Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ The monster who would be King ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As the battle continued to wage on, more and more people were wounded, if not killed. At least some managed to escape safely without being caught up in the chaos. However, James, Henri, and Moses… who had all arrived with the main fleet remaining outside of the battle areas where no one would see them, in desperate search for Sarah.
It was difficult enough for them at least to find ways to safety without having to fight someone, at least Clarissa gave them a temporary immunity shield to guard them from being hurt… but trying to find Sarah and her mother amongst the chaos was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.
“Sarah…!” James called out. “Sarah, where are you…?”
“Like she's really going to be able to hear you in all this noise…” Moses snapped.
“Well we had better find `er and fast!” protested Henri. “Remember, zee shield won't last very long.”
A couple of red-coats did blocks their ways, but the immunity shields protected the boys, allowing Moses to punch the guards out. ZAP… POW! “Wow what a right jab.” James complimented.
“There's still some fight left in these bad-boys.” Moses said as he clenched his fits tight. Still… they were no closer to finding Sarah anywhere, but they did however meet up with me and Clarissa, as we were still seeking out the King.
“Stay with us…” I motioned the boys. “Clarissa… you help them find Sarah… I'm going to continue searching.”
Clarissa agreed, and then suddenly she looked up. “There he goes…!”
I looked up and saw the King was heading for the palace. “Right… He's mine!” I said, but before I ran off, Clarissa held my arm. “Mykan… please come back to me alive.”
We shared a quick kiss, much to Henri's disgust; “Eww…” the poor boy was still just too young to understand. Nevertheless, I was off, leaving them to continue their search for Sarah.
The battle continued to wage on, as even some of the Americans were wounded, and a couple of me had lost their lives on the battle field. At least they did not die in vain as many of the British soldiers were beginning to cowardly retreat knowing fully well they were outmatched, but many more still remained along the many of loyalists and Tories who were angered and enraged.
James peeked up over a hill of burning rubble. “Wait…! There she is…”
Sarah and her mother were hiding in the wreckage of a decaying house in order to keep clear from the fires, and battles. Their dresses were badly tattered, and their hair styles were messed and covered in ash.
“Sarah…! Sarah…!”
Sarah's head perked up. “James…?!”
She peeked out from the house, and waved at them. “James! Henri! Moses!”
Clarissa safely led the men into the house, Sarah hugged them all, but was most surprised as well. “What are you all doing here?” she asked.
“We came `ere with zee main-fleet.” Henri answered. “We were worried about you, and we `ad to see if you were okay.”
“Well, we are both grateful you are here.” Said Elizabeth, “But look at what has become of our homeland…”
The battle was still waging on, with more and more people getting hurt, and killed. “Where's Mykan…?” Sarah asked.
“He's gone to fight the King…” Clarissa answered, “But I fear he will be in danger without help.”
Clarissa didn't know how right she was…
I had followed the King all the way to the palace, and back to his throne room. The King knew fully well he was trapped, but he acted as though he didn't care. “Mykan Dex… at last we meet again.” He sneered softly at me.
“King George…” I responded with my body shaking in anger. “You bile beast…! How I despise you… you loathsome, despicable man…!”
I badgered him for all the crimes he had committed, including killing my father who was innocent, without care. “Your father was never proven innocent!” he spat at me, “He was found guilty, and therefore was put to death by law.”
“He was put to death as you refused to listen!” I shouted at him. “You have caused so much heartache and misery to those who do not abide to your ways. You have made innocent people suffer… and you've taken lives for your own cruel pleasure! I swear… with God and the angels by my side… I will destroy you!”
The King gritted his teeth by my threat. “Just like your father… a man who truly needs to be taught a lesson.” he said to me. “Well then… I suppose if you want something done right… you have to do it yourself!”
And he kicked his royal throne out of its place revealing a trap-door beneath it. He opened it at once, and out popped this strange glowing orb. “What is that…?” I wondered.
The King grabbed hold of the orb/ “What is this, you say…?” he snickered. “Oh, ho, ho… WOULD'N'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW…!” and as he screamed, his body began to glow, and mutant before my eyes. He was changing into some sort of animal!
The doors to the throne room slammed open, and Clarissa and the others walked in. “Mykan… are you alright?” Clarissa asked, but suddenly she realized what was going on.
“Holy Catfish!” cried James. “Is that King George?”
Sarah and her mother were easily the most frightened and livid when the light had vanished, and what they saw was their King three-times his normal size, bulkier, and covered in armor.
“Sacre Bleu'…!” cried Henri, “'Ow is it possible!”
“You thought you were only ones to receive gifts from the heavens?” The King asked me in his deeper raspy voice. “Well you are wrong. I have kept this hidden power, and had been saving it for just such a time.”
I clenched my fists tight. “Breaking your own laws, of the denial of witchcraft…” I sated. “It proves all the more what a fool you are King George!”
The King roared angrily as if he meant to crush us all like the eggs we appeared to be to his nature.
I raised my arms up high, “In the name of all the innocent people whom I am sworn to free of this monster… ECTOPHASE, ACTIVATE!”
“My word…” Sarah mother exclaimed. “That was incredible.
Clarissa smiled.
Once I was finished transforming “Prepare yourself King George, for there shall be no holding back. I Mykan Dex, Prince of the island of Edenoi, and the Masked Rider… Challenge you into a duel to the finish!”
The King responded immediately. “Agreed… TO THE FINISH…!”
Clarissa offered to join me, “No, Clarissa… this is my battle.” I told her, “I have been waiting for this all my life.”
Clarissa had no choice but to agree to my terms, and motioned to get everyone else out of the palace. “Please, be very careful.” she whispered to herself.