Macross Fan Fiction ❯ Macross "VF-X Ravens" ❯ Chpt 2 - Mission 2: Wizard Of OZ ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2
After a tiring simulation mission, Aegis was having a restless night as he felt the heat in his cabin quarters. Slipping his shirt off, he turned to stare at the view outside his cabin window, gazing at the numerous clusters of stars scattered and bunched together in a whole. However, his daze was broken by a sudden but gentle knock on his room door. Ruffling his hair in confusion, he approached to open the door, wondering whom it could be at this unearthly hour. He had just opened the door slightly and noticed the familiar trail of green hair that was beginning to move away. Surprised, the green-haired figure turned around shyly, dressed in a rather exquisite nightgown but Aegis was unfazed by the sight though.
Eimi: “... Erm... sorry... I can't sleep well tonight and I thought you might be awake... so...”
Aegis: “Actually... It's the same for me... *Yawn*... if you want to come in, you're welcome...”
Eimi: “... *Shyly eyes Aegis* “
Aegis: “Oh pardon me! ... It was just too hot in here.”
Still blushing, Eimi steps in quietly and stops at the cabin window. Aegis simply followed up behind her and watched as she just stood there silently. His heart began to race a little, obviously feeling affection for her. But somehow... Aegis' body told him to act fast, and clutching her gently at the shoulders, he turned her around. Eimi was very surprised and blushed like a tomato, responding to his touch.
Eimi: “Ae...Aegis?...”
Without much hesitation, he lowered his neck to Eimi's and kissed her, wrapping her waist gently as he did. Eimi felt this unfamiliar warmth inside her body all of a sudden, and felt her body was heating up too quickly. In a moment of passion, Aegis slid his hand over Eimi's chest and grabbed one of the soft mounds of flesh.
Eimi: “Mmmmm~~~!”
Gasping suddenly from the surprise, Eimi discovered a sense of pleasure building within her, something she experienced for the first time in her life. Still kissing, she moaned softly and begged Aegis to caress her more. And obeying her command, he squeezed them together in his hands, enjoying the sensations running down his fingers into his clouded mind. Eimi let out an erotic moan that woke the manly senses within Aegis. Suddenly massaging her breasts and cupping them whole in his grasp, he watched her pleasured daze as he continued to fondle her... leading her slowly onto his bed... where he would make his mark on her. Too clouded in pleasure to think, Eimi simply submitted her body to Aegis... of course... that was Eimi's wish in the first place. Slowly slipping the nightgown off her, it revealed a heavenly sight that even Aegis could not resist. Twitching in his eyes was a pair of nicely shaped breasts that looked firm and tender hidden under her bra. As he went on to undo the cloth, Eimi ruffled his hair, in a silent hint for him to satisfy her. Without say, Aegis quickly mouthed one whole and sucked at the juicy red nipple that stood erect and large in sight. Eimi thrashed her body in excitement and began to pant as Aegis sucked harder and faster, not wanting to spare her a moment to recover from her senses. Their movements began to increase as Aegis crawled over her half naked body while enjoying his moments with her chest, wishing it would never end.
For a half-hour, they were making out in his bed, until Aegis realised he was doing something wrong. Eimi sensed it in him and while still panting, asking him the matter.
Eimi: “Aegis?...”
Aegis: “I'm sorry... this... this is wrong... you're a ranked officer... I'm not supposed to be doing this to you.”
Slipping on her nightgown again, Eimi then went to re-assure Aegis about something.
Eimi: “Any officer regardless of rank is not supposed to have physical contact with another officer while on duty... *giggles* but its different after duty. You see... relationships among officers are inevitable... so they developed this rule in the base.” she paused a while before going on... “But thank you for tonight Aegis... you gave me a nice time in my 22 years of existence...
Giving a peck on his cheek, Eimi bade him good night and proceeded to her own cabin.
“That night... Aegis realised something else that he never once given a thought about.”
Mission 2: Wizard of OZ” September 7th, A.D 2050
The terrorist group “Black Ravens” have deployed a massive group of heavy-bombers and are closing in to attack the colony.
Gilliam and his team are flying high above the cloud cover, near the VF-X Raven Base...
As they approach their target, Gilliam checks his squad as usual and issues the order for formation break...
Gilliam: “Takeaki, Miyazaki. Proceed with your mission objectives!”
Gilliam: “Good, let's go... “Cherry”!
Aegis(muttering): “Heh... I'm no cherry...”
Just seconds after their deployment, a squadron of escort fighters and a bomber soon appeared on their radar. With his wingmen covering the skies, Gilliam and Aegis proceed to deal with the squadron.
Gilliam: “Hey Aegis, you take the bomber, I'll deal with the escorts.”
Aegis was rather annoyed at such an order, finishing the helpless bomber that occasionally fired its rear-mounted cannon at his Valkyrie. Not wanting to let Gilliam have all the fun, he went on to blow the enemy fighters sky high. But Gilliam and his specially modified Excalibur could easily outclass and outgun Aegis in a fight. Another bomber squadron was imminent on arrival and they headed towards the predicted destination waiting to ambush the squadron. Again in swift assaults, the squadron easily went down. Gilliam sensed something amiss and began a closed conversation with Aegis.
Gilliam: “Hey Cherry... you don't seem to be yourself during the briefing... are you sure you're feeling alright? Got the jitters suddenly?”
Aegis: “No... never mind... It's something personal...”
But before Gilliam could ask, a VF dived from the skies trying to gun down Aegis. He managed to avoid the gunfire and suddenly found a black odd-shaped VF that deliberately stayed a distance ahead of him constantly. Knowing it was a taunt, Aegis felt pissed and launched some missiles at the irritating pest. Even at close range the black VF avoided the salvo and flew away, while opening a communication link between them.
??: “Heh... This is a new face... I wonder which rotten hole you came from...”
Gilliam: “Hmmph... just as I thought... the “All Kill Wizard”... Leader of the “Black Ravens” terrorist group Timoshie Daldahnton...”
Timoshie: “Heh... I'll let you both off today, but next time you won't be so lucky...”
Aegis: “Curse you! Stay where you are!”
Gilliam: “Give it up Aegis! We've got more important things to do here so stop chasing!”
Aegis: “...Roger...”
Aegis was however, annoyed by what the Black Raven's leader thought of him. Needing a vent for his anger, he ferociously destroyed a couple more bomber squadrons with no mercy; puncturing the armor of each bomber until they finally exploded. Although impressed by Aegis' improvement in performance, he was someone obliged to tell him something.
Gilliam: “Oi... cool it already. Don't let the enemy's words get to you. Just don't let it control your mind.”
Aegis silently agrees to Gilliam's words as they proceed with the mission, now descending below the cloud cover, sighting 6 bombers in a “V” formation making a run for it. The bombers alone had no escort fighters and were easy pickings for Gilliam and Aegis.
Aegis: “No escorts, this should be easily...”
Gilliam chose to let Aegis handle this simple task alone and as for Aegis... it was as easy as hunting sitting ducks in a basket. Firing salvo after salvo of missiles, he crippled the bombers with both guns and explosive and took out the remaining bombers in no time. Suddenly from his rear came a salvo of missiles fired from multiple areas.
Aegis: “What!”
Performing a banking roll, Aegis broke off from his position and faced 3 escort fighters closing in on him for the kill. Switching into Battroid mode, he released a pack of chaff in his midst and cleared away the fighters with the machine gun before they launched too many missiles at him for the chaff to handle. Satisfied, he reverted into Fighter mode and chased one of the fighters.
Aegis: “You guys ought to be fired for doing such a sloppy job!”
Releasing a machine gun burst, Aegis riveted the engine of the fighter with bullet holes and destroyed it easily. Without a defensive formation, the fighters were easier pickings without unity. Launching a single missile, the enemy fighter tried to evade the missile in vain, being hit squarely in the engine and bursting into flames. But before he could chase the third fighter, somewhere from his rear came a salvo of missiles and machine gun fire. Putting the Valkyrie to maximum thrust, he dived and banked as he tried to evade each missile. Thinking of a brilliant idea, Aegis lowered his thrust to minimum and lifted the nose cone vertically. Doing a free-fall bank, Aegis easily got behind his enemies rear and blasted the last fighter into smithereens. Catching up with Aegis again, Captain Gilliam ordered Aegis to quickly follow him to find one last bomber. High above them, was a massive bomber jet the size of three regular bombers. Leaving Aegis to take care of it again, Aegis fell back and steered clear of the bomber's rear-mounted cannons. Unlocking all missile pylons, he locked them all on the bomber's various strike points and released hellfire into the air. Salvo after salvo the missiles launched from their individual pylons and struck the bomber rapidly like no tomorrow. After about ten wave and additional machine gun fire, the bomber finally began to lose altitude and burned in mid-air, exploding with a massive shockwave along with the bombs onboard it.
Pleased with Aegis' performance once again, Gilliam congratulates him with a nicer tone.
Gilliam: “Great work, Cherry =), you alright?”
Aegis: “Heh, I've never felt better.”
Gilliam: “Mission Control, performance check?
Eimi: “Clear, 110%”
Gilliam: “Good... Alpha Team, let's go!”
“Alpha 2 reporting, Timoshie Daldahnton has escaped the area. Mission completed, we're turning to base.”
The 4 fighters join up en route and return to home base on the planet's surface, followed by the usual debriefing by Captain Gilliam.
Back in the men's bathroom, Aegis sits alone and thinks of his encounter with the Black Raven pilot and terrorist leader Timoshie Daldahnton. Aegis felt insulted, knowing he himself was an ace pilot and yet he let his enemy ruin his reputation. He wasn't about to take it lying down and slammed his fist into his locker almost making a dent. Taking a bath to cool off, he changed into his regulation uniform and exited the locker room, only to find Eimi around the corner walking by.
Aegis: “Strange... how come you... are always around?”
Eimi: ”I'm your mission controller, so when your mission is over, so is my duty.”
In confusion to the matter Aegis could only scratch the back of his head while Eimi searched her uniform pockets.
Eimi: ”Here!”
Aegis: “?”
Eimi: “This here is a little amulet shaped from a crystal. We the ladies believe it should be given to someone she really loves.”
Eimi shyly backed away after saying such words, but Aegis felt grateful, that he had to repay he. Instead, he reached for Eimi's hand and pecked her softly on the cheek. Flush-red, Eimi stared gently into Aegis' eyes and thanked him before striding away. Aegis looked at the amulet he was given, and felt a warm tinge of love being planted in him. But halfway down the cabin hallway...
Aegis: “Shoot! I forgot to ask her out for tomorrow!!!... AHHHHHHH!!!”
Everyone in their cabins opened their doors, however, to find no one outside...