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Kyuubi Tenshi
1~ Unlikely Saviour
It wasn't as though he'd never felt this before; as a matter of fact, every night he went out, there was at least a handful of people who were so stressed that their blood cried out to him in a voice so loud his heart skipped. But this was different. This blood was different.
It wept.
It cried.
It sang.
A halting, curdling, bitter-sweet melody that was both poison and honey to his overly-sensitive ears. And it drew him, as though by unconscious command. Before he knew it, he was standing in an alley surrounded by darkness, and a girl was crying silently before him, huddled next to a filthy dumpster, clothes ragged and torn, body thin and frail.
The last page of a fairy-tale
Has been re-written into a tragedy.
Even for one person's heart who believed in it, it's been lost.
Love and dreams are nothing more than a sandcastle
That's short-lived, and breakable, even if you didn't wish it so.
He almost startled at the words as she murmured them in a cracking, fading voice. Was she dying? He wondered; she reeked of blood through her thread-bare clothing. Even for one as cold as him, and despising of the human race, he took pity on her in that moment.
She startled, looking like she'd nearly jump out of her skin, and her eyes shot up to meet his, staring at him from beneath a tangled mass of hair without definable color, and with eyes closing on feral with fright. He crouched a few feet off, concluding that getting any closer to her at the moment would only serve in making her run. She continued to stare at him, and finally nodded a little, silently, in shy greeting.
“You look tired and hungry; want to come with me? I can listen to your worries if you want,” he offered softly, and she wavered. What color her eyes were, he couldn't tell; the darkness and his night vision both distorted his view of her. The stress she was under was driving him nearly mad with instinctive need. At last, though, she conceded, another nod showing that she would go with him where he wished. He stood, crossing the few feet between them and offering her his hand, and as winning a smile as he could manage. “I'm Maaka Ren. Nice to meet you.”
She couldn't even stand on her own, he'd discovered. That's why he was carrying her now. The shortcut through the park would take them home soon enough, and then he could put her in the care of Anju. She would be alright then. But for now, she slept quietly in his arms, her head tucked against his collarbone, neck bared, strangely trusting.
Nearly there; they were one the edge of the barrier. With a nod of his head, the familiars that swarmed the place allowed him to pass by with the girl unmolested. They obeyed him, like they obeyed Anju and their parents; really, the only one they didn't heed was Karin, since she wasn't a real kyuuketsuki after all. Ridiculous, really, the things she put them through…
The figure in his arms groaned and shifted, but did not awaken, even to the creaking of the house's front door, so soundly did she sleep. The house was silent for now; Karin was probably on a date with Usui Kenta, and Grandmother Elda was probably keeping an eye on them, as she was wont to do. Inevitably, his father would be out hunting the right taste in blood for his mother whilst she lounged in their room.
He nearly startled, not having before noticed his youngest sister standing on the stairwell. But there she was, in all her pale-haired glory.
Maaka Anju.
He grinned at her a bit. “I'm home. And I brought someone with me. Could you take care of her? I already bit her, but she had so much stress it was more than I could take without giving her absolute anemia.”
The little girl returned him a smile and nodded. With only a fraction of her power, she levitated the teen from his arms, drifting her slowly towards the staircase. Ren sniffed disdainfully at his jacket, his delicate nose scrunching at the stench.
“Bathe her thoroughly, but hurry; I'm gonna need a bath, too.” He dumped his shoes on the foyer floor, and pulled off his socks, grabbing them in the same hand as his soon-to-be-discarded jacket and heading for the washroom. It was one of the few places the whole family used.
Anju turned to the girl still floating before her, and pushed a strand of hair from her face.
This one could prove interesting, indeed…
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