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"But we really should stay here a bit," Kagome went on, sobering. "Souta's going to get home soon and we can him the story."

"Oh no you're not!" Ray said. "You're not telling Souta anything that might give him nightmares!"

"Mama," Kagome whined.

"Kagome, I must agree," Rare said. "Would you like your child speaking to her younger sibling about her battles in another timeline?"

"Well, no, but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon."

Inuyasha laughed.

**Fifty Nine** The Last Lemon so Beware

Back in her room, Kagome sighed and snuggled further into one her kimonos. It was warm and soft, while cool to the touch and silky. However Hime made these, she didn't much care, but she just loved them. This one was sunshine yellow all throughout, with cranes around the neck and sleeves, and flower petals along the hem. All the patterns were of different colors, and it made them that much better. It was gorgeous. It didn't shine like the others, but who really cares when it feels this good?

Inuyasha strode in sometime later and she smiled at him, getting a lustful grin in return. She rolled her eyes.

"Let me guess what you're here for," she said, and glanced out the window. Yep, there was Mama and Dad, just leaving. Because she was focused on the window and not Inuyasha, she yelped when he pounced on her and immediately began giggling.

He ran his hands up and down her sides and sniffed her hair. "Ah," he sighed. "My Kagome."

"My Inuyasha," she returned, smiling widely. With a wicked glint in her eyes she grabbed his wrists and flipped over, putting herself on top while simultaneously making them fall onto the floor. She had done both purposely.

Inuyasha's grin mimicked hers and he sat up and wrapped his arms around her. His mouth covered hers in a smoldering kiss before he licked her lips and began trailing the kisses downward. His hands found the shoulders of her kimono and brushed them aside, showing a nice amount of cleavage while also leaving her covered but looking sexy. She already figured out that he liked that.

She licked an ear and caught the other between her teeth, tugging at it. Inuyasha's response was a long moan and a shudder.

"You drive me wild, woman," he said, huskily.

"Why, my Inuyasha, I thought you were wild," she said, pouting. "And all this time you've been tame and acting? What a letdown."

He growled and then smirked, looking devilish with his bangs covering his eyes like that. "So I need to prove to you how wild I am? I can do that."

"Without breaking a sweat, I'm sure."

He chuckled and it started a fluttering in her stomach. "Oh no, my Kagome. No I plan on sweating myself into a prune, and you too." He looked up then and licked under her jaw, a warm and wet swath that made her gasp, shiver, and cling to him. Oh that felt nice.

She moaned. His head moved downward and he buried his face in her chest, taking a deep breath before licking her breasts and sucking at random places on them. Oh Kami-sama . . .What did I get myself into?

Who cares? She answered herself. He always pleases you first and you know it.

Shut up; I want to enjoy this, she snapped back.

But the thought that he always pleased her first disturbed her and she thought again about their time in the forest. Then she had thought about pleasing him, returning all the favors he'd done her. Now she had her chance and enough guts to do it. She grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back just as he was beginning to push her kimono shoulders down further.

He looked up sharply. "What do you think you're doing, you can't stop now!" he said, even as she drew back from his lap.

"I'm not stopping," she said back. Hardly believing she dared, she grabbed his sash and tugged it off quickly.

Woman!! His voice snapped in her head. "What're you -"

Shut up and enjoy it, she told him, and lowered her head into his lap.

This was nothing like she thought it'd be. She always imagined giving a man oral sex was something like a Popsicle or a corn dog, considering both were shaped basically the same. But it wasn't nearly the same. For one, Popsicle's were cold, and corn dogs were soft. A man was hot and hard. Popsicle's were sweet and flavorful, and corn dogs were tasty but best with ketchup. A man was salty and needed nothing to add to the taste. She quickly deduced that going down on a man was better, but not necessarily for the reasons mentioned. It was for everything he was doing.

Inuyasha was tense with the strength to not thrust into her mouth, he was gasping and moaning, his fingers were thread into her hair and he was trying to form words. They sounded suspiciously like 'Kagome' and the beginning of sentences. Those were all the reasons she needed.

Presently he let go of her hair and instead tore up her floorboards. She found she didn't care about that. She focused on what she was doing, moving her tongue in ways she hoped would feel good to him, sucking and keeping her head about her fangs. She didn't want to hurt him. Especially not a part of him that promised pleasure very soon.

"Stop!" he gasped. "Kagome - I - I have to - you -"

She knew very well what was happening and didn't lift her head. She regretted that decision.

His seed released and shot directly up into her mouth and the force both shocked her and made her choke. She lifted her head, coughing and swallowing, and could hardly believe that he could come so hard and that he had - inside of her. Not on very many occasions but enough times that she was truly surprised that she wasn't pregnant after all.

She looked up at Inuyasha and saw that he was leaned back on his hands and shaking. He looked back up at her and they didn't need a mind-link for her to know what he was thinking. She coughed once more, this time in embarrassment, and looked away.

"Kagome . . ."

Her blush deepened and she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye.

A few seconds passed in which she could see he was thinking about what to do next, and then he launched himself at her and she instinctively gasped and drew back. His arms went around her with a strength he'd never before used on her and he kissed her fully, wasting no time in delving his tongue into her mouth. Kagome clung back and kissed while wondering what he was tasting? His seed didn't really taste all that good but it got her body moving, alright.

Kagome . . .Kagome . . . his voice repeated in her mind. The part of her brain that continued to function noticed how eagerly he was kissing her, the desperate way he held her, the emotions spinning in his mind. He wasn't kidding when he told me I drive him wild, she realized. The knowledge made her want him more.

"Ohhh Inuyasha," she moaned after his mouth released hers. "Even after that battle you've got all this energy."

"You do this to me," he returned, nipping at her neck. He licked a trail up the side of her neck and nipped his way back down again. Goosebumps rose all over her body and made her nipples harden in askance. "This is all your fault, Kagome. I love you for it."

She arched her back and slipped her arms out of the kimono, practically begging. His mouth found her breasts again and he greatly pleased them before pushing her back and untying her sash. He brushed the kimono off her body and returned to her breasts once more before continuing downward, doing an excellent job of making her body ready for him.

You realize you're going to get punished for what you did, his voice said.

"Punished?" she panted.

Yes. You're getting more than you can handle. She almost grinned, even in her dizzy state. Her punishment was excessive pleasure. It must have been what he felt. She wondered how she could continue thinking through such an episode.

Then his mouth and tongue found her core and she decided that thinking was overrated. His mouth was all she needed and his tongue was an added bonus. She found herself writhing even as he tried to hold her still, one arm across her hips to keep them where he wanted them. Her thighs were over his shoulders and she unconsciously clenched them around his neck. Thank Kami for his hanyou strength because he kept breathing fine and didn't let up his motions. She was just thanking Kami for his talented tongue when two fingers joined in and she added those to her list.

"Ahhh - Inuyasha -" she gasped. "I-Inu. . .ya. . ." Kami-sama be blessed. . .

When she came at last she swore there was no one more perfect than her Inuyasha. She doubled these swears when he wasted not a second in starting again, giving her another thorough loving with his mouth and fingers. By the time he was done and she had clenched a second time, she was sweating as he had promised and with little mobility left.

She recovered slowly from her second orgasm, slow enough that it gave him time to undress and relocate her to her bed. When he joined her and entered her at last, she dug her nails into his back. She knew she must be drawing blood but at the moment it didn't matter. Inuyasha shuddered and moved slowly, and Kagome couldn't decide whether she liked the slow and steady lovemaking or the fast and wild best. It was then that she realized that he wasn't being wild as he had promised.

Impatient Mistress, Inuyasha scolded her without pausing. You're being punished, remember?

Oh she remembered. She was counting on it. Punishment from Inuyasha meant something good in mass amounts for her, and she was planning on enjoying it with everything she had.

She was beginning to regret taking it so lightly. The way he was moving was quite literally rubbing her in all the right ways, on the inside as well as out. Her body reacted entirely too strongly to him, too wantonly. Her body moved without thought or will and her mind was swimming. She'd never felt so alive and it was overwhelming her. "Inuyasha . . ." she whispered. She was near begging - for release.

He moaned but nothing about his pattern shifted. He was still moving slow, steady, rubbing against her and making her body steadily hotter. How did he have this power over her? How did he have this control? How did she lose her power with only a touch from him?

In all honesty she didn't much care. She was content as long as he could do this to her, and as long as he continued to do so.

However he was keeping up this pace she didn't know, because she had already lost it and was near begging him to move faster and wilder as their other joinings had been, even as she hardly take in what he doing to her now. Arching her back and scratching at his, she could little more than moan and move her hips to his rhythm, but she had to do more . . . She opened her eyes to see him.

And saw his neck, his scar. A demon-spurred urge went through her and quickly grabbed him and bit down. Inuyasha's reaction wasn't what she was expecting, but then, she wasn't expecting anything.

He howled into her pillow and an instant later, upon his next thrust, his control snapped. He dove into her core fast and hard as she wanted but this as well felt almost too much for her. Her mouth released his neck and her head tilted back, exposing her own neck and she felt Inuyasha latch on. Kami-sama save me . . . He wasn't kidding when he told her that this would be punishment. She couldn't take it!

"Stop," she gasped, her hands reaching up to grab the wall and her nails digging in. "Inu-Inu-yasha - I can't -"

He grunted and to her surprise he grabbed her thighs, released her neck and moved her thighs over his shoulders, curling her back. Kami-sama she'd never felt him this deep before . . . "Can't stop," he panted. "Not - now -"

It didn't take much longer in that position and she clenched, squeezing him tightly, and she felt him give a shudder and let loose his seed. He didn't move for a moment and the he rolled over onto the bed, releasing her. She rolled onto her side and clutched her knees to her chest, panting. She didn't know if she could take another tryst like that. Her bed was near soaked with their sweat and the room smelled of sex. She'd need to air it out or her mother would flip. You didn't need a hanyou or youkai nose to pick up the scent of sex when it was this thick.

She almost blushed. Thick. Smiling, she rolled over and stretched out next to Inuyasha, who was still panting.

"Did you . . .enjoy . . .your punishment?" he panted, an arm curling around her back.

"A bit too much, I think," she replied. "I'm not sure I'm be able to walk for a while."

He chuckled. "That's fine. I'll just . . .carry you around. It's . . .not a problem."

"That's because you're not the one whose mobility depends on how her lover acts."

"Heh. I did good then, huh?"

She laughed and snuggled into his shoulder. "I like to think so."

He chuckled again.

"You realize, of course, that the window's going to be left open for the rest of the day."

He stilled. "Why?"

"Because I'm sure that if Mama smells this room she's going to go off the deep end."

"What's that mean?"

"It's a metaphor for she going's to burst with anger and-or shock. Understand now?"


"I'll open the window as soon as the feeling comes back to my legs."

"Heh, weak woman as always," Inuyasha teased and got up to open the window.

"Watch it," she warned him.


"I know you're proud that you're so great but I don't like the idea of another woman seeing how great my man is," she told him with a wicked smile.

He laughed while also blushing. He opened the window and got back in bed with her, this time crawling on top of her. "Great, huh?"

"Did I swell your pride?"


She laughed. "Oh no, I'm doomed," she said with fake fear.

"Damn straight, woman," he agreed and kissed her. "Beware of my ego."

She giggled. "I'll be sure to demean you more often and 's' you every opportunity I get."


She laughed again. "Until the day I die. What would you promise me?"

"I promise to keep you happy and sated and immobile."

"Kami-sama save me," she faked.

He chuckled. "Even he can't save you now. My Kagome."

"My Inuyasha."

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