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  Suddenly from out of the darkness behind Lady Alese came the sounds of rustling cloth and the rapid slap of bare feet.   Yuri glanced up curiously and watched as out of the temple one of the temple maidens appeared looking flustered.   “Lady Alese!  Lady Alese!  You have to come quickly!”   The grin melted from Yuri’s face.  Worry took its place.  Frowning, Yuri glanced from the young temple maiden to Lady Alese.  “What’s going on?” he demanded.  He had a really bad feeling.   “It’s His Highness!”   Yuri felt the world tilt around him.  His heart thudded.  Lightheaded and dizzy, obsidian orbs went wide.  “Wolfram?  Wolfram’s…?”  Yuri felt nauseous.  “Is he alright?  What happened?”   “Lady Alese!  Please!  Lady Alese!  You must hurry!”   With a serious mask slipping over her face, Lady Alese gave the maiden a sharp nod.  “Alright.  I’ll be right there.”  She then turned towards Yuri.   “Lady Alese-”   “Your Majesty, I would like for you to remain here,” she instructed.   “But-!”   “Please, Your Majesty.”  Her large golden eyes strayed down to the princess who was studying Hussein with guarded eyes.  Such alertness for one who has not been upon the earth for more than ten minutes.  It was unnatural.  Even for a child of the Demon Tribe.   Hussein stepped forward and clamped a hand on Yuri’s shoulder.  “Your Majesty,” he began, “let Lady Alese do her job.”   “I will not let anything happen to His Highness.”   Yuri bit his lip and swallowed any number of things that were cued up to burst forth.  If something was wrong with Wolfram then he wanted to be their by his side, but he understood that he would most likely just be in the way and do more harm than good.  So, against his better judgment, Yuri gave Lady Alese a sharp nod.   Lady Alese inclined her head and lifting the hem of her gleaming white robe, turned on her heel and vanished within the temple, the thick blackness swallowing her and the maiden whole.  The heavy silver doors swung shut on their own accord behind them, echoing thunderously across the meadow.   Yuri swallowed around a suspicious lump that had become lodged in his throat.  “Please, Great One,” he prayed silently, “let him be alright.”  Aloud he said, “Wolfram.”  His voice barely above a whisper, it trembled as violently as his hands had earlier as they reached for their daughter.  He hugged Seraphina against him as a single tear rolled down his cheek.   +---+---+   Chapter 13: Wolfram’s Thirteenth Bruise   (Temple of the Water Dragons – Present)   There have been occasions when time seemed to pass him by without him even noticing.  Those times, unfortunately, were few and far in-between.  What he had more experience in were those times when the lock seemed to move annoyingly slow.  The second hand, he swore, loved to torture him.  Ten seconds would go by and then in the blink of an eye, five of those seconds would mysteriously disappear.  It was enough to make a man question his sanity.  Those were the times when the days seemed to extend far into the forever.  A mere thirty seconds somehow stretched on for thirty minutes.  Unfortunately, this was one of those times.  While it felt as if an eternity had passed since an emergency called lady Alese back into the Temple of the Water Dragons where Wolfram had just given birth to their daughter Seraphina Liese, in reality only ten minutes had passed.   “Your Majesty,” his captain of the guard assured him for the hundredth time, “His Highness will be fine.”   Yuri nodded as he unconsciously swayed back and forth.  Obsidian eyes stared up at the closed temple doors in worry.  He heard that same line so many times by now that the comfort they should have provided had diminished.  Now they were mere words, empty of any meaning.  “Wolfram.”   He dragged his gaze down to his daughter who was not much larger than his cupped hands.  Her raven hair was hidden beneath a black cap.  Emerald green eyes stared up at him from an olive complected round face.  Swaddled tightly in a cotton-like black blanket, the child he created with Wolfram looked remarkably like Wolfram.  A smile chased away the frown lines that had been on the verge of being permanently etched onto his face, though the shadows remained.   Wait until his mother learned she was to be a grandmother.  Again!  She was going to completely freak!  Not only that, but her “baby” was now married.  He and Wolfram may have eloped, which Miko “Jennifer” Shibuya will find romantic and at the same time disheartening because she had not been there to witness the momentous occasion, but he was glad he caved into the political pressure.  Though, if it had been up to him, he would have like to have waited.  He was, after all, just eighteen-years-old.  Besides, nobody should enter into a marriage with a gun to his head, metaphorically or otherwise.   Oh, well.   Speaking of freaking, Shori was going to hit the roof!  Up to this point, he “allowed” his relationship with Wolfram mostly because he had not, could not, or even refused to see a future for the two of them.  At least together.  Yuri was not even sure why.  Maybe it was an elder sibling thing where nobody was ever going to be good enough for Yuri.  It could be that Shori believed Wolfram and he would not last.  There certainly was that outcome.  But it did not matter.  With the birth of their daughter, the two of them were forever linked.  Wolfram was stuck with him and he with Wolfram whether either of them liked it or not.   He was drawn from the hypnotic gaze of his daughter, the Royal Heir (Annissina should be happy about that), when a strange sound reached his ears.  What was it?  Almost like a combination between a cry and someone gurgling.  “Hussein?”   “I hear it Your Majesty,” Hussein said from besides him.   “What is it?”  Yuri took a step forward.   “I am not sure, Sire.”   “Is it…Wolfram?”   “I do not know.”   Yuri bit his lip.  He did not like this.  Not one bit.  “…I wonder what’s going on.  Lady Alese should’ve been back by now, don’t you think?”   “Patience, Your Majesty.”   That was something Yuri was quickly running out of.  “Hussein.”  He turned to face the captain of his Black Knights.   “Sire?”   Something must have happened.  That had to be it.  What other reason was there?  They would have heard something by now otherwise, right?  A painful jolt thudded through Yuri’s heart.  He clutched his chest while trying to retain hold of his fidgeting daughter.  Not an easy task.  “Here.”  He gently handed over his newborn daughter into Hussein’s arms.  “I’m appointing you Seraphina’s personal guard until further notice.”   “What?”  Hussein paled.  “But Sire!”   “Watch her as if your life depended on it,” Yuri ordered.   “B-but Sire…!”   Little did Yuri know right he was.   Uncertain, Hussein held the Princess and future Demon Queen uncomfortably in his arms.  He regarded her warily.  Fear trickled through him as his amber eyes locked with the tiny princess’ flame licked ones.  She was barely an hour old and to have such awareness!  This child was not a normal baby, even for a demon.  He was not sure what that meant and that frightened him even more.   “Where will you be Your Majesty?” Adele inquired, either unaware of or did not care about his captain’s plight.   Yuri turned to face the temple.  A look of determination crossed his face.  His slit eyes regarded the closed doors.  He had to figure out what was going on one way or another.  The decision made, the Demon King went to take a step towards the temple doors when they swung open before him.  “Huh?”  Yuri peered into the darkness.  A shadow darker than those around it stepped forward.  His heart started hammering in anticipation.  “Lady Alese,” he breathed as the petit woman emerged.  His dark eyes caught sight of the small bundle wrapped within a blanket similar to the one swaddling Seraphina the priestess was holding gently in her arms.  Confusion and curiosity swirled around Yuri.   “Congratulations seem to be in order yet again, Your Majesty.”   “Wha…?”   “Sire, may I present Rey August Shibuya…Your son.”   Yuri’s mind went blank.  “My…son?”   There was a smattering of sound about him.   “Yes, sir, Your Majesty.”   “But…”  His gaze swept over to Hussein who still held Seraphina.  “Sera…”   “It seems, Sire,” Adele said stepping forward, “that you were right.”   “I was?”  Yuri turned towards his Lieutenant.  “How?”   “Twins.”   “’Twins&# 8217;?”  The Demon King regarded the second bundle before him.  Then at his daughter.  Then back.  He barked out a laugh.  “Twins.”  Guess that means that Wolfram and those at the castle who bet on a boy “because of the way Wolfram was carrying” were both right.  He wondered how Sangria, Doria and Lasagna were going to split the winnings.   “Would you like to hold him, Sire?” Lady Alese asked.   Yuri’s head snapped up.  “Could I?”   “Of course.”  She gave a slight laugh.   Stepping forward, Yuri held out his arms and stooped slightly in order to receive his son.  It was only then he noticed he was trembling.  As he gazed down into the baby boy’s face, his eyes misted over.  Was this really his son?  “What’s his name?”   “Rey.”   “Brave one,” Adele translated.   “A strong name for the son of the Demon King,” Hussein added. He was trying to ignore the strong fear the princess emanated within him.  It was not working.  Her eyes seemed to be boring holes into his face.   “He’s beautiful,” Yuri whispered, gazing into dark cloudy eyes that seemed to be regarding him.  Once they cleared, Rey’s eyes would be darker than night.  Just like his.  But Seraphina’s were already so clear.  So sharp.  Why the difference?   “He looks exactly like you, Your Majesty.”   Yuri turned towards Adele in surprise.  “Really?”  He turned back to the Royal Prince.  Rey certainly had his eyes, but Yuri could see wisps of startling blond hair peeking out from underneath the black cap.  He gaped in awe.  He could definitely see bits of Wolfram in their son.  Other than the hair.  They were not as obvious as they were in their daughter, but they were there.  He could even see a little of Lady Celi.  But him?  He didn’t see it.  His father maybe.  Either way, his son was beautiful.  Yuri choked back a sob.  Like his big sister, Rey was not much larger than Yuri’s forearm.  He had never seen such a small person before.  Maiko, Shuichi’s little sister, used to have baby dolls that were bigger than Rey.  His son.  Was this really his child?  His flesh and blood that not too long ago had been growing within Wolfram?  Had he and his husband really created this living, breathing demon child?  The mist turned into rain.  Yuri gazed over his shoulder through his tears at his beautiful daughter who continued to eye Hussein suspiciously.  He had to chuckle at that.  Seraphina.  His daughter.  He turned back to the squirming baby boy in his arms.  Rey.  His son.  “This is like a dream,” he whispered.  Yuri ran the back oh his knuckles across his son’s flushed cheeks gently.   “This is no dream, Your Majesty,” lady Alese said with a smile.   “I know.”  It was just so surreal.  Him.  Married with children.  Whoever would have thought?  “Uh, oh.”   Just then Rey’s little red face crumbled.   “Uhm…”   Rey’s mouth popped open and a piercing wail erupted.   Yuri winced.  Wow.  Rey definitely had his mother’s lungs.   Adele stumbled backwards with a groan as his hands flew to his ears.   Lady Alese just continued to smile pleasantly.   If nothing else, Rey could be utilized as a weapon of mass destruction against the enemies of the Great Demon Kingdom.   Held awkwardly in Hussein’s arms, Seraphina peered around the blanket at her brother.  Her piercing gaze seemed to say, “Wimp.”   “There.  There.”  Yuri rocked Rey awkwardly.  A mixture of emotions erupted within him.  Nervousness.  Uncertainty.  Fear.  “Uh…Uhm…”   “Oh, my,” exclaimed one of the Temple Maidens as she strode out of the temple doors.  Her long cerulean blue hair was secured off her face in a French braid and hidden beneath a solid black veil that was pinned around her head.  “It sounds like someone’s hungry.”   “Hungry?”  Yuri looked from the maiden in her loose white jumpsuit to his wailing son.  “You can tell?”   “But of course!  Since a baby cannot speak, it has to communicate in other ways.”   “Oh, I see.  That’s why babies cry all the time.”   “Exactly, Your Majesty, but each cry is different depending on what the baby wants.”   “Really?”   “Oh, yes, Sire.”   “Wow.”  Yuri was surprised.  “You sure know a lot.”   “Well, I raised my little sister after both our parents died in the epidemic.”   “Oh, wow.  That’s pretty cool,” Yuri breathed.  Then he realized that what he said might be misconstruing.  “Ah!  I mean-“   The Maiden shook her head.  “It’s alright.  But if Your Majesty would like to come with me, I’ll bring you to His Excell-I, uh, mean, His Highness.”   Wolfram.   Yuri nodded curtly as his heart started hammering again.  First the Maiden stepped back into the temple, melting within the shadows.  Followed by Yuri with his still crying son wriggling uncontrollably in his arms and then Hussein who had Seraphina.  Adele and then Lady Alese closed in from behind.   The thundering sound of the double temple doors shutting echoed around them   ---TBC---   “Rey” – German meaning “Brave One” “August” – Latin meaning “Revered, exalted” (It’s actually my G.G. Grandfather’s middle name)   A/N:  I decided to cut this chapter short, because if I typed the whole chapter out as I had written it, then you guys would not being getting the update for another few weeks.  This way, I can update “Wolfram’s Bruise” every week.  Though the chapters will be short.  So, what did you think?   Never saw that coming, huh?                   &nb sp;