Kodomo No Omocha Fan Fiction ❯ UnConscious ? ❯ Blackmail ( Chapter 2 )

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Based on Kodomo no Omocha, a series by Miho Obana.

By: xXx KyoGumii
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• • •
A fatal blow was tackled onto Sana’s body by a drunk driver. Now she suffers physical damages and is devoid of her memory. Unaware of an existence of an Akito Hayama and the love they shared, will Akito still hold onto the past, or will he move on from Sana?

• • •
Chapter 2: Without you
The classroom gushed out with the news of Sana Kurata’s accident which occurred a couple days before. Everyone practically buzzed on to the topic which was thoroughly discussed by many girls, who had brought with them magazines, newspapers...tabloids...anything that was related to the incident.
“It says here...” Rumi examined the article she was holding in her dainty hands “That the drunk driver was arrested and there are charges being pressed like driving under the influence” She shook her head in disgust, he was being let go that easily? after hurting her friend that badly? . “He’s getting his court trial next October”
The group of friends felt disdain as they heard the light charges pressed against the driver. Even though none of them had seen Sana ever since the day she magically disappeared the hallways; and though they hadn’t seen how much of a bad condition she was in, they couldn’t stop but to render into contempt upon hearing the news.
“This article is bullshit” Mami spat out in her anger
The girls nodded as an assent to her comment. Curious gazes at nearby tables wondered their pair of eyes onto the group as they continued to discuss the matter. Mami had suggested they pull out another magazine or article and see if there was more to the story than just one small charge. But skimming through a dozen magazines they all had the same information, yet written in different ways. The man did get off that easy. Why? They all pondered, however that curiosity was later swept at bay when they read what the profession the man obtained for a living.
The girls buried themselves in the magazines words and shortly after re-read and re-read it until they gasped “No way Jose!” Hisae and Mami said in unison.
Japan’s In-News
Kurata and a Drunk Driver Collide?

People all around them gathered at the suspicious gasp until Gomi snatched the Magazine from Hisae’s hands and started to read the article out loud.

“Hey you butthead give me back my Magazine!” Hisae snarled only to be blocked by one of many bodyguards serving their loser-of-a-king Gomi.

“Bug off!” Rumi protested backing up Hisae all the way.

But Gomi was too deep into his curiosity to stop now.

“Kurata exited Jinbou Middle school at 2:25 pm on the dot. From sources who saw Kurata that day
They say she was alone walking home from school, it was a normal day but for Sana Kurata it wasn’t.
Reports have been plugged in from local people that for Kurata it was unusual to be roaming around the city streets alone. Rei her personal manager was no where in sight during this tragic accident, nor were friends or school mates, what chose her to be alone all of a sudden?”

“That was when the American Politian Robert Henderson had just come out of a party with his wife drunk. His wife who did not have a license was forced to let her intoxicated Husband drive, it was going smoothly until Henderson lost control and moments later hit an unexpected 13 year old girl. His wife immediately jumped to the scene, trained with first aid she stopped the Kurata’s bleeding before the ambulance rushed her to the hospital.”

“Wait why wasn’t Kurata walking home with you guys?!” Gomi questioned the group of so-called Sana’s friends.

They were left dumbfounded for they knew not where Sana was headed off on that fated, tragic accident, they let Gomi remain tapping his foot impatiently...however some one did know...

“Erm” Fuka let out “Uhm, can you not stare at me like that guys...?” she requested solemnly.

25 pairs of eyes were glued on her every move.

“You know something don’t you Matsui?” a boy from the back shot at her

She remained silent...She did know something, but what good of a friend would she be if she let out something Sana had specifically requested to be private?

She chuckled trying to hide the lies in her eyes. She put on a facade and said “You guys sure are funny!” Her attempt at trying to pull out the old stunt from the book, the trying-to-laugh-off-serious-matters, failed the second she said the first word.

And to add, she was not the best actress ever; and she was made aware of that fact when she was shit out of luck.

“So you do Matsui?” The same boy from the back threw at her, his eye brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed at the sight of the lying girl in front of him. Are they that good at seeing through my pretense? – no that cant be it – she computed in her mind that she was just a lousy actress.

“What are you hiding from us Fuka!?” Mami haughtily “ I thought we were friends?!”

Oh the famous I-thought-we-were-friends-so-why-aren’t-you-telling-me?- statement.

The rest of the group agreed “Yeah Fuka you shouldn’t keep secrets from us!”

Fuka scanned the room for an emergency escape hole somewhere, but sadly when she looked around, she was completely surrounded by a hoard of prying pre-teens who looked down at her with their claws ready and sharpened.

• • •

It wasn’t really surprising at the information that they managed to get out of Fuka, after all Fuka was the weakest one in their group, and eventually she let the hidden truth she hid behind her tongue slide by her teeth –more like threatened to – and exposed it to everyone.

The first thing that entered through everyone’s minds was, Wait is there something going on between...? They pondered quietly to themselves; they didn’t take into notice everything until Gomi made an unusual discovery.

“Fellow subjects” He addressed in a formal tone “ Please peasants you make take you leave off my holy ground”

His subjects fell into place and bowed before their loser-of-a-king Gomi.

The ones who were not part of ‘Gomi’s Kingdom’ were merely peasants and inferior to his majesty. However Gomi did not take in the fact that these ‘lowly peasants’ were practically 3 / 4 of the class; and they did not – I repeat DID NOT -- like being called that way.

The girls rolled their eyes at the boys who were concocting a story to connecting to the article.

A boy was brave enough to face Gomi and his crew by shouting “YOU SUCK GOMI!” at the top of his lungs, But later he was quickly arrested by the minions and pinned to ground only to be released if he prayed for forgiveness.

Later the minions commanded that everyone get on their knees, and pray for their highness as compensation to the assault made by a ‘lowly peasant’ therefore all the lowly peasants had to do it. Or for god knows whose going to be the first to end up with a black eye and having to explain to their parents they just got carried away playing in ‘Gomi’s Kingdom’.

Oh they prayed alright, they prayed for the king’s stupidity to come back down to earth. They prayed that his small mind would eventually blossom and dawn to the truth that he was an idiot. They prayed that with all their hearts, mind – and soul -- Oh they prayed alright.

“ I have come to a conclusion, I and my ministry and therefore shall release this information to the lowly community”

Hisae’s veins tick, call them lowly one more time and some one is going to be the one to actually be suffering being lowly.

• • •

Hisae’s eyes bulged and winced Gomi’s theory, no that can’t be right she said to herself it’s Gomi after all. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. He’s changed, everyone knew of that, he wasn’t the same person he was in 6th grade he...Sana... they were close friends! They were...but they always fought and it never looked like a stable relationship....no...She closed her eyes to kick the thoughts out of her head.

“He’s never done anything to hurt Sana!” She defended “And besides” she bit her lip “Why would he want to hurt Sana-chan?” She shot Gomi a What-Now? Look.

He smirked and met her hazel eyes “Simple Miss”

Hisae winced at his sudden not-Gomi like self, using formality? Nuh-uh so not like him at all. But she winced even more when she heard what he had to say against Hayama-kun.

“Blackmail” he whispered nonchalantly lifting his arms to cross on his chest.

“W-With what?” stammered Hisae staring directly into the devil’s eyes

But the devil only flashed a smile and returned a challenging stare right back at his opponent. The atmosphere in the class room seemed to heat up; and sensing this most of the kids had backed of the battle arena and had their backs touching the wall, as onlookers, irrelevant to what was going on. And they were glad to be, no body in their right minds would challenge Gomi directly like that, it was the end of the story, unless, you want a purple mark left on your eye?

Hisae’s sweat dropped.
This was going to be rough.

• • •

Jinbou Middle school stood proudly over-looking the students below them making them feel diminutive to it’s size. It was an ordinary private school inside, but outside it had a whole different message that came out of it’s walls. From the outside it looked as if two mansions of famous celebrities could fit and the walls were very bright white showing how proud the school really was.
Standing outside of its gates were the 4 same old students who went there 5 days a week to learn, 2 of them came because they wanted to actually have a life after graduating, one was just there to see her boyfriend; and finally the odd-one out, who just came because his father forces him too –otherwise why the hell would he come? Except maybe to see... (A/N : hehehe you know who i’m talking about)

Akito stood diminutive compared to the wide and extensive Jinbou middle school with his friends who were too busy chattering too notice Akito’s strange behaviour. He didn’t feel like coming to school today and would have happily stayed home and visited Sana; and if need be stay with her. His mind still raced with guilt and heart hardened to be disgusted at himself for breaking his promise. Damn Damn Damn!
He cursed followed by a series of kick on a near by wall.

“Akito stop” Fuka reprimanded, she had stood by Akito’s side while walking to school that day and sensed he wasn’t his normal self due to the fact of the accident the recently happened. She was too afraid to try and comfort him for he was in no shape to be reminded about Sana’s injured face.

Her Hazel orbs looked to her friends who knew their cue and walked away into the empty hallway.

Fuka made no progress with the thickheaded boy and she sighed with stress as a loud noise rung – it was the bell -, at least she managed to pull him back to class. But his usual stoic eyes, now were showered pain and sadness and his emotions seemed to flood the atmosphere around him.

• • •

They at least expected a greeting but the classroom was silent as the night, and several kids skidded away from the pair. With worried eyes she scanned the room and met her friends eyes but they quickly averted their’s in shame as if to say sorry. Fuka nudged Akito back to reality and at once he caught on the weird behaviour everyone had on them.

Then, suddenly Aya and Tsuyoshi had come running to them leaving the eyes of their classmates staring and murmuring, as if mocking them. Fuka’s friends once in a while stole cold hearted glances to fall into Akito Hayama’s eyes. Gomi and his crew had their backs faced to Hayama and whoever was near him. The rest of the class just stayed away –just to be safe..

“Oh Akito-kun!” Aya bawled

“This is horrible” Tsuyoshi responded after her.

However, Hayama only shrugged in response and plugged in his earplug into his ipod and began listening to his tunes.

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