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Chapter 9
Signs of daybreak appeared, as the scorching sunrays burst through his cabin window like a giant torch. Half naked, Aegis lazily crawled from his bunk bed and stepped onto the cold, tiled floor. Still woozy from the effects of alcohol, steadily as he could, he made his way to the wardrobe and pulled out his pilot's uniform… putting it on. What to do next? The gym… he had decided…as he picked out a set of loose clothing for the gym session.
Just about an hour later, limp in the legs after heavy exercises, Aegis hobbled his way out of the gym room and went straight to the canteen for a good bite. There, he filled a cup of coffee; He always had it decaffeinated, with a teaspoon of milk, a cube of sugar. No more… no less… Gilliam was the opposite, caffeinated and 2 sugar cubes. Gilliam… Gilliam… the name “Gilliam” kept ringing in his head… much like a constantly recurring nightmare. He had closed his eyes… held his head down with his hands so that they would cover his ears… It was so bad… he couldn't even hear Tohma and Suzie calling him from beside. They could tell from his distressed look.
Aegis: “A…Ahh! Sorry…”
Suzie: “Still can't forget Gilliam right? I don't know… I never had the chance to meet Captain
Gilliam in person. I don't know how he is like to you…”
Tohma: “I feel the same… but I'll never let my emotions run wild on the battlefield.”
Aegis: ”Gilliam was more than a Captain… He was a good friend. Probably the best ever since I came to VF-X Ravens.”
The three clouded in their own world with Aegis while the life around them seemed ever so busy and cheerful. Aegis hadn't uttered another word and suddenly….
“Yellow Alert! All pilots and respective personnel report to designated zones immediately!”
Aegis: “That includes us! Let's go!”
He almost spilled his coffee off the cup…
Mission 7: "King & I" - December 26th A.D 2050
The pilots of Alpha Squadron had assembled in the briefing room on time, much to Commander Garland's delight. Bridgette together with Clara were going to brief two squadrons on different missions. A main strike force and external support group, and their objective: Destruction of pulse laser satellites, which have designated random targets on Earth to be struck at. At least a dozen support fighters or more will guard them, which in turn is for the external support group to dispose of. Briefed, pumped and geared-up. All pilots manned their positions and powered up. Valkyries, Thunderbolts and Super Valkyries. The commanding Nightmare fighter of Captain Aegis, and one of Aegis' wingmen will be piloting a specially upgraded Full-Armor Thunderbolt. Although transfixed in Battroid mode, the VF's enhanced capabilities made up for speed that it lacked most with heavy combat support.
While the VF's were loaded into launch pods, the VF-X base raised a high curving and vertical platform from the extended runway end, revealing a special launch speedway for direct space trajectories. In the event the Space Carrier cannot be utilized in time, this made up much for the problem. One by one, the launch pods were magnetically accelerated onto the launch platform and shot fast into space. Once the atmosphere and gravity well is cleared, the fighters will deploy from their launchers.
Aegis: “King 1, condition normal. Check.”
Bridgette: “King 1 acknowledged. Proceed with mission.”
Aegis: “Tohma, Suzie… target's are the laser satellites first. Leave anything else to the ESG.”
Tohma: “Roger…”
Suzie: “Roger…”
They were in the middle of a dozen laser satellites, but power they had, agility nil… The satellites turn too slowly to even try to protect themselves. The External Support would drive the other cowards away, leaving the satellites without cover- easy pickings for Alpha Strike Force. However, the satellites were excellent in target acquisition, and were rapidly firing lasers, making no room for Aegis and his team to counterattack. They flew out of range from the death trap, and made full circle back, this time locking onto one satellite at a time. They quickly fired their missiles and guns before the next laser beam approached. In swift motion, they brought the cluster of satellites down. They could have used cluster missiles, but the time required for target acquisition would have made them fried sitting ducks by then… Literally… fried…
9 down… 3 more to clear… The three aces went one on one with each satellite. The one aimed at Suzie, continuously fired in an effort to keep her VF away. But a futile effort it was, as Suzie had transformed into Battroid mode, grabbing the beam barrel with her arms and crushing it into a useless heap. She jumped off the satellite, gunning the armor shell until it fractured and exploded. Tohma circled his enemy like a vulture, prying for chances to attack. Aegis being the “All-Star” professional, took his own targets out easily. Seconds after regrouping, a distress signal was issued suddenly by Alpha 4.
Racing to the scene, Aegis caught sight of 3 hovering gun mechs floating about and pounding on Alpha 4's Armored Thunderbolt. Captain Aegis to the rescue- launching a small salvo of missiles and diverting their attention. One unlucky mech struck down by a missile, another gunned down by Alpha 4's 6-barrel Gatling gun. Two Battroids caught the last mech from behind. Punching the pathetic machine away, they gunned the helpless mech into exploded space dust.
Aegis: “Alpha 4, you alright?”
“Affirmative. Captain, I received visual contact of an enemy battleship from North-North-East, approximately 400km from our position. It's headed for us... for the VF-X Space Carrier.”
Aegis: “Roger... can you move?”
“Propulsion systems slightly damaged. But still operational.”
Aegis: “Roger, I'll get Alpha 5 to cover you for now.”
“Thanks Captain.”
Aegis: “Bridgette! Enemy Destroyer class battleship inbound! Position North-North-East, 400km. Armament level unknown.”
Bridgette: “Roger, King 1. Proceed with interception.”
Aegis: “Roger.”
From the pinpointed location of the battleship, Aegis could see an unusual white speck moving from its position. Picking up thrust, the Aegis and his wingmen blasted off to meet their next enemy. Nearing their target, it began to take shape was now clearly visible to the eyes. Aegis was issuing commands to Tohma and Suzie, when the familiar whirr of missile locks began to hum loudly in their HUD's. Stunned... by a barrage of long-range missiles speeding their course towards Aegis and his crew. “Evasive Maneuvers!” Aegis ordered loudly, breaking their formation and taking their own initiative on assaulting the destroyer. From long-range, Aegis and his crew launched their cluster missiles at the ship- knowing at most, 50% of the deployed missiles will hit and 50% will either miss or be destroyed by enemy gunfire. Lucky guess, the missiles struck section of the armor of the battleship, denting and fracturing armor plates on its hull. Suzie pelted the broken armor plates with machine gunfire, blowing them wide open for effective missile damage. Tohma from being taking the follow-up assault, launched a salvo at the hull section. They watched the hull section explode, Tohma cheering at their victory. The hum of the missile lock signal suddenly initiated itself, but already at a critical pace. True enough, from the exploding smoke screen, a dozen missiles careened towards Tohma, who was trying to clear away from the explosion. Accelerating to full thrust, Tohma escaped from the missiles with Aegis and Suzie giving cover fire.
Tohma: “That was too close!”
Suzie: “I thought we blew the darn thing up?!”
Aegis: “Those were just hardened armor plates. The real ship is still intact and unharmed.”
Suzie cursed at the battleship but something was different from before. Now the section that was above the hull, was a 4-turret cannon facing them, firing large laser bolts rapidly at them. Underneath the hull was another set of openings, releasing long-range missiles at them. The situation just got tougher for Alpha Squadron...
Large amounts of AA fire was still coming from the battleship anything coming close would be fried by its array of weaponry. The trio had to depend much on the fast moving micro missiles but they are a very limited source of weaponry. Their cluster weapons were depleted leaving only lots of machine gun ammo and numerous more rockets and missiles. Aegis had his MBL laser blaster... but he needed to get close enough... which was a major bad idea at the moment. Aegis had only choice, that is to try everything they had. They can't afford to let this ship enter the Space Carrier's perimeter. Pounding as much they could, after many failed hit & run attempts, Suzie finally succeeded in destroying the laser turret. Leaving more chances to attack the missile launchers underneath. Cleared of defenses, Suzie riveted the armored hull section with heavy gunfire together with Tohma. while Aegis waited behind. This time, they confirmed destruction. Watching the ship being engulfed in flames.
Tohma: “Escape pods! I'm going after them!”
Aegis: “... ...!!! Tohma! No! Those aren't escape pods! They're MIRVs!”
Tohma: “What...?”
Aegis' guess was right, for the two “escape pods” suddenly burst open revealing a total of 6 MIRV rockets. To add into fear and dread, the rockets released together a massive 120 micro missiles in their direction. A formidable and destructive last resort weapon indeed.
Aegis ordered an immediate retreat, with Suzie and Tohma running for their lives. He covered their tails, but too many missiles to handle still. Tohma dropped his machine gun as a decoy on that one incoming missile... destroyed. Suzie took two direct hits on her wingtip and rear tail fin. Luckily in space, pilots don't have to worry about crashes. The remaining missiles detonated upon timer. But to Aegis' horror, the destroyer still remained there, crippled but still functional. Priorities taken... He must confirm its destruction. Missiles were still launching from the under carriage, but machine gun fire was reduced due to destroyed gun batteries. A solo act- Aegis flew hard and fast around the destroyer attacking the defense batteries first. From where the MIRV was launched, High explosive missile launchers took position now, blasting at Aegis like no tomorrow. Aegis himself was low on ammunition, but a brilliant plan he had, luring the high-explosive missiles back towards the battleship. Those missiles may have high mobility, but they're slow. The destruction of the ship was now confirmed, as Aegis watched fragments of the ship explode totally into nothing and the ship's reactor ignited into a huge explosion of energy.
Aegis: “Bridgette, target battleship has been annihilated, King & I, all over.”
Bridgette: “Roger...”
???: “Hey Hey, don't forget me now!”
Aegis: “What?
???: “Don't you dare forget the Black Ravens!”
Bridgette: “Who the...?”
Aegis: “Timoshie Daldahnton!!!” Aegis gritted his teeth hard.
Aegis: “You cheapskate... Why won't you fight me one on one!”
A group of gun and missile mechs had gathered around Aegis from behind attacking him heavily. Evasion was tough but Aegis handled it well.
“Captain Aegis! Clear out!”
Out from Alpha 4's Thunderbolt, a single missile loomed into view slowly heading its way towards the mech cluster. Aegis held his position as he watched the missile slowly creep towards the leading mech and like heaven's light, the missile burst into a high explosion, vapouring all the mechs at once. The Black Raven leader gaped at the amazing sight, how they'd allow themselves to be hit by a thermo-nuclear missile.
Timoshie: “Impressive team effort Captain Aegis... but today is your last day as “Captain”! Let's GO! “Feious”!
“Feious”... The Black Raven leader had promptly named his black Nightmare.
Aegis and Daldahnton faced-off solo with help from no one. Only themselves. Man to man.
After a series of missile hellfire and machine-gun madness... A Nightmare... appeared victorious... There could have only been one... ... ... Aegis... Suffering critical hull damage and rendered immobile, Timoshie could only wait for his doom to come. Aegis circling him slowly... rendering a closed conversation with Daldahnton.
Aegis: ”Tell me... Why... why did you want to start this terrorist group in the first place?”
Timoshie: “The idea of this terrorist group, I thought, with my group's strength I could eventually expand my control over the colonies...”
Aegis: “I believe this has Critical Path Corporation involved...”
Timoshie: “Wise thinking indeed.. I planned to work with Critical Path, for their Target Jamming System. The government has no control over Critical Path, so they themselves could sell it to the highest bidder... Too bad... all my plans, they were foiled by his... Ex-Alpha Squadron...”
Aegis: “His... Ex-Alpha Squadron? Who?”
Timoshie: “From what I had known only... I heard someone.... someone had collaborated with the bad guys- Mariafokina Barnrose and... G... Gilliam...”
His last words were spoken, as the Black Nightmare “Feious” began to explode furiously, blowing the fighter parts so violently apart into so much space dust Daldahnton couldn't even finish his sentence...
Bridgette: “Alpha Squadron? Captain Aegis. Please return onboard the carrier, we're folding into another region.”
Aegis: “...Bridgette...”
Bridgette: “Yes?”
Aegis: “... ... Nothing... Acknowledged... Alpha Squadron! Fall back!”
That evening after the mission, Aegis spent a quiet, night of passion with Eimi in his cabin. Wanting to drown his worries and fears... The name “Gilliam” and not to mention “Bad Guys” were mentioned, but Aegis had no idea what it all meant to him. He couldn't think... not now... at least.. All he wanted, was to have the woman underneath him all night long...satisfying both their sexual desires and to forget his thoughts... in a heated moment of passion.