Jem Fan Fiction ❯ MUSICAL: The Mega Rock-Man ❯ Is there Anyone. ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Aw… that is so sweet.” said Kimber. “But what happened next?”
Well… it was true that Adriana and I had become an item, and she promised not to reveal me as the Mega Rock-Man to anyone else… as I walked her down the street, and out of the alley… that's where it all went bad.
The guards of Morvania had seen me beat up their fellow comrades… unaware of what really happened… and they wrongfully accused me of kidnapping Adrianna. The bound me up tight and held me at their mercy. “Princess Adrianna, are you all right?”
My head snapped up. “The Princess?” I said. She was the Princess all this time, I couldn't believe it, but it was true.
It was in vain that Adriana tried to convince the guards of what was really happening. For the guards were under strict orders to bring her back to the palace.
As for me… they planned to ship me on the next plane out of Europe.
“No! Put me down!!”
“Mykan… Mykan No!!”
I was shoved on the plane and saw Adriana running to try and catch up to it, but we already ascend into the sky.
When I got home, my heart grew bitter and cold. Unable to grasp the fact that my hopes with Adriana were forever lost.
And who wouldn't blame it. She was a Princess… she had gold and jewels and first class things in her life and she could everything she wanted.
And me… a crummy orphan with a double life inside me. Who ever heard of a couple like that?
The point was… I lost her… the only woman I ever loved, and I was filled with sorrows.
Kimber held her hands to her heart. “Oh, Mykan!” she cried.
I nodded sadly. “It was the biggest disappointment of my life, and I never wanted to play, or listen to music ever again.”
That was exactly why I had shut myself up in seclusion, and stopped all my main attractions and merchandise making.
But a year or two later, I realized that Mega Rock-Man could be my own friend, someone who I could stay with so I wouldn't be as lonely, and I learned to love music all over again.
“Still… not a day has gone by that I don't stop and think back at what I lost, and that's why I'm not so keen on tomorrow.”
“I haven't seen or heard from Adriana in years. What chance do I have with a Princess, anyway? Even if she does still remember me, and I have to speak with her face-to-face, what do I say? What do I do?”
Kimber thought this indeed to be very serious. True she and the others did beat Adriana's cousin a while ago, and now Adriana was becoming Queen of Morvania. “Mykan, look on the bright side… at least you'll be able to see her again.” She said.
That was by far the one little thought that turned on the spark inside me. I just had to see Adriana again. If I couldn't see at least one last time, my life was not worth living.
And it was pretty nice to know she was personally inviting me for very special reasons, but no one knew what they were. Still, that did put a little hope in my eyes.
“Thanks, Kimber.” I said. “That means a lot to me.”
Kimber smiled and then she yawned. “I'm going to back to bed… we've got a lot to do tomorrow.” She got up. “You coming?”
“Hmm… Oh, no, You go ahead.” I said “I'm just going to stay up for a few more minutes.”
“Okay… Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, Kimber.”
Eric had heard everything through his spy camera.
“Ah-ha… so the boy does have a weak spot after all.” He chuckled.
“Hey, Boss… your not suggesting that we kidnap the Princess again, and use her as blackmail?” asked Jetta.
Pizzazz just bonked her in the head. “Of course he is, stupid.” She snarled. “Mykan wouldn't want anything to happen to his precious Princess now, would he?”
Soon everyone agreed that their plan was obvious. Kidnap the Princess, and make her suffer unless I was willing to work for the Misfits.
Eric stared outside his window as the plane sped up. “It seems Mykan's first love, will be the ticket to our first victory over Jem. “ he sniggered.
He and the ladies broke out in an all-out burst of evil laughter as the soared through the night way passed Jem's plane to get ahead of us.
Meanwhile, in Morvania
Everything was indeed ready for the celebrations, the big shows, and Adriana's secret surprise she would announce at the end of it all.
Adriana was really hoping this would work out as she readied herself for bed. Quite a lot had been done these past few months ever since the Day she would become Queen was coming.
She hardly enjoyed any of it as the task of becoming Queen came with all the bits and things she couldn't stand. Hard paperwork for endless hours. How to withstand the boredom of meetings and attendances.
Worse than that… she was lonely. No one very special to talk to, or have around to make things seem better for her.
That's one reason why she was inviting Jem over to partake in the big show everyone had planned for her crowning… but as for me.
Well, all she did was look out up at the night sky and say. “Oh, Mykan… I hope you'll come.”
At the same time, I was thinking about her too, and I asked Mega Rock-Man to “Play some music dude.” And he played a soft ballad song for me.
“Oh, Adriana…” I said as I stared out the window. “I've missed you so much, but do you still remember me?” and I began to sing softly.
Is there, anyone.
Anyone, to guide me.
Is there anyone willing to stand beside me.
Adriana could swear she was hearing my song from he bed. “Mykan?”
Is there just one heart.
I can be a part of.
Is there, anyone who won't turn me away
Who is waiting to say…
I want you to stay here
Forever, and ever!
Is there anyone who will let me love them.
Is my searching done.
Please care anyone
Be there… Is there anyone.