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Chapter 11 - Lying can be Fun
After almost an hour of searching, Miroku was finally looking down at the amazingly battered body of Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands. Sesshoumaru hadn't done anything but open his eyes and stare at Miroku in the minute since he'd arrived, and Miroku was astonished, and immensely pleased, as he contemplated the possibility that the youkai was unable to move. He wasn't certain what had managed to damage the daiyoukai to this extent; it must have happened after Inuyasha's encounter with him or surely he would have mentioned it. Miroku hadn't detected any other strong demonic presences, so it was most likely something from Kagome's time. A shame it wasn't something he could have used against Sesshoumaru in this time, but he'd work with what fate had given him.
Was Inuyasha's brother as weak and immobile as he seemed? If he was, it presented the perfect opportunity to determine Sesshoumaru's intentions towards Inuyasha. All it would take was a quick rewrite to the script Miroku had created in his head. Happy to avoid the scene where he died before he opened either his mouth or his wind tunnel, he thought of what else to say as quickly as possible. There were some variations to the upcoming discussion that would depend greatly on just how incapacitated Sesshoumaru really was. He'd need to test out the daiyoukai's limitations as quickly as possible and decide how to proceed after that. Miroku loosened his body in preparation for dodging a very angry youkai.
“You look half dead.” Miroku said, smiling. “Shall I tell Inuyasha to expect to be free of you soon?”
Sesshoumaru's eyes blazed, but he didn't move, and Miroku celebrated inside his head. No retaliation after a comment like that could only mean that at the moment, Sesshoumaru couldn't retaliate, period. Which meant that Miroku had the time and safety he needed to find out a few things about Sesshoumaru. If he was as much of a hazard to Inuyasha as he seemed, Miroku would have no qualms about opening the kazaana and sending him to oblivion. However, Miroku couldn't shake the nagging feeling that perhaps, just perhaps, he was redeemable. He couldn't be completely without conscience, or that small child who followed him would have been destroyed long before. So, Miroku needed to be sure: how did the youkai feel about Inuyasha, and what were his plans for the hanyou? He had not treated Inuyasha well, after all, and unless he provided some very convincing proof that he wasn't a danger to Inuyasha…
Well, as usual, the kazaana had room for one more youkai.
“Leave, human. I will deal with you later.” Sesshoumaru turned his head away in dismissal and Miroku almost snorted. Did he actually think that a verbal threat would scare him when the youkai's helplessness was so evident? He didn't know much about humans. Or at least this human.
Miroku was really looking forward to the next few minutes. All he needed to get started was the name of someone who would seem like a challenge. It would have to be someone not too far beneath Sesshoumaru's notice, and considering how word spread among the world of youkai, someone who actually existed might not be a bad idea. Ah, there it was.
Miroku smiled to himself. He'd be perfect. Time to lie like there was no tomorrow, he thought, opening his mouth.
“I don't believe Kouga would allow you to harm me,” he said calmly, leaning on his staff. “He doesn't like it when anything upsets Inuyasha. And something happening to me would most definitely upset Inuyasha.”
He smiled cheerfully at the daiyoukai's low growl. So far, so good. “Maybe I should tell Kouga about your condition out here in the woods,” he said, tapping his chin thoughtfully. “He'll be so very happy that Inuyasha will be free again soon.” Sesshoumaru's head whipped around to stare little poisoned darts into his head.
He definitely had down that killing look, Miroku thought.
“You will tell me what you mean by that. Who is this Kouga?” Sesshoumaru snapped. Miroku looked at him innocently.
“Oh, you haven't heard of him? The Wolf Prince?”
“Wolf Prince? A youkai?” Amber eyes turned agate hard. “You will tell me what connection this youkai prince has with Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru ordered.
“Connection? Oh, I see.” Miroku shrugged. “It's no secret. He's been after Inuyasha for a few years now.”
“Some upstart prince is pursuing Inuyasha?!” Sesshoumaru's voice stayed cold, but Miroku was pleased to notice a rather dramatic increase in volume.
“Yes. It's been very amusing to watch, actually. Kouga always shows up spouting rather effusive declarations, things get a bit physical between him and Inuyasha, and then…”
“PHYSICAL!? This…this mongrel TOUCHES Inuyasha??”
And even more volume, Miroku noted, fighting hard not to start smiling. It was fascinating to watch. Sesshoumaru's facial expressions hadn't really changed, nor had his tone of voice: it was angry as usual. But the volume, and the words? It seemed like someone was having a hard time sharing. Now, where was he? Oh yes, the touching.
“Oh no no no,” Miroku said in a soothing voice. “They don't do that sort of thing…anymore.”
Sesshoumaru's eyes actually narrowed and he glared at him furiously.
“Tell this Sesshoumaru where I will find `Prince' Kouga,” he spat. Jealousy was such a painful emotion, Miroku mused as he watched him. He really hoped that this jealousy was exceptionally so.
“Mmmm? Well, as to that, I'm not sure. He's been soothing his broken heart with Kagome ever since Inuyasha was marked, poor ookami. So you can often find him in the village…”
“In the village!!”
“…or wherever everyone happens to be. Although that's not a sure thing, I'm afraid. However, I would be happy to find him and tell him how to find you, Lord Sesshoumaru. I'm sure he would love to meet with you, especially now, to discuss Inuyasha's future,” Miroku said slyly.
Sesshoumaru snarled, an actually audible snarl. Miroku felt like clapping.
“You will leave. Now! You will inform Inuyasha that I will come for him within a few days, human. And you will tell me more of this Kouga when I do.”
Well, that helped him into the next portion quite nicely, he thought.
“I have no problem with that. If I haven't departed already, that is. We haven't searched for the shards of the jewel in over a week, not since Inuyasha was ill. We'll be leaving tomorrow.”
“Inuyasha will not be going,” Sesshoumaru said shortly.
“Oh no, he's coming as well.” Miroku studied his nails a moment.
“He does not have permission to leave the village. He may not depart with you.”
Permission? Sesshoumaru was planning to confine Inuyasha to the village unless he had permission to leave? That would never work.
“I'm afraid you'll have to take that up with Inuyasha yourself, Lord Sesshoumaru. If he's still there, of course. He certainly wouldn't listen if I tried to stop him.”
Sesshoumaru's face changed for a brief second, and Miroku watched, fascinated as the daiyoukai looked completely outraged before his face regained his habitual stoic expression. His body twitched and Miroku tensed instantly. When nothing further happened, he felt shaky with relief. Sesshoumaru still didn't have the necessary strength to move. A good thing.
“I cannot believe you claim to call him friend and yet do nothing to prevent him from traveling when he is obviously too ill to do so,” Sesshoumaru snarled.
Miroku couldn't help letting his eyes widen in surprise. Sesshoumaru was taking HIM to task about Inuyasha's safety? Ignoring the hypocrisy involved, that was…very, very interesting. Definitely an area to explore, he decided, thinking quickly.
“He heals quickly enough.” Miroku made his tone light and unconcerned.
“Do not dismiss his needs so easily,” Sesshoumaru ordered. With a snort, Miroku wondered if Sesshoumaru knew how to do anything BUT order others around.
“I wouldn't dream of it. If he has any needs that he cares to share with me, I'm more than happy to listen.”
“If he has agreed to go, then it should be obvious, even to one such as you, that he cannot be trusted in matters involving his own health!”
Miroku stifled a laugh. And here he thought Sesshoumaru didn't know Inuyasha at all.
“He's an adult.” Miroku waved his hand. “He can handle himself. I'll make sure to pass on your message, though.” Miroku turned to go, wondering how the youkai would react.
“He cannot leave the village,” Sesshoumaru said fiercely. When Miroku simply shrugged on his way out of the clearing, the daiyoukai grew louder. “He cannot protect himself yet.” His voice was raised a little louder than normal. Miroku pretended not to hear him.
“Naraku will take him if he is permitted to leave, damn you!” Sesshoumaru bellowed, and Miroku finally stopped, turning to stare, honestly shocked. He'd been hoping for a reaction of some kind that he could exploit to learn more about Sesshoumaru, but this sounded like something he should listen to a bit more seriously. He could feel his enjoyment in the conversation dissipate as he focused.
“Naraku?” he asked cautiously. “Naraku is always a threat. Naraku trying to kill us hasn't stopped us before.”
“Killing Inuyasha was not Naraku's intent on the night I claimed him,” Sesshoumaru said angrily.
“No?” Inuyasha had never even mentioned he'd MET Naraku that night, the idiot.
“He was going to claim him for himself,” Sesshoumaru snarled. Miroku blinked once and had to quell a sudden churning in his stomach. Naraku and Inuyasha? That was just—horrific didn't even begin to describe it. Sesshoumaru suddenly wasn't looking like such a bad option, Miroku thought shakily. But still, that was then, and this was now. As disgusting as the idea of Naraku as a mate was, it was no longer a possibility, so why was Sesshoumaru still worried?
“Inuyasha is claimed. It's no longer a problem.”
“He knows that Inuyasha belongs to me now.” Sesshoumaru's face was tight as Miroku looked at him blankly. “He will try to take him, not kill him. He will make sure to torture him as a way to affect me.”
“Affect you?” Miroku asked, swallowing. Would Naraku really have changed his intent that significantly? “I can't imagine why he would think…”
“Are you truly that ignorant of youkai, monk?” Sesshoumaru sneered. “Inuyasha is the uke! That means I can feel the condition of his body.”
It did? That wasn't something Myouga had bothered to mention!
“Naraku will make sure to do everything he can think of to Inuyasha, knowing I can sense the damage he does. Beatings, torture, rape…do you not care if Inuyasha suffers these things?”
Miroku stared at him, his humor completely gone. He'd had no idea this was a potential issue. His mouth firmed. Naraku tormenting Inuyasha in such a manner was completely unacceptable. Inuyasha needed to be warned. Miroku would have to get back to Inuyasha and make sure the hanyou stayed closer to Sango and himself until he was healthy. He didn't have time to play with the hypocritical ass anymore.
It was time to lay the cards on the table.
“Oh I care, Lord Sesshoumaru. I most definitely care. However, I fail to see how staying in the village is any better for him than leaving it. He should stay here? Why? So that he can get his beatings and rape from you instead of Naraku? I fail to see the difference,” Miroku said coldly. That was the real crux of the matter, wasn't it? Was Sesshoumaru's treatment of Inuyasha going to be any better in the future than that of his enemies? No matter if he was jealous, and seemed to worry about Inuyasha's safety, he couldn't be allowed to beat Inuyasha anymore. Miroku wouldn't allow that.
“I will not rape Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru hissed at him. “And I did not… “ Sesshoumaru stopped talking.
“At least you have the decency not to lie about beating him on the other side of the well.” Miroku said, and Sesshoumaru growled at him.
“Watch your tongue, human.”
“When you watch how you treat Inuyasha,” Miroku snapped. “Inuyasha doesn't deserve your treatment of him, Lord Sesshoumaru. He has suffered quite enough in his life without your adding to it.”
Sesshoumaru's face was almost puce with fury. “How I treat Inuyasha is no concern of yours, monk!”
Miroku could feel his spirits flagging. He didn't have time to waste on this, and it sounded like the daiyoukai truly wasn't going to change his behavior towards Inuyasha, whatever he might feel. He fingered the beads of his hand as he tried to get through to the stubborn bastard. “Lord Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha has been starved, and stabbed, and stoned, and shunned. He's been beaten almost to death probably more times than he can count. And he's been raped.” Miroku watched as Sesshoumaru's face paled rapidly back to its normal ivory. “He's survived it ALL. He doesn't need his mate to be something he has to survive as well.” Miroku felt his beads sliding smoothly underneath his other hand. This was the sticking point, really. If Sesshoumaru remained a threat to Inuyasha, then it was over. That ended Miroku's prying and it most certainly ended Sesshoumaru's life. It all depended on Sesshoumaru and what he said in the next few minutes.
Sesshoumaru stared at the filth-ridden human in front of him, and he wished by all the gods that he could move just enough to flick his whip and cut off the bastard's head. What he wouldn't give to be able to give the little cretin what he deserved. First another self, and now even humans felt free to give him advice on how to treat his mate! The utter gall, thinking that he was informing Sesshoumaru about Inuyasha, when the daiyoukai KNEW Inuyasha. He knew what Inuyasha's life had been like, he knew…
Except he hadn't known the runt had been raped. Someone had taken Inuyasha's body already? Someone had forced himself on Sesshoumaru's mate? The urge to kill something came on him so strongly that he had to consciously push it aside. It was something to deal with another day.
The beating he would have to deal with much more quickly. He'd really hoped that his memories of that were simply a dream, and yet this pathetic human seemed to know some of what had happened there, which he shouldn't. He couldn't know about the dreams in Sesshoumaru's head, unless they really were memories, and Inuyasha had spoken of them. And … the well being a reality would explain why Inuyasha had so many new injuries on him, Sesshoumaru thought, wincing. He stared at the human who looked at him with such old eyes, and he growled.
“Inuyasha needed to be punished. He has to learn what is acceptable behavior.” Sesshoumaru said, wondering why he was bothering to respond at all. Whether he had over-reacted or not was not this man's concern, and the punishment itself was nothing to do with him, either.
“Punishment? That's not punishment, that's abuse! Punishment is when…when a criminal is put in prison, or a child is spanked. What you do is…”
Sesshoumaru didn't hear the rest. Spanking?
Had he said…spanking?
Sesshoumaru rolled the thought around in his head. He was not about to let some puny human insect dictate to him on how to punish Inuyasha. He was the alpha; it was his decision. But as he'd lain on the ground for hours this day, unable to move, he'd really had time to examine the sensations in his head that made up Inuyasha, and he had been shocked at how badly hurt the hanyou's body was right now. He had done that to him. He had lost control and lashed out and physically damaged his mate so badly that Inuyasha couldn't even protect himself. He had failed. In spite of what he had promised himself, the month had not yet passed, and he had punished Inuyasha while under the full flush of rage, and been completely unable to hold back. The results were unacceptable.
He could not allow himself to hurt Inuyasha that much again. But he knew how easily Inuyasha could make him lose his temper. And he knew that Inuyasha would need to be punished sometime in the future: he was too brash, too reckless, and too stubborn not to often break whatever rules Sesshoumaru made for his safety. Not to mention his rude mouth needing periodic correction. But while a beating might make an impression, he couldn't allow himself that expression of rage again. It pained him, but he was forced to admit that he did not have the control he needed over his anger. He couldn't trust himself not to go too far and simply keep knocking down the stubborn baka as soon as he rose back up.
A spanking, on the other hand…. Inuyasha would hate it. HATE it. That was most definitely a point in its favor. It was humiliating, childish, and could still be physically painful - the latter the only kind of punishment that seemed like it stood a chance of getting through Inuyasha's thick head. And it was repetitive. Just one, specific, rise and fall of the hand that could give his anger time to cool. If he lost control…well, he would simply continue to blister the little brat's ass. Nothing of Inuyasha's would be hurt badly aside from his pride and his ability to sit easily for a while.
He smiled slowly and heard the human's voice stutter to a stop. He hated to thank the ningen for anything, but he had a debt to acknowledge. His loss of temper could have resulted in serious consequences if he hadn't found the solution. He would not shirk his duty towards the irritating man.
“I will use your suggestion.”
“Eh, what? I'm not sure I…”
“Inuyasha's punishment when he endangers himself. I will use your suggestion. He will receive a spanking. That will…limit his injuries.”
“MY suggestion?” The human wasn't responding as Sesshoumaru would have expected. “You're going to… “ Hmmmm, the monk seemed to be choking slightly as he covered his mouth with his hands for a number of minutes.
“S-so,” the monk said, his lips twitching oddly. “Inuyasha won't be hurt in other ways? Beaten like before?”
Sesshoumaru scowled, debated a moment, and decided to answer. “His punishment has changed. I give you credit for the idea”
That strangled sound coming from the human again. How irritating.
“Eh…you don't have to give me any credit. Really,” the man said, his eyes wide. “Truly, when you're telling…Inuyasha…about the change, feel free to take all the credit for it. Uh, I don't mind in the slightest!”
“He needs to stay in the village,” Sesshoumaru said, annoyed that he even needed to say the words. He was so frustrated that he wasn't able to get up and force Inuyasha to stay in the safety of the village. Having to rely on this pest to do so grated his skin raw. But Inuyasha HAD to remain here. It wasn't safe for him to go out without protection anymore.
“I'll make sure he stays,” the human said in a low voice. He looked about to leave when he stopped and said the oddest thing he'd said during the entire encounter. “Do you require any assistance, Lord Sesshoumaru?”
“I require nothing from a human,' he sneered angrily. Who did this monk think he was, that Sesshoumaru would need anything he offered? Except watching over Inuyasha, of course.
The monk shook his head slightly. “Of course not. How could I have thought otherwise,” he mumbled, leaving abruptly, still making those curious half-choked noises under his breath until he was out of sight.
What an irritating conversation all around.
At least, Sesshoumaru thought, he would not have to put up with his lack of mobility for much longer. He could feel that he would be close to fully healed within a few days. Longer than he had first thought, but acceptable. Of course, he would have another debt to the human, as long as the monk kept his promise and aided him in keeping Inuyasha in the village. He thought a moment. He would let him keep his head as repayment, he decided.
And when his body was functional, he would come to the village, inform Inuyasha about what rules he was expected to follow now…
…and find out about that damn Wolf Prince, while he was at it. And if he didn't like Inuyasha's answers, then he might get to try out the effectiveness of his new punishment.