Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ Lying ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Elladan stared at the trees.

"It's in there?"

"Yes," Erestor said, smiling softly.

"How do we get in?"

"Say 'open'."

"Um, all right. Open." There was a pause. "Nothing happened."

"Say it in Ithral-speak," Legolas laughed.

"I don't know Ithral-speak."

"Don't think about it and you'll find that you do know it."

He paused and stared at the two trees in front of him. It came to him so naturally very suddenly. "Open."

The trees parted, and Elladan gasped. They ran into the opening and it closed behind them. Elladan looked around, greedily taking in the beauty of his new home.

"I love it!" he finally exclaimed. "It's so perfect and…and…Who's singing?"

Legolas tilted his head to listen and shock crossed his features. "Shit!"

The two Elves jumped at the language. Legolas took off, Frodo in his arms. They followed swiftly. They froze when they got to the door of the garden. That very same Hobbit that had taken Frodo on that first night was sitting there in the midst of three rosebushes, half naked, swigging from a silver bottle. Frodo was horrified and shoved himself out of Legolas' hands.

"Sam! Sam, whatever is the matter?!" he demanded.

"The roses—" Sam hiccoughed. "—bloomed."

"And where are Gimli, Merry, Pippin, and Aragorn?" Legolas asked, looking angry, but sounding gentle.

"Huntin' fer the guests. I told 'em they was gonna bloom 'fore they got back but, hic, they didn't believe meh."

Legolas looked livid. "Frodo, take Samwise, give him a nice, long, hot bath, then bring him into the kitchen for some food."

Sam took another swig of the bottle, and Frodo snatched it from him, glaring hotly. Legolas took it and led the two Elves to show them their new quarters in the palace. Frodo helped a tipsy Sam to the personal bathing room that he and his Soulmates used. He filled the huge tub with hot water then stripped his friend's green and flowered skirt off and lowered him in the water. Frodo stripped his Elven made clothing off then got in beside him. Sam wouldn't look at him as he was bathed. Frodo lathered his hair up, ducking him under to clean it. He then focused on bathing himself. When he stood from washing his own hair out, he found Sam hugging himself and crying.

"Sam!" Frodo gasped, grabbing his friend and pulling him close. "What's wrong?"

"The roses bloomed."

Frodo paused and thought for a minute. There was only one thing that he could think of. He'd been dying to ask, but he'd mentioned her name only once, and Merry and Pippin had slapped him for it. They warned him not to ever bring it up. He hesitated before asking in a shy voice.

"Sam, what happened with Rosie?"

Sam hiccoughed again and began crying harder. Frodo held him, sure he'd just made a huge mistake.

"I'm sorry, Sam. I didn't mean to make you upset. You don't have to tell me."

Another hiccup. "'S'okay, Frodo. I spected ya ta ask sooner or later." He paused and wiped his eyes. "'Fore I tell ya, ya gotta know I still love her. I was just…too much."

"Sam, you're just enough."

"Not ta a proper lady-Hobbit, Frodo."

There was silence for a few minutes then Sam sighed. "Legolas and us left Hobbiton on the Entwives, ya see, and Rosie was eager ta have some alone time. I shoulda seen it coming, Frodo. Legolas told me she sounded too happy. We spent six long months in Fangorn with Glóin and Treebeard and Fimbrethil. I returned Merry and Pippin ta their homes, where they were greeted by friends and cousins. The journey to Hobbiton took meh inta the night, but I didn't care. I was eager ta see mah Rosie again. I come in and go ta kiss her in her sleep, but she was…"

Sam shuddered, closing his eyes tightly.


"She was with another Hobbit. They was naked and kissin' and he was in…side…" Sam swallowed and tears fell faster. "Rosie saw me, but that other Hobbit never did. I hid in the garden 'til she came out to tell meh, in no uncertain terms that she was remarried, that I shouldn't worry about her and the children. He was a good and…proper Hobbit."

The poor Hobbit sobbed, clutching at his friend. "I left that night. I hid with Fimbrethil for a while. I gots real good at huntin'. Then I came here to Ithralcilvan and began ta clean the place up good and proper. Got the garden lookin' nice."

"Why didn't you go to Merry and Pippin?"

"Because he knew that we would beat her to pieces," said Merry's voice from the doorway.

Frodo turned to see their two Hobbit companions standing there. They stripped off and joined them in the bathtub. They stroked Sam's tear-streaked cheeks.

"You should've tried harder to convince us not to leave," Pippin whispered softly.

"Ya seemed hell bent on goin'…" Sam whispered.

The two Hobbits snarled and pulled him close. "You are more important than our foolish whims, Samwise Gamgee," Pippin growled.

Frodo watched as they stroked his back. They seemed…closer, than when he had left them. He suddenly realized how long three hundred years was. He shrank back then got out, ready to leave them be, but Sam snatched his hand.

"Hey! Where are ya goin' Frodo?" he demanded.

The truth was too humiliating, so instead he said, "I…I thought I'd just check on dinner. You three have got to be starving, and I know I am."

"Oh, well hurry back," Sam ordered, settling back with the cousins.

Frodo stared at him strangely. He looked to Merry and Pippin, and they laughed jovially.

"That, my friend, would be the Elven wine," Merry snickered.

"Yeah, he gets a lot braver when he's got some drink in him," Pippin chortled.

Frodo walked to his room with a towel about his waist to get his moonbeam skirt, then sullenly plodded into the kitchen. Erestor and Elladan were already eating happily. Legolas turned to see him and smiled.

"Ah! Where's Samwise?"

"He's with Merry and Pippin."

"Why aren't you with them?"

Frodo lied again. "I'm tired and want some sleep, but I'm hungry."

"Oh! Well that is easily remedied. Here you are. Roasted duck with some creamed potatoes that Samwise grew."


He sat there and picked at his food, not really wanting to eat. As soon as Sam comes in here, he thought miserably, I'm going to have to face four angry Soulmates. Doesn't sound pleasant, but what was I supposed to say? 'Oh, I'm sorry, I just don't feel as if you love me enough, despite all you've done for me, and I know I don't love you enough.' I don't fit in with them. I've never fit in with them. I'm always the different one, the one that doesn't belong. I've spent too much time with Sun Elves and—

"Frodo? Are you going to eat?" Legolas asked from the counter, looking back over his shoulder at the Hobbit.

"Um, my stomach hurts," Frodo lied a third time.

As Legolas hurried out of the room, Erestor and Elladan finished eating and looked at him.

"Are you okay?" Elladan asked worriedly.

"I'm fine." Another lie.

"You don't look fine, Frodo."

"Leave me alone."

"If that is what you want. Tell Legolas that I am going to bed early. I'm exhausted."

"That goes for me, too," Erestor said, yawning.

The two Elves stood and departed. Aragorn and Gimli came in and served themselves then sat to the left of Frodo.

"You look ill, lad," Gimli stated, taking a bite of duck.

"I'm fine. Just tired." Why did he keep lying? He didn't feel tired at all!

"I suggest some rest. Maybe a dip in the Fount?" Aragorn asked with a smile.

"Yeah. That might work."

"Does that look like hurryin' back, Frodo?" Sam growled from the doorway.

"Ooh, not using Mister. Clearly got some alcohol in ya, eh, Sam?" Gimli said jovially then analyzed the words. "Frodo, were you supposed to be somewhere with them?"


"Oh, yes, you were!" Pippin said, looking offended.

"Yeah, you were supposed to come back to the bathing room and tell us what was going on with supper!" Merry exclaimed angrily.

"I…forgot?" Frodo tried, cringing as he got three steady glares and two confused looks. Another confused look was added as Legolas rounded the corner.

"What's going on?"

"Frodo's been lyin' ta us, Legolas," Sam growled.

"I, um…" Frodo muttered as his Elven Soulmate leveled an even stare at him. He approached slowly.

"I brought these for your stomach. But I would bet you don't need them, do you?" he asked, handing Frodo three silver-tipped leaves.

Frodo stared at them for a few moments before throwing them away and running to his room. He crawled under the covers and cried. For fifteen minutes, he was left alone, then he heard the door open and his tears started falling again. The door was shut and footsteps approached. The blanket was lifted slightly and he saw gleaming, silver eyes staring at him. He turned away, embarrassed that he'd been reduced to this, ashamed that he'd lied. The blankets were removed entirely and he was pulled against Legolas' warm side. Merry and Pippin crawled behind him, Samwise curled against his other side. Aragorn and Gimli stood staring at him.

"I…I'm sorry," he whimpered.

"Unless it is a good surprise fer us, do not lie to us, Frodo Baggins," Sam said sternly.

"I-I just…"

"Why were you lying?" Gimli asked, tilting his head. "We've been nothing but honest with you. Legolas told you of his rape. Sam told you of that wretched she-Hobbit. We haven't yelled at you or hit you or scared you as far as we know of. Why are you so afraid to tell the truth with us?"

"Because the truth is…it sounds…stupid…and wrong…" Frodo muttered. "And I…don't want it to."

"But is it really how you feel?" Merry asked.


"Then it's not stupid."

"Still could be wrong, but we're willing to help you see what the truth is," Pippin said, kissing his head.

There was silence, all of them staring intently at him. Oh no. They didn't expect him to talk about those stupid insecurities, did they?! He couldn't! He wouldn't be able to face them again! He turned and buried his face in Legolas' side. Still they sat there, staring at him with patience that extended beyond their physical years. The silence gnawed at him until he started crying again.

"I was gone for three hundred years!" Frodo sobbed. "You all seem the same, but you're all so different! I don't know where I belong! I want to fit in, but I've never really belonged anywhere! Even on our first journey! Even when I was a young Hobbit! Always associating with Dwarves and Gandalf! Seeing my uncle singing with Elves near the forest! I don't…I don't want to leave, but if you want me to, I guess I can—"

"No!" came six shouts then Sam embraced him.

"Sh. It's all right, Frodo," he said softly. "We don't want ya ta leave. It's okay ta be upset. It was very rude o' us."

"What?" Frodo asked, turning to look at him.

Sam wiped his tears away. "We're here, actin' like ya've been here with us the whole time. Ta us, ya have been. But you…Ya've been with the Sun Elves. Ya've been far away across the sea. Ya didn't even know that we were Soulmates, only tha' somethin' was missin'. We're stupid, that's what we are."

"B-but it's my fault! It's not your fault that I need more of you! That I need your touches to assure me you're there, your affection to show me you love me, your presence to chase away the nightmares that plagued me as soon as we touched that damnable ship that took me away from you! I'm too needy, that's what it is!"

There was silence then Legolas kissed his forehead.

"You know what to do, Hobbits."

"Yes, Legolas," they all chorused.

The Elf, Dwarf, and Man left. Frodo stared after them, trying to piece together what Legolas' had said.

"Come along, Frodo," Sam said cheerily, pulling him to his feet.

"Where are we going?" Frodo asked, feeling rather flayed open.

"Hush, Frodo," Sam said, walking to the door.

They got him to the kitchen and fed him a large portion of food. With his stomach full, he was actually starting to feel tired. He yawned. The other three Hobbits walked him down the hall to a room Frodo had never been in before. In it was an enormous bed. They climbed in and snuggled the vulnerable Hobbit, kissing his face. Frodo didn't want to impose, so he didn't embrace them, though he desperately wanted to. The door opened and the rest of their Soulmates walked in. Legolas smiled at him, visible thanks to the large skylight that hung above the bed. He crawled into the bed and offered him a small treat. Frodo sniffed it.

"Chocolate?" he asked with excitement.

"It is called a truffle," Legolas said. "I make them for instances like these. They are very comforting."

He handed one to each of his Soulmates and they each took a bite. Frodo did so as well and he thought he was going to die in happiness. It melted in his mouth and made him smile just at the sweetness. He quickly polished it off, licking his fingers. Legolas smiled at him again.

"Good, yes?"

"Mmhm," Frodo said, leaning back on the soft pillow behind him. Sam finished his truffle then licked his fingers clean and snuggled into Frodo's chest. Frodo looked embarrassed.

"Really, Sam, this isn't necessary," he muttered, shoving lightly at him.

"Hush, Frodo," the brown-eyed Hobbit said fiercely. "Yer in pain. This is what we do when insecurities arise. We reconnect."

"Frodo," Legolas said gently, picking Pippin up and moving him to the other side of Merry to take his place as the Man and the Dwarf crawled into the bed, one on either side of the line of bodies. "You listen to me, and you listen to me well. We love you. All of us. You can be yourself around us, good and bad. If you need to, you can curse and swear and scream at us. We'll understand. But that also means that you need to tell us what you're thinking, what you're feeling, what you need. We've had three hundred years to make mistakes with each other. We don't want you to make the same mistakes. Talk to us. Tell us where and how and why you hurt. We'll listen. Talking helps, as painful as it might be sometimes. It was painful for me to tell you of my rape, but I thought you deserved to know. It was painful for Samwise to talk of what Rosie did to him, but he did it. Granted, he was half drunk, but that's beside the point. Do you understand?"

Frodo shyly nodded then he was kissed by Legolas and Sam. He sighed then hesitantly snuggled back against the Elf while pulling the Hobbit close enough to embrace him. They lay there contentedly for a while. The nine-fingered Hobbit finally shifted.

"I…I don't want to be too needy…"

"But?" Sam prompted.

"I would like to, you know, soul bond?"

"Certainly!" Legolas exclaimed, pulling out the silver orb.

Frodo was happy. He felt loved in the best way. Maybe he was stupid…

"I-I'm sorry for the trouble I caused," Frodo muttered. "I was a fool."

"No. You're just inexperienced," Pippin murmured from the other side of Legolas. "You'll get better about it. Now, rest. We all need it."

They fell asleep with their souls entangled, and there were no nightmares that night.