Jem Fan Fiction ❯ Musical: Rocket Star to the Moon ❯ Liftoff to adventure ( Chapter 5 )

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The next day we all headed for the facility along with Adriana to begin final preparations for liftoff and 1:34 A.m. Well all packed out bags, and what little extra supplies we could carry.
“Well, Jerrica…” Rio said, “We've been on many adventures together, but non ever as exciting gas this.”
Jerrica nodded, “Oh, I'm so excited, I've got butterflies in my stomach.”
They both shared a laugh and a warm hug, then Rio left to go and change into his regular suit. Since we were traveling in a specially-fitted rocket neither of us had to wear of spacesuits for launch.
Adriana and I were in the observatory looking up at the setting sun. Adriana made me promise I would come back to her. “Hey, I came back to you once before, didn't I?” I asked her, “Don't worry… I'll be back before you know it.”
Adriana looked deeply into my eyes and pulled me into a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her back. I felt so lucky to be engaged to the Princess of Mrovania, but her royal title, her riches, and all that stuff meant nothing to me… I found someone who loved me for just who I was, aside from Jem.
As Adriana and I headed down the hall we ran into Steve. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “Shouldn't you be getting ready?”
Steve looked more nervous than ever. “Uh… well… in a moment, I'm just waiting for a… uh… special-delivery.”
Adriana and I couldn't help but feel there was something Steve wasn't telling us. Still, we had no time to worry about it, we had other things to do.
Meanwhile, Eric, in his special place was busy talking with the spy he had hired to infiltrate the lab. “Jem, and Mykan have been narrowly evading my shots…” he grumbled. “But they won't escape this time. Are you ready for your mission, Otto…?
The Moravian spy nodded. “I am ready, Mr. Raymond. In a few short hours there will be a special-delivery to Rocket-Star.”
Hours later, it was half past midnight, and all essential personal were at the launch-pad where Rocket-Star was all fueled and ready for takeoff in another hour. There were thousands people gathered there all cheering us on, and all shouting for the Princess.
Adriana took the podium, and she announced how proud she was of the Morvanian team of scientists making this mission possible. She believed that this mission was going to be millions, maybe billions of Morvanian money well spent.
She wished the safety and good luck to me, and to Jem. “If this mission is successful. We will have written a page in history.” Then she grabbed hold of the Champagne bottle, “Without further ado. I hereby name thee, S.S Rocket-Star… bon voyage!” and she smashed the bottle on one of the rocket's legs, away from the thrusters.
The crowd cheered wild, and then everyone was ordered to evacuate the launch site, except for the girls, Rio, Steve, and myself. I kissed Adriana goodbye one last time, “I'll see you tomorrow morning.”
Then, we headed for the boarding elevator, and rode up to the top. “Here we go.” Cooed Aja.
“Oh, this is so exciting.” added Shana.
We made it to the top, and took one last look outside. “Farewell, Earth!” I called out and we closed the door behind us. Liftoff wasn't far now. Just enough time for us to strap ourselves into our beds in our living quarters where we could still control the systems.
Adriana was invited to stay at the control-ops. She was even given the honor of doing the final countdown which was now less than five minutes away. The towers were pulled away, and we were all given one final instruction…
The liftoff was going to be a little rough, and we would all blackout for a while, but everything was to be okay. With the correct timing and planning, we would all be awake in time to take over. With that. “Rocket-Star from control.” said the director. “We're all rooting for you kids.”
I picked up the speaker, “Thank you mission-control. Standing by for blastoff. Over and out.”
With that, the rocket started to roar to life, and quiver madly. Adriana was given the go to begin countdown. “Standby, Rocket-Star…” she said. “Fifteen seconds. Commencing Final countdown.”
“Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. FULL-POWER…!” POW!! The thrusters fired madly, “…Liftoff!”
The rocket started going up into the sky. Inside all of us were groaning, and growling as we felt ourselves being squashed into our beds. I even changed into Mega Rock-Man because I got too angry… but the liftoff was A-Okay.
It wasn't until the rocket was high enough that the control started to call for us. “Rocket-Star from Earth.” No reply. “Earth calling Rocket-Star… come in please.”
But it was no good, everyone one of us had passed out from the strain of the liftoff. “Earth calling Rocket-Star. Rocket-star please come in!”
No response!
Ten minutes later, the Rocket-left the Earth's atmosphere, but still there had been no answer. The men down below were starting to grow worried. “Earth calling Rocket-Star! Someone answer us!”
Adriana was very nervous, and was nibbling on her lip. “Come on, Mykan.” she muttered. Then suddenly, my voice was heard over the radio. “Rocket-Star to Earth. Rocket Star to Earth, come in please-- We have all recovered from the blackout of liftoff and are all in excellent condition.”
Adrianna sighed out of relief, and the men were relived to hear that we were all safe. It was no official. Project “Rocket-Star to Moon” was on!