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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Hey! I'm back and ready to see you through to this crazy series. So without further ado, I bring you my next episode, legato and pizza!
I do not own Trigun or any related characters to it, although Lagato does have a nice pinchy-butt...

By: pan-pan.

"Well everybody! It's great to see you back!" Pan-pan said as she stood in front of the audience.
After last week's attack, the building had been moved to a cement building so that there wouldn't be any chances of it falling down.
"Well, last week we attempted to show you strawberry wraps. But this week we WILL show you how to make Pizza! Homade and guess what? Legato Bluesummers is going to host it today." Pan-pan said.
She looked over to the side of the curtains and sighed.
"Hold on."
She returned carrying the unconscious body of Legato over her shoulder.
She plopped him down in a chair and pulled out a bottle.
"I guess I gave him to much of this sleeping stuff. Oh well." she turned to him, "Legato, whe yo wake up, you will not want to destroy the world, instead, you will be a happy person, and you will show us how to make pizza." I whispered.
"Happy.....Pizza...destroy world..." he grumbled.
"Close enough, now wake up!"
Legato slept on.
"Huh?" Legato muttered eyes opening.
"Morning sleepy-head, you ready to show everyone how to make pizza?" Pan-pan asked.
"Of course." Legato said warmly.
"Great, I'll leave you to the audience then."
Legato stood up and faced the crowd.
"Hello everybody! I'm Legato bluesummers, I'm here today to show you how to make pizza!" he said.
The director and Pan-pan sat on the sidelines watching.
"He sounds like Richard Simmons." The director said.
"You got a point there, but he more of has the attitude, not the voice, or body." Pan-pan said.
The director sighed. "You are sad."
"Am not! I don't obsess over him. I obsessed over writing and directing and hosting this thing."
"Then why am I here?"
They returned their attention to Legato who had removed his jacket and put on a pink tinted apron.
"Okay everyone. Here's how it goes! You always have the basics for the pizza dough, eggs, milk, flour, but instead of regular flour, we are going to use wheat flour, which will not only be healthier, but bring out the taste in the chesse and other things." he said, putting everything in a bowl.
He continued until the dough was ready and started to roll it out.
"You see, this looks like a big ball. A bit like the earth... and what you do now is flatten it out round, ..LIKE I WILL DO TO YOU VASH THE STAMPEDE!!!!" Legato said pounding on the dough till it was flat and round.
Mr. Director-man stared at Pan-pan. "Oh yeah, the hypnosis really works on a telepathic."
"Shut up Mr. Director-man." Pan-pan growled.
Legato looked at the crowd blankely.
"Did I just let that escape? I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen. Sorry.
Anyway, what you do next is add tomato e sauce. Ragu is your best choice considering that you want it to be smooth and creamy."
He began to pour it out over the pizza dough.
"Now, see how smooth and easy it comes out, and such a red, just like...just like... BLOOD!!! VASH! THIS WILL BE YOUR BLOOD I POUR NEXT!!!!"
The audience stared at Legato.
Legato stared at the audience.
"....Anyway, a lot of people like their cheese. So what you want to do, is shred them...LIKE I WILL YOU VASH THE STAMPEDE.... finely so that you can make sure it will cover a large portion and melt easily."
Pan-pan stared at Mr.Director-man.
"Do you notice how when he shouts out things randomely, his eyes grow very large?"
"Just like in a cartoon."
"Yea, freakish."
Legato had finished grating the different cheeses and was turning on the oven.
"Umm, what are you doing here?" Legato asked the oven, at least it looked like it.
The head of Nicholas D. Wolfwood's head popped out then he crawled out best he could, considering his hands were tied.
"Mmph-grumph pn-pn!!"
"Hold on a minute sweet-heart." Legato said. Then undid the tape that was covering Wolfwood's mouth.
"That damn Panda kidnapped me and stuffed me in here. Talking about how she had a back up just in case you didn't work out." He shouted.
He then stopped and looked at Legato.
"You know, you are the first person I would think of to wear pink."
Legato looked down.
"But doesn't it bring my eyes out though?"
Pan-pan walked on stage.
"I'll take him out of your way, you keep going Legato."
Legato nodded.
Pan-pan dragged him out and then
plopped him on the ground.
"What are you doing to me? Trying to kill my ratings?" Pan-pan shouted.
"What ratings?"
Pan-pan sighed. "Look, if I let you go, will you stick around and watch, just in case Legato goes back to normal?"
"What's in it for me?"
"Why is that always asked?" Pan-pan muttered, "You get your cross back." she said.
"Oh." the returned their attention to the show.
Legato had stuck the pizza in, and they had time to keep themselves busy for a while.
"Well, since I have time, my friends and I will entertain you with a musical scene from Cats."
"What friends?" Pan-pan asked.
Music started from nowhere, as it a psychic could do, then Mr. Director man satarted going ot on stage.
"What are you doing?" Pan-pan asked.
"I don't know." he shouted.
"Legato's got control of him now. And it looks like he has us too." Wolf wood said. For a moment later we were singing verses from Cats and jumping twenty feet in the air.
Legato was jumping and pirouetting, dancing like a graceful swan.
It scared the members on stage, but to the audience, we were doing this by choice.
Pan-pan was going to kill that damn psycho.
She danced herself off stage, then ran t the door, returning a minute or two later with what would be the cure to all of this horrid injustice.
"Hey everybody! This girl said we were having a donut party so I thought I'd stop by!" Vash said, Legato glanced over, then stopped in mid spin.
Mr. Director-man, who was doin a spin jump in the air, fell to the ground and landed on his head.
Nicholas only heaved a sigh of relief and walked to Vash.
'Thank God you're here." he said.
Vash smiled. "Of course, now, where are those donuts?"
Pan-pan sighed.
"There weren't any, we just needed you so you would pull Legato out of his Tr-AN-somone get me down from here!" she shouted as she was lifted from the air.
"Legato, you let go of her!"Vash and nicholas shouted at once.
"After she made me cook a pizza! And in then hypnotizing me? Hell no. she will pay."
"Don't forget the pink apron you're wearing." Nicholas said.
"Actually, I kind of like that... but she still must pay!"
"Come on it wasn't that bad," Pand-pan said, "You got to make a pizza, and who knew how good a dancer you were. I sure didn't till today!"
He stared at her.
"No use."
"Crap. Well, if I have to go, will you at least take the pizza out of the oven first? I think it's burning."
Legato stared at the oven. "What?"
He dashed over and yanked open the oven then pulled out the pan.
"My pizza! My perfectly done pizza!" legato began to sob and cry.
They all stared at him in amazement.
Finally, Vash walked over to him.
"It's okay, we'll take you out for pizza on the way home."
Legato looked up.
The three walked off holding hands.
"That's the crappiest ending I've ever seen." Mr. Director-man said.
"What's worse is the shape the pizza's in. And the kitchen." pan-pan sighed.
"Come on, I'll take you out for Mexican."
"Alright. First I have to end this."
Pan-pan returned to the somewhat still together stage.
"Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed today's episode, we actually got the food out and finished.
So tune in next time and we'll have...Spike Spiegal from Bebop to make quasidillas!"
With that, Pan-pan left.

Join in next time!

-.-.....I can not believe this....... I have no life if this is what I do... but itis so much fun! Hey, why don't you e-mail me and tell me what you want to see, and who you want to cook what! That'll be fun! So till next time, see ya!