Macross Fan Fiction ❯ Macross "VF-X Ravens" ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4
A week has passed since the succession of the previous mission “Die Zauberflote”, Aegis has finally forgotten about his worries and concentrated towards what is to come in the future. True enough, already the Alpha Squadron is low on flight crew. With the vicious, continuous attacks and invasions by the Black Ravens, without the replacement pilots, no doubt the Alpha Squadron is getting worn out from the sorties. As for Aegis himself, he found it hard to keep up even with his young and energetic body.
On October 3rd, being Eimi's birthday, Aegis had gone shopping alone so that no one will reveal his intention of a present for her. Visiting the new town complexes built inside the city, Aegis found himself alien to the environment he was in. For a soldier-type person like him, shopping was ever the last thing on his mind… or at least, to ever hit his mind… “But today”, he thought, was a special day. Roaming the pathways with no idea where to start, Aegis' eyes then catches sight of an exquisite shop that claims to specialize in beauty products. Making his decision, he strolls toward the shop and enters with ease through the large revolving door. Upon being greeted by the service staff, Aegis looks up at her in surprise; the girl was Alison Redfield, Aegis' crush back in high school days.
Both suddenly raised their fingers and pointed at each other squarely in the face… “You?” While laughing at their own silliness, Aegis picks up a conversation with Alison, with her shop boss' permission for them to carry on their conversation first. Going into a corner, the lady boss leaves them alone, while Alison intimately holds Aegis' hands, taking him by surprise.
Aegis: “Wha?”
Alison: “Aegis… I… really liked you from the time I laid my eyes on you… but… I never got the chance to tell you before we graduated… I really regretted until today… I met you again… Aegis…, ... Aegis... would you give me a chance?... Please…?”
Staring at Alison with his usual expression, Aegis thought for a while, and gave her a slow reply. “I'm afraid, I can't”…
Alison: “But why… you… are not attached, are you?...”
Aegis: “Back in my military base, there's this officer called Eimi that I really like. She's gentle and beautiful… we're already kind of attached to each other…
Saddened by Aegis's words, Alison tried to draw back her tears. But her emotions just couldn't keep themselves tied in any longer, like a broken dam, her tears began to flow drop by drop. Puffy red her eyes became, unable to stop the tearing she had tried her best to. In a tone of regret and anguish, Aegis could only hold her hands, trying to relief some of the pain and sorrow first.
Aegis: “I'm really sorry Alison… But, I'm sure you'll find a better man someday. I'm someone who craves the skies; flying is my life. I doubt you'd be able to keep up with my pace of life… That's why… I believe you should find another man as well… ok?
Alison could only nod her head in sadness; while Aegis kindly wipes her eyes dry with a handkerchief. While giving Aegis a brief hug, he reassures her she'll be all right. As she recovered from her sorrow, she returned into the warm smile she graced before and greeted Aegis again, asking whatever to be served. Minutes after some browsing… Alison helped with Aegis' purchase and he left the shop, not before saying goodbye to Alison. Letting go of the man she likes… she could only draw back to tears… But at least, it did not wipe off the smile on her face.
Back in the VF-X Ravens base as Aegis makes his way through the solitary hallways of metal cladding and hardened armor exteriors, even his own footsteps echoed like he stepped on a hollow plating. The hallways made like this were only meant to ensure the structural frame of the building if it were to be attacked… check “WERE TO BE”, for the VF-X base is heavily defended by heavy defense batteries on all directions to ensure full flanking and no loopholes. Having walked a distance, Aegis made a turn for the officer cabins, to be exact, Eimi's cabin. Gently tapping the shutter door, Aegis waited for a response from the lady herself but there was no reply. Feeling rather worried, he continued tapping gently to see if there would be any form of response, until a figure appeared from behind to greet him.
Knowing his plan had backfired at the wrong point of time, Aegis quickly hid the object he held in his hand earlier and turned around without the slightest hint of suspicion.
Aegis: “Oh… Eimi…”
Eimi: “Aegis? … What is it you're looking me up for?”
Aegis: “Well, nothing really…”
Eimi: “Oh…”
Aegis notice a hint of dejection from Eimi's expression, not really knowing the true cause was, Aegis doesn't hesitate to ask, before Eimi opens her cabin doors.
Aegis: “Are… you all right? Eimi?”
Eimi: “Yeah…. I'm… alright…”
Watching the first tear fall from her wet eyes, Aegis snatched her arm gently and turned her waist towards him. Putting her into his warm and comfortable embrace, Aegis calmed her nerves down and sought to ask her the matter. Revealing the truth, Aegis realized that Eimi's parents died on this very day… on her birthday itself… Knowing the truth, he once again hugged her tightly against his uniform jacket, allowing enough for Eimi to breathe while caressing her body through her thin clothing. Deciding to take matters to somewhere private, Aegis quickly drags Eimi into her room and shuts the huge door, kissing her passionately before she realized what was happening to her. Her other senses were dulled from the pleasure she was enjoying. With Aegis' furious kisses, her legs were crumbling from the sheer feeling of love.
He lowered her gently onto the bed for comfort, and began removing his top clothing, wanting to press his solid body against her soft and tender body parts. Continuing to tease Eimi, he unzips his pants and shoves his hard cock against her skirt, letting her feel the impact/ illusions of being screwed. Eimi lets out a seductive moan and draws Aegis' body closer to hers, wanting him to stop. Not listening to her pleas, Aegis pokes his cock directly onto her pleated skirt, forcing it against the silky cloth roughly.
Eimi: ”Ahh!!!... pant... pant... A...Aegis~~~” she moaned his name out...
Even from the exterior Eimi could feel her skin being pounded against the hardness of his manhood. The wave of sexual pleasure built up so quickly and it didn't take long for her to leak like a tap. Her panties wet and clinging onto her skin...
Continuing to pump his cock against her, Aegis leans over the beautiful and slim body figure under him, with his mouth over one of her breasts. Suddenly Eimi feels a powerful pulling motion within her, as if it were trying to suck them out. Nibbling on her pink luscious nipples, he tried to further erect them to ease the sucking motions, rubbing the other against his palm in satisfaction. The combinations of sexual pleasure on Eimi began to overwhelm all her sense, as she shut the rest of the world o0ut and into a world with only Aegis and herself... Attacking all three parts, Aegis became intensely sweaty from the hard work, while Eimi, now working on his cock and squeezing the life out of him.
Eimi: “Mmmmm.... oh god!.....”
Kind of kinky, She flushed his cocked with saliva and drooped it onto her own assets. Cupping her breasts together, she comfortably compresses them against his already ultra-hard cock, increasing the pleasure with the softness of her breasts whole. This oh-so unfamiliar feeling to Aegis began to take him by surprise as he found an unusual sensation pulsing through his manhood. Watching his puzzled and dazed expression, Eimi naughtily squeezes them harder against his and lets out more erotic moans to draw his divided attention.
“Music to his ears” Aegis thought, as the sensation in his manhood began to feel like his load is pumping out. Determined to make him cum, Eimi playfully licks the tip and mouths it whole quickly before he realised anything.
Aegis: “MMM! Nnngh....! Ei...Eimi....”
Working on his cock quickly, she began to pick up the pace and sucks as hard as she could as if wanting the insides to flush out. Aegis could no longer hold that sensation back and before he knew it, warm liquid began to squirt out violently into the mouth of Eimi as she continued to suck dry his cock leaving nothing behind. Aegis, under the fatigue and pleasure, collapsed with Eimi onto the bed to catch his breath.
Eimi: “Mmmm... Aegis....”
With a mouth full of sticky white substance, Eimi slowly licked all of her mouth in satisfaction of being “fed” by Aegis. Swallowing everything in her mouth, she moved towards Aegis and gently kissed his body, then his mouth in a moment of passion. To their surprise, somebody suddenly knocked on Eimi's cabin door and immediately, Aegis' eyes flew open in both shock and surprise. Who knows what the consequences are if he was found having sexual activity with Eimi... Trying to stuff a naked Aegis into her cabin wardrobe, she quickly diverted her attention to the clothes on the bed and grabbed a towel all at one go, tossing Aegis' clothes to him and shutting the door. The knock came again and in a sleepy tone she acknowledged the unknown guest. Final preparations, she wrapped the huge towel around her and open her shutter door slowly. There, in amusement and surprise, stood her Commander Wilbur Garland glancing at his secretary in surprise. Regardless of the sight of her hot and sweaty body, he firmly spoke...
Wilbur: “These papers need processing by Friday, could you get it done by then?”
Eimi: “Oh... *blush* Commander... I'm sorry... Well yes... they will be done.”
Wilbur: “Thank you secretary.”
Until her commander strolled from the hallway, Eimi slowly shut the door in, sighing in relief. Automatically, Aegis took that as a signal and came out of the wardrobe. Heaving himself a sigh of relief as well. With surprise, his lips were suddenly pressed in by Eimi's, in another moment of passion. Caressing each others body, not wanting it to end. It did end, and Eimi went to clothe herself, folding the sweat-soaked clothes into a laundry chute. Limply, she thanked Aegis for being with her and giving her another pleasurable time. Somehow Aegis wondered if Eimi would become addicted to sexual activity from the way she describes her words... But thinking it silly and dismissed that fact.
Eimi: “Maybe we should do something again someday... Aegis... don't you agree?”
Aegis: “Ack...(Me and my big mouth...err... brain)...Ok... we'll see next time...”