InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Uke ❯ When the World is Out to Get You ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3 - When the World is Out to Get You
Cursing to himself, Inuyasha looked frantically for some place to hide. The past few days had been some of the most annoying he'd seen in a hell of a long time. Youkai were coming out of the damned woodwork to attack him, even climbing up into his tree while he was trying to sleep! He didn't know what bugs had crawled up the youkai's collective asses to make it open season on hanyou again, but it was really, really pissing him off. What the hell did he have to do to get some fucking sleep?
And if he had to clean blood off his hair one more damn time…
To top it all off, he was a fucking idiot. A complete and total, fucking idiot. He was totally screwed if he didn't find a secure place to hide - because he was a TOTAL FUCKING IDIOT! He couldn't believe he'd been so loopy from lack of sleep, and so caught up with the hordes of hanyou-hunting demons, that he'd lost track of time. It had to be Kagome and the others; they'd let him get soft. He'd gotten so used to having people around him that he'd lost that edge that could keep him alive when the shit got deep.
And the shit was damn well neck high at this point: youkai after him all over the damn place, in unfamiliar territory just before dusk, and tonight was the night of the new moon.
He needed to find someplace to hide. Now.
Bursting out of the trees he'd been sprinting through, he found himself in an open clearing and cursed wildly.
“This is un-fucking-believable!! Dammit!” He turned to go and stopped abruptly as a new smell hit his nose.
“No, not now,” he snarled. Not when he was alone and had so little time to finish the fight. “Ah, fuck it. Fuck. It. I'm gonna kill that slimy bastard or die tryin'.” Turning back, his eyes caught Naraku as the abomination stepped into the clearing.
There was no exchange of words. Inuyasha simply unsheathed Tessaiga and leapt. Naraku, the fucker, dodged out of the way. With arms that already felt dulled and slow, Inuyasha continued attacking quickly, hoping he could catch the bastard by surprise and kill him. Soon. Because if he didn't take him down or at least scare him off, in less than half an hour he was going to be looking at his own entrails hanging off Naraku's tentacles.
Considering he liked his insides just where they were, he'd better think of something damn quick.
He took a deep breath, worrying as his sprint forward took more effort than it should. Damn it, if even his legs were beginning to fail him, he had less time than he'd thought. Naraku laughed quietly as Inuyasha's Wind Scar blasted a small copse of trees when the hybrid slid aside. They fought back and forth before Inuyasha finally scored a full hit. His crow of triumph died in his throat as Naraku's barrier stopped it completely. Inuyasha could feel red eyes staring at him.
He wanted to howl. If it weren't for his damned human weakness, Naraku would be dead! A perfect hit - it should have obliterated Naraku! His Tessaiga had enough strength to cut through the damn barriers now; it was just so fucking weak this close to his change that it wasn't able to do jack shit. DAMMIT!
He paused, panting hard, and noticed the sun already halfway below the horizon. He had to think of something.
“I hear you've finally grown up, Inuyasha,” Naraku's voice was coldly amused as he watched Inuyasha breathing heavily.
“I've always been old enough to take out your sorry ass,” Inuyasha spat.
“You have certainly tried. Now, however, I understand you're old enough for interested males to take YOU.” Inuyasha could see Naraku's smile underneath the white baboon skin and Inuyasha charged him, flushing angrily. Naraku slipped to the side. He chuckled as Inuyasha was unable to stop his momentum and fell heavily over a bramble. Cursing and sweating, Inuyasha got to his feet. He swung down before he was fully upright, lopping off one of Naraku's tentacles as it tried to wrap around his leg.
“Get your slimy feelers off of me, fucker,” he snarled, his eyes darting as he tried to keep track of the last sliver of sun remaining. He wasn't going to be able to kill the bastard, as much as it pissed him off to admit it, so he needed to get away and hide. Did he have enough time to run?
“You don't like my touch, Inuyasha?” Naraku asked. “And here I was thinking maybe it was time I took a mate of my own.”
“No female would let you within a mile of themselves, asshole,” Inuyasha responded, not paying him much attention has he tried to calculate how far he was from the edge of the tree line and how fast he could get to it.
“I didn't have a female in mind.” Another tentacle crept towards him and he swung at it, forcing it to retreat. “Why bother when there's such an eager little submissive in front of me?”
Inuyasha paled, looking at him. He wasn't suggesting…?
“Fuck off, asshole. I'm nobody's bitch!”
“But you will be,” Naraku purred, smiling. “Haven't you noticed? Youkai are positively panting to take you. How does it feel, knowing your fate is to be on the bottom, begging?”
“I don't beg, fucker!” He lifted Tessaiga to use the Wind Scar and froze as he felt it transform just as the light dipped. His hearing disappeared; Naraku was suddenly a dark shadow against the trees. “Shit!”
He stared in horror at Naraku as the other hanyou began to laugh deeply. “Well, well, well. That explains a few things. Now you really are in trouble, aren't you, little ningen.” Naraku took a step forward as Inuyasha retreated. “What shall I do? Leave you for the other youkai to fight over…or take you myself? I wonder which you would hate more.” He took another step towards him and Inuyasha turned and ran.
He sprinted desperately into the woods, dodging around trees, barreling through bushes and flailing as he hit roots and tree limbs head on, night blind. Naraku's voice slid through the darkness behind him.
“You've done very well keeping your human time a secret this long, Inuyasha.”
Inuyasha tried to ignore him as he continued to run. The bastard was just toying with him. He knew it. Didn't mean Inuyasha would be any less dead if he didn't get away, but it pissed him off that there was a small part of him that huddled in terror at the idea of Naraku doing anything sexual to him, ever. He hated that the bastard could make him feel that way. Fucker.
“You know you can't get away, Inuyasha. And if you continue to run, why, I might get angry. You wouldn't want to anger your future master, now would you, little bitch?” Naraku chuckled loudly.
Inuyasha grit his teeth to prevent himself from screaming back at him. He was pretty sure that's exactly why the bastard was taunting him, trying to get him to reveal where he was. Unless Naraku already knew and was just enjoying the chase, giving him false hope. Gods, he despised that disgusting mutant so much he could taste it.
Still running as fast as he could, he realized he was starting to wheeze. Barely minutes into his retreat and he could barely breathe, his lungs straining for air. He hated that he was this frightened by what had to be a groundless threat, but he'd really rather die. He'd rather be dead than have that bastard touch him. And now Naraku knew about the moonless night, too, even if he was just bluffing. How was he going to get out of -
He grunted as he slammed into something unseen in his path and fell back to the ground.
“Shit!” Scrambling to his feet to keep running, he choked as something wrapped around his throat, lifting him off his feet. Toes dangling, his blunt fingernails clawed futilely at what felt like a hand around his throat.
“You stink of Naraku and Ningen, half-breed.” Sesshoumaru's tone froze the darkness around them.
Inuyasha's mind laughed hysterically even as his voice failed from lack of air. Why hadn't he expected this? Why? Every other fucking thing in his life had gone about as horribly wrong as it possibly could, why wouldn't the fates shovel even more shit on top of him? Seriously, could anything else go wrong tonight?
He struggled against the hand around his throat, hearing Naraku slithering closer behind him. Even unable to see his brother's face, however, he could hear the hatred in his voice as he hissed.
His worst fear, that the two of them had been working together again, faded and he finally let himself go limp in Sesshoumaru's grasp.
He was going to die. His two worst enemies had him dead to rights at a time when his attempts to fight back were pathetically ineffective. His only consolation was that Sesshoumaru would most definitely kill him…and that was all. He still wasn't entirely sure what Naraku was planning, but at least now that Sesshoumaru was in the mix, a clean death was assured. Better to be dead by the asshole's hand than possibly raped and subjugated by the half demon bastard hybrid.
His weak eyes widened as Sesshoumaru's grip loosened slightly, just enough for him to breathe, and his brother lowered him to ground. Inuyasha couldn't see his face to tell if this was the moment of his death or not. Hell, he couldn't see his hand in front of his face at this point. But he could just imagine that irritating look of disdain covering Sesshoumaru's features at the thought of dirtying his hands with `the half-breed.'
Fucking bastard.
“Leave.” Sesshoumaru shoved him behind his body, away from Naraku. The unexpected contact shocked Inuyasha enough that he yelled out, stumbling. “I will deal with you after I have eliminated Naraku.”
“F-fuck you too, asshole!” Inuyasha spat, massaging his bruised throat. He heard one of Naraku's tentacles rustle somewhere nearby. Tossing his pride to the wind, he pushed himself to his feet and fled. It was a sign of just how fucked up his life was that he was hoping, for the first time ever, that Sesshoumaru actually won a fight.
And if Sesshoumaru and Naraku fought long enough, maybe he could even find some place to hide that neither of them could find, he thought, daring to hope for a moment. He might actually live through the night. Maybe things were starting to go his way.
Limbs snapping and Sesshoumaru's whip cracking behind him, he ran. Minutes passed as he stumbled forward, the sound slowly fading. He paused a moment to catch his breath, his ears straining to listen for signs of pursuit. Had he lost them? Was he safe? He took one last deep breath and cried out in surprise as something pale stepped in front of him and the same damn hand grabbed him around the throat again.
“You won already?!” he asked in a strangled voice. SHIT!
“Naraku has fled for the moment,” Sesshoumaru said coldly. Inuyasha froze as he felt Sesshoumaru's hair drift across his face. His brother was leaning in close, inhaling audibly.
“So, the rumor is true,“ he said. “Not only a human, but a submissive as well. Why am I not surprised to find you in the weaker position, I wonder?”
“I'm not weak, you bastard!” Inuyasha yelled, choking as Sesshoumaru tightened his grip for a moment in response.
“I find that hard to believe, considering your current circumstances,” Sesshoumaru said, releasing Inuyasha's throat. He pushed and slammed Inuyasha against a tree, holding him pinned with his one arm as Inuyasha tried to break free.
“You will not be allowed to disgrace father's blood further by allowing Naraku to take you as his mate,” Sesshoumaru ordered.
“I hadn't planned to, you fucking bastard!”
“As we are all aware, your ability to act on your ambitions when it comes to Naraku is minimal.”
“FUCK YOU!” He was such an asshole! “Just shut up and fucking kill me already, asshole!”
“I would like nothing better, half-breed, but now that option is lost to me.” Sesshoumaru growled deeply, leaning in close.
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
Sesshoumaru was close enough for Inuyasha's eyes to finally make out his pale, angry face. “You are an adult, and a submissive. Tradition demands that I refrain from ending your miserable life,“ Sesshoumaru's voice dripped disgust. “As the head of the family, I am required to find a mate for all adult females.”
“And what the hell does that have to do with me, jackass?!”
“Submissives need a male mate. They fall under the same laws.” Sesshoumaru glared at him. “To fulfill my duty to the family name, I must waste my valuable time and find you a mate.”
“Don't do me any fucking favors, asshole! I don't want jack shit from you! Especially not a fucking asshole mate who thinks he can lord over me and order me around and shit! You can just fuck off!” Inuyasha spit in Sesshoumaru's face and the youkai released him to wipe it off carefully before he backhanded Inuyasha to the ground.
“You will do your duty and submit to the mate I choose for you.”
“In a pig's eye!” Inuyasha pushed himself up to his feet, fingering his jaw carefully. He was pretty sure a few of his teeth were loose. Fucking ass. “The only thing you've ever done to me in my whole fucking life was try to kill me! I don't have a fucking `duty' to do a damn thing you say! You try and foist any assholes off on me, you might as well plan the bastard's funeral because I'm gonna wipe the floor with them, fucker!”
Sesshoumaru slammed his hand against Inuyasha's chest again. Inuyasha thought he felt one of his ribs crack at the pressure. “By all the gods, I swear I am going to find the largest, most abusive youkai in existence to take your worthless body, hanyou!” Sesshoumaru snarled.
“Yeah? Well good luck finding someone who's more of an asshole than you, bastard!”
Sesshoumaru stopped snarling. His body was still for a long moment, and then there was the barest gleam of teeth in the darkness as he smiled. Inuyasha felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck at the sight. What had that bastard just thought of?
“For once, I believe you are correct, hanyou. I doubt anyone could properly give you exactly what you deserve.”
“So fucking let me go, then!”
“…Except, perhaps, myself.”
Sesshoumaru leaned forward again to look into confused violet eyes. “I can't think of anyone other than myself who can properly understand just what a stain on the surface of this world you truly are, Inuyasha.” He moved his head down to rub his nose against Inuyasha's throat. “No one else who can ensure that you pay the proper price for your continuing existence. If I am no longer allowed to kill you…at least I can make you wish I would.”
Inuyasha felt his suikan yanked open and pain tore through his shoulder. He grit his teeth, refusing to give his brother the satisfaction of hearing him yell. What the fuck was that bastard doing?? The pain simmered, spreading a moment over his skin before falling to a dull ache, and Inuyasha shivered in reaction.
What the hell just happened? Sesshoumaru moved his hand off his chest and Inuyasha slid down onto his ass.
“What the fuck was that?” Inuyasha growled weakly, his legs shaking.
Sesshoumaru smiled, and Inuyasha shivered again as though he felt that vindictive look sweep all the way into his soul. “That? That was a mark, half-breed. Your very soul belongs to me now, mate.”
“What the - what the fuck are you talking about! You fucking hate me, you wouldn't just…” His voice was cut off as Sesshoumaru yanked him up by the collar of his suikan.
“I loathe you, hanyou,” Sesshoumaru whispered coldly. “However, I have no need of heirs; I have no need of companionship; and I have no interest in wasting more time than this in finding you a mate. And as you were so kind to remind me, I will have little trouble in making you suffer as you deserve Truly, I would simply love to see you attempt to `wipe the floor' with me.” He bared his teeth, his fangs prominent as he dropped Inuyasha back onto the ground. Turning, he left a stunned Inuyasha holding a hand to his shoulder where blood dripped down over his weak, human fingers.
“What the hell are you talking about!?” Inuyasha called out to the darkness. “You can't just say that kind of crap and walk away!” Silence answered him.
“You're such a fucking ASSHOLE!” Inuyasha screamed, and started to trudge through the woods, looking for somewhere to hide again now that he was human AND reeking of blood and weakness, thanks to Lord Fucking Sesshoumaru.
“ASSHOLE!” he screamed one more time, and crept forward in almost total darkness, shivering.