Jem Fan Fiction ❯ Musical: Rocket Star to the Moon ❯ Mykan's in trouble ( Chapter 7 )

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Before anything else went wrong, we all fastened special lead-boots to our feet. “There…!” I said, “Now if we have to stop the motors again, these boots will keep us from floating away.”
Raya brought up some extra boots for the technicians. “Hmm… I don't understand this.” she said. “All ten of us are wearing boots, then why is there an extra pair?”
Nobody knew how, but what harm could it mean-- If we only knew!
As we continued on our journey, all of us began to notice Steve was still acting a little jumpy about something. When asked about it, “Oh… uh… well, I'm just excited because I've never been to The Moon before.”
Steve was a great space-pilot, and it was true that he had never been to The Moon, but we weren't quite convinced that was the real reason why…
Still, apart from the few slip ups, the trip was going okay, and soon The Moon was straight ahead, and, whoa, was it ever beautiful. Seeing it in the night sky was nothing compared to actually moving towards it and watching it get bigger.
“We made it…!” cried Kimber. “We actually made it.”
“No, not yet we haven't…” I said, “We still have to land safely.”
Steve switched off the auto-pilot, “E.T.A of landing: one hour.”
Suddenly, the systems began to go crazy, and the rocket motors were stopped again. “What's happened?” asked Jerrica.
“It feels like we're losing power.” added Rio.
That was exactly what had happened, according to the technicians, “It looks like there's been a disconnection in the main-control console.” said Bill.
This was indeed a dilemma. Without that connection we couldn't reactivate the motors and steer back on course to The Moon. The worse that could happen was we'd miss The Moon entirely, run out of oxygen and drift endlessly into space… forever.
Aja gasped in Asian. “What can we do?” she asked.
The only thing we could do was repair the connection, from the outside. One of us would have to go EVA; a spacewalk. I decided to go. So I suited up. Steve offered to go instead of me, “No, Steve!” I said to him for the umpteenth time. “You're place is here. You're the only one who can fly this thing. I know more about the systems, so I'll do it.”
I pinned back my Junta Momanari hair, and clapped my helmet on. I gazed one last look at everyone. “Good luck, Mykan, and be careful.” Kimber said.
“Don't worry… I'll be okay.” I said to her, and I headed for the airlock. Rio relayed what was happening to Earth, and it was a good thing Adriana was still asleep, because I didn't want her to get scared.
Everyone then climbed up to the command-deck to watch for me. I had already stepped outside down below, and slowly made my way up to the top. I knocked on the windows and waved to everyone.
“Can you hear me, Mykan?” Steve asked.
“Loud and clear…” I answered, “I've already fastened down my tether-rope. My rocket-boots don't seem to be working at all.”
This struck everyone as odd, but at least with my tether, I wouldn't be drifting off into space. I tried to maneuver towards the top of the rocket where the connection needed to be made, but it sure wasn't easy without any thrusters to hold me steady. I wasn't able to slow myself down so easily, and I bashed right into the hull. “OOF…!”
The girls winced when thy saw me hit. “You alright, Mykan?” asked Steve.
“I feel as if I were hit by a truck.” I answered feeling a little groggy. “I'm going to try tugging on my line to hold me steady.
Jerrica begged me to be careful. “Don't let anything slip up.”
“Cut it out, Jerrica…!” I snapped. “I'm nervous enough as it is. The last thing I want is to transform.”
By tugging on my line I was able to hold myself steady, and I was able to reach the small hatch at the tip-top of the rocket. There was indeed some loose wires. Nothing a few minutes couldn't fix… except…
SNAP! My line broke. Everyone gasped! Slowly I began to drift away into he emptiness of space, and my rocket-boots still didn't work, so I couldn't' pull myself back in.
“Steve!” cried Jerrica. “What can we do? How can we get a line to him?”
Steve hesitated to answer for a minute, almost as if he were trying to just let me fly away, but finally he answered. “Our only chance is to throw him one, and catch him, and we have to do it before he drifts too far out.”
Things were already looking bad, I was so scared I already transformed into Mega Rock-man; thank goodness my special suit expanded enough so I could fit into it with my grown body… but I was still floating away. “Mykan!” Kimber nearly sobbed in fear.
Jerrica spoke to me, “Steve's going come out and toss you your spare line.”
“No, not Steve! He's gotta' stay with the ship.”
The two technicians couldn't so it, and neither could Rio, they had no experience in space-walking. Seeing this as time was running out, while the others decided who was going to do it, Kimber slipped away, and began to suit up.
“Kimber, what are you doing?” asked Shana. Kimber grabbed the spare line, and a working pair of rocket-boots. “I'm going on a rescue.” She said before putting her helmet on.
Jerrica tried to stop her sister, but it was too late, Kimber was already out-- To the rescue!
-Help, That's what I cry
Help, I don't ask why
(Jem)< /b>

Somebody's in trouble,
and I'm off on the double

To the rescue, here am I
To the rescue, do or die
Into the night, into the fog
Swearin' to fight for the underdog
Call and I'll come through
To the rescue
Kimber couldn't believe she was actually walking in space. It was so incredible out there, but she couldn't worry about that now. She fired her rocket boots and went after me.

Help is on the way
Help to save the day
Somebody's in trouble
And I'm off on the double

To the rescue, just in time
To the rescue, fighting crime
Lendin' a hand, helpin' the weak
Takin' a stand for
the poor and meek
Call and I'll come through
To the rescue
Finally, she caught me! Just in time or I would've been lost.
To the rescue, here am I
To the rescue, do or die
To the rescue, here am I
To the rescue
She pulled me back to the rocket, and she stood by my side while I made the repairs. The rocket began to roar back to life, and Kimber and I headed back inside. As we took off our suits, I changed back into my normal self, and hugged Kimber warmly. “You saved me.”
Kimber, though she was the heroine, she felt more like the victim. Her eyes glittered with tears, not just because she saved me. “Was I… really out there?”
Jerrica placed her hand over her sister. “You really were, Kim.”
Kimber and I already made history. Mykan Rockman, and Kimber Benton. The first boy and girl rock-stars to walk in space. The mood, however, was not shared by Rio. He took a look at my rocket boots and safety-line. There was a thread of tape on the rope, and the boots had been tampered with. “this was no accident. Somebody tampered with these.” he said to himself. He couldn't help but think something was very wrong here…
Nevertheless, we continued our journey and prepared for landing upon The Moon.