Legend Of Zelda Fan Fiction / Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Ganondorf vs. Green Goblin ❯ Let's Get Ready to Rumble!! ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Zelda had to talk to the prince and king of a far away kingdom called Forthal. Unfortunately, her father made the careless mistake of offering her hand in marriage to Forthal's prince, Marick, without even knowing her heart belonged to Link and only him. After the dinner, Zelda seemed to disappear.
“Where's Zelda?” Marick asked.
“I'm not sure, go look for her in her room.” The king suggested.
The ranch was silent as Malon rested in her bed, her chores were finished, and the Green Goblin was gone, but still haunted her mind. Her eyes opened when she heard the familiar sound of horse hoofs trotting quickly down the ranch's dirt road. She rose up from bed and looked out the window, seeing Link ride up with his horse. He quickly leaped off the stallion and ran to the house, knocking on the door madly. Talon answered the door.
“Oh Link. What brings you here today?”
“There's a crazy man on a flying thing on the loose! No one at the castle will let me in. I even tried that another way around and…” Talon looked up.
“Now who the devil's that?” Link spun around fast and saw someone, but it wasn't the Goblin. Link squinted his eyes to see better and nearly died. Ganondorf was marching towards them from the dirt road with an evil grin. Link knew he didn't have the Master Sword but unsheathed his ordinary sword anyway and charged. Ganondorf reached out and choked the young hero before he could reach him. Out of the corner of his eye, Link saw the Goblin slowly descend down next to them.
“I told you he was weak.” He sneered. Talon started to walk towards them.
“Hey, let go of him!” the Goblin unsheathed those wicked blades from the front of his glider and turned towards Talon.
“Back off, we're working here!” Ganondorf laughed, “What?” the Goblin demanded.
“We? Oh please.” He released Link and shot off a dark ball of energy. It struck Green Goblin head on and knocked him off the glider, “Unless you work for me, there is no chance I'm going to work with you!” the Goblin jumped to his feet.
“You backstabbing son of a-“ Ganondorf sent another blast his way. The Goblin tossed a pumpkin bomb that canceled out the energy with a blast. As the smoke cleared up, Ganondorf and Green Goblin stared at each other, both of their eyes burned like wild fire. Goblin held his hands behind his back as he walked back and forth on a small turf of land.
“What are you up to?” Ganondorf growled.
“Tell me Ganon, what is your purpose in life?”
“To rule the world.” Ganondorf replied without even blinking.
“Aw, a good dream you have there. I'm just wondering how you could accomplish such a task.” Ganondorf stared at the Goblin for a second and started to laugh.
“I get it. You want me to spill the beans! Well it's not going to happen!” he looked down at Link and cautiously walked towards him, his hand outstretched.
“I knew it!!” the Goblin pointed and shouted. Ganondorf froze.
“You need that elf boy for something. Otherwise you would've killed him while you had the chance.”
“No. I just want him dead.” Ganondorf lied. Goblin laughed.
“Don't lie to me. I saw his hand glow at one point or another. He has something you want!” Ganondorf's eyes widened.
“…So? I have him right here!”
“Oh no you don't!” Goblin held up his hand. Ganondorf and Link stood completely silent as the Triforce of Courage appeared on the Goblin's hand.
“Look's like you need me now!” Ganondorf started to chuckle softly. The chuckle rose up slowly to an insane laugh. Malon ran outside and kneeled down beside Link and held him up. Ganondorf stared at Goblin again.
“You don't even know what it does!”
“That doesn't matter. As long as I have it and you don't!” Ganondorf's smug grin quickly turned into a frown. “Aw…so I was right!” Ganondorf smiled again.
“I still know who has the other piece!” Link's heart raced as he thought of Zelda. Like lightening, Ganondorf disappeared in a flash of purple flame, causing an explosion. The explosion knocked Link and Malon off their feet and flat on their backs. Link was a little dazed but heard.
“Link you slime!!!” then he felt the Goblin's hand wrapped around his neck and hoist him up off his feet, “Tell me who has the other piece of whatever the hell this thing is!!” Malon got up.
“He won't tell you!” she shouted.
“This doesn't concern you red head.”
“I…I have it…” Link choked out, wanting to protect Zelda from him.
“You're lying!!” the Goblin screamed into his face. Finally Link gat an idea.
“Princess…princess Zelda has it.” The Goblin nodded
“Good boy.” He tossed him away and buzzed off, a trail of smoke following his glider. Malon ran over to Link.
“Link, why did you do that? Now we'll be doomed!” Link gave her a sly grin.
“By the way I see it, these two are going to fight for Zelda.”
“And…” Malon asked.
“We let them kill each other, and then we have no Ganondorf or Green Goblin.” Malon smiled and nodded, “Come on, I can't wait to see this!”
Zelda stood silently on the balcony in her room, overlooking the land. Marick opened the door and joined her.
“Why did you leave dinner?” he asked.
“I wanted to.” Zelda said softly.
“Why don't you talk to me like you did to your father or the servants?”
“Because…Marick, I'm in love with someone else. Not you.” They stared at each other, unaware of Ganondorf slowly rising from the ground towards them, “I'm sorry Marick, you're a nice man and all just, my heart belongs to another.” Ganondorf suddenly appeared over the balcony next to the prince and princess. Zelda's expression turned from sad to terrified in an instant. Marick didn't know who this man was but knew he was dangerous.
“Ganondorf!!!” Zelda screamed. Ganondorf smiled.
“Nice to see you remember me princess!” he reached for her hand but suddenly went flying into the castle's window, along with someone else. Zelda and Marick ducked as the Green Goblin rammed Ganondorf into the window and shattered the glass, leaving only the hard, metal outlines that made pictures from the glass. Zelda looked up, hoping to see Link, but instead saw another green fighter. The Goblin grabbed Ganondorf's head and slammed it over and over into the metal outlines, until he slammed so hard, the metal shattered.
“Where's the princess!!! Tell me!” Zelda's eye widened now knowing this fighter was after her. Ganondorf elbowed Goblin in the shoulder and knocked him off the glider, landing next to Zelda. Zelda bent down and shook her hero awake.
“Wake up, fight Ganondorf!” Goblin leaped to fight Ganondorf again but over a dozen guards poured into Zelda's room. They didn't see Ganondorf, still being caught in the window. Instead, the guards glared at the Goblin.
“Freeze, you're under arrest!!”
“Guards wait!” Zelda shouted.
“I surrender.” Goblin held his arms up and looked down in pity. The guards marched in but the Goblin tossed a small ball at them. With three quick beeps, it exploded and the guards were reduced to smoldering skeletons. Ganondorf leaped down and tried to grab the princess before the Goblin could but the Goblin charged. Ganondorf turned fast and punched him in the plastic facemask. Out of pure black magic, Ganondorf summoned his sword with an ax-like end on it. The Goblin recovered from his shaky encounter with him and shook his head to wake up. When his vision finally returned to him, he found a sword's end at his throat.
“Die, you little imp!” Ganondorf slit the Goblin's throat and blood spilled all over the place, on Zelda's bed, the carpet, and even the drapes. The Goblin held his throat fast to halt the bleeding as he gagged on his blood and fell to his knees. Ganondorf smiled, as his enemy slowly died a most painful death. The Green Goblin crawled over to Zelda and grabbed at her dress, reaching for her hand with his shaky hand. Zelda bent down and tried to help the poor man but the Goblin shuddered once, and died. Zelda looked up to Ganondorf's sword, dripping with the Goblin's blood. Ganondorf reached out and grabbed her wrist; she was jerked up quickly jerked to her feet and came face to face with the evil king. The expression on her face was horrified as she came so close to her worst nightmare that she could smell his foul smelling breath. Suddenly he lashed out and stabbed Marick in the stomach, he fell to his knees, blood leaking out of his mouth. He gave one last glance at Ganondorf and Zelda before his vision went blurry and everything around him went black. Zelda's eye filled with tears, knowing she was next. Ganondorf smiled.
“Now it's just you…and me.” He placed his hand gently on her hand and took away her piece of the Triforce, but nothing happened. He released her and slapped her with his backhand, “Where is it?!” he demanded. Zelda looked at her hand and then to him.
“You…you have it.” Ganondorf shook his head.
“No, when I took it from you, it was gone.”
“Hey asshole!” they looked up to see the Green Goblin up and ready to fight again. When he held up his hand it had two pieces of the Triforce this time.
“No!” Ganondorf's eyes widened. The glider sped around and he leaped on it, “I'm really getting sick of you…” Ganondorf growled.
“Come on!!” the Goblin yelled. Ganondorf howled out in anger and pounced, taking the Goblin off his glider and rolling end over end, punching and thrashing, again and again until they fell off the edge of the balcony. The Goblin held onto the edge with both hands while Ganondorf held onto his leg.
“How did you come back?!” he demanded.
“What do you think?! That thing in my hand did it!” then he made a vicious kick to Ganondorf's jaw. Zelda appeared on the edge and offered her hand.
“Take my hand!” instead, the Goblin grabbed her wrist and the Triforce within him disappeared and reappeared in her hand, “Now give me your hand!!” she demanded again. Goblin ignored her and kicked Ganondorf off his leg. Next he let go and his glider sped around again and caught its owner in midair. Ganondorf stopped in midair and flew back up to Zelda, ready to tear her apart. Zelda backed away into her torn apart room and tripped on a brick lying on the floor. Ganondorf dropped down on the balcony and glared at her with his hateful eyes, which now burned a fire red. Zelda looked beyond him and saw the Goblin make a sharp turn around in the Goblin Glider, laughing. Ganondorf turned around.
“Ha! Ha! HA! Time to die!!” the blades in the front of the glider extended as he flew as fast as that glider could go straight at the evil man. With awesome timing, Ganondorf waved his hand and slapped the Goblin off his glider. The glider still sped by, missing Ganondorf and struck the wall, cutting Zelda's side open and she began to bleed severely. Ganondorf looked back at Zelda, sitting helplessly on the floor, then back to the Goblin, lying outside.
“I'll kill you before you have another chance at her!” he leaped from the tall balcony standing at least twenty feet or higher and aimed his massive foot for the Goblin's head. He rolled over and missed Ganondorf's foot. The impact of the king of evil's attack made a shock wave that flew the Goblin in the air. After the Goblin staggered to his feet, he got sucker punched in the face. He dazed around in small circles as he tried to regain his balance. Ganondorf grabbed his throat and turned towards the castle. With each ounce of his mighty strength, Ganondorf threw the Goblin into the castle, the costumed criminal screaming until he crashed into the walls of the castle, shattering the dining chamber, where the king of Hyrule and Forthal were still eating. He flew across the long table and fell to the ground at the very end. Both kings stared wide-eyed as the Green Goblin rose slowly and wiped the food off his suit and mask. Ganondorf shattered what was left of wall as he stomped in.
“Ganondorf?! What are you…” he slapped the king unconscious and marched towards the Goblin again. Over a dozen guards from each side of the room ran in and covered Ganondorf. The Goblin made a satisfied laugh, which paused just as Ganondorf blew each of the guards off him, killing them all. With one pissed look on his face, the king of evil stomped over to the Goblin once more. The green lunatic held his hands up.
“Wait! No!!” Ganondorf punched him with what was left of his strength and made him crash through another wall. He staggered to his feet again, “Oh God.” Ganondorf now fought for breath as he stomped towards him again. As the Goblin fought to stand up right, Ganondorf finally broke down to his knees. The Goblin laughed and staggered over to his enemy and hovered over him, “Take this!” he punched Ganondorf in the face, “I offered you my knowledge, my friendship…and you spat in my face!” he kneed him in the jaw and nearly broke it. He punched Ganondorf again; the king of evil seemed to show no signs of struggle as the Goblin continued to pummel him. Finally, Ganondorf rose up and slapped Goblin with his backhand, sending him to the floor. He picked the limp Goblin up and punched him to the ground, and then repeated the same thing. The Goblin lay on the tiled floor, littered with bricks and shards of wood. The Goblin's once clean emerald color now brown and dusty from all the dust and residue in the air. Ganondorf's red hair as filled with the same dust as well, making his greasy hair look a shaggy brown. He left the weak Goblin on the floor, panting for air and moaning over his wounds, while he felt weak and fell flat on his back. As Ganondorf landed, the dust on the floor flew into the air and he landed with a loud thud. The castle had been torn apart literally, Zelda's room destroyed by the Green Goblin's glider blowing everything around, dead bodies of guards and servants laid everywhere, skeletons in Zelda's room, and the king of evil had tossed Goblin around the rest of the castle and destroyed everything else around the castle.
Ganondorf and the Goblin heard the tapping of feet against the floor and heard a man's voice.
“Who's that?”
“Aw great…more guards. Ganondorf panted.
“Crap…” Goblin moaned.
“I'll take you guys…”
“No Ganon, I'll take care of them.” The Goblin looked like he was drunk as he wobbled to his feet and staggered over to the nearest of the small group of guards.
“Where's the princess.”
“Beats me.” The Goblin tried to punch him but ended up flat on his mask, “I have no idea what's going on.” Some of the guards started to laugh at him. Slowly, the Goblin reached to his left arm and pressed a single button, his glider whizzed silently behind the guards, “God speed.” Goblin chuckled as the glider's blades extended and impaled a guard. It flew around more, killing and impaling each guard. Within two minutes, six bodies lay motionless on the floor. Finally, the Goblin passed out.
In her room, Zelda panted for breath as she was losing consciousness quickly from blood loss. Her dress drenched in her own blood. Slowly, she broke down to her knees, eyes watering, knowing if she did not get help fast, she would surely die. She staggered to her feet and pushed the door open, the wooden entry fell down to the ground, apparently the Green Goblin and Ganondorf's rumble shattered the hinges. Coughing and panting, Zelda stumbled down the hall as she fought for consciousness.
As Link and Malon, they noticed the guards were gone. But once Link laid eyes on the inside of the castle, he felt his heart race and he ran off, searching for Zelda. He left Malon at the castle doors, yelling Zelda's name. Malon looked around the beaten up castle, once clean and faultless. In the dining hall, she spotted the king of Hyrule and Forthal. She ran over to her king as he slowly woke up.
“Who…who are you?” he asked.
“My name is Malon, I came with Link to stop the Green Goblin.”
“So…that's who that man there is.” Malon's eyes widened as she heard and evil cackle and turned around, gas filling her lungs and her world went dark…
Link ran up to Zelda's room, only to find her room torn apart, the Goblin's blood staining everything there, but no Zelda. He ran back out of the room.
“Zelda!!” he screamed, but no answer. He looked down at all the pieces of brick and wood, noticing a small trail of blood leading towards the stables. Link ran as hard as he could, following the trail, hoping with every fiber of his body that Zelda was okay. When the trail became larger and larger, Link felt his heart sink when he finally spotted Zelda's body on the floor, motionless. He ran over to her and rolled her body over, so she looked heavenward.
“Zelda…wake up Zelda!” Link shook her, sobbing.
“Don't worry Link, she is fine… just unconscious.” From the shadows, Link saw the Goblin's evil yellow eyes staring into his, the little light in the room allowed for his mirror-like eyes to glow. Link's rage filled up that almost blew him over the edge.
“What did you do??!!!” he shouted.
“I didn't do it…just a bit of a mistake on my part. It appears my glider seemed to have a collision with her side.” When he stepped forward from the shadows, Malon flung unconscious over his shoulder.
“Malon!!” Link shouted, “Let her go!!” the Goblin laughed.
“Why? She has nothing for you. Where she…” He pointed to Zelda and Link saw the two pieces of the Triforce on her hand, “Why must you heroes think all the same. Compassion. Love. Blah!! She can give you something Link, that power she holds also brings immortality, and you two and can live together forever. Where little Red Head here, she has nothing to give you. She's worthless.” Link glared at him and leaped to his feet.
“Don't talk about her like that!” he demanded. The Goblin lifted Malon's limp body up and dropped her carelessly onto the ground, Link screamed at him and charged.
“Not smart!” the Goblin tossed another ball but it separated into five flying razors that flew around in circles, attacking Link over and over again, “You're pathetically predictable. Like I said, heroes all think the same.” The razors flew about, Link doing his best to dodge them. Suddenly he cried out when sliced his back. He quickly held his back and looked up to see the madman sprinting at him, arms outstretched. Link punched him in his toothy grinned mouth. The Goblin ducked from a razor and punched Link in the face. After Link gained the upper hand and thrashed and pummeled Goblin harshly, Goblin whipped out at a flying razor and slapped it out of its course, now flying at Zelda. Link risked the other razors that swooped down at him and ran over to Zelda, taking each painful slash from the razor that threatened her. The Goblin deactivated the razors as he pounced at the hero and took him down while he was still weak. He wrapped his arms around Link's waist and spun around several times, finally letting go and allowing Link to crash into a wall. As he slowly slid down onto his back, Link furled his fist and grabbed the red curtain. The curtain fell over him as he lay on the floor, panting for breath and bleeding from a score of wounds. The Goblin laughed and walked over to Link, “Heroes never win!” and he gave a swift kick to his side, which was soaked in blood. Link slowly passed out from shock, and when he awoke, he found himself alone; the Green Goblin had kidnapped Malon and Zelda, probably to make him fall into a trap. He staggered to his feet, knowing he had to fight someone who was even more powerful that Ganondorf.
Ganondorf slowly rose up from the brick-littered floor. He looked around, the dirty Goblin had left, both kings lay unconscious on the floor as well. Ganondorf grunted and popped his neck.
“Well, looks like I have some work to do.” Ganondorf smiled to himself, knowing that even the Green Goblin didn't know what he could become with his powers, a beast most of us call…Ganon!