Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ UnConscious ? ❯ We're Here ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Based on Kodomo no Omocha, a series by Miho Obana.


By: xXx.KyoGumii

• • •

A fatal blow was tackled onto Sana’s body by a drunk driver. Now she suffers physical damages and is devoid of her memory. Unaware of an existence of an Akito Hayama and the love they shared, will Akito still hold onto the past, or will he move on from Sana?

• • •

Red lights absorbed the cities darkness, penetrating the wind and defying all odds of speed, all the machines hustled out of it’s way not wanting to be in path of rampage, ‘Must be a serious accident’ the drivers concluded, however the people in the vehicle wished it not be. The ambulance stalked the roads as it zipped away onto the next lane.

“Sana! Sana!” a figure yelled.

Who is that? Sana wondered as she peered through her narrowed eyes. It showed a blurry outline of a figure. Rei? –no this was a boy – a boy...? She gave in her body to her minds wishes and fell into a deep slumber.

• • •

“I’m sorry Doctor Kisaki, but please repeat that again” Misako re-asked for the billionth time holding her fan up to cover the tugging frown on her lips.

“Miss Sana, has suffered a slight concussion...” the Doctor trailed off while he was filling a yellow form “She’s in a coma right now; we estimate she will awaken in a week or so” As he said the last words, he handed the yellow form to Misako whose veins were about to pop from shock.

“It’s nothing that serious” Rei reassured her forcing a comforting smile to swipe onto his face.

• • •

Flash back:






Brrrr ingggg-Briinngg

“See ya guys!” Sana hollered over the bell waving to her friends who were pestered by her sudden urge to leave.

“Are you sure Sana?” Fuka questioned as she disserved the crowed of fan boys surrounding her friend. “You don’t want to walk home with us? Were going to stop at shops on the way...”

Sana couldn’t maintain her wall of protection up any longer as it was being bombed with questions by her friends who were always used to walking home with a dense girl by their side.

“Okay I’ll tell you!” Sana said gleefully, she hitched Fuka closer to her and whispered something in her ear.

“Ohh it’s...” But Fuka trailed off when Sana smiled slyly while tightening a grip on her hand.

Sana untangled their hands and waved off again to her friends who by now were surrounding Fuka for an answer, but they left Fuka dumbfounded with a smile that was hanging on to her lips.

Upon exiting the crowd through the stinky hallway of Jinbou Middle school, Sana was greeted with a fresh aroma clutching to the wind as it blew under Sana’s nostrils. She inhaled the sweet scent; and treasured the moment where she felt free of all her problems.

She waited and sat, she kicked then she spat until...

“Yo” welcomed a recognizable voice.

“Akito!” returned the daft girl.

The wind again sent out a powerful gust causing Sana to brush off the sheen orange hair off her face. Akito was left with a beautiful scene of a bishoujo while petals fell from above the cherry blossom tree.

She had a surge of excitement upon seeing his face, eyes filled with hope only to be burned seconds later...

“Gomen Kurata” Akito bowed his head loosely in front of her, “I wanted to walk home with you...But Karate came up so suddenly; and I didn’t see you around the school at all today to tell you.”

“Oh.” Sana retorted forcing her lips to counter the frown pulling at her lips; but all she could manage was a smirk. “I guess we can do this tomorrow!” and with that the dense girl skipped off.

• • •

‘I at least wanted to walk home with him’ Sana thought especially since she had just come out of 2 week long shoot. She shook her disappointment off ‘I guess even Akito has things that are important to him’ she brushed off the next wave of disappointment and sighed.


Upon seeing that signal Sana dropped her head down staring at the ground while she made her way over across to the other side of the street.

And that’s when it happened.

• • •

“Little Miss! Are you alright?!” the passenger of the driver stepped out of the car and shouted at her.

She shook the girl furiously trying to awaken her; but all she managed to get out was a cough of blood.

“SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE!” the woman commanded, jerking the badly injured child closer to her chest.


• • •

“It’s all my fault!” Akito regretted as he punched the wall of the hospital. “ If only I had just walked her home...” he kicked the trash can “Then..Then none of this would have happened!”

“Please, calm down Hayama-kun” Tsuyoshi begged trying to force his friend to sit down. “Don’t take your anger out in the hospital, besides, we weren’t aware that this was going to happen. It’s not all your fault” Oh so part of it was his fault?

‘’Same as always, the worst friend to console to’’ Akito muttered to himself

The four friends waited patiently in hopes to have a chance to visit Sana in her time of need. Tsuyoshi was obviously sitting beside Aya who had clutched onto him sobbing softly while Tsuyoshi reassured her. Let’s just say Tsuyoshi can’t comfort people and made the atmosphere worse.

Fuka was pacing around the room nervously tapping her finger nails on the side of her body as she continued her marathon of worry around the room. It was then that the Doctor appeared with the most stoic attitude and impassive face as ever.

A wave of silence flooded the room awaiting a response, or even a mere is she okay or not answer from the Doctor. But he remained with his poker face, not even looking up at any one of them.

“IS SHE OKAY OR NOT?” Akito held the Doctor Kisaki’s collar high and awaited an answer.

Fuka mumbled “Akito!”

Stricken by the sudden action the Doctor began to stutter madly “Sh-She’s F-Fine, she’s just suffering from a c-coma” A fearful aura surrounded the room “JUST FOR A WEAK” The Doctor shut his eyes and waited in the darkness for a blow that would never come.

“Did you guys hear that?” Akito said nonchalantly

And with that said and done, they all got up, stared at the cowardly Doctor and swiftly entered the patient room where Sana lay bruised and bleeding with her eyelids glued shut, unaware of the sudden presence of 4 close companions.

Fuka proceeded to insert the bouquet of flowers into a vase beside Sana’s sleeping body.

“Were here Sana..” Akito caressed her injured cheek. “Were here...”

• • •


I would like to thank you again for reading; if you want to know why I made this chapter so short, is because I don’t know if you all will like it or not. Please write a review on this story, and upon reading them I will decide if I will continue with this or not :D