InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Um. . .49? ( Chapter 49 )

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"I've found it," Rare told him, his right hand on Kagome's chest, above the stronger side of her heart. "You little shit," he half whispered, half muttered, not even hearing his own words. He rarely swore - almost never, even in the heat of battle. This scene reminded ironically of the movie The Matrix, when a tiny tracking bug had been implanted in Neo's stomach and had to be removed by an electrical shock. Swearing again when it moved, trying to go deeper, he told Inuyasha to hold her tightly, no matter what. And then he struck.

~*~ Kagura ~*~

"He nears," she said.

The humans and demons across from Kagura looked to their left, and Kagura took the chance. She called the strongest winds she had and went around the fire cat, now more than ever needing to make it to wherever Sesshomaru was. Time was against her, and so was everything else.

~*~ Kikyo ~*~

Nonetheless, at one time she had hoped, even prayed, that things could work out for them. She'd even been tempted more than once to think of what he would look like as a human, what his children would look like, how strong they would grow up.

But now wasn't the time to think of this.

Forty Nine - Can you believe it?!!!

"Wait!" Inuyasha snapped, at the last moment. Rare stopped, but didn't take his eyes off the parasite.

"What?!" Rare snapped back. "Now isn't the time to hesitate!"

"Kagome can get it out herself," Inuyasha told him.

Now Rare did look up, sharply. "You're sure?"

Inuyasha nodded quickly. "Yeah. She can do all sorts of stuff now. All she'd have to do is concentrate."

Rare waited another moment before nodding. He sat back and stared hard at the parasite, which was wiggling again. He couldn't imagine what that felt like, and in truth he didn't want to. But most likely Kagome couldn't feel it, seeing as how it's been there, inside of her, for so long.

Another moment passed by before Rare stood up. "Don't try to wake her," Rare advised him, and then turned and left.

Once gone, Inuyasha sighed and hugged Kagome to him. It was true that he believed Kagome could get rid of the parasite herself, but the main reason why he stopped Rare was because he didn't think he could hold her down while she was being hurt. More likely, he'd attack Rare for getting that damn demon. The sight of Kagome's blood made him protective of her, sometimes insanely so. It stayed that way, even as the taste of her blood had a completely different reaction on his body.

Shaking his to rid the thoughts, he leaned back and - while trying not to wake Kagome - slid out from under her and laid her back, and then covered her up. Once done he stared down at his hands, surprised to find them shaking. This was the only situation he'd been in with Kagome in which he was helpless. When she fought Naraku, he couldn't even find her, and as such, couldn't get near to her.

Now, there was nothing he could do. And if Rare was right - if the smell around her was the parasite and not a pup - then. . .then. . .

He didn't want to think of that. The idea of being mated to Kagome was enough to overwhelm him at times, being so used to being the 'worthless half-breed'. And in truth, he'd begun to think that way, because he believed that everyone else did, too. He remembered the exact day when he realized how close he and Kagome had grown, and what he thought, too.

"She must not think I'm a worthless half-breed." And then he'd smiled, happy for the first time since. . .since. . .well, since he thought that he and Kikyo would end up married.

Kikyo. He hadn't even thought about her in weeks! He had no idea where she was - like he ever did, anyway - he didn't know how she fairing, what she was doing. . .Truth be told, this was the longest he'd gone without thinking about her since he met her. And it was because of Kagome.

The craziness of everything that had happened to her had driven Kikyo out of his thoughts. And in fact, he knew he was happier that way. Usually whenever he thought of Kikyo, he thought of his promise to her, and how he knew she would take him back to hell because he owed it to her. But now. . . .

He glanced down at Kagome, sleeping and unaware of the world around her, the danger in her own body. Now, he thought, I have rights to Kagome. Mates can't be separated, no matter what. Kikyo couldn't take me to hell, not without Kagome. . .

The thought that struck him next made him grow pale. What if that's what Kikyo wanted, to take Inuyasha to hell with her and make Kagome pay by dragging her with, too? But Inuyasha couldn't let that happen - Kagome deserved Heaven every day of her life!

He was torn now, as much in body as in thought. He couldn't break his promises, most of all to Kikyo. But he couldn't leave Kagome now that they were mated. The only way he could see himself getting out of this is if Kagome and Kikyo come to an agreement about what to do with him. What to do with me? he repeated mentally. That didn't sound too good, like the women would each give him the least they had to offer. And in the past, if they had done so, he would have accepted as what a worthless half-breed deserved.

But that wasn't so. Didn't he just say that Kagome deserved heaven? She was a hanyou like himself, born of a male demon and a female human. So then, what did he deserve? He certainly didn't deserve Kagome, someone so caring and loving and completely selfless. She really was, to put it simply, too good for him. To good for everyone, really. He could only see her in heaven and mated to a god to get everything she deserved.

And wasn't she a goddess, really? For someone so strong and beautiful, 'goddess' would be the only way to accurately describe her. Perfect.

The thought struck a nerve in him and, reflexively, he straightened and smiled at her. And she chose him. She said she loved him; she gave him her body; she accepted his request to mate. And when he thought she was pregnant - which she still might be, he reminded himself - she accepted that and even smiled at the thought.

He couldn't help but laugh at the thought. She was sixteen and had complained about it, about being so young and already being intimate with a man, and though the idea of being pregnant must scare her to no end, she smiled about it nonetheless. She already told him that it's considered unacceptable and even a sin to be with someone before marriage and to be married you had to be eighteen - or with your parents' permission, and signature, it seemed. So naturally being sixteen and pregnant and unmarried, the poor girl must think of herself as a whore.

But being mated was the equivalent of being 'married'. Nonetheless, Inuyasha could feel that Kagome was going to again voice her concern and say that they must be married by her time's rules. He could practically feel it, the way she'd plead with eyes and words that they just had to or - or she'd never sleep with him again.

He blanched at the idea alone. There was no way that he could ever let her hold that as her trump card.

~*~ Ray ~*~

"So everything is alright now?" she asked, hopefully.

Rare nodded. "Inuyasha believes that Kagome can purge herself of the demon using her miko [DL: Priestess. ] powers. I believe she can, as well."

"But I've never seen Kagome use her powers," Ray argued. "How can I believe that she can when I don't have proof that she can?"

"Faith," Rare told her. "Have faith that Inuyasha and myself know her well enough to know that she can do this, and with hardly a strain - if any." Moving closer to her on their bed, he wrapped his arms around her and brought her close, letting his head rest on hers. "Would it make you fell better if you were there to see it, or if she would show you a few tricks?"

"Tricks?!" Ray repeated, and jerked herself back. "Her life is depending on her being able to use some weird sort of power to get that thing out, and you call it 'tricks'?!"

Rare went pale listening to her. "Please, Ray," he started, trying to calm her. "I did not mean for it to sound that way. Kagome is very talented with her powers, and I promise you, she has plenty to spare. I have seen her purge the evil from Shikon shards with hardly a touch and walk directly through barriers that none can go through."

Ray had been slowly calming as he spoke, and now she dropped her head, fighting off tears. "I know, you say she's so strong, but. . ." She lifted her head, tears starting slow trails down her cheeks. "But despite everything, I look at her and I still see my little girl!" she finished quickly, and promptly threw herself back into Rare's arms. In between sobs, she continued, "I don't. . .don't care if - if she's half demon or not! She's still my. . .my baby, and. . .and she's just too sensitive. . ."

Understanding her trouble, and empathizing with it, Rare hugged Ray to him tightly. "I know, my dearest. She is still our baby, demon half or no. It is hard to watch her grow up, to watch her walk away from us as she learns to take care of herself. But she will always be our little girl, no matter what, Ray. She will always need us, and that is why we must always be there. She will always come back to us. Always, Ray," he finished, slowly stroking his mate's hair. After a moment, he smiled.

"Ray?" he asked, leaning back slightly.

Ray sniffed and looked up, but did not let go.

"Would you consider growing out your hair?"

Ray drew back enough to stare at him. "Grow it out?" she repeated. "Why?"

"Because I wish to see you as I used to. Of course, like it is you look very distinguished, and the perfect mother, but I always fancied you better when it was long enough to be braided," he teased.

Ray narrowed her eyes and stood, the distraction working perfectly. "I believe it is long enough to be braided as it is, oh thoughtful and loving mate," she spoke harshly.

Rare grinned at her playfully and stood up. "Why thank you, oh cunning and beautiful mate," he returned. "But the request remains. If you wish, I would gladly brush it of tangles and keep it braided so it would undoubtedly grow long," he offered.

Ray shook her head. "It would take two years, at least, for it to get as long as it was before."

"I have the time," Rare told her, grinning. "And so do you," he reminded her.

Ray gave a little blush and glanced to her left, letting her head drop. Just the thought of living to become as old as Rare made her remember why that would happen, what had caused it. And every time, it would make her blush. And every time, she would remember too late what Rare thought of her blushing, and would fall into his arms again, completely helpless to his charm - or whatever it was about him that made her so weak.

As she looked up again, Rare was grinning, the natural response he got whenever she blushed. She knew what he was thinking, without even using that 'mind link' or whatever it was that connected them.

~*~ Sango ~*~

She sat on the porch [DL: Or Japanese word for it.] of their special little hut, watching the children play even as her mind drifted. Miroku wasn't far away, keeping an eye out and feeling for any dark auras. Presently she looked over at him, and then glanced away, starting to blush.

It was just two kisses, she told herself. That's it. It's not like you let him be a pervert all night. He hasn't even said a word about it! Just two kisses. . .you can handle this. . .just two innocent little kisses. . .

Hoping her mental pep-talk worked, she cleared her throat. "Um. . .Miroku?" she asked, getting his attention. She stood up and took a few steps closer, a little unnerved by the fact that he was just looking at her. "Do you think it was the right idea, letting Kagura go?"

"I am sure Sesshomaru can handle her," he offered. "And Kagome did say that Kagura were simply concerned for the safety of herself and Kanna."

"That doesn't make it the right decision," she tried to argue. "We could've stopped her."

"Perhaps," Miroku returned, seemingly indifferent.

Struggling to keep the conversation going, Sango changed subjects. "Well, what about Kagome? Do you really think she's pregnant?"

"It could be. Inuyasha seemed certain." Glancing over his shoulder, Miroku counted the children before returning his gaze to Sango. "Of course, there is the chance that he might be imagining it."

"Why would Inuyasha do that? It's not very smart, not now. Dangerous, even."

"Perhaps that is why. He wishes to give Kagome a reason to stay away from the fight, the best way to protect her. Or he might want a child so badly that he's letting himself believe that she is, and hoping she will believe it as well."

Trying to not bite her lip, Sango offered a question. "Would you do that?" she asked. "Would you let yourself believe a woman is pregnant, just because you want it?" Although dreading his answer, Sango was very glad that she brought it up. It gave her a reason to maneuver the conversation to their relationship, wherever it was.

"I hope not," Miroku answered, quietly.

For a moment the two of them didn't move or speak, and then Sango looked away.

"Sango. . ."

Afraid to look, she glanced at him through the corner of her eye, only to feel his hand on her cheek, turning her face towards his. Trying to fight a blush, she struggled with her tongue to speak. "Miroku. . ." It was as far as she could get on her own, but she wanted to say something else.

Somewhat hesitantly, Miroku leaned towards her, adjusted his grip on her cheek to lift her chin. It was small kiss, hardly more than just a brush, but that was all he could trust himself with. "I believe you had other things to talk about," he said.

Sango nodded, but once again, she couldn't say anything.

Seeing her problem, Miroku looked up at the sky. It was dusk, the perfect time to walk a bit, perhaps even a romantic setting. "Would you like to take a walk with me?" he asked.

Refusing to lose the battle with her tongue, Sango struggled out a "Yes" and then they were walking, side by side, equally quiet as they gathered their thoughts. The sun was nearly out of sight when Sango blurted out, "Do you have any plans?"

Miroku paused to look at her. "Concerning what, exactly?" Truthfully, he had a lot of plans, about a lot of things.

Once again Sango struggled for the right words. "Us," she finally got out.

"Not entirely," he offered her. "I have hopes, mainly."

Shaking, hardly believing she dared, Sango went on. "What hopes?"

Miroku took a step closer to her before speaking again. "To live," he said. "To see you every day, as it has been. To have a child or two." At those words Sango smiled, and Miroku went on, lifting a hand to stroke her cheek. "A little girl who looks just like you. I would love to nurture such a child," he told her seriously.

Still shaking, Sango leaned forward and gratefully relaxed in Miroku's arms. However did Miroku make it so long without getting married? He was great with words, no matter what he was saying. On the off chance that this was a ruse to get her to bare his child, Sango didn't care. She would gladly do it if he would continue to hold her like this, and to talk to her like he did.

"I love you, Sango," he finished, and in his arms, Sango shivered at the words.

Looking up at him with wet eyes, she smiled. "I think I love you more, Miroku."

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