Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Exclusive! Brent's Weekend Adventure! ( Chapter 4 )

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Exclusive! Brent’s Weekend Adventure pt.1
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“Asakura-chan, when I invited you out today I didn’t expect you to bring a video camera.” Brent groaned.

It was Sunday and Brent and Asakura were out for the day. Brent had invited her out so they could spend the day together and have their date later that night. Brent was in his black hoodie and had tan cargo pants on. On his right shoulder he had two wooden swords. Asakura was wearing a white tee shirt with a maroon button up vest over it and a plaited mini skirt. She also had a video camera that was constantly pointed at him.

“Why do you keep calling me by my last name?” She asked a little sullenly “My name’s Kazumi.”

“Really? I thought that was your last name since everyone calls you Asakura. Why do they call you by your last name Kazumi-chan?” Brent asked.

“I don’t know. Anyway the reason I brought the camera was because you’re such a mystery to the rest of the class. No one knows much about you and this will let the rest of the class get to know you better.” Kazumi replied with a smirk.

“Fine.” Brent sighed with a smile on his face.

“So Brent-kun what are we going to do today?” She asked.

“Well first I’m going to join the Kendo club today. Then we’ll go to this cool arcade I found. After that I think I’ll take you to lunch and let you pick what you want us to do next.” Brent said.

“Awww, your sweet Brent-kun.” Kazumi said.

They soon arrived at the dojo where the Kendo club meets and Brent started looking for Setsuna, who he had heard was a member, while Kazumi filmed the interior. It was spacious wooden area with a clean wooden floor and numerous benches set around the center platform which was also wooden and along the walls were racks of the protective Kendo armor called Bogu, Bamboo reed swords, and wooden swords. Brent soon found her talking to another member in a corner and headed towards her. She was wearing the Bogu armor without the helmet which was on a bench next to her and had her back to him. He walked purposefully towards her and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey Setsuna-san I’m going to join the Kendo club wanna spar in celebration?” Brent asked.

“No.” She replied.

“Why?” Brent asked.

“Because you are an amateur swordsman and it would be unfair for me to face you.” She answered.

“WHAT!!” Brent shouted “I AM NOT AN AMATEUR!”

“Fine then… prove it.” Setsuna said calmly.

Brent ran over to Kazumi.

“KAZUMI COME ON I‘M GONNA SHOW SETSUNA THAT I‘M NOT AN AMATEUR SWORDSMAN!” He shouted angrily as he pulled her to a front bench.

Kazumi sat down and pointed her camera at the stage so she could get the whole fight on tape. Brent put on a set of Kendo armor and walked up onto the ring and saw that Setsuna had a bamboo reed sword instead of a wooden one.


“If I use a wooden sword you’ll get hurt badly and…” Setsuna started.

“NO I WON’T I’LL PROVE THAT I’M AN EXCELLENT SWORDSMAN BY BEATING YOU!“ Brent shouted angrily before jumping off the ring, grabing a wooden sword off a rack and throwing it to Setsuna who deftly caught it.

“Fine.” Setsuna sighed throwing the reed sword off the ring.

Brent jumped back up and got in a stance with one sword pointed at her and the other pointed at the ground.

“First to three strikes wins. All techniques allowed.” Brent said.

“If you wish.” Setsuna groaned “I’ll beat you in ten seconds.”

“You can do it Brent-kun!” Kazumi cheered.

Setsuna suddenly lunged at him trying to smack him on the helmet but he crossed his swords, blocked it, side stepped her, and brought his right sword down across her back. Setsuna grunted in pain as the wooden sword hit her back. She didn’t think she was injured but it would still leave a pretty bad bruise.

“One point.” Brent said happily.

The two got back in their stances again and Setsuna was red with embarrassment that she had been hit by an amateur swordsman but nobody could see it thanks to the mask. This time Brent made the first move lunging forward as she side stepped him and slashed him across the chest. She heard the air rush out of his lungs as her sword connected with him. The next round was pretty much ended the same with but this time Brent got hit across the right wrist resulting in a loud crack.

“Are you okay?” Setsuna asked coldly.

“I’m fine.” Brent lied returning to his stance.

His wrist was broken but he didn’t look like it was. Setsuna got in her stance and rushed him in the next round. He side stepped and caught her under the arm.

“Tied.” Setsuna said in a disappointed tone.

“Now I get serious.” Brent said.

They started again but this time as soon as Setsuna moved he held his swords at his side and put his right foot forward.

“Kensei style, Way of the Tortoise!” He shouted as he moved his swords in a circular motion ending with the right sword over his head and the left one by his feet.

To Setsuna it looked like he was moving in slow motion but then he was suddenly in front of her bringing the lower sword upwards and the one over his head downwards. She managed to dodge them but was surprised by a horizontal slash to her head which she dodged by bending back. It still managed to knock off her helmet though. She rolled back and leapt at him swinging her sword at him as he leaned back to dodge it ending with his mask off… revealing he now had his eyes closed.

“Kensei style, Way of the Blind Swordsman.” He said quietly as he let his swords hand loosely in his hands.

When he didn’t move or open his eyes for almost ten seconds she leapt at him planning on slashing him across the chest. But as soon as she moved he was behind her and she only just managed to block a hit on her back before turning and slashing at him. He leapt back, opened his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Kensei style, Way of the lobster!” He shouted vanishing.

Setsuna moved her sword and next thing that the audience knew her head was in the crook of two crossed swords and he had the tip of her sword at his neck.

“A tie.” They both said sadly.

The audience applauded as the two bowed and walked off the stage.

“Well since we tied it means that neither of us won. But if you really want me to never talk to you again I won’t.” Brent said sadly smiling sadly as Kazumi filmed them.

“I…” Setsuna started but stopped.

She didn’t want that. He was a good guy and wasn’t such a jerk.

“I don’t want you to never talk to me again.” Setsuna said “And maybe we could go on another lunch date sometime.”

“I’d like that.” Brent replied happily.

His arm was throbbing but he had an insanely high tolerance for pain and ignored it.

“Well Kazumi and I have lunch to go to now so I guess we’ll see you later Setsuna-san.”
Brent said calmly with a small smile on his face.

He turned and placed his wooden swords on a rack and bowed to Setsuna who returned it before changing back to his street clothes and leaving with Kazumi.

“Wow Brent-kun that was really awesome spectacle of swordsmanship you just displayed. You went toe-to-toe with Setsuna Sakurazaki the best swordsman in school and tied with her! By the way are you sure your arms okay? I could have sworn I heard a crack.” Kazumi said excitedly.

“I’m fine Kazumi-chan.” He lied again.

“Alright” She said.

‘He’s lying. I know he is.’ She thought as she zoomed in on his arm.

Together they walked towards the cafeteria to find something to eat and so Kazumi could recharge her camera and put in a new tape. They got cheeseburgers with Brent paying for them and waited for Kazumi’s camera to recharge and got to know each other… well Kazumi did Brent made lots of stuff up. He learned that she had been interested in journalism since she was little and watched the reporters on the television and that she hadn’t had a boyfriend before. By the time they were done with lunch she was leaning across the table slightly pink and smiling seductively. He was sure she meant it this way but he had a pretty good view down her shirt. He felt his face getting a little hotter as he couldn’t look away from her. What she probably didn’t realize though was that although he was only looking at her chest every once in a while, the thing that caught his attention the most were her eyes. They were kind and deep… plus he liked the color.

“What’re you staring at?” She asked seductively.

“Ummm… your eyes?” He replied nervously.

“Is that all?” She pouted cutely.

“Umm… no.” He said nervously.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind.” She replied calmly leaning closer.

They heard a beeping coming from her camera. She picked it up and announced she was ready to go. They wandered around campus for a while until the sun was starting to set. That was when Brent saw a box car with a bunch of tables and benches around it. He noticed a sign over it that read Chao Bao Zi and that it looked like a pretty popular restraint. He thought he saw Chachamaru as a hostess and Satsumi in the box car with Chao cooking.

“What’s that?” He asked Kazumi.

She looked around excitedly through her camera for whatever he was asking about. He tapped her on her shoulder and pointed at the Box car.

“Oh… I thought you saw something interesting.” She said disappointedly “That’s Chao-san and Satsumi-san’s restaurant. It’s really popular. Hakase-san, Chachamaru-san and Ku Fei-san work there as waitresses.”

“Really?” He replied excitedly “Let’s go over and say hi then!”

He grabbed her by the hand and ran off towards the restaurant dragging her along with him. When they got a little closer he spotted Ku Fei in a really cute waitress outfit he let go of her hand and waved at Ku Fei excitedly. As he ran across the square he hadn’t noticed the two small crowds of guys rushing each other with raised fists yelling at each other and ran in between them as they met. A huge guy raised his fist to punch him as Kazumi shouted.

“Brent-kun!” She shouted catching Ku Fei’s attention.