as his fingers kept caressing her. She gave another gasp, encouraging him - as though he needed it. His breath panted out as he struggled for his own control, hardened to almost the point of pain. Oh yes, that feeling he remembered.

Now he gasped, feeling what could only be Kagome's hand on him, around him, stroking him. Surprised, he looked down at her, to see her wearing his smirk. "I don't want you to miss out on the fun," she said.

He growled, but he himself wondered what it meant. She was playing with his plan, and yet, it felt so very good. . . She'd never done this before. It kept him off-guard, unsure of how to react, even as he blindly began moving as she was, both of them rubbing against the other's hand. Only the way she was doing it, her fingers and palm rubbing him even as her hand shook - nothing could compare to the soft, wet heat of her body, but this was extremely close. He was getting too close. . .

Something like a snarl twisted his mouth and he crushed his lips against hers, his fingers pushing inside of her in hopes of throwing her off-balance. He didn't want this to end; not yet, maybe not ever. It worked. Her body spasmed at the intrusion, and as he continued to pump her with his fingers her stomach continued to jerk, another thing he hadn't noticed before. She was panting in random sizes of breaths, and her hands were clutching his shoulders.

All at once she thrust her hips up, back lifting and arching against him, and he groaned, eyes shut as he tried to get a rein on his control again. Her head twisted left and right, her breath coming unevenly and muscles jerking as he continued ravishing her. His arm let her go and he pressed his hand flat against her stomach, pushing her down into the ground and drawing back his right hand.

She was panting but relaxing now, and he could see and smell the tears brimming her eyes. Was that too much for her? he wondered. Does she want me that bad? Maybe he'd underestimated her want and need; he knew he'd underestimated his own. And really, it hadn't been that long since they'd been together. A day or two; he couldn't remember anymore.

Her legs were moving, as was her tail. He could tell she was yearning for his touch again; her legs rubbed against his and the ground, and her tail seemed to be longing for the same attention. His lip twitched and he reached forward, stroking her tail to see what it would do.

She moaned, and then she was looking at him, her eyes a dark shade of green that remained bright somehow, showing her lust and need for him. She sat up, quickly, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips felt fuller, moister now, although he didn't have time to think on it. Her hands weaved into his hair before she drew back, her hands running along his neck and shoulders in a very seductive way.

"My turn," she said, her voice low and heavy. Much as he wanted to tease her more, he couldn't deny that look on her face and let her run her hands down his chest before her mouth sought out his neck and collar bone. His eyes shut and he focused entirely on her - her hands, lightly running down his sides in a seductive way; her lips, wet and burning, leaving scorching trails as she found sensitive areas on his neck and the hollow of his shoulder; her scent, strong and ever alluring, now spiced with her arousal and sweat.

He could hear himself purring , loving the way she felt against him. In a change of tactics she straightened, pressing her body against his even as he remained on his knees. She kissed his forehead, and he knew what she was doing. Her breasts were practically thrown in his face, and he couldn't resist reaching out to touch them, mold them in his hands. She gave a small gasp and tilted her head back, another offering.

His control became nonexistent. It didn't matter, anyway; she could easily handle everything he did to her. His mouth, hungry for her, sucked at her neck, tasting her and teasing her. His arms wrapped around her and crushed her against him; she gasped again, letting her head fall back completely in abandon. His hands found the curve of her thighs and stroked them for a moment before pulling her down, needing her.

She was as tight as he remembered, although memory could never do her justice. She gasped and again her stomach spasmed; the feeling of their joined bodies was almost too much for her. They were moving now. Panting and burning, he pushed her into the ground and drew back, leaving her body long enough to roll her over. His demon blood got the better of him, resorting to canine ways of mating, and he lifted her, hands gripping her hips and thrust deep, wanting nothing more than to erase the world and get lost in her heat.

Kagome had different ideas. Her back arched and then she leaned back; in one quick, graceful movement he was sitting up again. But that didn't matter in the least; she was moving, gasping, jerking. . .Her arms lifted around his neck; her head fell back to his shoulder.

Over her left shoulder he could see her breasts heaving, could see her scar and could feel the softness of her skin as she rubbed against him. He was breathing harder with every move she made, and then he was moving with her, pushing up into her as she came down. His hands pressed against her stomach and womb, fascinated and aroused by how her muscles quavered uncontrollably, needing more of him and yet hardly able to take what she had.

He could hear her voice now, gasping his name, agreeing with his actions and begging for more. "Faster, harder, yes, Inuyasha. . ." Her voice was in his ears and mind both, and he could feel himself losing touch with the planet. His left hand slid up her body to grasp her breast, squeezing it as his muscles began clenching. It was surprising, really; he thought his control had left completely, but he had enough left to be careful not to hurt her.

He was shaking, a primal urge burning in him to have her as he wanted, nearly impossible to resist. His arms wrapped tightly around her, his head tilted back, neck and arms taught with control. Not yet, he told himself fiercely. Not yet.

She came hard, and she cried out, a wordless sound of love and passion, her arms around his as her body calmed from exertion. She panted, a hushed sound, but he didn't move.

Jaw clenched, eyes shut and neck tense, he gasped, trying to calm himself. He didn't release with her, although the strength it took to hold it off was godly. He exhaled sharply and gasped again, his arousal still throbbing with need.


The word was barely a breath, proving how much she'd tired herself. "One more time," he told her, lifting her off him and laying her back down. His tongue was begging him for a taste of her, and he gave in, pressing his lips against her flower in a kiss before lapping at her juices.

She'd be writhing now, if she wasn't so tired. Her body was still shaking, almost shuddering with the force of her climax. Pent-up desire had been a factor this time, leaving her time and again at his mercy, but this time, she might be able to retaliate, give him the same attentions he gave her.

Maybe later. With the way he was acting, she knew she wouldn't have a chance at doing much of anything, save letting him have her. And she wanted him to have her; she very nearly uttered those very words. His hands were so possessive, so strong, and the way his tongue was moving, licking her in the most intimate area she had. . .She remembered this. She remembered being a slave to his mouth and hands.

It felt strange, being a leader to an entire pack, and then a slave to her mate. She bit her lips and moaned, her mind drifting away from her as Inuyasha continued lapping at her. Her body was on fire again, caked in ice and weightless. It was hard to describe when someone made you feel weightless, heavy, frozen and burning in one. He's moving. . .

Some part of her mind, not connected with her body, noticed this. She opened her eyes and caught him leaning over her, eyes liquid gold and looking down at her as though she was a Goddess, his Goddess. She loved it. And there was a message in his eyes, entirely for her. It said, "The night's not over yet."

All she could do was smile up at him.

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End lemon #2. You guys waited long enough for this? I was gonna put it off longer, maybe not even have it. I figured the first was enough for you guys, but I guess not. Well, let's hope you're satisfied with two, then. I'm not planning any more lemons for this fic.

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