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Those Words I Uttered
Chapter One: Those Words That I Uttered

"That's me, Sana Kurata! An 11yr t.v star!" She chimed as she pointed at her picture of herself. "My beautiful Mama, an award wining novelist! Rei Sagami my ex-boyfriend, but he's still my best bud & manager. The weird little bat that pops up all the time, no idea where he comes from. Akito Hayama my arch-nemesis, an a pretty good buddy! Mr.Hayama, Akito's Dad. Sweet but strange." She said with a smile as she pointed to each picture. "That's enough with the introductions! Now lets get on with the story! Yeah!" Sana yelled as she did the victory sign. V

"A Child's Burden, Now continues..." The t.v annoucer said with a dramatic voice.

A doctor walked up to a girl sitting in the Waiting Room. The girl sat still as she cluctched her yellow sundress. Her innocent brown eyes looked at the doctor with hope of good news. "Ms.Misuya...Mio...I'm sorry to inform you but your father didn't make it..." The girl stood up as she slightly wobbled.

"N-No! You're lying! He wouldn't die! He promised! My D-Daddy would never break a promise!" She screamed as she ran to her father's hospital room. "Mio?..." A boy whispered to himself as he watched Mio run past the Nurse's Desk.

Mio flung open the door to see her father's lifeless body. Tears streamed her face as she apporached her father's body, her body trembled tremendously as she clutched her father's hospital gown.

"D-D-Daddy wake up...Please? You, you promised you'll never leave me. You're not supose to die! Not here! Not now! Don't leave! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Daddy please don't leave...I promise I'll be good! Please daddy...Please?..." Mio cried into her father's chest, as she was crying she felt someone tap her shoulder.

"Leave me be..." She said coldly.

"Mio...I'm sorry but all non-patients have to leave..." The nurse said with a lowered head.

Mio kissed her father's cheek as she wiped her tears away, and walked pass the nurse. "Mio...I get off in a few...I can drive you ho--" Mio turned around and looked at her with a stoic face. "--Home? What home? I'm going to Miyuki's house..." The nurse bit her lip as she clasped her hands together.

"M-Mio it's raining I'll drive you to Miyuki's house."

"Sunako...I don't care if it's raining I'll rather walk than get in a car with you...Just because you were my father's girlfriend doesn't mean anything to me...I can't stand the sight of you...The only thing that bonded us together was our love for my father...Now we are no longer bonded...So just stay out of my life..." Sunako eyes started to quiver as she listened to the harsh words Mio said to her. Without another word Mio left the room leaving a woounded Sunako alone. As she walked out of the hospital she stood in the rain, and hoped the purity of the rain would help cleanse her grieving soul.

"Stupid are you trying to catch a cold?" Her eyes slowly shifted to her right.

"Heo...What do you want?" She asked in an aloof voice.

"I just wanted to make su--"

"--You wanted to make sure I was okay...You already know I'm not okay...I just lost the only one that loved & cared for me--" She said in a shakey voice as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Don't say that! Don't ever say that again! Damnit Mio! You always do this! Disregarding everyone around you! You can't even see how much we love and care about you! You're just making it harder for yourself, and hurting the others around you!" Heo shouted as he held her close to himself.

"Hurting?..." Her memory flashed back to what she just said to Sunako, she then realized what Heo was saying was true. 'Sunako was trying to help me, be there for me, and what did I do? I pushed her away and hurt her!' Her eyes were now shaking as her tears ran down her cheeks.

"Mio...Please don't write us off...Let us be there for you...Let me be there for you..." He said as he tilted her head up. "Mio I love you..." He whispered to her as he lightly kissed her. Mio closed her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Please tune in tomorrow to see the conclusion of A Child's Burden, starring Sana Kurata as Mio Misuya, Naozumi Kamura as Heo Kimari, and Zenjiro as the Doctor." The t.v annoucer said in a dramatic voice.

Rei, Tsuyoshi, and Natsumi eyes were watery as they snuggled Sana. "My darling Sana you were great!" Rei said as Tsuyoshi and himself handed her a bouque of roses. "Oh Sana! You were just awesome! Akito don't you think so?" Natsumi said as she looked at the other end of the couch. "A-Akito? He's not here? How dare he? That sneaky little creep is going to pay!" Sana said as she knocked everyone out the way.

"Uh-Oh Akito the perv is going to get it! Babbit chimed as he poped up from nowhere. "You move it too!" Sana said as she shoved Babbit out of the way, which sent him flying into the t.v. "H-Hey I see stars...No wonder why I'm Superstar Babbit..." He said as he passed out.

Sana ran outside and stood on the sidewalk as she looked down the street. "Akito!" She screamed as she ran down the block to meet up with him. "That was so rude! I mean I took all that time to pull together a permire party for my closes friends, and you just up and leave!" Sana bonked him on the head with her mini toy mallet. Akito sighed as he put his hands in his pockets.

"I promised Fuka I'll meet her at her parents shop." He said calmly as he walked off without another word.

"Buh-bye Akitoooooooooo! Tell Fuka tomorrow we're going out for ice cream, then we're going to go to the mall, the park, the store, then over there, then over here, and maybe right over there! Yeah!" Sana smiled as she waved good-bye to Akito. Sana watched Akito walk away until she could no longer see him. 'Akito!' She screamed to herself. She wanted to cry but she knew the others would try to pry in, so she bottled everything up.

After everyone left Sana got ready for bed. Sana stood infront of her bed as she did a cowboy accent. "Now listen here bed, this room isn't big for the both of us...So I'm going to have to sleep on you!...On the count of three..." Sana said with a nod as she made a spitting sound. Turning around slowly she counted slowly.

"1...2...3!" Sana jumped in the air and pounced on the bed, the springs on the bed bounced Sana off and she hit the floor. "Darn you, you dirty, no good scoundral..." Rei ran up the stairs as and rushed into her room. "Sana are you okay?" Rei eye tweaked as he saw her lying on her stomach on the floor. "T-The bed got meh Rei...It got meh...Revenge my down fall...Revenge meh..." Rei sighed as he lightly chuckled.

"Can't you get in the bed like a normal person?"

"What's the fun in that, and Rei why aren't you revenging my down fall! Don't you care Rei that I was brought down by this evil bed?" Sana said as she kicked the bed. "OUCH!" She squealed as she hoped on one foot. Rei picked her up and put her in the bed. "Here I'll put in your favorite movie, some chips, and get you some pop." Rei said with a gentle smile, as he put in A Walk To Remeber, and gave her, her chips & pop. "Thanks Rei." She smiled as he walked out of the room.

"Why Akito? Why her?" She whimpered as she cried into her pillow. 'You want to know why? I'll tell you why...You have Naozumi! He's your boyfriend. Akito is Fuka's boyfriend. You can't have both, and do you really have the heart to try and steal your friend's boyfriend away from her? I can already tell you, you don't' Sana's inner-self said calmly. Sana lightly gasped.

"N-No I don't want Akito! Nu-Uh! No way! We're just friends! Super tight friends! Uh-huh! Why would I want a guy like that? An even if I did...I would never steal my friend's boyfriend...never."

'Heh. A few minutes ago you said "Why Akito? Why her?" Why did you say that? I can tell you why...because you desire him...Earlier you was thinking about it...Your exact thoughts were..."The only way I could be with Akito is if I steal...him..." Stop lying, everyone can tell you're in love with him...Even Nao--'

"--Enough! It's not true it's not true! It's not true! I never said I was going to steal him! I don't want him! I don't want him! I don't want him! I have Naozumi so why would I want someone like Akito, he's somewhat of a Boss Monkey..." Sana whispered to herself as droplets of tears fell onto her pillow. There was a knock on the door, and it opened slowly. "Sana? Is everything okay? Sana! Why are you crying? Did that Akito say something to you?" Sana smiled as she wiped her tears away.

"I was just mimicing the lines from the movie. This movie always makes me cry..." Sana pointed to the t.v as the two main characters kissed under the starry sky. Rei sighed as he smiled. "Sorry I just thought it was him since your Babbit-Phone was on. Good-Night!" Rei said as he walked out of the room.

"Uh-Oh! Spaghettie O's! A certain perv, heard a certain mental conversation!" Babbit squealed as he flew past Sana who left eye was twitching as she looked at the phone out of the corner of her eyes. 'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!' Sana screamed to herself as she rolled back and forth on the bed. Babbit popped up right behind Sana's shoulder and whispered "The bed did a double whammy on Sana! Lets go back to the bed scene and see everything in slo-mo!"

[Bed Scene Redux]

Sana slowly jumps into th air and comes down on the bed very slowly. As her body finally hits the bed, Babbit freezes the frame. "As you can see her Sana's elbow accidently pressed Akito's speed-dial number!"

[End of Bed Scene]

Meanwhile in Akito's Room

"Why Akito? Why her?" Sana voice said as she cried.

"Wha--" Akito said into the phone but was cut off.

"--N-No I don't want Akito! Nu-Uh! No way! We're just friends! Super tight friends! Uh-huh! Why would I want a guy like that? An even if I did...I would never steal my friend's boyfriend...never."

'What the hell?...'

"--Enough! It's not true it's not true! It's not true! I never said I was going to steal him! I don't want him! I don't want him! I don't want him! I have Naozumi so why would I want someone like Akito, he's somewhat of a Boss Monkey..."

"..." Akito cut the phone off as he sat on his bed, and looked out at the stars. 'Hmph. I guess Naozumi was right...She could never like a guy like me...They do have more things in common. Both of them was adopted, are child t.v stars, and have a lot of money.' He said to himself as he got in his bed...I shouldn't even be thinking this...I have Fuka, and she has Naozumi we both have someone.'

Back At Sana's Room

'A-A-Akito...A-A-Akito heard everything...Everything...Everything! Akito heard everything! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! He heard everything! But he only heard me talking because I was talking to inner me! An I could only here Inner-Sana because no one can hear someone elses Inner-Them! AAAAAAH! He probably thinks I'm crazy! Oh no!" Sana screamed as she crashed into things.

Misako and Rei stood at Sana's door as they listened to everything. "Should we--" Misako slowly shook her head as she softly said "This is something she needs to do on her own." Rei watched Misako walk off, Misako stopped as she started to snicker. Turning around she says "Plus this would be entertaining! Don't you agree?" Rei sweatdropped as he looked at the door. "I highly doubt that Misako...but I do agree that I should t-t-try...to let her handle this a-a-alone!" Rei squeaked as he ran to his room sniffling. 'I just hope she makes the right choice...' Misako said as she walked back to her room.

"Wow! Things are really heating up! To bad you have to wait until the next chapter!" Babbit says as he blows raspberry. "Haha! See you next time!" He says as he waves his wings up and down.

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