Legal Drug Fan Fiction ❯ In Your Arms ❯ No Escape ( Chapter 2 )

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In Your Arms
No Escape

Theme: #2 - photograph
Spoiler Warnings: Contains spoilers for Volume 3
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the greatness that is CLAMP. I am merely borrowing so that I may manipulate the hot boys to my liking.
There were two kinds of embarrassing memories. Firstly, there was the kind that when looked upon in retrospect they could still muster up that small amount of shame but generally were an all around good laugh. The second kind were the ones you wanted to forever erase from everybody's memories, including your own.
But with Kazahaya Kudo's luck, those memories would be forever preserved.
In not that of an unusual rush coming down to open the store, Kazahaya almost barreled into Kakei who was waiting for him in the backroom, where he had come to grab his apron. "Good morning, Kudo-kun!" he greeted with his enigmatic smile. "We received some mail here at the store for you." Kakei handed him a small white envelope.
Now more confused than ever, Kazahaya was about to ask Kakei to double check that the letter was actually meant for him, but saw that it did indeed bear his name. Never before having received mail but afraid to show his inexperience, he tried to figure out who it was from. The other name took a moment to register. Nayuki Satoru. It had been his roommate when he and Rikuo had went undercover as students at Suiryo High.
Intrigued as to why he had written and was about to satisfy his curiosity by ripping open the envelope, he was interrupted when he was pulled against a much larger frame by an arm around his waist. "Saiga-san!"
"Calm down, kid, I just want a good view." As if to prove his point, he moved his head right next to Kazahaya's to give him an unobstructed view of the letter.
Now feeling slightly worried about what Nayuki had written (honestly, who knew with that kid?) because he had such a crowd around him, Kakei standing in front of him, Saiga right behind him and Rikuo, who had come in right before him to get his apron, was now standing to his left.
The first visible thing was, surprisingly, a photograph. Noticeably cringing from the memory, Kazahaya knew there could not have been a worse crowd to witness this.
They had heard them coming from their shouts of about wanting to take pictures, but the crowd had shown up quicker than expected. Kazahaya, dressed in his ridiculous bridal dress, and Rikuo standing right next to him, were faced with three juniors from the yearbook club all armed with cameras.
"We need more pictures of the bride! Please, Kudo-kun!”
Grudgingly, Kazahaya stopped his attempted escape and accepted their request while Rikuo laughed rather loudly in the background. After a few shots, Rikuo walked up to him, threw an arm around his shoulders and leaned down to whisper in his, "Its not so bad and besides, we'll be gone by tomorrow." He then proceeded to smile broadly in a largely extravagant pose for the cameras, mostly because he had managed to knock Kazahaya's tiara veil and it was now crooked on his head.
The picture was of that scene and was incredibly embarrassing since it captured him while he was dressed in drag, which was something that he had really been hoping to forget about.
Saiga, of course, found the entire thing hilarious and was proving it by laughing loudly while Kakei simply smiled, not trying to hide his amusement.
As Kazahaya stalked off in anger, deciding to read the letter later in private, he could hear Rikuo mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like “I still think he would have made a great kitty cat.”