Macross Fan Fiction ❯ Macross "VF-X Ravens" ❯ Epilogue - Farewell Gilliam ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Epilogue - Farewell… Gilliam
Days after the destruction of the SDF Macross “Star King”, an official ceremony was held, back in the UN Spacy headquarters.
Aegis, the hero of the war was promoted to Commander Rank of the VF-X Ravens, as voted by members of the crew in VF-X and some council members after reviewing his personal profile up till this day. It was a unanimous decision to have him lead the VF-X Ravens…
Aegis takes Eimi on his motorbike back to his apartment in the city outskirts, a quieter region from the hustle and bustle than in the city…
Aegis: “Man… I hate wearing that crazy looking cloak-suit… I feel a lot more heavier with that on…”
Eimi: “I don't suppose you want me calling you Commander now do you?”
Aegis: “Well… maybe when it's official. Otherwise I'd rather be called Aegis…”
Eimi: “Hee hee… Aegis~~”
Aegis: “What is… ~~!!!”
Turning Aegis around from his back, Eimi gently kisses Aegis lip-to-lip… heels raised and all… Trapped in the heat of passion and of course privacy, Aegis breaks away from the kiss and lifts Eimi to his comfortable bed and laid her down… limbs sprawled all over the bed… Taking off his riding jacket… he brings himself onto Eimi…
… … …
Bathed in sweat, Aegis wipes himself with the towel he left around… and got up… still naked and walked to the kitchen for a can of beer… He had a bothered look written on his face…
“Aegis… something bothering you?”
“Nothing actually… I was thinking of… visiting somewhere… Would you come?”
“I don't see why not…”
All dressed and ready, packing a small simple box, Aegis rides out to the nearest florist with Eimi. Eimi couldn't help thinking what are the flowers for… but the solemn look on Aegis' face told her something else…
A few more minutes in the countryside, they rode into the wide plains with a cemetery in sight. Even amidst the cemetery grounds, beautiful flowers bloomed in neat order and some here and there. The burial grounds looked more sacred than normal… with the look of peace and holiness surrounding it…
Aegis stops by the gravesite just some distance from where he parked his bike… Cutting open the sealed box, Aegis slowly pulls out a pilot's helmet, with the engraved name Gilliam Angreat carved neatly into both sides just near the visor.
“I see… so that's why… let's go then…”
Stepping right up to the headstone, Eimi and Aegis crouch down on one leg… as they read the engraftments on it…
“Captain Gilliam Angreat, United Space Force, 17th May 2014 - 14th Feb 2051”
“So Captain Gilliam was 37 years old… He never mentioned his age to us before… in his seven years of service…”
“Its ironic… to think we lost him on Valentine's Day… Don't you think so, Eimi?”
Placing the helmet with the visor front facing the sun, Eimi set the flowers down beside it as well… Taking a bow at the headstone, they wished him well… and thanked him… With that… Aegis and Eimi rode away into the sunset.