Jem Fan Fiction ❯ Musical: Rocket Star to the Moon ❯ Midnight Jitters ( Chapter 4 )

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With nothing more left for us to do until the launch, we stayed at the Royal-Palace, courtesy of Adriana herself. Kimber and she were delighted to see each other again, and wasted no time in catching up; exchanging stories of adventures, and going through designer magazines.
Jerrica and I couldn't help but chuckle, “I guess some things just never change.” I whispered. Jerrica giggled cheekily while nodding. As for the others, they were busy watching a video I had brought which was a tour of the Rocket-star.
It showed them basically everything. The command deck on the first floor near the tip-top. The living quarters on the second floor. Shana, Aja, Raya, and Steve would share the first room of four beds, while Jerrica, Kimber, Rio, and I would have the other room.
There was even a small kitchen with hotplates, and fridge-freezers, and naturally, all the usual refinements and refreshments.
The final levels were the hold were all our gear and equipment for the concert, as well as exploration was stored, and the airlock. Apart from that, it was pretty straight forward. Aja lay down on the sofa, “Ahh… I'm so excited I feel faint.” she sighed heavenly.
“Take it easy, Aja.” said Shana. “We do have to practice after all.”
That was another reason we were staying at the palace, it would be a great place for us to practice some of the songs we were planning to play up there. I even wrote a special rock song, and we already practiced it.
“I think we should play IT first.” Jerrica suggested. “Even Synergy wants to sing it.”
I felt almost touched, even though I said I didn't mind the girls singing a few of their Jem songs first. “I invited you girls to share in this with me, not just make me look more glamorous.”
The girls didn't care. To them, my inviting them to The Moon with me was the greatest thing I ever could've done. They only thought it was fair that we all sang one of my sings first. “Oh, Come here girls…!” I said and we all came together for another group hug.
Adriana smiled. “I wish I was going with you guys.” she said, “Anything to get me away from the palace for a while.”
I walked up to my fiancée, and kissed her head. “I wish you could too… but you're more needed here.” I said to her. “Besides… who else is going to smash the champagne bottle to see us off…?”
Adriana rolled her eyes and sighed playfully. “At least I was nice enough to finance this mission. So make sure you give me plenty of credit.”
I snickered at her, “Yes, dear…”
We all decided to get some sleep. We all had a very busy day tomorrow, the launching was scheduled for 1:34 AM the following night, and we needed all the rest we could get.
Late that night…
I was in my own bedroom. Adriana and I didn't sleep in the same room since we weren't married yet, but we planned to start that soon. Still… I was so excited about the trip tomorrow night, I couldn't sleep to well.
So I decided to get some fresh air on the terrace. I was so beautiful that night. The air was warm, the heavens were sprinkled with Stars, and the moon was out that night. I couldn't help but smile as I looked up at it knowing that soon I would actually be up there walking on her…
That's when the soft sound of guitar music fluttered past my ears. “Hmm…?” I looked down into the garden by the fountain, and there was Kimber, sitting on the bench with her guitar…
Using my martial art skills, and steady feet, I hopped down off the terrace and walked towards her. “Kimber…?” I called softly. She looked up, “What are you doing out here, girl? It's after midnight.”
Kimber shook her head, “I just couldn't sleep.” she said, “I'm too excited about tomorrow night.”
I knew how she felt and offered her some company. I even had a keyboard and stand hidden away. You never knew when I was in the mood for some music. We began to play the lonely man song I always used to play… (Sad song from the Incredible Hulk)
It sure brought me back memories, of how I used to hitchhike down off bound roads, filled with shame and misery because I was insecure of having the Mega Rock-Man inside me.
Mykan Rockman, rock star/science-boy… Searching for a way to tap into the hidden talents that all humans have. Then an accidental overdose of gamma-radiation alters his body chemistry.
And now when Mykan Rockman grows angry, outraged, or frightened, a startling metamorphosis occurs.
The stranger is driven by determination, and vengeance, but is perused by a savvy rock-star manager.
“Mr. Raymond… don't make me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.”
An accidental explosion took the lives of three fellow scientists, and supposedly Mykan Rockman as well. Many believe the stranger was responsible.
A murder which Mykan Rockman can never prove he or the stranger didn't commit, nor can he bare the shame and fear of what he had become.
So he must let the world go on thinking that he, too, is dead, until he can find a way to control the mysterious spirit that dwells within him.
Still, those days were behind me now, and my life was much better, all thanks to my meeting Jem. They were like family to me; the sisters I always wanted but never had.
I then noticed Kimber was looking a little nervous, and when I asked her, she admitted that she was. “I'm excited about tomorrow and yet so scared at the same time.”
I place a comforting hand on her shoulder, “Hey, so am I…” I told her, “But just remember what we're doing. We're going to be the first rock-stars on The Moon… an offer like that doesn't come around often, and it never comes around again.”
Kimber smiled, “Yeah, I guess your right…”
I then suggested that we play a little something, and Kimber remembered a song she sang when she was a kid, and I remembered the lyrics to it too. So I started playing on my keyboard, and she strummed on her guitar… we played a soft lullaby like ballad, and Kimber sang first…
Well I'd like to visit the moon,
on a rocket ship high in the air.
Yes, I'd like to visit the moon,
but I don't think I'd like to live there.

Though, I'd like to look down from the earth from above,
I would miss all the places and people I love
so although I might like for one afternoon
I don't wanna live on the moon.

I'd like to travel under sea,
I could meet all the fish everywhere
Yes, I'd travel under the sea,
But I don't think I'd like to live there.
I might stay for a day there if I had my wish
but there's not much to do when your friends are all fish,
and an oyster and clam aren't real family,
I don't wanna live in the sea.

I'd like to visit the jungle, hear the lions roar,
go back in time and meet a dinosaur,
there's so many strange places I'd like to be,
but none of them permanently.

So if I should visit the moon,
I would dance on a moonbeam and then,
I will make a wish on a star and I'll wish I was home once
Though, I'd like to look down from the earth from above,
I would miss all the places and people I love
So although I may go,
I'll be coming home soon
Cause I don't want to live on the moon
No I don't want to live on the moon.
We just sat there, two best of friends gazing up at The Moon. For tomorrow… we'd go!