Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ Violation ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Gimli hurried forward, knowing that whatever had happened to the fair Elf, it couldn't be good. That scream had been one of abject terror and agony. He heard sickening laughter and burst from the underbrush to find five Orcs dead around the clearing with four more around Legolas. Yet another one was on top of him doing something…

"No!" Gimli shouted at the realization that they were violating the poor Elf.

He swiftly killed the five Orcs, jerking the one that was on top of Legolas back to get him out of the Elf. Deep gouges were on the pale flesh of his back, and as the Dwarf stared the milky paleness began to turn grey, and the golden locks darkened to black. Gimli grabbed a blanket from his pack and laid it on the ground then rolled Legolas onto it. The Elf looked horrible, what with tears running down his grey face and his chest heaving for breath.

"Legolas, lad, look at me."

"Gimli," the Elf whimpered, sounding scared.

"That's right, Master Elf, I'm here.

"Tell the others I am sorry that I cannot complete the mission."

"Nay, you will be fine. Come here, Legolas," the Dwarf said, tenderly drawing the Elf's head onto his lap and stroking the grey forehead.

"I was raped, Gimli. I will not be fine. You do know what happens to an Elf when he or she is raped, correct?"

"I know, lad, but I won't let you die."

Legolas sighed, closing his eyes. "How can you stop it?"

"I am a Dwarf. We are stubborn. Now keep talking."

As Legolas talked with Gimli, and even heard a song when he was just at Death's doorstep, he relaxed and for the most part forgot his pain. He also began to feel extremely attached to the Dwarf. It wasn't really anything sexual, the Elf noticed, which would have been exceedingly strange, but it was deeper than that. How interesting. When Legolas fell asleep that night, Gimli watched him anxiously, and he was utterly relieved when the Elf woke the next morning. His black hair was streaked with gold, his skin was gaining a milky quality again, and Legolas was strong enough to sit up so that the Dwarf could tend to his back. The streaks, to the surprise of both Gimli and Legolas, were already healed over, but they left nasty scars, including a bite mark on his right shoulder.

Gimli hunted around the underbrush and found Legolas' pack. The Elf dressed stiffly then sat down and yawned. He felt drained.

"But I'm alive," Legolas said quietly.

"Aye. I told you that you would be. We Dwarves are extremely stubborn creatures."

"I know," Legolas said with a smile. "And I will be forever be in your debt. But…" He hesitated and his face grew red. "I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anybody. I don't want to be studied and pitied."

"I don't blame you for that, lad. This will be between us and nobody else."

"Many thanks, Gimli."

Once Legolas looked like his usual self, they packed up and began searching for their companions. They were naturally concerned, but Legolas kept up his Elvish façade and they were none the wiser. The Elf did, however, take up the rear instead of the middle. Gimli stayed close by, but as they walked, Legolas still felt as if he were dying and unconsciously reached out to the others. Two were blocked, but the Elf felt better the farther they walked, and soon believed he would be fine.