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Wolfram’s Sixth Bruise One-shot Sequel to:  “Wolfram’s Fifth Bruise” Crossover with: Gravitation Written by:Chocho (chochowilliams) Disclaimer:I do not own Kyo Kara Maoh!or the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:   The first time he proposed it was an accident, but now it will be on purpose. Warning:M/M, sexual situation, romance, OOC-ness, language, Yuri/Wolfram, Shuichi/Eiri A/N:  That is it folks!   +---+---+   (Last Time)   “What about Wolfram?  Did you propose to him yet?  I heard from Maiko that Mom said that your mom overheard you speaking with Ken about buying him a ring and proposing properly.”   Yuri’s face was aflame with a mixture of horror and embarrassment.  Oh, Great One!  The whole family knew?   Feeling bad for the boy, Eiri walked up this fiancé and with a fisted hand, bopped him on the head.  “Alright Brat.”   “Ow!  Yuki,” Shuichi whined covering his head with his hands.  Tears filled his eyes.  His lower lip trembled.  “What did you do that for?”   “We gotta get going,” he reminded him.   “Aw!”   “Don’t give me that,” Eiri scolded.  “We’re supposed to be meeting Seguchi and my sister for lunch.  Remember?”   “Oh.”  Shuichi face turned downcast.  He wished they were not.  Neither of them particularly cared about Shuichi being with Eiri.  “Right.”   Eiri rolled his eyes.  He understood perfectly why Shuichi was not particularly eager to go to lunch even if it meant going on a date with him.  “Come on, Brat.”   “Do we have to?” Shuichi whined.   “Yes.”  Eiri grabbed Shuichi’s hand and lacing their fingers together, dragged Shuichi down the street to the car.   Yuri watched in amusement as Shuichi continued to protest the whole way.   “Oh!  It’s you.”   The surprised exclamation turned Yuri around.  “Aah!  Karin, wasn’t it?”   “Hello,” Karin Fujii greeted with a polite bow.   It looked as if the girl was just coming into work.   “Uhm, the sketch for the rings is completed,” she informed him.   “Really?”   Karin nodded.  “Would you like to come in and take a look?”   “Yes, I would.  Thank you.”   Side by side, they walked down the street towards the jewelry shop.   +---+---+---+   (Present - A Month Later)   “That would not be so bad,” Wolfram was saying.   Yuri sighed, but otherwise ignored him.  He regretted ever having told him about his cousin Shuichi’s pending marriage to his long time lover.    Apparently, Shuichi wanted to have the ceremony in the summer.  Of course, Eiri was against the idea.  He hated the summer.  What he disliked even more was having his baby brother, who was also a monk, marry them.  Since Eiri’s father had always protested his oldest son’s involvement with Shuichi, it came as no surprise that he was boycotting the wedding.  Eiri said he liked it better without the thought of the old man there, but Yuri had to wonder.  He knew that the two of them had never had the best relationship, but still.   “Eiri’s all talk,” Shuichi had whispered to him.  “He’s really upset that his father refused to marry us.  He had actually been hoping that he marrying me would help mend their relationship.  Ms. Mika said she would talk to her father, but Yuki said that we should not hold our breath.”   Yuri had never been gladder in his entire life that both his and Wolfram’s parents had given them their blessing.   Of course, Greta was ecstatic at the idea of being Cousin Shuichi’s flower girl.  She had been talking about nothing else for a month.   Like father.  Like daughter apparently.   All Wolfram has been talking about was how splendid it would be if it could be a double wedding.   “I thought you did not want to get married,” Yuri reminded his fiancé as he hung his jacket up in the bureau.   Already having exchanged his uniform for his pink nightgown with its blue ribbon along the neckline, which he usually only wore when they were away on missions; Wolfram denied ever having said a thing from his position on his side of the bed.   Yuri wanted so much to argue that fact, but knew he would only be inviting trouble if he opened his mouth.  The last thing he wanted to do was sleep in a bedchamber that smelled of smoke, which has happened more times than Yuri cared to remember.   As Yuri was unbuttoning the white shirt he wore under his jacket, a knock sounded on the chamber door.   Wolfram and Yuri exchanged a glance.   “Your Majesty,” came Conrart’s muffled voice.   Growling irately at the intrusion, Wolfram flung back the covers and marched towards the chamber door.  He unlocked the door with a flick of his wrist and tossed open the door.  “This better be important Weller,” Wolfram snapped.   Yuri winced.  Wolfram only called Conrart “Weller” nowadays when he was really annoyed and really pissed.  Yuri did not envy his godfather in the least right now.  He himself had been at the receiving end of Wolfram’s temper tantrums more than once himself and they were never pretty.   “I assure you it is of the utmost importance, Wolfram,” Conrart informed his little brother.  “Otherwise I never would have bothered His Majesty at such a late hour.”   Wolfram had to reluctantly agree.   Sliding back in the jacket he had just discarded, Yuri crossed the chamber.  “What’s going on Conrad?”   Conrart bowed at his Lord and King.  “There is a matter that needs your attention, Your Majesty.”   Out of reflex, Yuri wanted to correct his godfather, but he swallowed it back.  There were just some things that he had to learn to live with.  He wondered, though, what could be so important that it could not wait until morning.  “Wolfram,” he called when he saw his fiancé heading towards the wardrobe.   “I can’t very well let you go alone can I?  Who knows what kind of trouble you will get yourself into?”   Conrart chuckled lightly into his fist.   Yuri sighed heavily.  Here we go again.  “Wolfram, do you think that’s a good idea?”   The temperature dropped several degrees.   Yuri gulped nervously.  Knowing he was risking his life, Yuri decided that he had to stand his ground this one time.   With one hand on the wardrobe door and the other swallowed by the darkness within it, Wolfram halted his quest for his uniform.  Ever so slowly, he turned his head to glower at his fiancé over his shoulder.  “Of course it is.  I am your fiancé after all…Unless there is some reason I shouldn’t?”  He glared through squinted eyes.  “What are you hiding, you wimp?”   Yuri heaved a disgusted sigh.  This argument was getting old.  Why could Wolfram not trust him just this once?  “Wolfram, I appreciate your concern, but I will be alright.  I can take care of myself.  Besides, Conrad and the others will be there.”  Not to mention the shadow ghouls who refused to leave his side.  The only time he was able to get some breathing space was when he went back to Earth.   The fact that Yuri would be surrounded by the likes of Conrad, Gwendal and Günter, no doubt, was half the point.   It did not escape Wolfram’s attention that Yuri avoided answering his question.   “Also,” Yuri continued in a gentler tone, “you haven’t been feeling too well off and on lately, right?”   Conrart immediately grew concerned for his little brother.  “Are you not feeling well, Wolfram?  Should I call Gisela?”   “No, thank you,” Wolfram snapped in annoyance.  But the knowledge that Yuri was concerned about his health and well-being bought a pinkish tinge to his cheeks.  As much as it irked him, he knew Yuri was right.  He could do nothing more than reluctantly concede the point.  He would be more of a hindrance than anything.  Especially if he was hit with another dizzy spell.  But that did not mean he had to like staying behind while his fiancé went off gallivanting who knows where to do who knows what with who knows whom.  Crossing his arms over his chest, Wolfram turned his back on his fiancé and Conrart.  “Fine.  Do as you please,” he harrumphed.   Yuri chuckled at the childishness his fiancé displayed.  It really was cute.  Smiling, he crossed the bedchamber and wrapping his arms around Wolfram’s slim waist, hugged him from behind.  Planting a kiss on the side of Wolfram’s neck, Yuri whispered something to his hot-blooded fiancé that caused the blond’s face to go lobster red.   They exchanged a quick kiss.  Part of him hoped that whatever needed his immediate attention turned out to be nothing, but the other part of him knew that if that were really the case the others would not have fetched him.  “Remember, Wolf,” he commanded over his shoulder at the chamber door, “get to bed and rest all right?  And if you are not feeling better pretty soon, you’ll have to go see Gisela.”   Grumbling something about certain wimps minding their own business, Wolfram crawled back into bed as Yuri, followed by Conrart, and his black shadows disappeared out into the hall.   +---+---+   (A Couple Hours Later)   He smiled down at his sleeping fiancé who was snoring audibly as he lay sprawled across the bed.  Yuri chuckled at the picture.  He brushed his hand through Wolfram’s soft curls.  Planting a chaste kiss on the snow-white forehead, Yuri turned from the endearing sight and quietly so as not to disturb his slumbering fiancé crossed the chamber towards the wardrobe.    He muffled a yawn with his hand.   He had no idea how late it was, but it had been well after midnight by the time Wolfram and he had finally been able to mosey to bed.  Or at least, tried to anyway.  By the Great One, sometimes he did not like being King.   +---+---+   (The Next Morning)   Soft chirps filled the early morning hours.  There was the sound of metal clanging against metal accompanied by sharp, commanding voices.  In the distance, there was the sound of a dog barking.   The sky was an endless blue dotted with clouds of white cotton candy.  A light breeze stirred across the Great Demon Kingdom, fingering the flags that stood proudly around Covenant Castle.  It rolled in through the open window of the king’s bedchamber and brushed the sky blue drapes that hung from the four-poster bed.  A lump that lay underneath the sheets stirred.   Wolfram groggily pried open heavy lidded eyes and glanced through sleep-blurred vision at the drapes.  Yawning, he flopped onto his back and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.   Turning his head, he gazed at his sleeping fiancé besid…   All traces of sleep instantly vanished.  Wolfram shot up.  He searched about the chamber frantically.  “Yuri?” he called.  Flinging back the sheets, he swung his legs over the side of the bed.   The door burst open.   Wolfram lifted his head eagerly.  His face fell when he realized it was only Greta.   “Morning, Wolfram,” Greta greeted cheerily as she skipped into the chamber.   “Greta, have you seen Yuri?”   “Yup!”   Emerald eyes brightened.  Maybe Yuri had some things he had to take care of before breakfast.  It would not be the first time.  “Where-?”   “He left.”   Disappointment swelled with the demon prince followed swiftly by a surge of anger.  “What?!”  Wolfram jumped to his feet.  He fisted his hands.  “That wimp!”   Wolfram’s heated tone caused Greta to grow cautious.  “He said it was a surprise,” she explained, “for you.”   Wolfram blinked.  He was not sure what he was supposed to think about that.  He was glad that Yuri was thinking about him and not any of those countless young women or handsome men that made him the cheater that he was.  Damn wimp.   He turned and gazed at the empty bed.   Just what exactly is that wimp up to?  What is with all these “errands” that he has been running lately?   Suddenly feeling woozy, Wolfram dropped back down onto the bed and buried his face in his hands.  Feeling dizzy and uncomfortably warm, bile started filling his mouth.  He slapped a hand over his mouth.  “Oh, God,” he moaned.   “Wolfram?” Greta called to her father in concern.   Scrambling off the bed, he raced across the chamber and vanished into the adjoining bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.   The sounds of retching echoed out of the bathroom.   Wolfram was not sure how, but he knew that this was all Yuri’s fault.   +---+---+   (An Hour Later)   Conrart entered the dining room and gazed around the breakfast table.  As he had had an emergency come up concerning one his new recruits, he was the last to appear.    His mother, Lady Celi, in her signature low cut black dress was scolding Gwendal for frowning.  Conrart could see a vein pulsing in his big brother’s forehead.  Greta was speaking adamantly with a very pleased looking Anissina.  Conrart had a nagging suspicion he knew the reason for Gwendal’s scowl.    Günter was scolding the new girl, Effie, for something he had most likely blown out of proportion.  Again.    With his chin in his hand, Wolfram was glaring angrily down into his bowl of fruit as if the fruit had somehow done him wrong.  And knowing his younger brother, Conrart was sure it had.  At least in Wolfram’s mind.  Raising his fork, Wolfram speared a section of purple apple.  Conrart’s eyes landed on the empty chair besides his little brother.   Aah!   “Where is His Majesty?” he asked as he strode towards the table.   “Probably loafing around,” was Gwendal’s answer.   “Now Gwendal,” Lady Celi scolded.   Wolfram’s grip on his fork tightened.   “Yuri had an errand to run,” Greta spoke up.   Conrart raised an eyebrow.  “An errand?”  What task could be so important that Yuri would leave before he even breakfasted?   “Mm hm,” Greta nodded.  “He said it was a surprise for Wolfram.”   In unison, everybody gazed at the sullen blond prince who looked exactly like Gwendal in that moment.   Sensing that he was the center of attention, Wolfram raised his head.  “What?” he snapped.  His emerald eyes gleamed dangerously.   “Did His Majesty say anything to you?” Conrart inquired of his little brother.   “No, he did not,” Wolfram barked.   Gwendal huffed.  “No doubt it is just another excuse to idle around and skirt his duties.”   “Nuh, uh,” Greta denied.  “He said it was a very special surprise.”   Wolfram rammed the piece of apple into his mouth.  He did not so much as chew it as destroy it as he would any enemy who dared raise a sword to him.   Conrart heaved a sigh as he pulled out his chair and sat down.  He hoped that was the truth, for Yuri’s sake.   Damn Wimp, Wolfram thought.   Still incensed at the treatment he had received last night, Wolfram growled lightly.  Who does that damned wimp think he was?   “So, Big Brother,” Wolfram spoke up into the silence that had settled upon those gathered in the dining hall, “I take it that disturbance last night has been taken care of?”   “Yes.”   “Apparently, the man is wanted in Big Cimaron for an attempt made on King Belar,” Conrart explained to his little brother.   “Too bad he was such a bad aim,” Anissina said.   Greta giggled.   A ghost of a smile flittered across Gwendal’s face.   Wolfram snorted.  “Why would he try and do something so foolish?  Belar is no threat to us or the Great Demon Kingdom Alliance.”   “Who knows?” Gwendal replied.   “From what I understand,” Conrart was saying, “the man came here with the intention of telling His Majesty about his ‘good deed’ in the hopes that he would be welcomed as a hero.”   Wolfram cocked an eyebrow.  If that was what the man had been expecting, than he was even more insane that Belar.   “Oo!  Speaking of good deeds,” Anissina spoke up brightly.   Sudden tension filled the air.   “Gwendal, I will need your assistance this afternoon.”   Gwendal’s eye twitched.   “I have a new invention I would like you to help me test…”   Aah!  So he had been right after all, Conrart thought.  Poor Gwendal.  He did not envy his big brother in the least.   As the banter continued around him, Wolfram’s thoughts drifted back to Yuri.   It must have been quite late by the time Yuri came back to bed.  But then he must have left quite early to run this errand of his.  He could not have gotten much sleep last night.  Whatever this errand was had better be good, or Wolfram swore by the Great One, that Yuri was going to be sorry.   He better not be flirting with any young girls or handsome men.  That dog!   +---+---+   (Tokyo, Japan)   The sound of a bell rang through the small jewelry shop as Yuri entered.  He thanked the Great One that he had been able to make it all the way across town without being spotted by anyone he knew.  Tsutsui had been bad enough.   “So, what have you been up to?  You just suddenly dropped out of school and quit the team…”   Yuri suppressed a shudder.  Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.  How was he supposed to answer something like that?  He could not very well tell the truth.  How would that sound?  He had become King in an alternate dimension where demons were more then stuff of legends.  If he bypassed that and just went with something like he was being home schooled now, that would invite enough more questions.   Then there were his parents and Shori.  He really should go and visit them one of these days.  But they were so suffocating!   “Welcome,” greeted a woman behind the counter.   “Hello,” Yuri returned.   It was a different woman from before.   “What can I do for you?”   Yuri walked up to the counter and smiled at the unfamiliar woman.  “Yes, I received a call saying my order was ready for pick up?”   “Of course!  And your name?”   “Shibuya.  Yuri.”   “Alright.  Just give me a minute.”   The woman skirted the counter and vanished into the backroom through the swinging doors.   Sagging, Yuri held a hand over his stomach as it rolled and rebelled.  He hoped he could pull this off.   +---+---+   Attired in his favorite baseball jersey over a white long sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans, Yuri strolled casually down the street with his hands tucked into the front pockets of his pants lost in thought.  When his hand clasped around a small circlet sitting deeply in his pocket, a small smile crossed his face.   He wondered what a demon wedding ceremony involved.  Was it anything like a human wedding?  If he were not afraid that asking someone at the castle would open Pandora’s Box, he would talk to Günter.  Yuri was almost certain that the self-appointed King’s Aid had gone over the details before, but Günter tended to drone on and on and on and on…   No offense to his purple haired advisor, but listening to Günter was more boring than reading The Old Man and the Sea and that was saying something.  He had not been able to get passed the very first sentence before he was out like a light.  It was a more affective sleep aid than popping a handful of sleeping pills.   Maybe he could sneak off into town when he got back home.   +---+---+   (Covenant Castle)   The ceiling was lost amid a heavy cloud of steam.  The flickering lights from the chandelier barely penetrated the thick layer of fog.  Wolfram watched as if hypnotized as the candle flames danced to music only they could hear.   A splash jerked Wolfram out of his trance.  Pushing away from the rim of the bath where he had been lounging, Wolfram’s hand automatically flew to his side where his sword would normally be kept.  He cursed when he remembered that it was lying along with his clothes back in the bedroom.   “Who’s there?  Show yourself,” he demanded.   Raising his hand out of the water, he mentally called on his powers.  A swirl of fire appeared to form a sphere of fire in his palm.  The flickering flames cast shadows about his face.   Out of the steam that lay upon the bath floated a metal object that sparkled in the light from his fireball.   The flames of his sphere sputtered and went out, as if it were nothing more than a candle from a birthday cake.   He grabbed the object when it came within reach.  Wolfram blinked.  A ring?   Wolfram twirled around, searching the king’s private bath.  Just because he could not see anybody did not mean that there was not someone there.   He brought the ring up to study it more closely.  It was made of some mysterious black metal he had never seen before.   “Aah!”  Emerald eyes went wide.   Engraved upon the black band was a blue shield.  Upon the shield was Yuri’s crest.  A lion with a strand of white ivy in its mouth.   “Yuri.”   & #8220;So,” came the sudden voice from behind him.   With a yelp, Wolfram spun around.  He gave a cry of alarm as the ring jump out of his hand and nosedived into the water with a plunk, vanishing beneath the deep waters.  “Dammit wimp!  Look at what you made me do!”   Chuckling, Yuri held out a fisted hand towards Wolfram.   “What are you up to wimp?” Wolfram demanded suspiciously.   Turning his hand over, he started to uncurl his fingers one by one.  When his hand was lying open, Wolfram’s eyes went wide.   “But how?” the demon prince gasped.  “I saw it fall into the water!”   Yuri shrugged.  “It’s a trick I learned from my uncle.”   His eyes never leaving the ring in Yuri’s hand, Wolfram swam across the bath towards his fiancé.  He was not sure why but his heart was beating wildly within his chest.   Yuri held out his free hand.   With an eyebrow cocked, Wolfram glanced from it to Yuri.   Yuri just smiled.   Wolfram slid his hand within Yuri’s.   “To do this properly, we really should be out of the bath, but oh, well.  This’ll work too.”   Wolfram drew his brows together.  “Do what properly?  What are you up to?”   “This.”   Yuri grasped Wolfram’s hand gently as if he were planning to plant a kiss on it, as if Wolfram were some noblewoman.  Wolfram opened his mouth to yell at the damn wimp, but the retort that was formulating slipped away from his grip and floated into nothingness when Yuri took the ring and slipped it onto the third finger of his left hand.   His mind gone blank, Wolfram blinked.  He held his hand up and studied the ring.  It fit perfectly.  “Wha-?  Yur…ri…”  He dropped his hand.   Emerald met onyx.   Yuri smiled.  “Wolfram Von Bielefelt.  Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”   Emerald eyes went wide.   A war of emotions raged within him.  There was a part of him that wanted to throw all his inhibitions away and glom Yuri as Günter seemed to do on a daily basis, but the more rational part of Wolfram wanted him to play it cool.  In the end, Wolfram just said, “screw it” and threw himself at his fiancé.   The first time, Yuri asking for his hand in marriage had been an accident.  Even though, slowly over the years, their feelings for each other had merged to become one and Yuri had accepted the idea of being married to another guy, there had always been some part of Wolfram that had always been waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But this time Yuri had asked him to marry him out his own free will.  It was a dream come true.   “Yuri!”   Taken by surprise, Yuri lost his footing and together the two of the sunk into depths of the bath.   They emerged moments later, sputtering and coughing.   “I take it that means yes?” Yuri assumed.   +---+---+   (A Week Later)   With her long green hair up in a loose braid and her pristine white uniform hidden under a long white lab coat, Gisela- adopted daughter of the demon king’s aid- lowered her hands as the blue glow enveloping them faded.    “Well,” Wolfram demanded from his prone position on the examination table.    “It seems as if congratulations are in order, Your Highness,” Gisela smiled down at the demon prince.  She inclined her head slightly.   Emerald eyes went blank.  Frowning, Wolfram stared up the older demon woman in confusion.  Congratulations?  Why was she congratulating him on being sick?  What kind of asin…ine…?   Gisela watched as comprehension slowly dawned.   Eyes going wide, Wolfram flew up.  “What?!” Wolfram bellowed.   +---+---+   Wolfram stood before the study doors.  Sentries standing at attention in their starch black uniforms and with their lances at their sides stood on either side of the doors.  Wolfram was not sure how they could protect their king if they were not in the study with Yuri.  What good could these soldiers be if they were not actually with their charge?  He would have to speak with Gwendal about that.  But knowing his big brother, Wolfram had a feeling Gwendal would praise the day the “perverted, lecher of a demon king” was taken away from his “precious baby brother”.   He wondered what his big brother would think of his “baby brother” if the mighty Commander in Chief (1) were to learn that Wolfram had been the initial seducer and not the seductress.  Wolfram snickered.   Checking to make sure the buckles were properly buttoned on the sleeves of his regulation uniform jacket, Wolfram then yanked at the cuffs of his jacket.  He stretched his arms out in front of him.  Then fixed an already perfect collar.  Straightening his white ascot, he ran his fingers over the silver ornamental chain that held it in place.  He smoothed his hands over his belt to make sure it was properly looped.  Then fingered the leather strap that was secured across his chest.  Tugging at the hem of an already orderly blue uniform jacket to straighten out the non-existent creases, Wolfram ran his hands down the front of his jacket to smooth out any wrinkles that might have appeared.  His hands paused over his abdomen briefly.  A smile tugged at the corners of his lips before he fought it back and worked his fingers through his hair.   Out of the corner of his eye, he spied one of the guards watching him in amusement.   “What?” Wolfram snapped in annoyance.   Caught, the guard snapped back to attention with his face flaming in embarrassment.  “Nothing!  Sir!”   Giving the man a not so pleasant once over, Wolfram turned his nose up with a sniff.   It was now or never, Wolfram thought.  He took a deep breath.   +---+---+   “Shibuya Yuri Harajuku Furi,” Yuri scrawled at the bottom of the parchment.  The quill flowed with such ease that he speculated whether or not the black feathered writing instrument was bewitched.  He had signed so many documents over the years that Yuri was sure if he were to pass out, his hand would continue unabated.   After sitting down with Gwendal not too long ago, Yuri’s paperwork had reduced drastically.  For which Yuri was extremely thankful, but a great part of Yuri’s day was still taken up with stacks upon stacks of paperwork.  Yuri had a sneaking suspicion that his Commander in Chief was finding work for him to do just out of spite.   This particular document was a petition to formally adopt a day designated as honoring mother’s here in the Great Demon Kingdom.  Knowing his subordinates as he did, Yuri had a feeling that Anissina had something to do with it.  Lady Von Karbelnikoff had stepped up her campaign for women’s rights over the last couple of years ever since she discovered that Yuri sympathized with her cause.   Yuri felt it was only proper to have a Mother’s Day seeing as after celebrating it as an informal holiday for the last several years, Father’s Day was finally designated as a legal holiday just last year.   He wondered though, if this would not invite a floodgate of petitions from the women’s rights leader in the near future.  Not that that was not a good thing.  Just the opposite in fact.  Yuri had no qualms with giving women here in the Great Demon Kingdom the same rights as the men.  The problem was that Anissina was already more than a little aggressive as it was and difficult to live with.  If she stepped up her campaign anymore than it already was, she would be impossible to live with.   Yuri shrugged.   He would just have to cross that bridge when he came to it.  And besides, would it really be a bad thing?  Lady Von Karbelnikoff was working towards a brighter future for all the women in the kingdom including his daughter and Nicola.   Some sacrifices had to be made for the sake of progress.  Though, Gwendal would most likely not see it that way.  A devilish grin crossed Yuri’s face.  That was even more reason to approve whatever else Anissina had up her neon pink sleeve.  He chuckled slyly.    It may be childish, but playing with Gwendal was one of the highlights of the young demon king’s day.   Moving the document to the “approved” pile, Yuri went to grab the next one when the study doors burst open with twin angry crashes.  Yuri had an eerily strong sense of déjà vu.   “Wimp,” Wolfram roared as he strode into the study.   Startled, Yuri’s head snapped up.  At the sight of his blond headed, emerald-eyed fiancé, Yuri felt his spirits lift.  “Wolfram,” he greeted with a grin.   His step faltering, Wolfram’s felt his heart skip a beat.  A rosy tint colored his cheeks.  Shaking it off, Wolfram steeled himself and marched across the study towards his fiancé.  He heard the muffled “click” as the doors closed behind him.   “How was your appointment?” Yuri asked, sitting back in his chair.   He had finally gotten a new chair.  Well, technically, it was not new new.  It was newer than the ancient piece of crap that he had been using.  In fact, when Gwendal left for Voltaire Castle last week, located east of the Great Demon Kingdom, Yuri snuck into his study and switched their chairs.  He could not wait to see Gwendal’s reaction when the man returned later today.   Wolfram’s eyes went hard as he glared over the desk at Yuri.  “It’s your entire fault,” he accused.   Yuri jumped to his feet.  “Me?  What did I do?”  A wave of guilt washed over him.  Was Wolfram’s illness as serious as he had feared?  Was it because of something he did?  Or worse yet, something he had not done?   Wolfram quickly suppressed a pleased smirk that threatened to rise as he spied the guilt and concern that flashed across Yuri’s face.   For the past few weeks, Wolfram has been dealing with an upset stomach and feeling nauseous.  He has also been unusually fatigued.  Because of his stubborn pride, Wolfram had refused to go and see Gisela.  But Yuri had finally had enough of being woken every single morning to the sound of his fiancé puking his guts out.  So, worried that it could be something serious, Yuri had ordered Wolfram to see Gisela.  Wolfram had been none too pleased.   Wolfram said in an accusatory tone, “Well, thanks to you, it looks like I will not be getting better any time soon.”   Obsidian eyes went wide.  Yuri clutched his chest.  His legs unable to hold him up any longer, Yuri collapsed into the chair bonelessly.  “Wolfram…”   Enjoying teasing his flirtatious wimp of a fiancé, Wolfram placed his hands in the middle of the desk and leaning over it towards Yuri, said in as serious a tone as he could muster, “Approximately thirty-six weeks.”   Yuri’s heart gave another painful jolt.  “Wha-?”   “That’s how long it’ll take until these symptoms disappear.”   Yuri went still.  He blinked blankly up at Wolfram.  Something was tugging at the corners of his mind.  Something Günter told him.   Wolfram saw the wheels spinning in Yuri’s empty head.  How he had fallen for such a moron was beyond him.   It was fleeting.  That something.  It was teasing him to no end.  It would come close enough for Yuri to be able to reach out and grab it, but when he tried to do just that, it fluttered just out of his reach.  “Wait,” Yuri said slowly.  “Wolf…Are you…?”  No, it was not possible.  “What…are you…saying?”  He felt lightheaded and on the verge of passing out.   Straightening, Wolfram sauntered around the desk and placed himself behind Yuri’s chair that resembled Gwendal’s an awful lot.  Placing his hands lightly on Yuri’s shoulders, Wolfram bent forward and touched Yuri’s ears with his lips and whispered the news he had been told by Gisela.   +---+---+   From outside the study, the elite bodyguards in their black uniforms and matching caps pulled low over their grim serious faces heard a shout followed by a muffled thud and a loud clatter.   +---+---+   Lady Celi’s hands fluttered to her cheeks.  “Oh, my,” she whispered.  “Is that true, Gisela?” she asked the woman sitting opposite her.   Gisela sipped her tea calmly and nodded.   Greta giggled delightfully and bounced in her chair in barely contained joy.   “Wonderful,” Lady Celi exclaimed, clapping her hands together.  “Oh, how delightful!  It looks like we will be having that wedding after all!”   +---+---+   Conrart stood at the foot of the staircase and watched as his big brother rode through the gates on his regal black stallion.  Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward and prayed to the Great One that Gwendal would not take this news as bad as he feared he would.     ---OWARI---   (1) In the US, “Commander in Chief” is the honorary title given to the President, but since in KKM, the Great Demon Kingdom has a monarchy, there would not be a President.  Wouldn’t he be considered a Prime Minister instead?   A/N:I want to thank Xunxin, dmennea, Mrs. Suou, lilgurlanima, sweetsally, warmsugar, Vicky Valross, hwoosh, SP777, XZanya, Goddess of All Knowingness, XOiHeartMiloOX, Gchella19, anon azure, Shadowdancer 18, Japaneserockergirl,  enchanted nightingale for your reviews!    Thank you to those who put my story and me on alert.    I love you all!