Macross Fan Fiction ❯ Macross "VF-X Ravens" ❯ Chpt 3 - Mission 3: Die Zauberflote ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3
The very next day, Aegis was scheduled to do another simulation training mission, a mission that was supposed to be a realistic fight against the Black Ravens Terrorist Group leader, Timoshie Daldahnton. He met up with Gilliam on the way to the food canteen, and discussed about some issues regarding the simulation mission.
Aegis: “Gilliam, I was wondering why am I the only one doing this simulation alone? Shouldn't it be a group effort?”
Gilliam: “Ah... I personally requested Eimi to sample the data we received from Daldahnton's presence. I wanted her to initiate a personal training mission for you to learn to handle him in future...”
Aegis: “Then... what about? ...”
Before he could finish, another mission controller, Bridgette Spark called out for Captain Gilliam from the distance. Gilliam knew what her presence meant and told Aegis to get to the simulation room.
Aegis: “Oh man... I haven't taken a bite since morning...”
The bright but silent corridors leading to the simulation room was all too familiar to Aegis, as he had been passing by in and out of this place too often, he thought to himself. Turning round the next corner, Aegis notices a figure wearing a white coat turning round the next corner as well. Although thinking it was the commander himself, Aegis spared no time to ponder over unnecessary issues. As Bridgette opened the locked door leading to the control room, Eimi pops up from behind Aegis.
Eimi: “Sorry Bridgette, I was looking for some extra data files, so I was late...”
Bridgette: “Well its ok, we just got here ourselves.”
Bridgette prepares the analyzed data for the simulation mission while Gilliam joins Aegis in preparing himself. Conversations between Gilliam and him were suddenly broken by Eimi's words of disbelief.
Eimi: “This can't be... Bridgette, did you transfer the simulation data elsewhere?
Bridgette: “Odd... I can't find the archive myself... Could someone have accidentally erased it?”
Gilliam & Aegis: “Eh?”
Aegis: “Something wrong?” As he unbuckled himself from the simulation device.
Bridgette: “Gilliam, it seems like someone might have removed the simulation test data because the system claims it was never recorded.
Gilliam: “What!?”
The other three gathered round Bridgette and watched her search seemingly desperately for the data. But to no avail, nothing could be found. Gilliam smelt a rat, as he mumbled something to himself.
Aegis: “Gilliam?”
Gilliam: “Ah... its nothing. But this is definitely strange indeed.”
Having nothing else to look forward to, Gilliam walks out of the control room and tells Aegis to just kick back for the day since the simulation can no longer be commenced. Aegis felt Gilliam was hiding something. He was always absolute with his words but just now, his reply was weighed with some hidden intention. But Aegis decided not to pry it from him lest he gets some unwanted lecturing.
Gilliam: “Can it be...?” thinking to himself as he walked out of the hallway.
Mission 3: Die Zauberflote - September 23rd, A.D 2050
Sixteen days after in the evening, Gilliam and his crewmen received a new mission order from Commander Garland. The UN Spacy was requested for help and command of the mission was transferred to VF-X Ravens to handle the impending issue.
In the briefing room... Commander Wilbur Garland and his secretary Eimi prep Gilliam and Aegis for the mission.
Wilbur: “The UN Space-Fleet supply transports are currently under attack by some fighters although their origin has yet to be determined. Gilliam, we need you and your wingmen to go fend off those assaults on those transports to buy time for them to warp out of this region. Eimi…”
Eimi: “We're currently approaching the position where the fleet is held in. At 1750hrs, your squad will be deployed to the crisis zone for battle. Here are the objectives and specifications of the mission.
As she displays the data on a large projector screen, Gilliam and Aegis scan for important information before nodding in agreement.
Wilbur: “Gentlemen, time is critical, we must ensure that three-quarters of the Space Fleet is unharmed. So do your best and stop them at all costs. Briefing is over, dismissed!”
Gilliam: “Roger commander. Good, let's go, Aegis!” as he runs out of the room.
Aegis: “A~…”
Gilliam: “What's the matter?! Let's hurry!”
Aegis: “Uh yeah… *whispering* that's the first time you addressed my name…”
Gilliam's crewmen exit the room as well as Eimi following close behind Aegis and talking to him. Gilliam looks back for a second or two, catching a glimpse of the Commander staring blankly at the screen.
Gilliam: “… …”
Upon reaching the hangar, Aegis glances at Gilliam's Excalibur and two other Valkyries for the wingmen. Something was missing…
Aegis: “Eimi?… Where's… my VF unit?…
Just as he finished, the bay doors opened from the other end with a loud whirr of machinery noises, to reveal a white VF being hauled out of the repair docks. Approaching the Chief Engineer, Aegis makes an enquiry
“Ah, just in time Captain Aegis, your fighter is ready.”
Aegis: “This is…?
Eimi: A VF-1X-Plus "Super Valkyrie". It was ordered in your place, for a faster, more efficient fighter jet for your missions.
“This special baby is fitted with warp speed engines but its not fully tested so I strongly suggest you don't try warping. Haha, it may not match Gilliam's Excalibur in speed but you can use the warp next time compared to his… he can't.”
Giving the silly grin, Aegis boards his newly-assigned VF and Eimi kisses him on the cheek quickly, wishing him good luck. Feeling his cheeks, Aegis simply felt reassured he'd be alright on this mission. The familiar whirring of kick-started engines began to fill the hangar bay as personnel began clearing the path. On the clear, each pilot put maximum thrust into their engines and blasted out of the hangar in seconds. Aegis simply puts the throttle forward and was shocked; The Super Valkyrie's engine output was far more powerful than he expected, increasing his acceleration to almost 0.9 transwarp speed. But the fighter soon automatically reduced its speed to a more appropriate level.
Gilliam: “Heh, impressive jet you have there, Aegis. Alright! Alpha Squadron, deploy yourselves!”
As Alphas 2 and 3 cover the region from more incoming fighters, Gilliam and Aegis take out the strike force immediately, preventing extensive damage to any of the transports. The enemy, mostly comprising of Thunderbolts, took no notice of the incoming VF-X squadron and concentrated fire on the transports. About 3 in total, Gilliam and Aegis split up to tackle each, occasionally giving support to each another. Already annoyed by the transport's machine gun batteries, the enemy launched a salvo of missiles at the transport only to be intercepted and destroyed by Gilliam and his Excalibur's shield.
Gilliam: “Oh no you don't…”
Reverting into fighter mode, Gilliam chases the cowardly fighter, desperately trying to escape death. Using every chance possible, Gilliam rivets the fighter with holes and destroys one. Aegis happily picks off two from his side. With that done, Eimi checks in, reporting the presence of a VF-17 “Nightmare”. Arming its laser pod rifle, it locked onto Gilliam's Excalibur and released the laser stream onto it. Instinctively, Gilliam activates the Pin-Point Barrier to temporarily ward off the beam from striking his fighter's hull. Watching Gilliam in danger, Aegis makes haste and chases the Nightmare away with a salvo of micro missiles. Although taking only a few hits, the Nightmare was still fully active and engaged Aegis in battle. Gilliam recovering, provided support fire for Aegis and they both removed that pesky Nightmare.
Eimi: “Alpha Squadron. Captain Gilliam, your enemies have been identified as fighters from the “Critical Path Corporation”. It seems that Critical Path was recently testing a Weapon Jamming System and we fear it might be in use.
Aegis: “Weapon jamming?… Why need that?
Gilliam: “Hey hey, don't question too much or you might get burnt. Let's just mop up with the mission.”
The Alpha Squadron picks off the remaining few fighters when another three VF-17 Nightmares closed in. Ripe for the picking, Aegis and Gilliam easily destroys the intruders.
Just before Gilliam could announce completion of the mission, a red VF-17 Nightmare makes a debut entrance and transforms into Gerwalk, then Battroid mode. The pilot patched into their communication link and introduced himself as the “President” of the Critical Path Corporation. Reverting into Fighter mode, the “President” engaged Aegis alone. Moving himself into a favourable position, Aegis prepares to launch a full salvo of micro missiles at his pursuer. Just before the targeting reticules could lock on, Aegis stares at the reticules, as they began to move away from and jump about the visual screen.
Aegis: “What the… a jamming system!? Gilliam, this guy really is using a jamming system! What do we do, we can't fight without explosives.”
Gilliam: “Ah…. Leave him to me.”
Gilliam chases the red Nightmare around and closing in with great speed, fires occasional vulcan rounds at the fighter. “The only thing a jamming system is helpless against is always the machine gun…” Gilliam thinks to himself. Being the expert gunfighter that he is, Gilliam wears down the armor of the red Nightmare, although he himself took a few pings of gunfire. The “President” decides he had enough and makes an exit, only to have Aegis furiously chasing after him. Gilliam decides to call Aegis off and properly escort the Space Fleet for the impending warp.
Eimi begins a countdown to the warp, and they watch the Space Fleet safely fold out of the region, and announcing the mission as cleared. Satisfied with their battle results, Gilliam congratulates Aegis briefly on his performance and they both head back to base, along with Alphas 2 and 3 tagging from behind.
Back in the briefing room and after the debrief, Gilliam has a conversation with Aegis.
Gilliam: “Ah… I've already raked up information regarding this “President” of the Critical Path Corporation. “Manfred Brando”… I swear… I'll destroy you, you bastard!”
Aegis: “Why the temper Gilliam? He didn't do anything personal now did he?
Gilliam: “Well no, but imagine if our enemy gets hold of the Weapon Jamming System, how will that affect our balance of power? Corporations like these will do anything for money, even if it means leading to destruction.”
Aegis found Gilliam's words trustable and decides to help Gilliam cool off a little.
Aegis: “Coffee? My treat…”
Gilliam: “Why not… I'm beat…”