InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Uke ❯ Not a Kid Anymore ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1 - Not a Kid Anymore
Inuyasha sat in the forest, sulking and nursing his mad. Stupid Kagome and her stupid `osuwari.' She always got so mad over the stupidest things. So what if he'd said her food stunk? Wasn't his fault that her cooking was so terrible. If she couldn't take a little criticism, she should just stop fucking cooking in the first place.
Inhaling a moment, Inuyasha scowled at the stench that hit his nose. Great. Kouga. Dammit, why did he always have to keep coming around? Stupid wolf stayed away just long enough to give Inuyasha hope that he'd finally been scared off, and then he came back and ruined it all. Shit. Now Inuyasha was gonna have to go back and watch over Kagome, even though she was still in a pissy mood, and she'd sit him for his trouble anyway. Idiotic wench. Getting to his feet, he growled as Kouga's whirlwind snaked over and dissipated into choking dust. Inuyasha started hacking like he'd inhaled a hairball.
Fucking show-off.
“Damn well learn how to walk, you mangy wolf!” He coughed a few more times as he tried to clear his lungs.
Kouga stared at him silently, sniffing the air, his brow furrowing. He looked Inuyasha up and down, sniffed again like he had one of those damn colds humans were always getting, and snorted. And then the damn ookami started laughing.
“What the hell are you laughing at?” Stupid bastard. He was getting way too comfortable trying to fuck with Inuyasha. Well, he'd better step back or Inuyasha was going to-
Kouga leapt for Inuyasha before the hanyou even realized he was moving.
“Hey!” What the fuck was he doing? He wasn't supposed to just attack! They were supposed to insult the hell out of each other for a while so they could get a good mad going! Why the hell was the bastard going against tradition like that? He glared at him, pinned to the ground by his arms and feeling damn humiliated. Kouga had taken him down so easily!
Thank the Gods Kagome and the others hadn't been around to see it. Inuyasha could get free and kick Kouga's ass like the sneaky mongrel deserved without another person knowing what had happened. Then he'd block this entire moment from his memory and-
-and why the fuck was Kouga sniffing him again?!
“Cut it out, asshole!” he growled furiously. Kouga looked down and chuckled, shaking his head.
“I always knew you were a weak hanyou.”
“Just because you surprised me, wolf, doesn't mean…”
“Oh not this, dog breath. Can't you smell your own scent, dumbass?”
Inuyasha inhaled carefully, trying not to let the stupid wolf see in case he was just fucking with him. A change in his scent? He didn't smell anything different about himself, did he? Fuck no. Of course not! He started struggling and Kouga brought his face down close until his teeth were uncomfortably near Inuyasha's neck. With a frustrated snarl, Inuyasha froze. Without Kagome here, he thought Kouga might just tear out his throat.
But not before Inuyasha crushed Kouga's balls like a couple of lychee. He could at least do that before he went down.
“You've come of age, idiot.” Kouga's voice wuffed against his skin; Inuyasha would swear the bastard was sniffing him again.
Had he really fucking matured? If Kouga was telling the truth, then he could finally take Kagome! Inuyasha's scowl disappeared, his heart jumping as his eyes brightened. He could make Kagome his mate and mark her and….
“And now you'll NEVER fucking have Kagome.”
“You stay away from her, Kouga!” If Kouga thought he was going to get Kagome now, when Inuyasha didn't have to wait anymore, he was fucking cracked in the head!
Kouga moved back until he could see Inuyasha's face. “You don't get it, do you?” At Inuyasha's renewed scowl, he smirked. “Should have expected an idiot like you wouldn't figure it out.”
His claws dug into Inuyasha's arms as Inuyasha tried to reach Tessaiga. His blue eyes were dark and mocking. “You're not a threat anymore,” he whispered, watching the expressions change on Inuyasha's face.
“What the hell are you talking about, you ass?” Not a threat? He'd show him how much `not' a threat he was as soon as he got his hands free!
“You really are slow, aren't you? Don't even know how to use you own nose.” Kouga's claws drew blood as they tightened even more. “You can't take a mate now, moron. You can't make a mark. You're pathetic and weak, just like I've always said.”
Inuyasha's pupils contracted as he absorbed Kouga's words. Couldn't mate? That was just bullshit! “You can't stop me from taking Kagome!”
“I don't have to.” Kouga leaned forward, sniffing deeply again, and suddenly licked Inuyasha's cheek. It was so unexpected that Inuyasha just stared at him for a shocked moment before he exploded.
“What the fuck's wrong with you?! Get your slimy tongue offa me!”
Kouga kept him pinned as he stared. “Huh. Tasted better than I woulda thought,” Kouga muttered. He licked across Inuyasha's lips.
“I am gonna fucking kill you!!” Inuyasha tried to bite him and snarled as he missed by a sliver of air.
Kouga ignored him. “Who knew the taste would change like that?” he muttered to himself again.
“I am gonna slice open your belly and feed your entrails to Shippou!”
Kouga smirked slowly. “There's a fucking image. Why don't you just give it up, mutt? You've already lost. You're not a dominant male anymore. You're a submissive one.”
“You let go and I'll show you who's submissive, you mongrel bastard!” He growled as Kouga inhaled deeply and moved his face down. The wolf ran his tongue over Inuyasha's neck. “Quit fucking licking me!!”
“Damn. You might not want to be submissive, but your body sure does,” Kouga said in a muffled voice. “Your scent is just screaming for a male to come and mount your sorry ass.”
“Shut the fuck up, you liar! It's doin' no such thing!” Was it? Fear and nerves slithered inside until he grabbed them and stuffed them back down into his belly where they belonged. His scent wasn't doing that. Kouga was just messing with his head!
“I don't lie,” Kouga sneered. “Your scent is as clear as day: submissive little uke, right here.”
“Shut up!” yelled Inuyasha, struggling under him wildly.
“All you big, strong youkai, come and take me.” Kouga pulled back and Inuyasha wanted to rip off his tongue as he saw how much the bastard was enjoying himself.
“Fuck me in the ass until I scream.”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Inuyasha caught Kouga by surprise and pushed his body up with his legs so hard that Kouga lost his grip. The hanyou was slashing with his claws and yelling the moment he was free, but Kouga was just too fucking fast. The bastard dodged, pushing himself away with his legs, and laughed from a few feet away. Inuyasha just knew he was looking down his stupid ookami nose at him as he backed off.
“The truth hurts, eh, Inuyasha?” he taunted. “Good for me though. No way you can take my woman now, you stupid, weak-assed puppy.”
Inuyasha attacked him again furiously, slashing and kicking out in a blur of motion that only ended when Kouga ran away in a brief burst of speed. The self-confident jerk paused as soon as he went out of fighting range, mocking Inuyasha one last time. “You might not be able to take a mate, but at least you can still be a body guard, dog breath! I gotta go check on my pack before I come back for Kagome. Don't let my woman get hurt while I'm gone!” He turned and sped off, dust clouds trailing behind him.
“You fucking asshole, come back here and fight!”
Inuyasha glared after him, hands clenched furiously while fear coiled around his insides. Kouga had just been lying to him to get his goat. He had to be, because there was no way it could be true. Inuyasha sniffed at himself again, frowning as he realized he did smell a little different. He had lost that faint scent of puppiness that had always embarrassed him, especially when jerks like Kouga would taunt him about his age.
So Kouga hadn't been lying about that; Inuyasha was finally, completely, an adult. He had to be lying about the other though. Inuyasha wasn't a fucking…submissive. Hell, he'd never been submissive in his entire damn life! He could take a mate, just like every other youkai, and he'd fucking prove it!
He turned and began the run back to camp. If he was an adult now, he could take Kagome, just like he was supposed to. He protected her, didn't he? He cared about her and watched over her, and in return she admired him and took care of him, just like SHE was supposed to. That meant she was going to be his mate, didn't it? She WOULD make a good mate, and he was going to do it, tonight. Show that stupid wolf what was what. Leaving him alone with Kagome as though he was impotent or something? Bastard.
He stormed into camp and ran up to Kagome, grabbing her arm. “C'mon, Kagome, we need to talk,” he growled, and she glared at him.
“Inuyasha, can't it wait! I'm busy!” She gestured down at the vegetables she was chopping on a flat stone and he snorted.
“Food can wait, wench. This is important.”
Kagome looked at him, something in his face obviously getting through to her, and nodded. She followed him from camp until he released her arm a fair distance away. Her foot began tapping impatiently as he started to pace.
“Well, Inuyasha? What is it that was so important?”
“I- “ Gulping, he stumbled to a halt. He stared at her, thought of Kouga, and snarled. He'd show that bastard who was uke. “C'mere.”
Yanking her forward, he pressed against her lips desperately. He felt something unfreeze inside as she responded, sighing as she let him plunge his tongue into her mouth. He was a seme. Ha, fucking wolf, so there! Tasting the inside of her mouth, he lingered over the flavor of berries that she'd eaten a few hours before and then pulled himself away.
“Inuyasha?” Her voice was weak and breathless.
He didn't bother speaking, lowering his head to sniff along her neck for the spot to mark her, and couldn't find it. He knew it had to be there; it used to taunt him when he hadn't been old enough to do anything about it. So where was it? He pulled her in closer, his face pressing against her skin as he searched from her shoulder up to her neck in vain. He couldn't smell it anymore. He couldn't smell it anymore!
“No,” he whispered, and Kagome patted his back awkwardly.
“Inuyasha, wh-what's wrong? What are you doing?”
“No no no no no no no.” He backed away from her, shaking his head back and forth as he denied it. It couldn't be true. He couldn't be destined to be someone else's mate. To be someone else's `bitch.' He was supposed to be with Kagome! Didn't matter that she screamed like a seagull sometimes; she was the only damn person who'd never given a shit about his polluted blood. She actually cared about him. He wanted that!
He wanted HER! He'd fucking survived over two hundred years without help from anyone. No friends, no support, no protection, no comfort. After his mother died, he couldn't even remember one single moment of softness or beauty…until Kagome. Couldn't he take her as his mate? Couldn't one fucking piece of his life go right, for once?
He inhaled again and despaired as he realized he really, truly couldn't smell where to mark her anymore. Kouga had been right. He might as well be emasculated as far as Kagome was concerned. He'd never have her.
He was a fucking uke.