Kim Possible Fan Fiction ❯ Empire ❯ Puke ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shego felt like she was going to die. Her stomach heaved constantly, she was sweating like crazy, and she was in the home of resident heroine Kim Possible. Kimmie had been caring for her for at least two days, probably more with her barely being conscious, and never complained about any of the jobs that came with nursing a sick person back to health. The villainess knew that anyone else would have dropped her off to a hospital a while ago and let the authorities come for her.

Kim had stood by when she ranted about delusional things, helped her get into the shower with only a major blush, took out the waste bucket, and helped feed her. The fact that Kim had also let her sleep in her super-comfortable bed was a plus. Such a shame that the teenager that needed the bed was sleeping on a futon only feet from a bucket filled to the brim with vomit and stomach acid. Shego knew that before this was over, she would owe the other girl a lot.

More than a lot; her life.

The side-kick took it as a good thing that she was actually conscious and able to sit up. Most of the days had just been her vomiting and the occasional clear moment. She could truly appreciate the room now. The wall in front of her had what appeared to be authentic Japanese paper lanterns, bringing a soft glow to the room.

The bed was large with a dark blue comforter and sheets twisted around her legs. The headboard was metal and there were bars running along the sides of the bed, probably for decoration since they weren't lifted.

There was a wooden floor with a throw rug at the foot of the bed. The ceiling was painted in the likeness of both the Ara and the Ursa constellations. The walls were a warm green color and there was a desk covered with loose papers and textbooks.

A cork board hung above the slim laptop, filled with pictures of her and her friends in goofy poses and laughing. There was also a picture of the red-head and Shego when she was Ms. Go. Her good counterpart looked especially happy in that picture, her arm around the slender heroine who was holding a thumb up.

Shego attempted to stand up but found her legs wobbly and her sense of equilibrium out of whack. She tipped over worse than the tower of Pisa and crashed to the floor.

Kim rolled out of the way instinctively, rising into a crouch as she did so. Her stitches were gone already, and her calf was fine besides a healing scab. She breathed a sigh of relief when nothing crazy like elephant ninjas were climbing through the door or a pig/monkey hybrid stampeding through the room appeared. It was relatively normal; just Shego on the floor, swearing and moving weakly.

The red-head stood up and, not saying anything, lifted Shego into a secure hold and put her back in the bed. The teenager mumbled to herself, “I think I liked you better when you showed up, did some evil, and gave me just enough fantasy material until the next time.”

A familiar drawl started and nearly made her drop to the floor like the invalid; “Why, Princess, I didn't know you felt that way. I was sure that this was merely a one-sided love.”

Kim inhaled slowly and asked, her voice quiet, “How long have you been awake and able to understand?”

“Just now,” Shego replied, smirking, “And what a perfect time too.”

'Abso-fucking-lutely,' The other girl thought.

The red-head tucked Shego back in the bed, saying nothing, and gave into a cat-like yawn. She blinked sleepily and turned to head back to her sleeping pad only for Shego to hold onto her overly long sleeve. Kim turned to Shego only for the older woman to shake her head. “Never mind, Princess,” Shego muttered then released her and turned over.

The teen stared at her back for several moments before sighing and going back to her futon. The dark room helped her think about the news Wade had given her several days ago. It continuously ran through her mind, and the respect that she'd once had for Betty Director plummeted.

Three Days Ago

“Those pills must have something that makes people into, what do you kids call it, uber-heroes?” James asked. He was referring to how the rats they were testing on were going through physical changes now that the pills were gone.

Jim rolled his eyes and Tim corrected him, exasperatedly, “Ãœbermensch*, Dad.”

Anne sighed and said, “That's correct. The pills have a combination of medicine that would, potentially, have the ability to boost adrenalin to staggering heights. The unusual thing is that it doesn't just target the muscles. This combination can target the brain, causing your left hemisphere to become less focused and your right hemisphere to take that percentage and use it to keep from being what we would consider, 'silent.' It's ingenious, but could, in the long run, be dangerous. It might rob you of your language skills, or even paralyzing your entire right side.”

Wade's hologram asked, loudly in the groups growing mumbles, “Guys, you mind if I talk to Kim privately?” The other impromptu group members left, talking quietly about the new information. Kim sat in the arm chair, every bit the leader that they needed.

Even Bonnie wouldn't be able to say anything to her rival if she saw her. Her face was grim, and her normally sparkling green eyes were bright with fury. The high-cheekbones that most of the squad secretly sighed about were even more pronounced with her metabolism struggling to support her body with little sleep and less food.

The chubby boy turned to her and said, “I've looked at the samples of Shego's blood and DNA that you've given me and your right. Some of the unusual cells are identical to that of the pills chemical composition. A previous meteorites remains were taken by GJ and used to create the pills; it was pure dumb luck that a second one came and hit the Go Heroes.”

At the thunderous look on the red-head's face he hurried, “It's not life changing though. The only reason that they had those powers is the massive qualities they took in at once. It only lasts for as long as you take the pills. From my calculations it should take, at a steady rate, only two weeks or so to wear off for as long as you've been taking them.”

Her face cleared slowly before she said, “They must have still needed work on them if seventeen years of taking them can be erased in two weeks. What's Drakken's new plan that will only take two weeks? Even he isn't stupid enough to think that something two weeks old will last.”

Wade cleared his throat before saying, hesitantly, “I don't think it's just Drakken anymore. He would have tried to find a way to gloat by now. Someone smart is planning this.”

She leaned back in her chair, blowing air out of her cheeks. The red-head mumbled, “There must be something we're missing. GJ made the pills, Josh infiltrated the school, Drakken kidnapped the kids. There's more than three hundred teens in Middleton high; more than any lair can hold. Where'd he put them?”

She closed her eyes as a thought hit her, “Give me some feed on the Señor's island. That's the only island that Drakken might be able to borrow that's completely secured from normal invasions.”

The dark boy was typing before she'd gotten everything out. He checked the feeds and shook his head. “Sorry, nothing but Junior tanning. Anything else?”

The teen say up again, “Whose been in charge of GJ since it's founding?”

Wade gave a little sigh, knowing that the answer would devastate her, “Dr. Director.” He watched as her mouth pinched, as her face lost color and then gained it again as she said, “Thanks, Wade.” He gave her a half smile and logged off.


The heroine had known that GJ sometimes needed to do things that weren't exactly ethical but drugging teens was lower than low, especially since they'd started when most of them were still toddlers. She sighed and rolled onto her side. At the very least, she was glad that Shego was doing better. In the week that the woman had been here, her body had released the toxins that the meteor had given her, her usual green shading was absent and, when she'd looked at Kim earlier, her eyes were hazel, a green-shaded amber, rather than the usual emerald green.

Something pooled around her navel at the thought of Shego. It felt like guilt, invading every corner of her body and thoughts, but it was more... pleasurable. It wrapped around her insides, and it made her heart pound faster than any plane she'd jumped out of or any fight she'd been in. It also warmed her, as if someone had just placed a large blanket on her. It was a good feeling but also left her feeling as if something wasn't being fulfilled.

The red-head turned onto her back and closed her eyes again. It would do her no good to think of those now. And if her dreams were of bright eyes and teasing smirks, of muscles playing under tanned skin, of breathy words from a full mouth, she wasn't telling.

The morning sun was late compared to Kim. She was outside, stretching in the backyard after an intensive run. Sweat was still on her back and her shirt felt sticky against it. Her breath came in shallow gasps and it hurt her to know that the pills were what had made her such a nuisance to the evil community. She knew how to do everything, the techniques that were involved in each move, exactly how her body would twist to avoid this blow and land that punch; but her body wasn't up for everything. Just a fifteen mile run made her pant and ache.

She wiped her forehead off on a towel and drained the last of her water before heading indoors. A pot of coffee sat in the coffee maker and she poured herself a generous amount in her favorite mug. The acrid taste of it helped her muscles feel less tense and helped her feel as if she could face the day. She could hear her mother shuffling into the kitchen, her footsteps were slightly lighter than her brothers but heavier than her father's, and she put the coffee down to tell her, “Good morning.”

Anne yawned, “Morning, Bubblebutt.”

A familiar voice, laced with sleep and raspy, asked, in an amused tone, “Bubblebutt?”

Kim groaned as Shego stepped into the kitchen, a smirk on her face.