Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Dawn of a dark day ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

In America… it was already dark.
Most people would normally be still asleep in their comfy cozy beds… but not today. Today, many of the Americans who were participating in the main-fleet were busy sharpening, and loading their weapons.
This was the day. This was where the war between America, and Great Brittan, not too mention the rebellion of King George III and the Masked rider forces, would finally come to an end, and a victor would be crowned while the enemies would lie dead on the ground.
James and Henri felt so nervous that they were hardly able to eat dinner that evening. “I don't even remember why we signed up for this in the first place.” Henri moaned.
“We're doing it because we want to protect Sarah.” James reminded him for the umpteenth time. “Besides… you always kept saying how much you'd like to have ten minutes alone with King George.”
Moses was really ashamed of them both. “Well I can't believe the both of you. You're both supposed to be journalists helping out DR Franklin, and here you both are heading into the jaws of war where this time it's mostly likely that you will get killed.”
“Now that will do Moses…” Dr. Franklin said. “James and Henri have made it clear why they wish to go. They are trying to help Sarah, whom I myself would also put my life on the line to protect.”
Moses realized that Ben was right, as usual. “And I guess I will be there to look out for all of them.”
James and Henri could tell that Moses was really worried for all their sakes, and who could blame him. Since it was dark in America, it would soon be sunrise in England, and then it would be any moment before the biggest vendetta struggle in all of the world's history would commence, and they were all planning to walk straight into it.
No matter how brave they tried to act, their fears always seemed to come back to him. Even Dr Franklin's saying, “Even the bravest man experiences fear.” was hardly enough to comfort them.
Still, James kept in mind that he was doing this for Sarah, and that he wasn't rushing in alone, as he, Henri, and Moses were only three of nearly five-million who volunteered to be in the fleet.
All the members had their weapons ready, and many of the Rider monks had made sure that Clarissa's warp portals were set properly so that each and every member would instantly transport to England.
All that was left was for me to give order to attack!
At Dawn, the people of London were up bright and early, as those who were ordered by the King to report to the town square where the gallows stood ready for the hanging that would soon commence…
Yet many others had not shown up… as earlier in the night, they had followed the warnings that I and my followers had given them and fled the town to safety. None were captured as King George had ordered all his men to remain in London ready for the capture of Masked rider.
Speaking of his Majesty, he was already awake and alert. “Lackey…” he asked. “Do you know what this fine, and glorious day is?”
“Uh… you're Majesty's birthday?” the Lackey answered.
“Even better…” replied the King, “Today is my day of triumph. I just know that Masked rider is out there somewhere, and that he and his forces will soon try to rescue his captured comrades before they are executed.”
“Heh, heh… it shall be as if I am about to hit many birds with one stone.”
That was he thought… but what he wasn't aware of was that not only was the main-fleet ready in America to charge, but all through the night just as was plotted our forces worked hard yet swiftly. Now there were kegs of gun-powers, and casks of flammable liquid spread everywhere. All it would need is one little spark, and the whole town would turn into a chaos field of flames.
Sarah, and her mother… who did not flee the town as they were asked to attend the execution with old friends, who were indeed loyalists who wished to see the Rider Force brought down. “The sooner those rebels are put down, the sooner we can continue to abide the laws.” Many of them exchanged between each other, but deep down Sarah and her mother were terrible shaken up.
They had never before been told to attend an execution so incredibly fearful, and what disturbed them the most was the fact that the King was only using this execution to trap and kill others.
Sarah always thought she had known her King and for what she saw him as. Now she had just come to realize what a monster he really was. All this war and acts of control and law making had gone to his head, and now he was dragging innocent people into his web.
However… she honestly didn't know what could be done to prevent the fighting that was soon to occur.
As the guards who were sent by King George to bring out the prisoners to gallows, were on their way the other dungeon they were attacked and knocked unconscious, and then two monks had exchanged clothes with them. Grandfather and the other members of our forces were pleased to see them. “Where are Mykan and Clarissa?” my Grandfather asked.
“Shh… they too are in disguise and are readying the attack.” One of the imposters said. “But you must act along to make this believable.”
My Grandfather knew fully well what this meant. He would have to march along and actually slip into the gallows as if were about to really be hung and killed, but now that he knew he was safe within the hands of his own people… “I dare say it is truly time for us to bring an end to this rebellion that has clouded our lives for so long.”