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Chapter 5
Mission 4: Snow White - October 4th, A.D 2050
The very next morning, The VF-X Ravens base was bustling with activity, as preparations for the next mission was underway.
Having briefed for a ground base assault and destruction of two renegade VF's. Aegis and Gilliam walk out of the briefing room and onto the hangar waiting for the preparations to be done on their fighters.
Aegis: “Gilliam, since when... did we suddenly have two renegade pilots amongst our ranks?” Don't you think its too sudden?...”
Gilliam: “I agree with you Aegis... However, we cannot say for sure if this is true. For now, we can only carry on with our missions. No doubt... without any reason to prove the commander wrong in his reasoning, we cannot withhold completing our mission objectives.”
Aegis: “I see... we have no choice unless we know...”
Preparations were complete, fighters prepped and ready to fly. As the launch bay opened, The Excalibur's and Super Valkyrie's engines were powered up gradually, with the familiar hum of the energy turbines signaling that they were operating at maximum efficiency. In sync, both thrusted their throttles forward and the magnetic accelerators were put into operation, providing the extra power for a direct lift-off...
Immediately after take-off, Gilliam conducted a routine check with Aegis before heading out into a snow-covered ravine; their objective location. Signaling visually to Gilliam, in return giving the OK and blasted off into Mach 7 with his Excalibur taking the lead first; for the improved power plants and FSW (Forward Swept Wing) design made such speed achievable. Aegis followed in Mach 6.5, clearing an appropriate distance from his Excalibur.
Once into the ravine, both pilots reduced to Mach 1 and below, cautiously navigating through the tightly packed vertical cliffs.
Aegis: “Woo... this sure is a challenging course!”
Gilliam: “From here on we cut communication for stealth entry, lets go!”
For Gilliam whom has experienced dangerous sorties and flown through dangerous terrain, it was easy as pie. Though Aegis admits, the ravine was tougher than he thought, with all the tiny nooks and crannies to fly through. Flight above the cliff ends was unadvisable to ensure a stealth entry as radar usually operates above a certain altitude. Aegis noticed a number a missile launching mechs on the ground and it simply wouldn't do to let them go. Deploying a cluster bomb, Aegis predicted its trajectory and released the sphere that was holding the bombs, scattered along the ground, they exploded one by one upon contact and Gilliam was apparently pleased with Aegis' keen eyes and accuracy.
Gilliam: “Nice one Aegis, you're getting better by the minute.”
Tired of flying horizontal, Aegis flipped his plane into vertical flight and much to his surprise found it so much easier to navigate. Suddenly a tight corner reveals a vertical spire in the middle of the flight path, quickly pulling off a maneuver, Aegis avoided the hulking mass of rock and cleared into a straight path with Gilliam. Upon reaching the end of the ravine, Eimi patches in and addresses Gilliam:
Eimi: “Command Unit.”
Gilliam: “3P1”
Eimi: “Condition check.”
Gilliam: “3P in good condition, over.”
Eimi: “Roger.”
Aegis: “Are we reaching the...”
Eimi: “Hold on a minute, incoming unidentified VF! Closing in on your tails!”
Gilliam: “Shoot!”
In a fast blur, a red Valkyrie fighter blazes past them and the ravine clears as they accelerate out of the it. Gilliam and Aegis engages the red Valkyrie, however, strangely the enemy does not return fire at all. Instead, with unbelievable skill, avoiding almost every vulcan shot or missile locked onto her Valkyrie.
Aegis: “Damn, that Valkyrie is fast! It has to be modified...”
???: “Gilliam Angreat... Its a surprise to meet you in such a place and at such a time...”
Gilliam: “Red Valkyrie, pilot of the best evasion skills and a lady... Mariafokina Barnrose...”
Maria: “My, my... Its a pleasure that I am remembered that way...”
Aegis: “Gilliam! What is the meaning of this, what exactly is going on?”
Maria: “Let's just say I share a past with Gilliam.”
Aegis: “What!”
The dogfight in the air continues but Maria soon gets tired of the fun and escapes the zone with her Valkyrie.
Maria: “Bye bye... 3P1...”
Aegis: “Stop where you are!”
Gilliam: “Get off the chase Aegis! You can't handle Maria! You don't know how much of an ace she is.”
Aegis: ”But...”
Gilliam: “Just do as I say! Proceed with the mission without me.”
Aegis: “... Roger... “
Moments later...
Eimi: “Command Unit.”
Aegis: “3P2!”
Eimi: “??... What happened to Captain Gilliam?”
Aegis: “Captain Gilliam is giving chase to the red Valkyrie and I'm proceeding with the mission alone.”
Eimi: “Roger... proceed with the land assault as planned and clear all hostile defenses in the regional base.”
Aegis: “Roger!”
Proceeding to low altitude flight, Aegis quickly reduced the drag on his fighter and directly landed in Battroid mode. No sooner as he set foot on the snow-covered ground, multiple missiles from all around began to lock-on to his Valkyrie. Desperate for a solution, Aegis slammed a square button on his console and the Valkyrie ejected a pack of glowing chaff almost immediately. Shrouded in the midst of his defense, Aegis transformed into Gerwalk for increased mobility and skipped out of the chaff cover. With much ease, Aegis evaded the incoming projectiles while firing upon the missile mechs and towers around him. However, to make things worst, AA turrets were laid round each tower, making the task daunting for a single VF alone. Nothing Aegis can't handle; drawing a distance away from the towers, Aegis tricked the mechs out of their defensive positions and attacked them squarely without cover… the poor fools. Without enemy mobile support, Aegis was gleeful… Like crumbling bricks, each tower collapsed under heavy fire. Just before approaching the enemy base's main tower. A transmission patches in suddenly from Alpha 2, who was conducting a recon over the skies.
Alpha 2: “Captain Aegis! The renegade VF's are approaching from above you! Identification: 2 VB-6 KonigMonster's descending from 14,000 feet and fast!”
Aegis: “Roger Alpha 2! Get yourself out of the anti-air zone! You'll be an easy picking out here!”
He watched his radar blink and sound out as the two renegade VF's drew closer to ground. KonigMonsters were known to be slow; Aegis decided to cripple one first. Much to his surprise, the machines in Gerwalk mode, started to glow bluish-green at the head section. Aegis' mind raced inside his head to determine something but even as soon as he realized, he instinctively rose off the ground and avoided an eight-beam assault from them, nearly frying his VF's feet.
Aegis: “VB-6 Rail Guns… Things get better and better…”
The enemy apparently was trying to scare him off but to no avail as Captain Aegis IS an Ace Pilot after all. Trying to negotiate with the renegades, Aegis opened his comm link.
Aegis: “Pilots of the VB-6, this is Captain Aegis Focker, pilot of the VF-1X Plus Super Valkyrie of VF-X Ravens. I ask of you to come quiet and surrender yourselves. Will you commit?”
“And be judged as renegades and traitors! … I'm afraid not… You fools... have been tricked, there's no reason for us to side with the VF-X Ravens any further!”
Aegis: “Tricked?”
But before Aegis could get an answer, the renegades launched their arsenal at the Super Valkyrie, barely giving a chance for Aegis to escape anywhere. There was no time for sentiments… as Aegis has classed them as real renegades, opening fire without full negotiation. Being heavy destroids, the VB-6's weren't any simple pushovers, for their completely overwhelming arsenal and thick armor cladding made up much for their lack of physical mobility and agility. However powerful, Captain Aegis could only regretfully destroy the renegades, for if they don't perish… he will…
As Aegis delivered a crippling assault on both VF's, they collapsed to the ground in flames and exploded soon after… Mission Accomplished… he announced sadly into his comm link…
Eimi: “Roger…”
Aegis: “What about Captain Gilliam? Any news?”
Eimi: “Captain Gilliam has disappeared off radar and… is sadly announced MIA…”
Aegis: “This can't be…”
In terms when saying MIA… a pilot is missing but is presumed dead. Though in reality, Aegis is unable to accept the fact that an Ace Pilot like Gilliam could be missing, much less pronounced as KIA. As Aegis cruises his fighter back to base, Eimi was the first to greet Aegis from his return. Seeing the dark, shady look in his eyes, Eimi couldn't bear but throw herself into Aegis' embrace… Crying for the loss of Captain Gilliam wasn't exactly a happy topic, but Aegis felt it was only right to do so… Reassuring Eimi all he could, with heavy footsteps, they returned to inside the base. Back in the debriefing room where Commander Garland was; staring out at the mission briefing screen… obviously in grief for the disappearance of one of his most important men.
Aegis: “Commander… Captain Aegis Focker reporting… What is the current status of Captain Gilliam Angreat?”
Wilbur: “I'm afraid his status is still MIA… There has been no trace of him ever since the mission ended for about half an hour already. The possibility of KIA is if we do not receive any form of distress signal within the next 48 hours…”
Aegis and Eimi flinched on hearing the firm statement by their Commander… Eimi could only cry on Aegis' shoulders, although physical contact with another officer is not allowed… at times like this… there are always exceptions… Debriefing was conducted and the only pilot Aegis was dismissed…
The very next day…
The whole of VF-X Raven's Space Fleet personnel was transferred to space missions. Leaving another general in command of the VF-X Ground base.
A secondary briefing was held onboard the VF-X Raven, regarding transfer of new flight crew. The new Captain of Alpha Squadron… Aegis Focker was announced to the rest of the flight crew…
Bridgette Sparks, another of the Missions Controllers and Eimi's best friend too, brought in two new pilots into the pilot arsenal…
Bridgette: “Ah Captain, let me introduce you to the two new pilots that'll be your compulsory wingmen from now on. This young man here is Syun Tohma, and this young lady here is Suzie Newtlet. They both have excellent pilot capabilities… and are the best of the best from VF-X Base II to be transferred to Raven base. The young man Syun stepped forward first to introduce himself.
Syun: “Captain Aegis, a pleasure working with you. I'm only 17 this year (haha).”
Suzie: “My sentiments exactly, Captain Aegis. I'm 22.”
Aegis: “No need for formalities really. I'm 25. Seems like we're all a young crew aboard here.”
Garland: “Young but the best there is. I will look forward to your excellent performances as you three have displayed ever since.”
“Yes SIR!”
Before they even got to personal introductions, the alert signal went off and Commander Garland picked up the intercom signal from the dashboard.
Garland: “… We've got an Attacker class battleship heading into our sector. We have to deploy the VF-X Ravens immediately!”