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Chapter 2 - A Little Bit About Youkai
Inuyasha sat quietly looking down at the bowl of ramen in his hands, feeling rather nauseated at the sight of it. He loved this food so damn much. It was ready so quickly, you never had to wait longer than a few minutes to heat water before you could eat it. He couldn't think of anything better, except the fact that you could actually eat it all year round. That was one thing he loved about the era that created it: there was such an unlimited supply of food all year round. The idea of a place where he could stay and never have to feel gnawing pangs of hunger for more than a few minutes was his idea of heaven.
Kagome had been the one to give him that. With her miraculous, if rather smelly, world, her welcoming family, her fantastic food - he'd thought he'd found a real home. A place where he'd never have to feel hungry or lonely ever again.
Still staring at the ramen and everything it represented, he scowled and held out his hand.
“I'm not that hungry. You want it, Shippou?”
“Yeah!” Shippou happily grabbed the extra food, unaware of the concerned glances from the other adults. Inuyasha had refused to speak to Kagome for the past few days and she was frantic with worry. Watching him, she finally gestured at Miroku, urging him towards their despondent hanyou. Her silent prompts grew more and more elaborate as Miroku tried to pretend ignorance, until he saw Sango join in and glare at him murderously. He sighed to himself and stood up.
“Eh, Inuyasha, do you have a moment?”
“Sure.” Disinterested, Inuyasha nevertheless got up to follow the monk away from the campfire. They walked silently for a few minutes along the barely illuminated path, Miroku's staff jingling slightly to keep time with their steps.
“You seem to be distracted lately,” Miroku said casually. “Is anything the matter?”
“No,” Inuyasha muttered, his eyes watching his feet kick up small dust clouds that shone oddly in the faint moonlight.
“Inuyasha…” Miroku stopped, standing in front of Inuyasha so that the hanyou had to stop or knock him over. “You've barely eaten for over three days now. You refuse to talk to Kagome. You actually give your ramen to Shippou. And yesterday Kouga came to visit and you let him talk to Kagome without uttering a single insult! Everyone is worried, Inuyasha. Please, can't you tell me what's wrong?”
“I'm fine,” Inuyasha whispered. “I'm just…I've got some things I have to figure out, that's all.”
“Is it anything I can help with?” Miroku asked tentatively. “I do have a fair amount of knowledge if this concerns, eh, the courting of the fairer sex?”
Inuyasha barked out a laugh. “Oh Gods, if only!”
“It's not concerning Kagome?” Well, that was much more disturbing. He'd been so sure… “Then why have you stopped speaking to her? She is terribly worried. Are you sure there isn't some issue between the two of you?” Miroku's voice raised suggestively, and Inuyasha sighed.
“Yeah, there is, but it's not anything she did. I'll apologize to her later, okay? I just…I can't talk to her right now. I have to deal with something.”
“With what?” Miroku asked, growing frustrated. “Whatever the difficulty is, wouldn't it be better to share the burden with your friends? Surely we can help in some way?”
“There's nothing you can do, monk,” Inuyasha said softly. He looked up at the night sky with unblinking eyes as he inhaled deeply. “I think it might be best if I went away for a few days until I can… I just need a few days to myself.” A small shiver visibly shook his body before he walked around Miroku and headed down the path without another word.
Miroku stood staring after him, mouth open. “Wait, you're leaving now? Just like that? Without even saying goodbye to Kagome?!”
“It's better that way,” Inuyasha said, his voice curt, and he continued to walk away from his friends. “I'll be back soon. Just…tell Kagome that it ain't her fault. She always worries about shit like that.”
“Yes.” Miroku's voice was already faint. “I'll make sure to tell them. Be careful, Inuyasha.”
Miroku watched Inuyasha until he lost sight of him in the darkness and then returned to camp, even more worried than before he'd departed. Inuyasha was very preoccupied about something, and Miroku hadn't a clue what it was. He'd been so sure it involved Kagome, especially after Kouga's rather smug visage during his visit. What in the world was the matter with Inuyasha?
He heard the women talking quietly as he walked back to camp, and grew even more concerned at the looks on their faces.
“What is it? What's happened?”
“They have been asking questions about Inuyasha.” The small voice spoke from Sango's shoulder and Miroku looked at her closely to see Myouga the flea sitting on the collar of her kimono.
“Myouga! It is good to see you again after such a long absence.” Miroku bowed politely
“Miroku, he thinks he knows why Inuyasha has been acting so strangely,” Sango said. “Apparently, he finally matured.”
“Inuyasha? Matured? Hmmm, how could I have missed that.” Miroku's eyes twinkled with repressed laughter for a moment.
“Not emotionally, you idiot monk, physically. All youkai have a certain age when they are physically mature; Myouga says it's finally Inuyasha's time.” Sango bit her lip before going on. “It means that he can take a mate now.”
Miroku's eyes lit up. “He couldn't do that before?” Well, that explained quite a few things, he thought.
“He must think I would try to pressure him about it,” Kagome said in a sad voice. “I don't understand why he wouldn't tell us! I would never presume to ask him to… “
“He could not take you as a mate even if he wished to, Kagome,” Myouga said, startling them all. “That is why I came looking for you. I knew he would be reaching maturity soon, and once I caught the scent of his blood and realized what it indicated, I came as fast as I could. Where is Master Inuyasha, by the way?”
“He- he left to get a few days away from everything, to work on whatever has been plaguing him these past few days,” Miroku said slowly.
“He left?” Sango glared as Kagome looked even more upset. “You were supposed to find out what he was upset about, houshi, not make him run away!”
“He seemed as though he needed some time to be alone, Sango,” he replied, replaying the flea's words in his head. “I can only think that would be doubly true after what Myouga just told us. If you could elaborate, though, Myouga, I would appreciate it. I don't understand why can't he be with Kagome. What is the impediment?” Surely it would be something they could overcome?
“Eh, well, it has to do with youkai and…how much do you know about youkai mating, Miroku?” Myouga asked.
“Not much, I'm afraid. Sango?”
Sango shrugged at the monk. “Enough to recognize a mark, but that's about all.”
“Well…it's usually not all that complicated. Males mark the females in a certain manner that both indicates that they are mates and binds them together. However, there are certain exceptions to the rule, every once in a great while.”
“Yes?” Miroku frowned as he wished the pedantic little demon would hurry it up.
“Sometimes, a female is born that can actually create a mark, or a male is born who can receive one, but not mark a mate for himself. However, the ability, or lack of it, doesn't appear until a youkai reaches adulthood. Master Inuyasha has just reached maturity, and it seems that he…”
“…he can't make a mark,” Miroku finished, the hanyou's words forming a suddenly clear picture in his head. “He's found out that he cannot be with Kagome in the way that he wishes. That's what has been bothering him so!”
“I'm afraid that is most likely the case.”
“Be with me the way he wishes?” Kagome said in a small voice.
“Master Inuyasha has wanted to claim you for some time, Kagome,” Myouga said quietly. “He was unable to until his body was finally ready. But it seems that he is one of the few males who cannot take a mate.”
“He wanted to `claim' me?” Kagome sounded honored and annoyed both and Miroku smiled slightly. She was such a sweet little thing, but her reactions were sometimes so childish.
“You should feel honored, Kagome. He cares for you very deeply,” Miroku said, trying to smooth her ruffled feathers. “Myouga, if Inuyasha cannot take a mate, does that mean that if he wants to, ah, pursue this part of his life, that he will need to find one of the females who can make a mark?” That could be very difficult, but they could help him search, surely.
“Oh no, it doesn't work like that at all. The females who can make a mark typically mark other females. Another male finding and claiming him will be necessary if Master Inuyasha wants a mate,” Myouga said calmly.
Miroku knew his eyes had likely started to bulge from his head. “Inuyasha will be with another man?!” he asked in a strangled voice.
“Most definitely.” Myouga was calm and unconcerned as the humans around him absorbed his revelation in stunned silence.
“Does he know about this?” Kagome asked after finding her voice again.
“I am uncertain how much he would be aware of. It is not a subject I ever thought to broach with him,” Myouga admitted.
They were silent again until Kagome cleared her throat. “Myouga, y-you said a boy youkai makes a mark? Eh…it wouldn't be on the shoulder, would it?”
“Why yes. I didn't know you were familiar with Youkai customs, Kagome!”
“I-I'm not. Inuyasha was, um, smelling along my neck and shoulder a few nights ago,” Kagome said quietly. “Would that have anything to do with this?”
“That would be the area to attempt to claim a female, if he were able,” Myouga said.
“So he was trying to- to marry me, or something?” Kagome asked in a stunned voice.
“Most likely. He would not have been able to do so, however.”
“He was really upset afterwards,” she said quietly.
“Then I would guess that he may have been unaware until then exactly what has happened to his body.”
“Poor Inuyasha,” Kagome whispered. Miroku looked at her and marveled. She had just found out that the love of her life would never be able to return her affections in the way she wished, and her first thoughts were for his loss rather than her own. Kagome had to have the biggest heart of anyone he had ever seen.
“I wish I had arrived sooner, if he was attempting to claim you so soon after he came of age. That was not the best way to discover he was a submissive.”
Miroku started choking. “Excuse me? Did you just say Inuyasha was a…a submissive? Our Inuyasha?”
Myouga nodded.
“Is this the same Inuyasha who has the manners of a pig and the temper of a wounded boar? The same Inuyasha who takes a swing at anyone who even slightly annoys him? He's submissive? There has to be some mistake.”
“The word itself isn't meant to imply a particular personality trait,” Myouga corrected quickly. “It is more a label, I would say. A way of identifying those males who are not able to form a mark, those who are not the dominant male in the relationship.”
Miroku thought for a moment about how he would react if he'd discovered that he was going to be trapped in a relationship with a male. Unlike many of his fellow monks, he had no desire for the pleasures to be had with other men. Inuyasha had his sincere sympathies. The hanyou was actually handling it a lot better than he would have.
“Why would this happen to him, Myouga?” Sango asked quietly. “Is it because he's hanyou?”
“Oh no, that doesn't affect it at all.” Myouga preened slightly, obviously enjoying that fact that he would be able to expound on the subject. “A submissive just needs something different to make them complete. For an Inu-youkai, what a dominant male needs most is someone to protect, typically. A submissive needs to have someone love and take care of them.”
Inuyasha needed someone to love him to be a whole person? Miroku looked at Kagome. Kagome loved the hanyou with a devotion that was staggering. That wasn't enough?
“I know that you care for Master Inuyasha deeply, Kagome,” Myouga said, almost reading Miroku's mind, “But you must understand, if Master Inuyasha's body has changed in this manner, part of what his mind needs is to be protected and cared for. I know that you can care for him, but I imagine he is often the one doing the protecting, correct?”
“Well, yes…but …”
“I have often wondered how his many years spent on his own had affected him.” Myouga went on, interrupting her. “I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that he so longs for something that he lacked growing up.”
Kagome seemed struck by that and was silent. They were all silent.
Inuyasha had become a male who other males would `claim.' It was a very strange concept to wrap his mind around, Miroku thought. Not that he didn't wrap it around quickly, but still…odd.
“I would like a moment to clarify something.” Was he thinking too much, or was this going to be a problem? “This claiming, does Inuyasha have to agree to it, or can it be done to him against his will?”
“It is the prerogative of the dominant male whether or not to claim a female or a submissive.”
“So you're saying that someone would be able to force Inuyasha into something, whether or not he wanted it?” Miroku and the women shared a glance as Myouga nodded.
“Indeed. Many noble youkai lords have obtained their mates in just such a manner.”
“Still, that would be less likely to happen to a hanyou, yes? Most youkai we've met despise him.”
“Oh, a submissive is an entirely different matter,” Myouga said, his small arms gesturing for emphasis. “There are still some who would hold his heritage against him, I'm sure, but submissives are still rare, and usually prized. I'm certain Inuyasha will have plenty of suitors.” Myouga smiled happily, oblivious to the appalled looks on the faces around him
“You mean Inuyasha is out there, alone, while youkai are going to be coming after him to… to claim him against his will?!” Kagome's voice rang with enough outrage to penetrate even Myouga's thick skin.
“Eh, well, that's not exactly what would happen. I'm sure Master Inuyasha will be very flattered at the attention he receives…”
“My apologies, Myouga, but have you lost your mind?” Sango shook her head violently. “Inuyasha is going to be cutting a bloody swath through the male youkai population if they even think about trying to do anything to his body that he doesn't agree to.”
“Until he falls asleep,” Miroku said, worrying. “He can't be on the alert every moment.”
“Well, the young Master is capable of an impressive level of vigilance,” Myouga said. “He managed to keep himself alive for decades on his own, after all. I have always been rather proud of how self-reliant he can be.”
“I don't care how self-reliant he is. He shouldn't have to go through this alone!” Kagome said staunchly. “We need to go find him and see if he needs help.”
“I agree. He should not be forced into something he doesn't want.” Miroku's jaw clenched as he thought about it. He was an idiot. He never should have let the stubborn baka leave until Miroku had ferreted out exactly what had been bothering him. Now he'd feel responsible if anything happened to the hanyou.
For some reason, Inuyasha's human nights sprang into mind. Inuyasha always blustered, and he wouldn't hesitate to expose himself to protect any one of them, but he was so vulnerable at those times. And so terribly frightened. Miroku wasn't sure if Inuyasha realized that they all knew why he didn't sleep on those nights. He claimed it was just being prepared for what might happen, being `on his guard,' but all of them could see the residual terror in his eyes at the constant reminder that he couldn't rely on himself. Inuyasha never forgot the fact that his mortal half was fragile and relatively defenseless.
What must he be feeling, now that he had this new vulnerability? He was going to be more hunted than he had been as a hanyou, and Miroku wasn't certain exactly how many defenses he had against THAT type of pursuit, aside from sheer force. And he was alone, Miroku thought with an unpleasant feeling in his gut, alone and under threat. Was he going to be staying awake at all hours, just like the moonless night, afraid of the darkness and what it brought? .
“We can't leave until tomorrow,” Sango said practically. Miroku hated to agree with her, but it would be impossible for them to track Inuyasha in the dark. “We should sleep so we can get up early and go after him. Stubborn baka.”
Myouga gulped. “Eh, I believe I am needed elsewhere. I would appreciate it if you would give my apologies to Master Inuyasha for me.”
Miroku watched Myouga's speedy retreat, commenting, “I imagine he doesn't want to be around when Inuyasha realizes how much he was never told.”
“Well, I can't blame him. What a terrible thing not to know about!” Kagome snapped, her eyes going back and forth between hurt for her loss and anger on her friend's behalf.
“Yes. It must have come as quite a shock,” Miroku said quietly as he laid himself down on the ground apart from the ladies and tried to fall asleep. They needed to get to Inuyasha. Soon. He hoped his friend would be all right until they found him.