InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Transformations ❯ Crisis ( Chapter 51 )

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Inuyasha thought about it. "Rent a movie," he repeated. "You're going to have to explain that to me, but it sounds good."

Kagome laughed at him. "Sure thing. Start asking."

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**Fifty One**

Kagome had to smile at Inuyasha's face. After watching a movie about childbirth and showing a lot of clips from inside the womb, and eventually the birth, Inuyasha looked more scarred than anything else. Poor guy would probably have nightmares.

Her theory proved true later that night, as they settled into bed. Usually he would snuggle and try to tempt her into another bought of 'mating' as he always called it, but this time he dropped his hand to her stomach and left it there, unmoving.

"What's with you?" she asked, leaning back slightly to see him over her shoulder.

". . .I've got a lot on my mind," he tried. At her look, he went on. "It's hard to think that I've seen the inside of that vaa-gee-nuh that I can only feel."

Kagome grinned and shook her head. "It wasn't mine."

"I hope not," he grumbled. "Not like I've seen yours. . .wouldn't know the difference. . .pups. . ."

Kagome raised a brow at his mumbling. "Should I ask what you're trying to get at?" she asked.

He shook his head and then sighed, arms pulling her closer. It was officially the end of the conversation when he closed his eyes. Kagome simply rolled her eyes and nestled herself into her pillow again. Tomorrow they were going back, to his time. To see everyone and break the news that most likely she wasn't pregnant, but that the possibility still remained until a few weeks yet.

Well . . .After they shopped for a "decent kimono" as Inuyasha had stated. He didn't like how much her robe showed, and had demanded that she get something that covered her more. Giving in, she'd agreed, and tomorrow he was coming with her to get something more 'presentable'. So says the male of the mates.

~*~ Next Morning ~*~

Shopping is hell. Like burning in an eternal inferno, skin melting off and organs bursting under the heat. Eyes drying up and then lighting on fire, bones scorching under the heat, blood dissolving. So this is what they mean when they say "burn in hell".

Go shopping with a woman and you'll start feeling it.

Take her mother along and you could swear it's on your tail.

Be an arrogant tag-along, and you'll spend that eternity in hell.

Growling, Inuyasha stopped and grabbed Kagome's arm, halting her. "Aren't you done yet?" he snapped.

"Relax, Inu-chan," Kagome said back, coming up close to make him blush and look directly at her. "We're buying you things, aren't we?"

"No," he replied, trying not to sound like he was breaking.

"But that's because you said you didn't want anything," Ray included, and eyed another clothing shop with a critical gaze.

"We're perfectly willing," Kagome went on. "Dad has plenty of money to be on one shopping spree with an aggravated hanyou, his hanyou princess, and the understanding human mother who stands by with support," she said, smiling at her mother on the last part.

Inuyasha was probably complaining mostly because of his clothes. Declaring that he couldn't possibly be seen out in his fire rat haori, Ray had begun digging through clothes with Rare and Kagome had dressed him. She had to say, though, that he looked extremely - extremely - sexy in the chosen ensemble.

A red muscle shirt, as was his color, and dark blue jeans that hugged to him. Going a step further had made Kagome choose army boots for him and fingerless gloves, and lastly, she had waved her fingers and hid his ears, claws and fangs. In a word, he was irresistible. Girls in every direction stopped to glance once and then twice, and a lot of them stared and drooled.

It made Kagome feel all the luckier to be with such a man. She, herself, had picked a smooth black shirt that she tucked into a matching black skirt, and knee-high stylish boots, courtesy of her mother knowing her style for what it was. Wanting to match, though, Kagome had tipped it off with fingerless gloves as well, but hers matched her boots and reached her elbows. In fact, she'd added a dark red sash and tied it on her left hip. All in all, she was more American than Japanese, and the boys were loving it.

The right glares from Inuyasha, though, made them all look away and eager to be elsewhere.

Ray took her usual turn away from those types of clothes, though. She wore a blue dress this time, tight to her torso but loose from the hips down. She had what could be described as lace-up heels, not very high, but adding enough of a sunny look to the mother-like dress she'd chosen.

Inuyasha muttered something and looked away from her gaze.

"I take it that's submission?" she asked, sweetly.

He gave her a one-eyed glare from his turned-away position, and then growled when she tugged on his hand. But before they could enter the store, Kagome saw signs of imminent meltdown.

"Kagome!" three voices called in one, and then three girls were rushing towards her.

Kagome plastered on a grin and waved at them. Whatever I say, just play along, she said to Inuyasha as the girls reached her. Already knowing the play, Ray turned a smile to the three girls and the four of them said their hello's before turning on Kagome.

"We were so worried, we thought you'd been sent away to America!" one of them said as a second eyed Inuyasha.

The third one grasped Kagome's hands and sighed. "We're so happy you're still here! We haven't talked to you in so long, Kagome!"

Without flaw, the smile kept up. "I know, I was scared about being sent to America, too. But when -"

"Kagome!" the first girl cut off. "What did you do to your hair?!" she asked, running her fingers through her blue hair.

"Oh, this," Kagome said, and bowed her head so the girls could feel it for a while. "It's a side-effect."

"Side effect?" the second asked, suspicious. "It looks like you dyed it."

Kagome nodded and sighed. "That's what everybody said. But really, it happened due to permanent discoloring. See, my lips and nails are black, and my eyes are green. Like I said, it's permanent." She let them look her over before going on. "The treatment's working out well, though; in another year or so I'll be back to normal."

Apparently having enough, Inuyasha let out a small, almost inaudible growl and placed his left hand strongly at Kagome's side, bringing her back against him.

"Who's this?" number two asked.

"Oh, this is Inuyasha," Kagome said. "Inuyasha, this is Ami, Eri and Yumi," she said. [DL: Okay, so I don't remember their names. I know there's a Yumi and Eri, though. . .In one of the animes I watch. . . O.o Bear with me here.]

"Where'd you find him?" Eri asked, number three. "He looks. . .kinda odd."

"Yeah, I know," Kagome replied. "I met him at the same hospital I've been going to. Turns out he has it, too. Only he was on his last treatment, and now he's all better. But be careful - another permanent side-effect makes us stronger than we used to be. I know it sounds all good, but there's a lot of downsides until I'm better."

"What is this disease called, anyway?" Yumi asked, number two and very suspicious.

"Semichloroposymosis," Kagome supplied.

"Say it again," Yumi went on, still suspicious.

"Semichloroposymosis," Kagome repeated. "Semi-chloro-posymo-sis. Half color hanyou syndrome."

"I've never heard of that," Ami said. "It must be really bad."

Kagome nodded and sighed again. "The word 'hanyou' means a lot of different things. To keep the name short they adopted it."

"What exactly does it do?" Eri asked. "I mean, how do you know if you have it?"

"Sensitivity, mainly," Kagome replied without a misput eyelash. "At first you get really dizzy, and the sun's too bright and every sound is too loud. You can even smell all sorts of things you couldn't before. And then you start feeling weak, but are so strong you break nearly everything without trying to. Later, you start changing colors. Hair, eyes, and nails are the main things that change color, but there's also lips, like me, skin color, eyebrows. . .and some of them have off discolored shapes on their bodies, like tattoos. See?" She lifted her bangs and the girls gasped.

"That's amazing!" Yumi said, touching her forehead. "How'd you get this?"

"I just told you," Kagome laughed.

Ami's mind was obviously off to the side, because she suddenly wasn't paying attention. After a few moments she looked up and met Kagome's eyes directly. "Kagome. . .Does Hojo know about Inuyasha?"

Everything faltered. The first one to break the silence was Inuyasha, saying, "Hojo?" in a deep and somewhat angry voice.

"Hojo," Kagome repeated. "Actually. . .I haven't spoken to him yet. Why?"

"He didn't make it to school when we learned you were pulled out, Kagome!" Ami said with sudden urgency. "I called and his mom said he'd been crying!"

"Hojo - Hojo was crying?" Kagome repeated, shocked.

Inuyasha huffed. "Damn good thing. He knows he can't have you - about time he realized it."

"Be nice, Inuyasha," Kagome warned with a glance at him.

"He's been looking sick at school," Yumi continued.

"His mom said he hasn't been sleeping well," Eri went on.

"And for the past few days he hasn't been at school, either," Ami finished. "You know, Kagome. . .He really fell for you. He really loves you."

Kagome, at a loss, couldn't speak. She always knew Hojo liked her, and of course wanted to date her, but love? Well. . .He certainly was dense enough to fall in love when Kagome did everything she could to turn him down.

The Gods must hate me, she thought, catching a very particular form rounding the corner. "Uh, guys. . .Could we continue this later?" she asked, in a sudden panic to get into the store and hide in the very back.

The girls caught her rush and interpreted it the wrong way. "Are you feeling okay?" Ami asked.

"Are you sure the treatment's working?" Yumi went on.

"Are you -" Eri began just to be cut off.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha snapped. He waved at the girls until they backed up, remembering about the 'super strength' they inherited through their 'disease'. But he was just slightly late.

Hojo himself appeared, head down and feet dragging, trailed by his mother who was apparently trying to get him away from the home and have some fun. When she spotted Kagome, she yelped and called her name, and Hojo's head shot up as Kagome's friends began calling him over.

His entire demeanor lifted as Inuyasha's darkened. "Kagome!" he said, coming over quickly and - much to the displeasure of Inuyasha - embraced her as soon as she was within arm's reach.

Kagome had no idea what to do, but luckily, Ray's mind moved a bit faster. "Hojo, you look awful!" she crooned, going over to him and drawing one arm off Kagome to look at his face. "All these dark circles and pale skin - have you been sleeping?" she asked in a very maternal way.

Kagome stepped back as Hojo's mother - Maki - began talking quickly to Ray. On top of that, Inuyasha was growling and the other three girls were concerning over Hojo as well. Kagome herself began pushing back Inuyasha, aiming for the store to stand in the relative peace it offered. It only lasted a few seconds before they all turned, looking for Kagome.

With a shy smile and a wave, Kagome took another step back, and instinctively Inuyasha pulled her against him and glared at the rest of the group. "Stay back if you know what's good for you," he warned darkly. While this was aimed pointedly at Hojo, everyone but Ray took the hint and stayed a few feet back.

"That's Inuyasha," Eri was saying to Hojo and Maki. "He has - had - the same disease as Kagome does, only he's cured now."

"It changes their natural colorings," Yumi said. "See, Kagome's got green eyes now, and blue hair, and black nails and lips - all permanent."

"And Inuyasha's colors make him pretty hot," Ami breathed, the sound unheard by all except Kagome and Inuyasha.

"What's it called?" Hojo asked, not pointedly at anyone.

"Semischomo. . .Sedi. . ." Eri tried.

"No, it's semi chromo - um," Yumi corrected.

"Demi," Ami tried. "Demichromosone - no, that's not it."

"Semichloroposymosis," Kagome supplied.

"Is it fatal?" Hojo asked, concern obvious in his eyes.

"Not when treated," Kagome replied evenly. "I still need another year of treatment, though. Before I get cured, I mean."

Something sparked in those eyes, something Kagome picked up as relief.

Inuyasha didn't miss it, though. "What, you think she's lying?" he asked, brutally.

"He does not," Kagome hissed at him. "He's never doubted me before."

"That's good to know, Kagome," Hojo said, finally beginning to smile. "So, I take it this Inuyasha is your boyfriend?"

"We're - engaged now," Kagome replied. It was close enough, anyway.

"You should see the wedding catalogs I've gotten!" Ray told them, clasping her hands over her heart. "All those gorgeous dresses - would you like to see them, Maki?" she asked the other mother.

Maki grinned. "I love all weddings, so naturally. Have you decided on bride's mates and the best man?"

"Not yet - we're not quite at that stage yet," Ray replied smoothly.

"You've got to invite me over for it," Maki said and bowed. "Well, see now, Hojo?" she asked her son. "I told you getting out would help! Never doubt your mother."

Hojo smiled at his mother and nodded. "I never did. I just wasn't expecting this."

"None of us were," Kagome laughed.

"So he's leaving now?" Inuyasha asked, brutal as ever. "I'm not inviting you to the wedding."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome gasped and elbowed him. With a mutual glare from each of the lovers, Kagome turned away and stepped forward, taking Hojo's hand. "You're invited, Hojo. Whenever we plan a date, that is," she added with a laugh.

"I'd be honored to be there," Hojo replied and bowed to her.

"Thank you," Kagome said with a smile and a bow of her own.

"We're invited too, right?!" all three girls said in one, urgent faces blazing.

"Naturally, guys," Kagome said to them, retrieving her hand from Hojo's before he got thrown across the mall. "But we've got a lot of shopping to do," she told them regretfully, stepping back. "I'll call you - all of you," she told them.

"Bye and thanks!" the girls called as they left, waving.

Maki and Hojo left waving as well.

"You handled yourself excellently," Ray told her daughter, practically glowing. "And I'm being serious - you two are going to have a wedding, right?"

Kagome sighed, putting on a pained look. "Now that we've invited five people - we have to have it, and soon."

Inuyasha's face showed shock. "You mean you were fine with things before?" he asked, incredulously.

"Hell, no," Kagome replied without thinking. "One way or another, I planned us being married. This is just a bit sooner than I was thinking."

"Hell no?" Ray repeated, one brow raised as she folded her arms.

"Sorry?" Kagome said, wincing at the look.

"Better," Ray told her, looping an arm around her daughter's shoulders. "But you watch your mouth from now on. And you're not exempt from this rule either, Inuyasha - heritage and life be damned. You watch your tongue around me."

"Yes, Ray," Inuyasha muttering, bowing his head.

"What was that?" Ray asked, throwing a smile over her shoulder. Turning as well, Kagome smiled at him.

"Yes, mom," he corrected himself.

"Much better," Ray replied smoothly as ever. "Now, Kagome, we have to find a very nice top that'll be alright with getting torn up until this Hime woman can replicate it, correct?"

"Exactly," Kagome smiled at her mother. Her mind was still laughing at how easily her mother had 'trained' Inuyasha. It must be understandably difficult for him. But if Ray had her way, he'd be calling her 'Mama' as Kagome did.

Hands in pockets, Inuyasha followed them with the scowl he'd been wearing before they stopped. Stupid mall, he thought, being careful not to mentally curse around Ray. I should burn the fu - stupid thing down. Sighing, he followed them to the back and eyed each top. He never should have insisted in coming with.

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