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hello! I gave in and have decided, I'm going to start a series! So let's get going!
I do not own Darkstalkers, or Lord Raptor, although it would be interesting to be able to raise the dead.-.-

the stage was set and everyone sat there waiting. Last weeks show had ended in a dragon attack, but the roof was patched and everything was ready.
The curtains fell open and a panda-girl walked out on stage.
"Hey everybody! I'm pan-pan! I'm here to bring you our guests and to introduce you to our new segment called, Cooking with Anime! Last week as you can tell, we had a little problem witht the cook and patience, so this weel we brought back a new victe-er- chef! So without further ado! Let me introduce to you Lord Raptor from Darkstalkers!"
The crowd clapped as a blue zombie walked on stage.
He looked around at everyone, then stared at Pan-pan.
"I thought this was supposed to be a concert." he said.
"A concert? No, you're cooking Strawberry wraps." Pan-pan said.
Lord Zombie looked at her.
"Do you think that a zombie cooks?"
"You do now! So put that apron on and get going. And don't let any body parts fall into the food." Pan-pan said walking off the stage.
So Lord Raptor was left there, in the kitchen, all alone, being watched by the audience.
"...'ello there, how's everybody doing?" he asked.
There was a bit of silence.
"Well, I guess I'll be working with a bunch of deadbeats then." he said.
The joke made the audience laugh.
"Good, so you have a sense of humor after all."
He looked and saw the dough already made and ready for him.
"Well, I guess I'll show you how to do it." he said.
"First off, you always wash your hands before you cook, because who knows where you've been." he began.
He washed his hands, and then pulled out a batch of fresh strawberries.
"While your at it, you can clean the strawberries too."
Which he did.
"Now, we're going to save the cutting for later, but for now, we have t play with this dough." he said walking over to it.
"What you do is take the dough like so, and make it into little round cirlces, like tortillas... you know I'm in the mood for torillas, I think I'll go out." he said.
With that Lord Raptor left the stage.
Pan-pan came out.
"Where the hell is my dead guy?" She asked.
A soft voice spoke up.
"He went out for mexican.."
Pan-pan turned to the voice.
"Oh, Felicia! Great to see you. I need you to do me a favor." she said.
"Well, what is it?" Felicia asked.
"I need someone to fill in for Lord Raptor. I'd do it, but the title is Cooking with anime, not Cooking with writers."
Felicia smiled. "I'd be happy to! Cooking is fun."
Pan-pan smiled. "Great, well, you know what to do then, we're making strawberry wraps."
She then disappeared.
Felicia turned and smiled.
"Okay, as you can see, Lord Raptor has already made the dough, so what you do is place it on a tray and stick in the over for five minutes on 350." she did so and then walked to the sink.
"Now, a lot of people wonder how to cut the strawberries, well, it's very simple actually. You vut them into forths like so." she said, showing them how.
"Now some you may have to cut the bruised parts off." she said, not parying attention to what she picked up.
She grabbed something and attempted to cut, but it was stopping her for some reason.
"Now you little strawberry do as I say and c-u-t?" she stared at the finger in her hand.
She put the fork down, removed the apron and walked off the stage.
Pan-Pan came running back.
"Felicia! What are you doing? We still have to finish this!!" pan- pan shouted.
"Too bad, I will not go through this if it involves dealing with Lord Raptor's body parts!" Felicia said.
Pan-pan sighed, "Perfect, where am I supposed to get someone now?"
As if answering her prayers, there was a crash through the roof.
"What the hell?" she shouted.
The smoke cleared and there stood John Talbain, the werewolf.
Pan-pan smiled and ran up to him and gave him a hug.
"Yeah! You're here. I can continue cooking and I won't loose my job!!" She said.
John looked at her.
"Please help! Please, I just need someone to show them how to make strawberry wraps! It's almost done you just have to stick the straw berries on and the ceram and stick it in the fridge." Pan-pan pleaded.
"What's in it for me?" he asked.
"A T-bone anyway you like it." she said.
"Fine." he growled.
"Yeah! Well, get busy then!" she said, and ran off.
John turned and looked at the crowd.
"She's desperate isn't she?" he asked.
He pulled the wraps out of the oven and began placing strawberries on them when he noticed Pan-pan waving at him. "Tell them what you doing!"
He stared at her.
"Err. Well, I'm sticking the strawberries on the wraps, and ... now.. I'm putting them with cream on top. I mean, I'm putting cream on top of them." he stuttered.
"Oh great. A werewolf with stage fright." Pan-pan sighed.
He began walking towards the fridge. "Now yu put the wrapped berries in the fridge.. Yah,the fridge." he said putting the wraps in.
"For the next fifteen minutes we wait, so til then..I'll find something to do." John said.
"Hey, everybody! I'm back and ready to keep going!" Lord Raptor said, walking in sipping on a Taco bell soda cup.
He then turned and saw Talbain cleaning up the area.
"Hey mutt! What are you doing here?" he asked walking over to him.
"Cleaning up your mess." the wolf growled.
"Oh, well, thanks, but I was going to finish it."
"To late, I already finished."
"Aww, can I take them out at least?" Lord Raptor asked.
"Okay, I'm back, I just had to get over the fact that dead parts are always around with a zombie on the loose." Filicia said walking in.
She saw the two talking.
"What are you doing here?" she asked.
"Pan-pan asked me to finish after you left." John said.
"And I came back to finish it."
"But you can't, I have to!"Felicia said.
"No, I will, after all, you left." he said.
"But I only cut the strawberries!"
"Sut up the both of ya. I' going to do it, because I was the host of the show.!"
With that an argument ensued, then it turned into a battle, then it turned into an all out war.
-.-......fifteen minutes later.......-.-
Pan-pan stood where her cooking studio used to be.
"I never even got to finish the strawberry wraps." she sighed.
"What the?"
Strawberry wraps began falling from the sky.
"Oh, great. It's raining desert now."


Next episode: pizza with Lagato Bluesummers!
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