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Chapter 14
Final Mission: Remember Love (Or simply... SDF Macross)
Footnote: As the story was told, Gilliam's Excalibur was brutally destroyed his former Commander, Wilbur Garland. And in a pact for revenge, Aegis along with Suzie whom now sides the Rebels, then eliminates the cowardly commander and his jamming device. Aegis, having told Maria about Gilliam's untimely demise, is saddened, but carries forward her heart to admit the truth... But, just as they prepare to return to base, heat signatures are suddenly detected all over the machine itself! What could it possibly mean?
Aegis: “What!”
Maria: “Its not over yet! Aegis! Return to the VF-X base immediately for re-supply!”
Aegis: “Roger! Suzie!”
Suzie: “I'm on it!”
Blasting high into space, Aegis and Suzie immediately head for the main carrier ship and quickly prepares their ships. Super-coolants to cool the over-heated parts and power plant and ammunition being loaded as quickly as possible. Within minutes, the fighters head off again.
High above the orbit of planet Earth, the gigantic SDF Macross, looms over an abandoned space, platform high above it. The machine slowly opens and unfolds its body into a humanoid form.
Clara: ”Macross identified… Its called SDF Macross “Star King”…
Maria: “All ships on my command! Fire all high explosive weaponry at the SDF Macross!”
The VF-X Carrier opens its launch tubes and dozens of smaller carriers spread into position as they prepare their missiles.
Suzie: “Aegis, look behind you...”
Aegis: “Huh?”
The main siren begins to signal as the ships deploy their high-explosive missiles at the SDF Macross in unison. The Macross holds still, beam cannon down in place and unmoved. Just shy of their target, the missiles suddenly veer off course and explode like a ring of fire around the Macross... unharmed...
Bridgette: “Jamming System?!”
Eimi: “Oh no... Commander Garland had installed the system into the Macross!”
Clara: “Something is moving again!”
In retaliation, the Macross lifted up its huge laser cannon, charging the main rifle and igniting a spread-fire beam hitting all the cruisers but the VF-X Carrier.
Bridgette: “No way! Even the Macross Cannon is already operational?!”
Suzie: “So this is it.... our final destiny...”
Aegis: “That's right... that is our last enemy...”
Maria: “Gilliam will always be with you... Remember Love... in your hearts...”
Aegis: “Heh, that's right!”
Suzie: “He will always be with us...”
Aegis: “OK! Suzie, let's go!”
Bridgette: “Ok Aegis, this will be our final briefing! Your call-sign shall be “Invader 1”. The Macross Cannon due to its system schematics needs 30mins before it can fire again! You have until then to cripple the cannon or destroy the Macross before we're all finished!”
Clara: “And... Try to get to the Macross as soon as possible and destroy the jamming device near the head. Your missiles are now fitted with counter-reactive systems. But there're Ghost fighters all around. So good luck... Aegis!”
Blasting off toward the region, Aegis and Suzie encounters one lone Ghost Fighter guarding the region. The fighter type seems the same as before, but the fighter now travels so fast, Aegis can't even get a proper lock-on.
Suzie: “Fast! Aegis, these Ghost Fighters aren't the regular ones we fought before!”
Aegis: “These must be the completed final versions. We can't outrun these guys, we have to fight our way through and it's the only way!”
Back to back, Suzie and Aegis stays in their positions and train their gun sights on the fighter carefully. Suzie fires her laser and pin points her accuracy, while attempting to singe the armor of the Ghost Fighter. Success... Suzie's laser proved more effective than Aegis's gun rifle. However, as they travel further towards the SDF, two Ghosts appear this time. Now they have to cover each other's backs, to prevent stray missiles from hitting anyone. Aegis deploys an unarmed Cluster missile into the space field, and waits for his enemy to carelessly fall into his trap. One finally does so and Aegis arms the missile immediately, bursting open a network of missiles towards the unsuspecting Ghost fighter. It hits and burns till explosion. Suzie continues to pin point her laser and destroys the second Ghost. Not long again after the second squadron, a third squadron of three Ghost Fighters appears!
Back in the VF-X Hangar...
“Hey! Come back! Where do you think you're going!”...
Aegis and Suzie were in danger of being overrun by another Ghost Fighter. Watching back to back, they train their guns and laser on the zooming red blurs but with little accuracy. The occasionally line of missiles launched by the Ghosts proved lethal as they do not travel in a line or formation, making their destruction more difficult and demanding in skill. But with patience and timing, the three fighters are taken out... With little harm done to their themselves.
Aegis: “The first line of their defense is clear, we're now 400km away from the SDF Macross.”
Suzie: “I hear you...”
???: “Oh no you don't!”
Suzie: “Tohma!”
Aegis: “Tohma?”
Suzie: “Ah..~~~”
Aegis: “... ... Suzie!!!”
Suzie: “Heh... I'm alright... but Tohma... I'm going to make him pay!”
A green Excalibur veers ahead into Aegis' position and synchronizes with his Excalibur's speed...
Tohma: “A pleasure meeting you again... Captain... Aegis...”
Aegis: “Tohma... Is it really you Tohma...?”
Tohma: “After you went renegade from VF-X Ravens, Commander Wilbur Garland placed me in charge as new leader of Alpha Squadron. I didn't care to begin with, but I realise it's now my duty to destroy a traitor such as you!”
Aegis: “Tohma...”
Tohma: Nevertheless, Commander is dead and no one is going to neither lead the VF-X nor command me! Come! My former Captain! We'll duke it out here and now!”
Blazing a trail of machine gunfire, Tohma's fighter zooms away into space.
Aegis: “Shoot... 15mins remaining... But I have no choice...”
In his heart, Aegis... is reluctant to destroy Tohma, not even bring harm to him. During the midst of all the gunfire, Aegis could only evade from Tohma's constant attacks.
Tohma: “Do you think you could defeat me by running away! Or are you just some coward now!”
Aegis: “Gr~~...” Gritting his teeth hard...
Another minute in battle, Aegis exchanges some crossfire with Tohma, but only lands minor hits on the armored exterior of the Excalibur...
Tohma: “What is the matter with you this time... Captain~~~!? Come on! I'm right here in front!”
Aegis: “Gr~~...” Again gritting his teeth hard...
As Tohma's taunts intensifies, Aegis still couldn't bear to attack his Excalibur and continues evading the relentless attacks of Tohma's onslaught...
Tohma: “Ha! Ha! HA! HA! HA! HA! So this is the power of the mighty Ace Pilot Aegis!!! NO... It shouldn't be Ace Pilot Aegis... It should be Cherry Ace Aegis Focker! And me- Ace Pilot, Tohma Syun!!!
Aegis: “Grrr~~!!!...” This time he was extremely pissed by his taunting...
Out of nowhere... an echoing voice... even with the blazing of machine gunfire and missiles, all Aegis could hear was this strange voice in his head...
???: “What's wrong...?”
Aegis: “Huh...?”
???: “Having second-thoughts about fighting an ex-comrade...?”
Aegis: “This voice... Gilliam???”
Gilliam: “He is no longer you ally now Aegis... He is your enemy... FIGHT him...”
Aegis: “But...I...”
The echoing voice fades away; the words of Gilliam's spirit had jolted Aegis awake from his senses and drawn out his fighting spirit.
Aegis: “Thanks bud... I know what to do now... Heh... I'm not going to show any mercy!”
Suddenly turning towards Tohma's Excalibur, Aegis attacks furiously like never before, throwing the only “Elite” pilot into confusion. Tohma is astounded at Aegis' new found fighting spirit and desperately attempts to shake him off his tail. Holding true to his words, Aegis relentlessly bombards Tohma's fighter, until it finally became critically damaged... floating helplessly in zero-space...
Tohma: “Ga...ah.... Impressive... Cap... tain... Aegis... No wonder they call you... the Ace...”
Aegis: “What are you blabbering about Tohma! Eject out of there now!”
Tohma: “For my arrogance... I... have no regrets... no right to live...”
Aegis: “Now I say! Please! Get out of there...”
Tohma: “Sorry... if I offended you... Captain Aegis...”
The remains of the Excalibur explodes and leaves nothing behind... not even a scrap of metal...
Aegis: “TOHMA!”
The remaining enemy fighters close in on Aegis, but there simply wasn't enough time... to handle that many Ghost fighters...
Maria: “Need a hand?”
One Ghost launches its missiles at Maria but she expertly weaves in and around the missiles into the clear, escorting Aegis with her red Valkyrie...
Maria: “I'll hold off this squadron for you. We're close to it, so finish the job!”
Aegis: “ Yeah! I got it!”
Flying straight for the SDF Macross, Aegis prepares and unlocks his missiles pylons, arming all his missiles in his fighter for launch. 50km, within striking distance, Aegis releases the mad barrage of 50 missiles as they close in on the Target Jamming Device on the SDF Macross and destroys it... Aegis pulls away to another direction.
Aegis: “Invader 1! Macross is DOWN!”
Maria weaves out of the firing line and orders...
Maria: “NOW! All Pulse Cannons, FIRE AT WILL!!”
From their backs, they witness the main carrier and laser dreadnoughts fire their pulse lasers all at once plunging beam after beam into the defenseless SDF Macross. Chunks of blown off armor were vapourized by the next incoming beams. The Macross starts self-destructing and blows in a huge supernova-like explosion. When the dust clears, nothing remains...
Clara: “Aegis! Congratulations! We won!!...”
Bridgette: “Nice going! Aegis!”
Eimi: “Congratulations... “Commander” Aegis!”
Suzie: “All right!! Now we can have real R&R!!”
Amidst all the noisy cheering breaking out from the comm link... Maria looks out into blank space in solitude...
Maria: “He's done it Gilliam... your ACE ... has done it...”
The newly announced “Commander” of VF-X Ravens leads his way back into the VF-X Carrier... together with Maria... Soon after landing... the fleet moves away from Earth...
Back in the base lounge, where the whole crew cheers victoriously in celebration, Aegis approaches Maria...
Aegis: “Boy... It sure is hard to manage this group of rowdy people... =)”
Maria: “You deserve this celebration... Commander...”
Aegis: “Oh man... not you too... I'm don't wish to be called Commander...”
Maria: “Aegis... I'm done flying for good... It's time I put my old red bird to rest...”
Aegis: “I see... So you'll retire from flying...?”
Maria: “We'll see about it... If there is a need... But I doubt it'll ever be necessary.”
Aegis: “Where're you going?”
Maria: “Back to my own carrier...”
Aegis: “Farewell...Maria! It has been a pleasure working with you!”
Aegis stands into salute as Maria gets surprised... returning the salute to him.
Maria: “You too Aegis... Thank you for believing in us, otherwise all would have been lost...
Aegis watches the door close behind Maria and resumes to his celebration with Eimi and the others... At the hangar, where only the Chief Engineer was present, held a bottle of wine and offered a glass to the lady pilot...
Maria: “Thank you...”
“Leaving so soon? Why don't you at least join them? It's been ages since we ever had celebrations...”
Maria: “I... don't belong here... I have to return to my own fleet.”
“Hop on, I'll get the bay doors open...”
Maria looks at her red Valkyrie standing in the bay with Aegis' Excalibur. She bade his fighter farewell... climbing into her own fighter.
The Chief Engineer prepared the launch mechanism and gave Maria the clear to start her engines. Just before blastoff...
Maria: “Let's Go! Gilliam!”
Footnote: End of Macross VF-X... (Hang on… there's still an epilogue…) oh wellz, I hope you have enjoyed reading this story till its end... (However boring it may have been =). Please REVIEW! (Oh yes, Maria named her Red Valkyrie on the spot... after our deceased hero... Gilliam Angreat)