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But being mated was the equivalent of being 'married'. Nonetheless, Inuyasha could feel that Kagome was going to again voice her concern and say that they must be married by her time's rules. He could practically feel it, the way she'd plead with eyes and words that they just had to or - or she'd never sleep with him again.

He blanched at the idea alone. There was no way that he could ever let her hold that as her trump card.

~*~ Ray ~*~

As she looked up again, Rare was grinning, the natural response he got whenever she blushed. She knew what he was thinking, without even using that 'mind link' or whatever it was that connected them.

~*~ Sango ~*~

However did Miroku make it so long without getting married? He was great with words, no matter what he was saying. On the off chance that this was a ruse to get her to bare his child, Sango didn't care. She would gladly do it if he would continue to hold her like this, and to talk to her like he did.

"I love you, Sango," he finished, and in his arms, Sango shivered at the words.

Looking up at him with wet eyes, she smiled. "I think I love you more, Miroku."

FIFTY. FIFTY. FIF-TY. *Passes out*

Slowly, dreading a possible headache, Kagome opened her eyes and sat up, holding the sheets to her chest automatically. She sighed heavily, letting everything come back to her. Although she still doubted it, she remembered Inuyasha tell her she was pregnant. And then . . .then they came back home, and Kagome talked to Rare. But then what? She couldn't remember, which was disconcerting considering she was naked in her bed now.

Brows drawn together, she struggled to remember why she was in bed. She said something about. . .about some words in her head from. . .from. . .From when?! But Rare didn't say it, he said. And then he looked her over and she blushed, right? That's right! Ray came downstairs wearing a kimono, and then grandpa came in, and Rare and herself went upstairs to her room! But. . .but why?

Kagome let out a frustrated snarl and threw the sheets back and got up, searching for some sort of clothes. In fact, she got so wrapped up in her thoughts she wandered in circles, staring at the floor for some time before she realized she was doing it. She stopped and looked around, and then growled in that same frustrated way. Hands clenched, she glared at the floor, and then cursed and promptly jerked open a dresser drawer and grabbed some random shirt.

She came downstairs wearing a red shirt that adorned a chibi picture of a cat that read, "You don't look bad. Just not as good as me" and a pair of tight blue jeans, probably courtesy of her mother and the fact that they didn't have to pay rent. Still barefoot and pissed, she came into the kitchen wearing a scowl and found everyone at the table, but not eating - and they were already looking at her.

She waited a full ten seconds before speaking. "Well?" she asked, waiting for someone to speak.

"Neat shirt," Souta said. "That cat's got a big head, though."

"For cuteness purposes," Kagome informed him distractedly. "Dad?" she added, hoping he'd get it.

Thank the gods, Rare stood up. She started up to her room only when Inuyasha got up as well, more or less coerced by Rare and Kagome's eyes that he ought to come, too. Once in her room, Kagome tapped her foot impatiently without consciously realizing it, and waited for someone to speak. Naturally, Rare started.

"Ah, Kagome, I am sorry that I didn't get rid of the demon," he began, "but Inuyasha did say you could get it yourself. I -"

"Demon?" Kagome repeated. Knowing her father was no liar, she tried to explain. "I don't remember anything about a demon."

Both Inuyasha and Rare seemed to straighten and glance at each other. Inuyasha wet his lips. "Kagome. . .how much do you remember of yesterday?"

"Just show me," Rare added, stepping a bit closer. He lifted two fingers to press against her left temple, and shut his eyes.

Kagome did as well, but kept her hands fisted together against her thighs. Scenes rushed through her head of yesterday, since the moment she got home. And then her eyes were open and Rare looked worried.

"She remembers nothing of the demon," he told Inuyasha without looking. "She remembers your. . .ah. . .inclination that she might very well be pregnant, coming here, speaking to me, and coming to her room. Nothing after or in between."

"She is pregnant," Inuyasha told Rare fiercely. "I know my nose. I'd never mistake the smell."

Rare bit back any further comments and took Kagome's hand. He lifted her hand until her palm was flat against his temple, and sorted through his memories, filling in the gaps in Kagome's mind - though from a different point of view, and she was still missing her own thoughts on the subject - unless he had heard them.

Kagome gasped when he let her hand fall, wondering idly why she couldn't remember such important events. . .But - but the demon couldn't have such powers as to delete or change her memories. . .and surely she should have felt it move just beneath her skin. . .

Fingers curling into claws, Kagome's breath came sharper, and she shut her eyes, letting loose waves of miko power to locate this damn parasite that was screwing with her.

While she did so, Rare thought it best to leave, and excused himself. Inuyasha stayed but remained feeling useless of what he could possibly do in such a situation. Eventually he just steered Kagome to her bed to sit and crouched in fornt of her, watching intently for any signs that he might be needed.

And then Kagome did something amazing. She plunged her right hand into her left side, up to her knuckles. Before Inuyasha could react in any sort of way, her hand came back out holding something small, white and wriggling. It was no longer than the width of her hand, and as thick as her thumb. It had at least a dozen legs, all scrambling to get away, and two long antennae - which were longer than its body - and six more situated around the two long ones. And it had two, beady black eyes, curved into an evil glare.

The wound on Kagome's side at first didn't close as it would have normally, but after a moment it began connected the skin together. Even as Kagome's fingers remained bloody, the little white demon stayed white, blood and liquid itself rolling off its slick body.

Kagome growled at the thing, more in annoyance than anger, and squeezed sharply. The demon squealed and oozed green blood, and didn't move again. Kagome's neon green power flowed around her hand, and when she opened her hand, the power engulfed the demon and dissolved it completely. Not a wisp was left of the thing, and good riddance. Looking more intently at her hand, Kagome's heart beat strongly three times, and her fingers curved reflexively each time. As it did, the blood on her fingers absorbed into her skin, something that she hadn't done before.

Done with that, Kagome let out a heavy breath and slumped forward, and then leaned back onto her bed. "Why didn't I feel it?" she moaned, the question aimed at the gods.

"Did you analyze it?" Inuyasha asked, taking a seat next to her.

Kagome nodded, eyes closed. "It was amazingly intelligent, and if Dad hadn't found it, it could have taken over my body. It almost had. And it was about to lay eggs."

"It. . .then. . .but. . ." Inuyasha couldn't think straight, or word sentences coherently.

Knowing what he meant, Kagome smiled. "I don't know if that's the scent you smelled, thinking that it was me being pregnant. I don't know if it was the demon itself. But I know one thing you didn't take into account."

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome sat up, smiling as gently as possible for him. "I wasn't in heat when we were together. I can't be pregnant."

"You have to be!" Inuyasha returned sharply.

Kagome stared at him. It was almost like. . .like he needed for her to be pregnant. Who's child didn't matter, or how impossible it was, even if it was immaculate conception.

"I know my nose," he went on, repeating his earlier comment. "I'd never mistake that smell."

"Inuyasha. . .that smell isn't there anymore," Kagome tried, hoping that if she talking calmly he'd become more. . .well. . .calm.

"That doesn't matter," Inuyasha told her. "It's been just two days. No wonder I mistook the smell at first. The smell isn't there yet," he reasoned, "but it will be."

"Inuyasha, be reasonable," Kagome told him and stood up. She conveyed her feelings to him, letting him feel that she was alright with this and that it didn't matter that she wasn't pregnant yet. "I wasn't in heat, it's too soon to know for sure anyway, it wasn't that many times, and -"

"Don't you remember what your father said?" Inuyasha returned, standing up. "Your mom quoted him. 'Demon seed tends to not give up easily' or whatever. It -"

"Dies after a single day," Kagome interrupted. "So what if it doesn't give up? You know what would happen if I got pregnant now?" she said in a slightly more hysterical tone. "It could very well kill me. I know you don't know how the female body works, so I'll try to explain this as best I can.

"This," she said, making a quick sketch, "is the female sex organ, the vagina. These are the ovaries, where the eggs are. They have to travel down the tubes and into the center here. If I got pregnant now, then I'd get pregnant here, in the fallopian tube. A baby developing there would break the tube, the baby wouldn't get nourished, and I would lose the baby - maybe even die."

Inuyasha looked horrified. "How. . .How could being pregnant be so dangerous?"

"One in five women in your time lost their baby during birth," Kagome told him. "Most of them died, too. Human bodies are made with narrow hips so we can walk upright, and the baby's head - the brain - is a lot bigger than other animal's. Weight-wise, human women have the largest babies of any known species with the narrowest hips. It's common for a woman to not be able to give birth. Now we can cut the woman and take the baby out ourselves, if she can't give birth. But in your time, it's a very dangerous thing."

'Horrified' was much too mild to describe Inuyasha's expression. He looked like the information was going to make him faint.

"And what's worse, Inuyasha," Kagome went on, more quietly and slowly, "is that age and size makes the most difference. At my age, and my height, birthing would be extremely difficult. I would probably need a C-cut myself. Do you understand now, Inuyasha? Why I'm trying so hard to convince you that I'm not pregnant?"

"If - If you were pregnant now, in that phil-ope-ee-an tube thingy, how would know? Would you just have to wait and - see?" Inuyasha asked carefully.

Kagome shook her head. "Probably, my first sign would be irregular bleeding. The baby develops quickly for five days before it sheds the egg's coating and tries to get into the vaginal tissue. It stays there for a while before it comes back out, a week, I think. At three weeks it weighs an ounce."

"And you'd know if it tried to - um. . .get into the, uh. . ."

"Vaginal tissue," Kagome repeated. "And most likely, my body would see the egg as a threat - an outside intruder - and kill it."

"It does that?!" Inuyasha suddenly asked, sharply.

Kagome nodded. "After the baby eats through the egg's coating, it has to produce a type of chemical to make my body accept it as part of me. If it doesn't, then white blood cells come and kill it - dissolve it, sort of."

"And then what?"

Kagome smiled. She caught Inuyasha's interest - and about baby's development. He looked fascinated. "Well," Kagome said, sitting back down on her bed, "then the baby has to bury into the tissue and stay there, where it can be protected against everything. I don't remember how long it takes, but I think a week passes and then it comes back out, looking like a blob of flesh. But really, the skin hasn't developed yet."

Inuyasha nodded, taking it in as he sat down. "And then what?"

Kagome gave a laugh. "Next it begins developing two major body parts - the body and the head. After three weeks - I should show you a picture, because it's really an odd-looking little thing. Short, too; an inch long if I remember correctly. Right now it'd be trying to develop a heart and organs, the brain and heart getting top priority. After that it focuses on limbs, but it doesn't have bone structure - just cartilage. The stuff that makes your nose and ears. Like flimsy bone.

"Want to know something interesting? Two tiny round organs and two sets of tubes." Kagome laughed at Inuyasha's confused expression. "Both sets of tubes are connected to the round organs, and later, when the sex of the baby is developed, the organs move to the correct space and one set of tubes goes away. It could become ovaries and the fallopian tubes, or testicles and. . ." Kagome thought about it. "I don't know what the tubes are called for men, sorry."

Inuyasha shook his head. "It's better that way."

Kagome laughed. "Maybe so.

"At three months the baby looks like an actual baby, but can't move - and for the better. It doesn't have bones yet, but three months is when they start developing, if my memory serves me correctly. See how much I learn in school?

"Once the tiny bones inside of the ear are developed, the baby can hear. Lots of people experiment with different songs and sounds, seeing what the baby likes. Lots of fathers talk to the baby, and the mother - well, she's at the baby's complete disposal," Kagome laughed. "What the baby wants, baby gets. Usually the mother just gets a craving and sends the father out for what she wants, even if she doesn't like it. Other times the mom has to smell foods first to determine what the baby wants.

"The whole thing is really fascinating," Kagome concluded. "I could have Mama rent a movie for you, one on baby's development. Although they might show first-hand of how a woman gives birth at the very end," Kagome warned, turning Inuyasha perked face into a shocked one.

"And the women let them just. . .watch?" he asked.

"Naturally," Kagome replied. "Throughout time women have been having difficult births, and as such, she loves having company when the baby comes. Usually it's just family; Mama, Papa, the husband, sisters even, and grandparents. It's comforting to be surrounded by people who cheer you on and try to help in every way possible."

Inuyasha thought about it. "Rent a movie," he repeated. "You're going to have to explain that to me, but it sounds good."

Kagome laughed at him. "Sure thing. Start asking."

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