Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ Magic ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Frodo couldn't believe it. Sam's fingers danced over the flowers and they were dancing as well, growing bigger and bigger until they bloomed brightly. The brown-eyed Hobbit looked pleased, nodding happily before plucking them. He lifted his head to find Frodo staring at him. Frodo looked away, unsure if he was supposed to see that. Samwise walked over and handed Frodo a red tulip.

"Something wrong, Mr. Frodo?"

"I…How did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"That thing with the flowers."

"Oh. It's my magical ability."

"…You have a…"

"Yep! All o' us do. It's a side effect of the soul bond and of being linked to a Moon Elf with as strong magical capabilities as Mr. Legolas."

"Do I have one?" Frodo asked.

"Yes. But it ain't come out yet."

"When will it come out?"

"It might take a year or two."

"Oh. Okay. What are Merry and Pippin's?"

"What are Merry and Pippin's what?" asked Pippin as the two aforementioned Hobbits walked over.

"Magical abilities."

"Oh, that's easy!" Merry laughed then waved his hand. Water exploded up from the ground, making the earth dry. He held out his hand and a gleaming blade made of clear, sparkling ice appeared.

"Water," Frodo said. "So Pippin is earth?"

"No, that would be my territory," Gimli said as the rest of their Soulmates came up. To prove this, he stomped his foot and the ground cracked wide open. He closed the rift.

"Then what are you?" Frodo asked his cousin.

"Air," Pippin said, waving his hand. A small twister appeared, and Merry made it a waterspout by dumping his water in the top of the funnel. Frodo laughed.

"So what are you, Aragorn?"

"Animals. You never did ask how I changed from that wolf to my human form. I can change into any animal, and, though I can change sizes, all of them have a natural size that I always want to go to."

"You can change into anything?" Frodo asked in disbelief.

"Show him your rabbit form!" Merry said eagerly.

"That is your go to animal form, isn't it, Merry?" Aragorn asked with a snicker. He backed up several steps then seemed to fold over. Fur burst over his form and soon an enormous rabbit stood there, as big as the wolf form from two months ago. Frodo was fascinated and reached out to stroke the fur. It was so soft and thick. He giggled at the way the nose twitched. This cute thing was Aragorn?

"I can't see you being a rabbit for any reason but to let us pet you," Frodo finally said, laughter in his voice.

The process reversed and Aragorn's human form was standing there. "I agree. Which is why my go to animal is a wolf."

"I think that suits you better."

"Much," Legolas said with a smile.

"So…what's Mr. Legolas' power?" Frodo asked, teasing both Sam and Legolas at the same time.

"Well…I'm a very naturally gifted Moon Elf. I can see in the dark better than a Sun Elf. I can do pretty much anything with moonbeams. Since I'm part tree, I can easily talk to them. Since I'm Fangorn's son, I am pretty much the prince of Fangorn Forest, so trees anywhere will listen to most anything I command. I also have a limited amount of control over everybody else's powers, but we all have that, since we're Soulmates."

"So you're not really specific like the others."

"Not really. I'm all over the place."

"I see." Frodo looked around. "Any idea what mine is?"

"Not really. It could be anything, Mr. Frodo," Sam said with a nod.

"How do I discover it?"

"All of ours, save Legolas', came out accidentally. It was very violent and explosive. Did a lot of damage," Gimli said. "Luckily, I was in the middle of the woods when mine came out, else I would have destroyed Ithralcilvan. Now that would have been quite the rebuild."

"I flooded the entire city," Merry admitted with embarrassment.

"I, er, nearly suffocated everything in the forest. Including the forest. The air was slowly being siphoned away by an air vortex I created. I was scared and just left it there. Not smart," Pippin muttered, his cheeks hot.

"What about you?" Frodo asked Sam.

"I went ta bed angry and we woke up hanging from the trees in vines."

"That doesn't sound too bad."

"By our throats," Legolas said dryly.


"We ate good for a month though," Sam put in helpfully. "What with all the deer we caught."

"Yes, but we had to clean up the vines that were trying to strangle Ithralcilvan. We had to rebuild several buildings!" Merry complained.

Sam was shamed into silence. Frodo felt worried. What was going to happen with his power? What horrible thing was he going to accidentally do? Sam patted him on the back.

"Don't worry about it, Mr. Frodo. What happens, happens, and there's nothin' ya can do about it."

Merry laughed. "Just imagine if your power was fire!"

"There goes the neighborhood!" Pippin shouted dramatically.

"Well, Fangorn Forest's had a good life," Gimli chortled.

Frodo laughed along with them, but he'd noticed something during the reveal. Merry's skirt was sea blue. Pippins had white, curling waves. Sam's was green with blooming flowers on it. Gimli's was brown with what looked like grey stones on it. Aragorn's was tattered with paw prints on it. Legolas' was silver, with tastes of all the other colors along the bottom. But Frodo's? Frodo's was orange and yellow and red, climbing up from red to orange to yellow at his hips. Fear settled in his heart. They wouldn't want him if he was fire, apparently. And that's exactly what he thought he was.